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  1. yes, sweet flavored so i'll drink it = women will drink it. might have to dilute it though. a local lady does it on the DL. I don't need to sell it but someone might barter an item or some good vittles/cooking it's way down the road to do though. the plant is priority, so, my 420 dude canceled he thought he sent a message. he's going to dinner with his folks. he takes care of them s they are in their 90's. today is the 2nd day of Passover. so que sera sera. Rescheduled for tomorrow with the dog/cat lady. a relative might top by not sure with these young-ins these days. he's a good kid though never any trouble, good heart. i hope weed doesn't bite him in the ass though. they don't take safety precautions like some of us. like no driving under the influence is a big deal. never smoke in the car or let others do so. the cookies were hit and miss because the pyrex baked ones turned out lovely. the smaller ones on aluminum foil i cooked way too long. i was able to finally bite into one with some of the last of my molars. smdh lol need to dunk them in milk or set in ice cream ... got a little dough left. definitely Pyrex baking dish. u have to adjust the heat by lowering 25 deg's cause the glass heats faster. hmm i think it's time to burn one . @gardenartus can you find out how they infuse weed into prime rib and amounts. ask about the shrimp too. i don't eat shrimp like that but i can offer that as a dinner meal idea folks will pay for, especially ladies. i smell a whiff of the ribs wafting by my nose. yummy. ijs you might want to investigate what else you don't know about your dude. ha love can be blind... the almost ex might stop buy wed or so to use me as her boy toy, i hope so that makes us feel better. plus she has those Jill Scott skillz frfr no doubt about it in my top 3 personally and she's number two maybe 1 lol.
  2. Happy 420 folks both old and new friends and comrades and all members of opengrow. today is our day TO CELEBRATE our wonderful and cherished MARIJUANA/CANNABIS viva la the SACRED PLANT. bringing it in with some rhino blood floating inside my cranium as i type with 1 finger. time to bake cookies and hope i didn't fuck up the dough to bad. even if they don't taste great they should get us zoinked. i'll be sharing with the dude who made the mile high trip possible. got there once in my life and hope to get back in summer to go to the zoo. be back in a minute or 2 yawn. standing too much. tuna pasta salad is done, cucumber salad is done, ribs done tomorrow, frozen fruit in smoothie fridge for a cool tastie refreshing finish, simply's lemonade and juicy juice fruit punch, orange gatorade so, i imagine some slushiness will be made to cool throats down. i'll have a couple weed song playlists from youtube. will search them asap.
  3. u didn't miss that. and the ha i actually heard and laughed out loud frfr. thx that was a good one. yup
  4. aloha Yahooman. damn u come in the joint smokin and bring us new porn too. we likey you
  5. quick pictures. what medium, air temps/humidity, nutes or not ?
  6. are those seeds kEN eSTES GDP. or someone was nice enough to fem the clone only. i thought about ken then said fuck hi he's full of shit. and his video helps me believe he's a con ARTIST TOO. He gets seeds of an elite clone only. but his seeds aren't fem's. as he supposedly has a male GDP LOL. He says his is different because it's crossed to itself. u can't do that without female pollen or introducing a male from another source to make a back cross and get regular seeds. ijs
  7. the reality is people will say that shit in real life and be serious about frfr. but the author of the joke clearly says his cousin was so high... now last time i checc'd when asked to get keys in that condition the car owner says gtfo. js update = will get a few things like thermometers/hygrometers, couple small fans etc. cause I'm going forward with mission green peace time window is open. should be able to get one regular run from seeds and one from 4week old rooted clones. i'll try my best to make a couple branches OF SEED or save pollen at least. aloha
  8. i know a lady who says if they pop up and didn't call ahead then she's not home. to include when the dude could clearly see her and she wasn't hiding lol. he was like let me in. she said u know the rules you should have called lol lol lol. true story @Toker so you destroyed your grow because you flipped out in that shit, damum. that shit must have been a monster and i want no parts of it smdh. i appreciate being in control even while zoinked lol. @gardenartus so, can that new found info help u in some way ? no such fucking thing as cuss too much. people don't have enough fun cussing imho. i like to cuss as a matter of normal conversation not mean stuff. the ones who act like they going to have a baby if they here me cuss 3% out of 100% i give them the xtra xtra cussing treatment to desensitize their ass. weird but it works even against their will haha. @ledfoot is he going to install a smoke detector now ? i'm going to get one just because now. to go off sooner than having the detector farther away go off. thx
  9. lots of you folks might know who silverback was or might have even been friends with him in some capacity. I DIDN'T PERSONALLY KNOW THIS DUDEbut had heard about him on various boards. he had a wealth of information and a nice dude on icmag put all of his stuff together to use for reference and useful grow knowledge. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=299104
  10. biryani my last order of lamb biryani ii asked for mango chutney i get it cause it's like buying two meals they aren't stingy.
  11. i used to be like that. it was like i WAS COMPELLED TO KEEP PUFFIN. while all my buds were like nah i had enough, no i'm good, too stoned now etc etc. i use to rib them for being light weights. as back then, i could smoke with hard core rastas no problems. they just keep lighting spliffs about every 20/30 minutes as long as your chilling with them. talked some but mainly listen to their wisdom on life. now, my tolerance is lower but i'm ok with that. pretty sure u could smoke me under the table Mr. Dirt but it would still be fun though imho.
  12. https://www.planetnatural.com/pest-problem-solver/garden-pests/wireworm-control/ different from above but saw this = Though leaf- and stem-feeding insects usually do not cause serious damage to castorbean plants, cutworms and wire worms may reduce stands.from this site http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Crops/CastorBean.aspx I'd roast those worms in the oven if they were mine lol.
  13. but why don't you want the soil life ? or does your soil have nasty critters ?
  14. something would have had to shit them out from what i gathered online. hmmm
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