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  1. Sick vid man! Very enjoyable watch, dig the hair removal haha...
  2. wow, very shitty one... No more tourism from around here... if weed gets taken off the list of reasons to go to amdam then unfortunately amdam drops way down on my list.. probably never to be visited.. what a shame..
  3. the "Cheese" is smelling super sweet, not rly cheesy at all and the Arjans is like pure artificial bubblegum flavour.. anyways pics. Cheese: Arjans: Should be testing an early sample from each later today or tomo morning depending on the weather here Ahoy!
  4. hybrid

    New Box

    cheese, GWS, Arjan's haze
  5. hybrid


    cool, thx for the info.. definately gonna get some of those seeds! cant find any for sale round here saxo, saw ur pic and was like duuhh, should've got a pic of the inside of the flower.. took my dog on the same route again and snapped a couple more pics... think it is the same as yours! you take latex from yours? sorry bout the pic quality, only had my phone Ahoy!
  6. hybrid


    some other green goodies
  7. hybrid


    hey all! so i was walking my dog today and stumbled across these outside somebodys house.. just keen to find out if these are like proper Papaver Somniferum or other opium producing poppy? also if anyone knows how to harvest the seeds and when to do so i would very much appreciate that info... Thanks!
  8. Thought this looked pretty sick with the HPS "refresh rate" Cheese top Ahoy
  9. Great buds VI! Love organiacally grown ganj! would be sick to check out some harvested buds when the time comes Ahoy!
  10. not too sure if this is the exact same grow but ive been following this thread and EVERYONE should definately take a look at it! http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=164917&page=77 Seriously!
  11. Shot Bodderas, hope she turns out to taste better than yours did then :/.. already smelling kinda "purple" im pretty sure its gonna get cloned either way, sannies genetics are few and far between around here.. she's defo's gonna get a bud or 2 seeded Thanks every1 will try to keep posting a pic every now and then as they grow.. and i'll give a leaf a test smoke when she's a little bigger and fill you in Kees... Here's what she's doing now, not much growth but at least there's some and of course.. the close up Ahoy!
  12. ok here's a pic of the baby now.. And then a close up of the new leaf Right now all i have is either outside or inside at 12/12 so hopefully these babies start putting on the pounds
  13. @ saxo this pic was taken at about day 4, had a little troubles with this bunch of seedlings but they have now been transplanted and are chilling in the sun to recover and get some strength.. The new leaves are really purple.. could that be colour at an early stage or is it more likely just cold? i'll get a pic of it just now and post it.. definately gonna be taking clones though @ d o g it has a little tacky-ness to it but i wouldn't go as far as to say sticky, it's only this one that has them like this.. some others also get tiny ones but i can see these with my eyes, dont need the macro lens.. has been under a 85w compact flour and now it's outside, hoping it keeps the tight internoding though.. will go take a pic of the purple leaves now..
  14. Was taking some pics of my new baby Jackberry F2 and noticed what looks to be little resin heads.. maybe its something different? looked cool anyway.. Close-up
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