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  1. i want to make it clear that i doubt the actual % was that high based on me puffing it. as they do not name the strain that is always suspect in terms of credibility. would i get it again if it was done perfect ? nope
  2. cheap antipokey insurance. Figure it out but don’t tell ok. Thx @webeblzr forgot to answer duhhh. i have a tent, new gorilla shorty. one of the few smart things i bought when i had the loot. new ac hood, filter, and exhaust fan too. scored a small fan today from let go in case i needed to do the vertical but now plans are changed so it will be the tent circulation fan instead. already set to get a big window fan as soon as my ride can tell me when he can pick up. exactly what i been needing for the bedroom summer heat. 25$ little one was 10 and i gave him 5 for delivery which means new it was $15 = i checked online and i payed $15 used lol. desperate times ...lol time to look for a the odds and ends. need a thermometer and humidity gauge but they all seem to suck so bad . smdh grrrr . got to find my ec/tds truncheon. also thought might be time to buy the extra extender for the gorilla shorty. i peeped them awhile back. will have to call to see if they are still shipping items during the pandemic. if not the vertical bulb plan may go back into effect . i have a cool tube already but bare bulb is easier to set up. rather not rig a harness for the cool tube to support the xtra weight if it. ijs time to go to sleep.
  3. More still . Infused fried potatoes and bits of fake spam. 1dollar a can. Used some to add to egg salad yesterday and taste test was good. So, using real certified spam will be twice as tasty imho. I only eat spam 2/3 a year. I know it’s crap lol. Some mixed kid and cleanings of the wooden grinder. I love it but will eventually go high tech if I ever produce enough to splurge. Thrifty as hell and I like it.
  4. Additional Shitty pics but glad to have something to grow and show. This is as far as i’ve Gotten in 11 yrs Ijs.
  5. Thx for dropping by @webeblzr based on these plants were only meant to be clone donors i’ll Be ok with the small production. Pics suck and aren’t impressive at all but in person they are sorta cute. I’ve never had buds this tiny except on tester plants about the size of the squirt. But never on larger plants do this is new to me. Taking clones , shoddy super crop, holding them back and low light levels all played a role in reducing bud size. I’m tired as fuk as I got rid of garbage/dead leaves and defoliate all the swine to include the squirt a tad bit too. Pics are worse to a bit better smdh
  6. So, i've asked for help to set the tent up. want to get rolling asap. i looked at the ones in flower and my estimate of 1 zip per plant was off by quite a bit cause they aren't stretching anymore and pistils are starting to turn. they will be mini-mini popcorn buds lol. as long as they smoke good after a 30 day cure. on the way to a 2 and 3 month cure as well, i'll be happy. they are getting frosty just so small. even the little squirt is pumping out impressive frost as small as ting as she is. on 4-20 they will be 61 days from flip. I expect to chop 1st to 2nd week of may. just happen to have the luxury to let them go that long. next batch should be far better with the 600 blasting them. they will get some Alaska grow for the first time the next time they need to be watered and that will be maintained two weeks into flower. plants usually love that alaska shit. i fed close to 100 back in 09 on alaska grow and they were thriving until the mites an pm gave me the one two punch. i harvested and it was smokable but not sellable smdh. i was set up to do big things, not try to sell bud to live. i don't miss the homeless death trap living though. I'm thankful i made it this far frfr. covid 19 be damned ! I'm a bulldog and my immune system isn't to shabby. i am getting out to stand and do some taiji on the regular though to help my immune system. i found a seed in the stuff called sour daddy. 1st seed i found i lost some how. but the dark one i wrapped in paper towel until i can label it. that blue vortex is/was good smoke too. that will be gone tomorrow. been burping the sour daddy and that pretty fat nug of the shit i can't recall the name. smdh if that seed is a sour daddy lady i'll be happy as long as she grows and clones. males are now an issue i have nothing but queens lol. I'm considering popping some cannatonic bx reg. version. maybe a male will blend well with the warrior tonic that's 1/2 cannatonic. = added vigor from different inputs of 2 separate cannatonic cuts is more likely than not imho. now when i say that it's really based on decent numbers of those seeds being used to diversify the cannatonic genes while also enhancing their similarities as well. imho. My tiny sample is not likely to prove that out unless i just get fortunate. something for me to consider for later. so as usual i use these post to keep track of ideas. i skimmed this real fast and found it intriguing in positive ways. yet also in very nefarious ways based on the paragraph on nationalization of various institutions . The fact is that smacks of covert manipulations that was contrived and calculated. ijs as soon as i read that part i was like wait a fuk n minute. smdh https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200331-covid-19-how-will-the-coronavirus-change-the-world
  7. a peroxide soak is the way to go, then germ in medium. paper towels often aren't the best based on what that are made from. i used unbleached coffee filters now. they are brown. @Hempyfan i will eventually try that method. i'm thinking 3/4 light soil mix 1/4 castings layered on top just for the seed. what are your thoughts on that idea ? i can't see what it wouldn't work. and my way is because i need to save as many pennies as possible so using 100% castings is out. thx
  8. ok what is auto ? am i behind the curve that bad lol.
  9. @Toker I already know i will end up trying to grow food in my yard. getting started and logistics is somewhat of a pita since food growing is new to me. you mentioned a few items i want to grow, garlic and Ginger mandatory and the ginger will be used for coking and making drinks like ginger beer and a juice type of tonic. already working on the formula slowly using only a couple ingredients to test taste etc. . just recently made a small batch the other day, i got the ginger right cause t has that ginger bite without being overwhelming and the base was organic green tea = newman's onions and spring onions, green beans, kale, collards = last 3 i hated with a passion as a kid frfr. herbs like basil, thyme, and a couple others. strawberries eventually and cucumber for salad and making pickles. I NEVER HEARD of YUKON WHITES, SO that's news to me i buy yukon golds often. thx Note to all = i can no longer see my caps alert on my laptop. abut to gogle to see if it's an easy fix. I'm a caps bandit because i can't type worth shit and nothing more. ijs
  10. because of you sistah i will be exploring adding mushrooms to the tincture. lions mane and chaga mushrooms to see what effect they have if any. yes, both seem to have anti cancer properties and other benefits too. yes, that will be added to the tumeric, blk pepper, boswella acid and ginger. also echinaceia which has various uses that might be able to work well in combination with the others. obviously i'll plug in some and test against formulation differences based on results . Now, the questions. 1st. how/where to buy boswella acid of quality with least cost. what amounts of each did you use for magic elixir you made that i used ? your method to mix/combine them ?
  11. Here are the other pigs in veg still. 2 WT”s & 3 CB’s took single shots of 4 and 5th I forgot . Veg area is full. I’m considering setting up the tent and put the 600 in use that way . if so that would save me time, no need to wait for others to get done. Really need some buds, especially because of the pandemic unknowns. Got to figure it out ASAP because of timing.
  12. FYI = be very careful who you order products from these days especially sites geared to growers. i got a refund on the cordeset i thought i was going in response to sending me a socket w/cord set that was not even possible;le to use based on plug configuration that was/is totally different making it unusable. i told her that that's not how you do business. you do not send or substitute a product without contacting the customer period. not to mention the fact that Tristan lied in her response. how the fuck do u offer a replacement for a product with a product that won't work. and it's obvious that it will not. smdh i wish i could hear her say it to my face so i could slap her as son as the lie had stopped. I ALSO wrote back and TOLD THAT HUZZY THAT SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO APOLOGIZE . FYI = TODAY THE COMPANY HAS A NOTE = WHICH STARTS WITH A LIE. THEY DON'T VALUE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE F THEY DID THEY NEVER WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH ME ;LIKE THEY DID AND NEVER APOLOGIZE ONCE FOR DOING WHAT THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE 1ST. DAMN PLACE. never deal with this company if they come back. fuk em A message to our valued customers After careful thought and deliberation in the face of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and in what we believe is in the best interest of our employees and local communities, NationalHydroGroup.com has suspend operations until further notice. All open orders will process as normal. We will work directly with our customers and will provide refunds to those who have open orders if they would prefer. Our phones are currently unavailable but you can email us at support@nwgsupply.com or use the icon in the lower right corner to submit your inquiry. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this short notice will undoubtedly create. We look forward to welcoming you back as circumstances improve, NationalHydroGroup.com on (National Hydro Group) Mar 30, 10:37 AM PDT Business hours are only during the week Mon-Fri and currently on limited access with the Coronavirus pandemic. If that will not work we will get over a return label, as that is the replacement piece that our site offers for that Vertical Cordset ordered. Trystan Customer Support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I WOULD ALSO BE CAREFUL ON SENDING MONEY TO BUY THINGS WITHOUT CHECKING AHEAD TO SEE IF THE COMPANY IS FUNCTIONING AND IT'S PLANS TO OPERATE OR NOT IN THIS PANDEMIC. THINK OF WHAT will occur if you need to sue a company now. might be good to check paypal to see how they will operate as well. Post office = i don't want to go to the post office. i'll explore having postal items sent to me and then hand it off to the mail carrier to mail if need be. Budget and spending now has to be restricted now. no i didn't buy the seeds i just saw pop up even though i wanted them. playing for seeds now in my situation makes no SINSE literally lol. i've got to make sure whatever essentials i need i can pay for if i can get them. have to get ahead more with dog food/cat food as well cause u never know. i usually stay ahead by a bag for both. i'll be making grocery lists based on cheap long term items to include food stuffs i don't eat a lot of like Pasta, cheap canned meats, have some now but will go back to the slightly higher treet which is like spam but not as good. dollar store had gnocchi and grabbed 3 for a $1 each. = 2 meals for ea. package or enough for 4 sides. black folks don't know wtf that is usually so i was happy to see them. 8PM QUARANTINE IN EFFECT , SO LET ME GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE AND SEE WHAT THEY HAVE NOW. SEE YALL.
  13. Spreading what the world needs now via my kids . Sweetie Pie and Soul- Jah it’s funny how she puts her leg like that. I’ve had a couple others do it too. So, the mouse fiasco last night. I heard the mouse squeaking sorta loud. I was like wtf damn sound like it’s stuck. Went into the kitchen to investigate. I thought it was behind/under the fridge stuck some how. I kept hearing it in distress. My friend on the phone said the mouse was having a baby lol smdh. I was like I don’t think they make noise like that having a baby... so, low and behold I found out where the mouse was and why it sounded so close. The little fucker was inside the kitchen light globe. Wtf smdh so, I figured out the light was burning him/her and turned it off. So, time to take the globe off and save the mouse. The suggestion to keep the light on to kill it wasn’t an option. Mouse didn’t deserve that even though it pooped on my stove. (Back to that later) fuck, I cannot get the globe off after 3 tries. Then used the dogs bathing rubber glove with the little rubber nubs. I had a big trash bag ready to let the whole thing drop into the trash bag. Easy peezy; or so I thought. So, finally I felt the globe break loose so I could turn it to take it off. In my mind I was like yeah I got you talking to the damn globe lol. So, I get ready and turn the globe and ready to drop it in the bag and much to my surprise the damn mouse looked like it was hanging from it’s tail from the bulb itself. I dropped the damn globe on the floor with a huge crash. Ok, fuk the globe let’s deal with the baby mouse. Turns out it was actually stuck in-between the swirls of the cfl bulb by its leg. I tried to pull it free and that didn’t work after 2 attempts and it’s squeaking in distress. So, I unscrew the bulb with the kid hanging onto it because it’s stuck. Finally I get some light from the stove hood. The see shorty and then figure out how to extract it as painlessly as possible. So, I took his leg part and worked it towards the larger space between the bulb’s swirls. It worked and then it was like the mouse disappeared. saw it was still in the bag thank goodness. Now, to let it go outside as my bright idea. Oops not so bright an idea because without mom it’s survival in damp weather was unlikely. So, I did what I felt was right. I open the bag and let it scamper under the stove to reunite with mom. As for mom, when I went to investigate. And had cut the light off to save the baby. Mom came looking for her kid on the stove and it was quite obvious. She even looked directly at me and stood slightly as if to say can you help me find my baby. I wish I could have filmed this mouse doing this. It was amazing to be a part of. I did get this short film to show the house MGT team where the mouse was and why I shouldn’t have to pay for the globe. I will though you f need be. Be nice to creatures like you want others to be nice to you. Ijs AE637AD2-556F-4471-A33E-98CF11EE0130.MOV
  14. well, i sort of figured that was the angle you were alluding to. I FEEL LIKE THIS just as is already acknowledged by the experts trying to catch these assholes They can take an innocent image and sexualize it as they choose. So, should we stop taking and sharing pictures because of what they can do ? Hell no, our lives and how we live them in that aspect is far an away more important that to retreat and allow their misuse of images to ruin our lives. imho we as adults have to TAKE A STAND AND SHOW AN EXAMPLE TO AND FOR OUR CHILDREN ON HOW TO LIVE AND ACT IN THE FACE OF ASSHOLES THAT SHARE OUR WORLD. I'm not about to allow fear of this type to dictate how I LIVE or pictures i share . If we succumb to this type of thing it's has no end to it. Their are so many assholes and sickies that we can't insulate ourselves our allow them to ever think they get to control what we do. Ironically i was at a neighborhood multi event last year. i signed up to help with the cause of human trafficking. i wanted to be able to basically set these people up as well as pedophiles too. i gave them all this info and nobody contacted me and it wasn't in my spam folder either. At least i was willing when someone put me to task in person. ijs thankyou for your concern and information i was ignorant of as well concerning the use of pictures proven to be used be these folks. sure we all know it was happening no doubt. but seeing the evidence of such makes it more real and essential to know.
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