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    I do think a picture adds value and gives the potential grower something to aim for /or verify their plant mimics its genetics.
  2. YoVato


    I am surprised we have not seen a lot of boudica reports with how Chucky Chesse did this past year. Has anyone grown it. I have a couple that are finishing up - jury is still out. Would be interested what others have found.
  3. Absolutely, a great read. You had mentioned maybe taking up brewing beer. I did that for a couple of years , way over rated. Especially when there are so many great micro brewers out there. Another hobby of mine that is somewhat fun - making moonshine. Downside - it will make you grow excessive amounts of hair on your chest after drinking it or cause permanent cross eyed issues. Latest hobby that is very rewarding plus everyone loves is raising honey bees. You can do it in your back yard. You are the ruler of 30K women per hive. Since honey bees are all females with the exception of a few males to mate with the queen. Plus your reward is honey and the other bee products. Big plus you only have to mess with them once every couple of weeks. Downside, you will get stung on occasion but if you are not allergic to them no biggie. I use the stings as a form of apitherapy...
  4. I second your opinion on the person you are referencing. Where I come from they are piss ants. However, with JOTI just purchased some of their Blue AK 47
  5. YoVato

    400 vs 1000

    Past grows I have used either my 400 hps or my 1000. However, the last two grows I experimented with my 1000 watt HPS to see if it significantly increase the yield vs the 400watt. Conclusion: No. Usually I grow 5 or so plants veg for a month in a 11litre hempy buckets. The hardest part of flowering with a 1000 watt is the heat it puts off. Note I grow in spare bedroom. My question when do you justify moving up a light size to increase yield or is the 400 watt sufficient. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.
  6. Feroce, How is the expirement working with the solo cups planted
  7. Learn a new word=kukri.. Men and their toys. I recently just bought a fiskar 23" ax - nice ,lightweight, survival or potential zombie whoop ass weapon.Definitely not the old wooden ax we all have used.
  8. YoVato

    T5 vs MH lamps

    Thanks for the input guys and gals. Guess I need to find a reasonable price MH.
  9. YoVato

    T5 vs MH lamps

    Well- I would say I am a hobbyist like most- definitely not what I do to earn my living. The reason for buying the HydroFarm T5 was to veg and avoid the heat. Where I live near the swamps, our temps average 93 Fahrenheit for 4 months + .. Would an MH lamp be justified not only in plant life but extra cooling required
  10. During the vegetative period do the MH lamps perform significantly better than the T5's. I am amazed at how fast some peeps plants progress using MH lamps. I currently have a Hydrofarm 4 foot 6 tube setup,however, when I compare my grows at same period vs others ,there is a significant difference. Mine are tiny in comparison. Your thoughts are always appreciated Vato
  11. Hola Feroce, Looks like your up to only good things. Your new babies are looking good. What type of lights do you use to veg -Flo's? For the deer - go to barber shop and asked for hair that has been cut and put that into garden. Or get a suppressor and fill your freezer with summer venison.
  12. If you want to impress women do it with Chocolate. I ended up not being happy with a couple of plants from the last grow. Made a lb. of Canna butter. Bought the most expensive brownie mix at the store(like weed quality does make a difference). Made some great chocolate fudge brownies- very smooth high. For myself I like it also- easy going happy. Chocolate Rules. Now if you want that HO you been eyeing, Go with Herijuana smoke. It will lock her down and at least she wont get away.
  13. I am curious why colossus is considered a commercial grade ? Sorry for being so ignorant.
  14. YoVato

    Smell and taste!

    Joker, That is good wisdom.
  15. You get what you pay for. That is true with Freebees. Last grow- 2 - mad Scientist x jackberry. plants very uniform , vegged for 8 weeks and got trash in return. It all became canna butter. Bud Structure was very weak. Bag appeal 2 where 10 is the best. Would I grow again - No Way. Thank goodness I popped one blue hammer at the same time. Got twice/x3 as much from the BH compared to the freebees combined. This reinforce my thoughts- go with the proven track record seeds vs taking the chance for the home run.
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