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  1. we miss you in chat mate

  2. Hey man, did you harvest? I did, was not good, lame infact, hope you are well man peace. SIlent.
  3. They will be ok for germinating seeds maybe.. Growing with sodium has a general rule of 30w per sq foot of grow area, so if you had a 40 led square foot panel, you might grow some good weed, but 9w wont really grow much, however these would work well for the micro-grows people do, but for price, I guess CFLs cant be beat. Money would be better spent on making your own unit, or something already made.. Bike lights can use one simple 0.25w LED and narrow angle reflector, and still be bright, our perception of brightness doesnt really suggest photosynthetic value, but the 5-0 do use red and blue leds, so maybe they have some idea about led grow lights peace. Silent.
  4. Welcome Molly, come stop by into chat some time for some advice Peace and love. Silent.
  5. Lookin' smokin nice certainly have been shown the love Give it another week or so, and you will be seeing those sexy little tops forming.. Do I sense from your excitement that this is your first grow? Or does the excitement rest just on the strain? Peace and ♥ Silent.
  6. Thankyou joker! I was infact considering them for my bonsai mothers, but even for true bonsai trees I have. But still, I am more interested in the build of the plant, not so much feeding, but if leafs are upright as I seem to be noticing often with them.. Do you notice this, like raising up looking for more light, I only really see this on outdoor plants peace silent
  7. Hey guys, I have noticed that most plants using sannies buffer tabs are, besides healthy to the end, always look like they are point up and dont seem to grow limp.. I was just wondering if anybody who uses these and has done trial runs, can confirm this in the plants they grow.. I wonder if anybody has done such experiments, or can remember and distignuish the differences in the plants structure once they changed to them. Any help would rox. Peace and ♥ Silent Bob
  8. silentbob


    Lol, well I havent been 'fortunate' enough to waste my time with reeferman seeds, but I have heard plenty about love potion #1.. Especially shit germ rates, and also hermaphrodism to the max, interestingly, it is branded as 'light leak sensative' Probably meaning.. Sensative to being junk hermi genetics, therefore, we will use the light leak rubbish as a get out clause. Nice. Peace. Silent.
  9. Lol.. waste of time that would be, who pays for the calls, ill use your phone?? USA is a corporation, thats why you have a president silly.. So, are you part of the corp? If you are, you cant grow dope, stop moaning, your not the boss, he is As for politics, dunno what that is, bullshit, but it does encompass what certain governmental bodies do with their money, I guess the original post should be deleted muahaha. Peace. Silent.
  10. The problem with these I feel is the fact they do not saturate the complete surface, therefore not all the soil.. Does anyone see this as a problem? I would like to use them, seeing the individual bluemats with multiple drippers looks good, but it still doesnt cover the surface.. I have been pondering what I could make or change to ensure a complete watering.. Would anybody recommend these with 11ltr pots, or is this a little too small? Just a point I would make with organics is probably to run a filter in the tank, which is established, much like a fishtank, organics could go stagnant quick, and airpumps are good, but using a propper filtration system would actually run the task of pre-digesting/breaking the raw materials down, the not so immediately available nutrients. Sponge filters are good, anything that can grown a nice sludgy bacterial biofilm on its surface would be cool, something called bioballs for fishkeeping would also work. The filter, along with an outlet filter, would prevent any clogging, but tubes would probably need to be cleaned out each grow. I believe organic hydro growers also do this. Peace. Silent.
  11. silentbob


    Wow, nice responses guys, i hear a lot of what is being said, great to see other people opinions of the term, or the act of being hehe.. So one could maybe say that cheese is a hack? After all, it was never bred, it was just a phenotype, I cant subscribe to the bullshit that a skunk #1 mother started to randomly change after months of existing, into almost completely different pheno, so I guess that would sum up how words mean nothing when there is no proof. Maybe some of greenhouse stuff could be classed as a hack, especially those strains that were left by shanti? Open to hear more opinions guys, peace. silent.
  12. Well, how did I know this was going to turn into a stupid situation Firstly, why get people involved when they are not a party to the issue? Involving ranting beligerant mothers into the mix never really works.. And that has shown itself. Secondly, would it not have been easier just to go and see the guy, and ask him if he can sort it out? Resolve.. It works better than hindsight. peace. silent.
  13. thanks hillcrest, im aware of what palm ash is, but i will search the term palm bunch ash, more interested in the composition and how, what parts the gk stuff is leeched from. peace. silent.
  14. Weedstiti, that means nothing.. even if they are the same server, they will not share database information between invision and order stuff on sanniesseeds, any information on either server is no more at risk than it already is, it should be clear to see? For starters, the payment will be handled by a third party, and all info will be sent to them via secure server, sannie does not handle credit card numbers, im sure he can confirm that for you. Hempyfan, this site is about growing, you are correct, but to suggest that adding a few games to the site will turn it into a gaming only website, is sorta rediculous. Do you think everybody will give up the game just to sit here and play flash games all day long? Seriously??? I would like you to show me some fine examples of what is known about hackers using games to score info, and also an explenation as to how the information was taken, and which information was taken. This site in my opinion is just as vunerable to whatever you are worrying about, maybe you dont see it, but every post of yours is logged, timestamped, datestamped, origin of IP, probs hostname but IP is enough to find out account owner via ISP, and people can sign post here as guests, and view all forums without registering.. I can establish the security, and so can the people who will install the add-on. Security is not an issue. Just thought about adding some fun to the site for those who do enjoy a little bit of a game with each other, like i said, just an idea.. just a little fun on the side, the site has a calender.. who uses it? either way, i know how much suggestions to this site are met with such resistance. Its a wonder why the subforum exists for suggestions... Peace. Silent.
  15. Hey, thanks coxnox, very useful peace. silent.
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