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  1. Alaska for mothers

    from over the years on the boards virtually any well known brand comes bug free and also bug laden and seems to depend on the area you are in and their source. so far epsoma seems bug free but i will keep a watchful eye. i did add DE to it as i did with the moisture control too. i used to use pro mix bx always, the bales, never had an issue except one time for a very short duration. can't blame them though imho cause it wasn't with most of the plants at all. u could load it with nematodes and let them feed til they have nothing else to eat. like waiting for compost with no mess lol.
  2. Alaska for mothers

    well, i decided to go K.I.S.S. and use alaska bloom. economical is a plus and it's only being used to allow cuts to do better. the clones will be grown and flowered in coco coir using CNS -17 coco ferts. only thing i have yet to get is the alaska which will last a long time the way i'm using it. when a mother get's flowered i'll use the alaska mor bloom to finish her and keep her in the Epsoma potting mix. i have 3 green crack moms so one will be flowered along with the clones right off the bat. as i make other moms the same will be done leaving me two moms per strain for insurance sake and flowering the 3rd. I don't consider a clone a mom until it's big enough to give a few nice size clones. thx. folks for all the suggestions. Also thanks for showing that dank porn. my new pics are in my thread
  3. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    So, just a sample of the 420 buds. i know the big joint i rolled was GDP x Platinum OG and i waked and baked with the P. OG ? I ended up at a soup kitchen i had not been too in a long time. at 3 bs hot dogs (i only buy the good ones now for home) that tasted good enough for me with some pot. salad on two of them. 3rd hot dog was donated and since i had not eaten all day and it was about 5 pm accepted.
  4. Bouddica

    i have 1 boudica x silverfields seed lol. the boudica sales were affected by it's modest description initially. imho then folks said how much they loved her after growing them out. how much longer do u have until harvest ? what type of trich profile will you harvest/chop at ?
  5. Moon Rock 420

    i know what you mean about the dab effect. i can handle it but it is sorta other worldly in your head . i don't like the throat burn. i put crumble between weed and use my small vape. lasts a long time and smooth as silk too. i was going to melt down some crumble t make a moon rock and then i came to my senses. not going to waste that last like that going up in smoke. i can wait until i have extra just lie i wait for everything. I'm patient and don't jump on the newest trends until they have been put a couple years at least. still have the same experience just enjoy it later like all the years of movies i'm behind lol.
  6. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  7. I chose strain names what do u think

    Ok, folks after a little wake and bake some fresh pictures = does not mean good ones though lol. Note: i have not fed these plants anything and only water them with tap water exhausted of chlorine. i have Alaska grow on hand for maintenance nutes for the mothers and will use more bloom for a short while when it time to take cuts. then back to alaska grow. K.I.S.S. green crack no. 1 mom 1st. two pics is doing fine and about to get up potted. might as well do that today and i know last root check they were numerous and healthy. hope i see the same when i transplant her. she will stay in this pot for life or until flowered out. green crack no. 2 mom has no issues. she is pics no. 3 & 4. So, the green crack no. 3 mom (in white pot) seems to not have that weird leaf issue. maybe it was bugs idk really. i'll spray again at first sign of any degradation. she has been fimmed already and starting to show growth from that area as all of the 3 fimmed plants have. Master kush was topped in order to hopefully root a back up and better mom that i can control it's growth better. much like the above green crk. no. 3. mom. i like to make back up mothers with tops of the plants and not side shoots whenever possible. as can be seen the two surviving blue dreams don't look so hot. but they are still alive and at least are hanging in there. considering i was going to kill them until i saw the new growth I'll let them show juts how game they are. can see the BB genes in the leaf formation but i don't know if they will be BB dom or not at this point but i would like that turn out.
  8. Thai Stick, modern style

    absolutely concur. Yet, that being said it was the whole novelty thing connected with getting Thai sticks and having a connection to score from. Thai Sticks were the bomb simply because the weed was so damn good and tasted exotic to the max. that was the main attraction of them imho. potency wise moon rocks mos def would be stronger but based on how they are made they damn sure sure be haha. waking and baking with GDP typing takes longer lol. yall take care got to upload pics in my thread b4 i forget.
  9. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    Thanks for your feed back sannie and i know your policy for replacements for bad germ rates etc. I was more moaning about aesthetics and the fact that I never have the luxury to grow out seeds to check germ rates of the stuff i have bought since i had to stop growing 9 yrs ago. That's just my circumstances and not your fault obviously. So, all i can go on are the seeds aesthetics. i have gotten what i would say are light crappy seeds that didn't do shit for me so that's my experience and why i say what i do. Again not your fault just my past experience. I have a pack of heri from little awhile back myself and remain hopefully as ever with all untested beans. meant no disrespect to you Sannie as i have recommended to others your gear in the shop.
  10. Thai Stick, modern style

    nope but thai stick and chocolate thai bring back tasty memories. i'm sure u have seen the older versions of dyi thai sticks. opium dipped used to be called Buddha. only have that crazy shit once but saved it for a long as time.
  11. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    rofl, i haven't pulled a crop in 9 yrs. i can't imagine having enough herb to ever use a trimmer. once i can sneak some grows in; hand trimming will do and i can take my time no hurry. i started a thread with my first few plants since 09. they are about to go into stage two to make cuts but are still in limbo to a point right now. all those buds were gotten via pot vendors. Happy 420 baked on some platinum og now and time to go back to bed. it's almost gone but might get it again down the road.
  12. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    what's featured ? combine an elephant and a rhino and that might be as close as i can tell yall. GG #1 -S'1's = 2 ; kif ? bud maybe skittles : next 4 are animal cookies: followed by platinum og sorry pics aren't better.
  13. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    still getting used to posting with ease of pictures. container = bubba kush and bio diesel crumble squished together. over 2 yrs old. last two pics in the kif box are Tangie = cali outdoor and can't recall the top 3 pics. expect a lot of recall issues cause nothing has changed mentally. ijs
  14. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  15. Dual Purpose Controls For Pests And Disease

    activate link http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/dual-controls-pests-disease/