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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Re-purpose those antiques

    i have an old basket that i found in my stuff. saving it for the time when i can fill it full of buds and take photos. i forgot about it until a few days ago or i would have put the denver buds in there. oh well. that's a pretty tray and if folks want them they can do goodwill/thrift shops.
  2. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Control Bucket, and advice?

    go hempy buckets and forget about maintenance costs etc etc.
  3. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    I am losing the war. 2 green crack are left and 1 small master kush. all else was cut and trashed. big ones looked like shit. smdh i'm thinking to keep them just to go outside with a toss and walk away type deal. not going to spend any more money on them. clean up of basement to start soon. fuck asking for help i'll do it myself. and beans will be popped. too much stress and doing all that shit for nothing.
  4. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Pua Mana Hawaiian genetics Too LEGIT maybe not

    @webeblzr I feel u dude. but someone did say he found some nice sativa stuff just wasn't keeper for him. yet, supposedly hit them with pollen anyway. 1 take is if it's not keeper why bother and 2nd take is something i believe in myself. see how it combines and maybe run across something special. I did just that with my weird AK47 pheno ? female mom. she was tough, cloned easily and flowered pretty quick. stone was mellow and not akin to AK47 stereotypical power at all. Yet, when hit with pollen she produced the Jugger-Knot plants that had hybrid vigor i have never seen before in person or from online grows. Yes, RIU has quite a few ass hats and i found that out early on. I rarely post there and mainly use the site for reference when searching for strain/seed bank info. i regretfully read past page 7 lol. as crazy as it sounds i still search for genetics i want to play with = insane based on my situation to be honest but my "cultivar hunting OCD" is a beast even though i dismiss so very many. quite often by searching i'll get a bright idea for a strain combo i think will work even though the strain that gave me the idea is often not genetics i have or often even want. ijs
  5. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Pua Mana Hawaiian genetics Too LEGIT maybe not

    I ran across this thread @rollitup yesterday after checking a different site https://www.bigislandgenetics.org/ that sold Hawaiian genetics. @webeblzr So, those who deal with this dude @Pua Mana or the other site might want to read this thread in depth so can make a more informed decision prior to spending your coin. i only got to page 7 so far I was interested in those genetics but because he had no track record i could find and his prices were too expensive for me i just dismissed them. https://www.rollitup.org/t/kona-gold-the-blood-rare-hawaiian-strain.934793/
  6. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    next wave of leaves from the others not to include the 2 small master kush. the master kush mom doesn't like these pest while the green crack seems more resistant strain wise than the ak47.
  7. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    3 x 9 watt led's are all they really got aside from ambient window light min and a cfl when waiting to go back in the room . really impressed with the leaf and plant quality in veg from such low wattages.
  8. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    So, 2 bottles of 915 alcohol, 1 bottle of Organicide 3 in 1 concentrate on shopping list, gordons bug no more & sns 217 on site, big pump sprayer ready to knock off what's on the leaves as much as possible. will be used sunday eve after i spray today with my alcohol and essential oil mix of peppermint and citronella i'll be adding ice to the water btw. will add and spray the rest of the old neem just because i have it and add some dish liguid to it and peanut oil too. sample from sns came in pouches only enough to make 10 oz of 217. i will save the soil systemic drench 209 for new plants as it makes like 9 GAL's of mix. will also save the fungus gnat sample makes 1 gal. They give you a 25% off coupon on your next order from them btw. so if u use this stuff order the sample pesticide to save some coin. been keeping fan on for lower temps and wind. i spray plants so the spray that misses hits the floor or walls to discourage any living mites etc. in the area. I have decided not to use no pest strip because i already have cancer and no need to risk inhaling that shit. even though as u will see the closet they stay in is a very small area. i also don't trust having to wash it off etc. I ALSO CHOSE NOT TO USE SULFUR BECAUSE OF HEALTH REASONS AND A 24 hr stay away and certain sprays are not good to use with it. washing it off for something else etc. i can see what i think are eggs, i don't see anything crawling and no webs either. i just sprayed the alcohol, peppermint and citronella. most of the 7 plants need watering and i will feed them as well. i wanted to try to get them on a more consistent feeding schedule to make it easier on me. lots of leaf drop and leaves i pulled that were about to drop soon. i sprayed them and trashed them. after pouring over too many pages and sites to count/recall i have noticed the most frustrating thing is the pros and cons of what works. why it works and the big thing is the back and forth of so many that say many of the big hitters don't work at all. like the site that spoke about the azamax vs. azatrol scam thread and it made a lot of sense too. only consistent thing was multiple sprays/deterrents of different types on a continuous basis for up to a month. I can't throw big money at this and those who have have done from well to wasting their coin. and all of them are so varied it was a headache to look over so much stuff that was similar but also had 1 or more unique issues for that person . nest step is to start doing equipment checks to make sure shit works = lights, find ppm/ec truncheon for coco & check water ph even though all the ladies seem to like the water just fine. in the potting mixes used. speaking of which as i thought about those mixes with such a slight nute charge really tells me that the who idea of the pants being able to suck up nutes is not a critical barometer at all. I've never grown using that as a reason to up my nutes and never had issues in before. that nute charge lasts 3/4 mths easily and i'm very pleased with not having to do nothing but water them. trying to get pictures to upload and they don't want to. various issues on that account and i have dealt with it before. then boom it does it and boom it just did it lol. i would like to know what allows it to do it or not do it and that is the missing link. best info i saw said yada yada but i made no changes and it just worked. frustrating. i tried to take several leaf shots of the same plant. exasperated by a dude photo to let me know it's a different plant's leaves. I'll include photos of what shit looks like so yall can see what's shakin in that small space so to speak.
  9. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  10. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    WELL, i've been checking the pros and cons of most mite stuff be it chemical based or so called organics using mainly one or more types of essential oils with various emulsifiers, neem types, etc. etc. i learned u should turn off the lights before applying so the mites can migrate to the topside of the leaves. i tried it and will do that from now on. i cleaned some slip-on's so i walk around only in them inside the room. right now i'm using gordons and after that they get alcohol 91% mix with water mix 50/50. I will be adding a few drops of essential oil = peppermint and citronella along with a little dish soap to help it stay on next spray with alcohol. sample of SNS 217 is on the way = https://sierranaturalscience.com/product/free-pesticide-sample-kit-just-pay-sh/ this one made more sense to me than the alternative broad mite kit with the spray bottle. i plan to get some sulfur i can use and spray on. the wettable is cheaper and %90 sulfur. i also saw a liquid sulfur @26% with 12% nitrogen too. supposedly this helps with broad mites/russet mites too this really shows what's in most of the insecticides/mite killers. exceptions would be the companies who have lied and not gotten caught yet. i ran across this list from Oregon... Guide List for Pesticides and Cannabis : http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/shared/Documents/Publications/PesticidesPARC/GuidelistPesticideCannabis.pdf https://www.domyown.com/hiyield-dusting-wettable-sulfur-p-1567.html https://www.natureslawn.com/product/liquid-sulfur/ @santero i had not gone back to check yet. thx. this made things less confusing by a tiny bit. https://insectcop.net/permethrin-insecticides-vs-pyrethrum-sprays-whats-the-difference/ according to this i should use pyrethrum spray which is less toxic to me and animals especially cats. i am real careful not to allow my cat access to that room anymore. who would ever think that spider mites would be a better insect to have because they are easier to kill than broad mites. smdh i have some left over neem i'll pull out from the basement in the mean time tomorrow. worse case scenario i'll kill them all if i can't beat them to death soon. time is my enemy and popping beans at least allows for a fresh start. and time to do more cleaning too.
  11. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Apparently the Borg are here

    So, today finally looked at pictures that look like my leaves. since i don't see any evidence of thrips i have to assume it's the borg. so far the old Gordon's bug spray kept them in check enough for me not to see them or their webs.I attacked not sure and then they retreated and apparently regrouped too. smdh so i went on the offensive not long ago and used up the last mix of Gordon's. then went to the sample of SM* 217 . THAT STUFF SMELLS LIKE IT SHOULD KILL SOMETHING LOL. i closed he bathroom door and my bedroom door too damn. so I will find my gordon's and add another option cause the sample bottle OF SM *217 is really small and the spray comes out like an atomizer. will make me reach for the mask next go around. so the last two smalls ones are waiting for their treatment 2 master kush. the blue dream i re-potted 2 days ago and gave a root nutes too to help is going to get the shaft tonight. the borg is enough to deal with without playing nursemaid to such a plant.
  12. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Inspection is over for the owner. plant location wasn't accessible or detectable by smell. So, i was fine until i realized a shoe box was open. empty kimchee jar and other stuff my sample buds in a brown paper bag. Yet then i saw a jar with my last 3 GDP buds close by. i looked at it and said fuck fuck fuck. i could see it but it wasn't really noticeable un less u looked at it harder really. he was real professional and was checking all sorts of shit. but wasn't trying to look into my personal stuff. i put up new shades and moved the damn bed making what was hidden exposed. smdh oh well nothing i can do about that now. he seemed like all was well the way he talked to me especially once he was done. fuck it time to break down 1 of those rock hard buds. and get some added relaxation to combat the anxiety of the situation. finally got the second junky room cleaned up and the clothes are almost all dealt with. got a big rack to put them on. and shades on the windows in the BR. need living room shades to finish the job to make things look much nicer. women will like it that's for sure lol. topped both master kush clones. one fell over and got bent so taped it up and it will be fine. imho all are back in the closet chilling.
  13. Sacred Plant Warrior

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    wow look what you have done since i last checked in awesome. plus you're going balls to the wall on your organics now. Nice bud porn too, some impressive colas looking pretty. congrats I hope i can get one in too, followed with the same 60 day plan u use to put the others in the tent right after the pull.
  14. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Need all your help

    u said it yourself you neglect them so STOP as long as your medium has good aeration you should never have an issue with dry root balls etc etc. u want them looking like they ready to fight they are so healthy, the kind that piss you off that it turned out to be a male. those are the ones to look for and if they have sugar on them all the better. imho
  15. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    did all the major stuff yesterday to make my 2nd. room look waaay neater and finally all the bags of clothes have a home on a new heavy duty shelf rack. that rack also blocks access to where they will be stashed. two boards already in place i can sit them on. nobody has ever tried to access it so i should be good. they'll only be up there like 2 hrs max in the dark. since they stay on 24 hrs sched. all should be well. we used to do the same type class at a senior center for the same reasons too. that class moved and anyone can join now. they want me to come teach sometimes and i promised i would. i emphasize getting the basics more correct so they can go to the next level. some want to be able to use the qina i sometimes show so i'll just use that as an incentive to teach the gong fa that will allow them to use qina and postures in a functional way. the guy who asked had to use when he was driving a cab. he told the story at our annual tai chi picnic. so, like dr. chang always said u don't know what you can do... thankfully it worked out for him and he surprised himself saying that stuff actually worked lol. I'll be concentrating more on zhang zhuang in my own practice and will be adding meditation cause i need that component and no excuse not to do so now. @gardenartus tears dripping down my leg is hilarious and i'll have to borrow that but i will give u credit for it though. puffin on some of the last GDP. i stuck a bud in the kif box and humidty softened it. try to squeeze a bud from the jar and you can't do it at all. it's cool as fuck to do that lol cause that's not the norm. some of the other stuff was like that too.