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  1. Thank you my friend! Great to see you here! Sorry to say that I am more ill than i have been in over a decade, but the OD grow is progressing nicely thus far. When I do run these, it will be another OP reproduction, and you are first on list. Thank-you! Looking forward to seeing yours. Peace
  2. Wife and myself just finished our evening smoothies. Main ingredients are fresh frozen high THC and high CBD Canna flowers along lots with fresh leaves for THCa and CBDa. Also puts fresh fruits, veggies, beet powder, dandelion root extract, ginger powder and stevia. We drink them morning and night. Love this time of year, as have plenty of fresh leaves. After OD season is over it is back to fresh frozen leaves along with fresh frozen flowers. Will have to make some medicated honey, as it would be great in smoothies and my coffee. Peace
  3. Ha,ha! Forget to add, broke down and broke here as well. Thanks for the warm broke down welcome my brother. Peace
  4. Yes, that is what it sounds like. I have a couple of very nice BB strains/cuts that should mate nicely with the BA.
  5. Yes, WA is indeed a diverse state. I am on the East side of the state. Peace
  6. No, I am in WA state. Where did you used to live in Montana? Both of my parents were from there, on the western side of the state. Great to hear about your knee! That old saying about getting old is not for sissies is sure true isn't it? Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine being so broke down at my age. Yes, a hoop house is so nice to keep the girls out of the elements. Been growing in one for six years now. It has been hot here as well. It is amazing how well the girls do with it reaching 120 F. in the hoop house for much of the summer. They thrive as long as they have plenty of water. Peace, stick
  7. I have a pack of BA that i got last fall. Need to get growing on some as soon as some room opens up. Peace
  8. @Mr Goodfellow,Great thread filled with some very healthy plants my friend! So nice to see others growing in the great outdoors. I will certainly be following along with your adventures, as you are most assuredly going to get some beasts with those girls planted in the earth. Also looks like you will be getting some nice early OD flowers to enjoy. I'm up here at Lat 48N. and have a 10'x20' hoop house just plumb full of fast finishing photos. Looks like I will have some early flowers as well. I will have to get off my lazy but and start a grow thread. How is your knee doing? You will find that all the pain you are going through is worth it. I had my right knee replaced eight years ago, followed by a revision six years ago. I have talked to so many folks who have had one or more often both of their knees replaced with perfect results. I am one of those very rare patients whom will always have pain with my replacement. Still gets stiff much of the time. I had no choice other than a full replacement, and thus glad I had it done just for the fact that I can walk. Peace, Stick
  9. @gardenartus Looks like your PM folder must be full, as i just tried messaging you. Peace
  10. @santeroGreat to see you here my friend! Peace, stick
  11. @PapalagJust read through your thread here and well impressed! Love the genetic background and the looks of your Blue Moon Magoo. Sorry to hear about your Sour Bubble. Stick has a couple of packs along LOTs of SB nice xes. Haven't grown any out as of yet though. Peace, Stick
  12. Thanks for the welcome both of you as well! Peace
  13. Thanks for the welcome you fellow old and broke down growers. Feel right at home. Peace
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome you two. I recognize you both from another forum we are all all on. Peace, Stick
  15. Been doing a lot of reading here last few days, and does look like a nice rounded group with several of us "oldies" on here. Peace
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