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  1. Check this out: https://www.theleafnews.com/news/illegal-weed-growers-invited-over-to-the-other-side-502731332.html
  2. Chocolate Rain keepers are a treat...I would have kept my Strawberry Yogurt smellin girl if I had known I was doing a one off... Probably be a great cross to Apollo and C99
  3. No, the laws stipulate that seeds clones and bud must come from a govt sanctioned source " What is legal as of October 17, 2018 Subject to provincial or territorial restrictions, adults who are 18 years of age or older are legally able to: possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with other adults buy dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from a provincially-licensed retailer in provinces and territories without a regulated retail framework, individuals are able to purchase cannabis online from federally-licensed producers grow, from licensed seed or seedlings, up to 4 cannabis plants per residence for personal use make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products"
  4. Anyone ordering to Canada (as of fall 2018) PLEASE get STEALTH I just had a seed order seized as "presumed marihuana" don't know if this gets forwarded to the RCMP or not but its a ball buster especially after its gone recreational here. Evidently the government is gonna try to limit our choices to THEIR approved seed vendors and of course they will charge a mint for being one of the few approved. As of today there are NO approved seed or clone vendors (they figure that may be in place by next april) but that's not stopping customs So much for my winter grow The games continue
  5. I agree with you in principal but all that is is built upon all that was.... and these strains are great on their own and as building blocks for the new...Hence my alarm that they are disappearing. Thank you for the post!
  6. Some of their more recent musical stuff.... enjoy (But PLEASE roll a fatty b4 and enjoy together....VERY impressive)
  7. Personally Im tired of the Bullshyt and drama that seem to surround various types of people... I couldnt give a rats azz anymore about popular opinion...I just want to do whats right and kind...and Fk the rest (sorry, I havent smoked in a bit and feelin a tad raw: Im in the midst of moving too...grrrrrrr). We have people with serious ailments and seriously compromised life styles and we worry about the opinions of people we dont even CARE about? Not me. Even those who arn't hurting have the right to GOOD smoke (life is short...live it the best we can). Im at a place in my life were changes are being made...and Ill be damned if i allow narrow minded attitudes to constrain my options..again life is too short and precious. Ive ordered the Jalliscos that are available (IBL and Jaze) and hope to seek out the Lady canes and Chocolate Rains from the other sources. Ill make pure seeds and some crosses that I will send in to Sannie as freebees (if all goes as I intend)... I will gladly accept whatever runs ya'll have done with Escos gear..especially if you just made seeds of his strains (pure). Do any of you recall if esco liked his Lovepotion crosses? As I told Santero..I will disclose that I am considering entering seed production as a serious profession/hobby (if i can make that happen)...but none of this has anything to do with my shock and surprise at Escos departure or my desire to see his lines sustained (I had shared this info with esco...he told me of how desired he was by various breeders and the options he had... Barneys Farm etc. We had talked about genetics etc (he was moving his operations to bigger/better circumstances YET esco was having issues with his sons health at the time and I didnt want to crowd the man). I just wanted to state that in case anyone assumes i may have ulterior motives here. Thanks for the interest folks... I think we all may be able to do a bit of good here. Cheers
  8. Ricky! Fer Fk sakes! Leave it to you to recall the name of a strain but to fk up Sasquatch and jalapeno (sam squantch and Jal ap ano are NOT the correct pronounciations!) Yer Favourite Nemesis Conkie
  9. For example.... I am in Canada and a clone of me is raised in the tropics. He may have a different education, social interactions, different diet and as a result a somewhat different body structure but were you to look at his chromosomes... his DNA, he would be an exact match to me. Not a partial as a sibling or parent but identical (on a genetic and thus propagation basis) despite environmental factors. Now you may observe either one of us and may be led to think one is superior genetically to the other...when its largely environmental factors that biased the outcome. One can only discern this by repeatedly growing the specimen in different mediums and harvesting at different times and then subsequently observing the effects that are passed on to progeny .....E$co took this type of care to know his plants (although it seems medium for him was exclusively soil) and their properties.... its why I'm blown away he stopped... that's a LOT of knowledge (i.e. momentum) to suppress. This Rambling response brought to you by Boudica: Damn shes Good!!
  10. Im suspecting by what Santero said (and the man is quite good at english) that he HAS Escobars breeding plants (or clones of same). Could you tell me what if anything Esco has done with the 2 unreleased Mexican lines? Guerrero and Mowhakian? (sp) Indicaliscoious: I would gladly receive anything you have to offer from Esco Santero... do you think Esco would mind us making his seeds available as freebies in the future? (i will be able to propogate the Jallisco IBL and Haze with any luck at all).
  11. The Chocolate rain strawberry yougurt pheno was a great and awesome find! I had all (well some) of my friends smell it and they were amazed. Probably only thing ive smelt that overall impressed me more was New Blue Diesel (but i digress... lol) Ive ordered the Jalisco Haze and Jalisco IBL (Stoked about his comments of IBL's breeding potential and uber potent phenos to be found) My intent is to make an open pollination (maybe getting rid of the too sativish phenos as esco suggests) and then cross with Apollo 13, Grimmdica, C99, Blueberry, Killing Fields maybe NYCD (i.e strains im already impressed with). To see what it does and what it passes on (again to starins I have some familiarity with and appreciation for).... please keep in mind im stoned (SUPRISE!) and spit-ballin here. Im noting Esco seems to like (at least some) of Somas strains.. this is causing me to take a look closer at his other strains (Somaliciious, Somaui etc). I am STILL somewhat surprised by all this.. i really didnt think it would happen (Yet I know that all things with a start have an end...just DANG!) Cheers P.S. Here is a Chocolate rain vs NL#5/Big Bud plant i made doing some chucking a few years ago....hanging now in my closet
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