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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    YALL BETTER HURRY Slow pokes. at least you get fresher stuff. mine is few years old but might be better in certain ways. maybe @Cristalin can chime in on that aspect much better. what father was used on the early versions? i'm just guessing.
  2. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    i get you're trying to do kiss style growing the organic way. just keep in mind that happens after your learning curve, which you are dealing with now. stick with your goals and you'll run right into success. find folks who don't pay for water and just get a few gallons from them on the regular. apt dwellers usually have water included in their rent. blumats will do great for watering your plants. don't forget to get the larger ones based on your plant size if need be. btw don't try to use them with any chunky solutions that will clog them up. use them for watering only until u figure out more. there are other inexpensive simple gravity fed water systems too suited to more traditional multi-plant applications. drip works https://www.dripworks.com/drip-irrigation/irrigation-kits they have stepped up their game and offer cannabis watering kits complete. Yes, price gouge weed folks as usual. Ironically weed folks have been using their plant irrigation IDEAS FOR YEARS WITHOUT THE NEW HIGH COST CANNABIS KITS THEY OFFER NOW. smdh
  3. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    If, the basic nutes from dr. earth are complete then you don't need to add the kelp at all. They have added many extras just like the chemical companies did but you don't need most of them and in many cases none of them. imho. weed is simple give it the basics of what it needs and results will be sweet with all other conditions being proper of course. ijs
  4. Sacred Plant Warrior

    The decline of the pre-employment drug test

    I have a very nice reefer madness T-Shirt. i forgot about it until i finally tried to organize all the clothes. i'm fortunate it's a lot of nice stuff and 97% free .
  5. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  6. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    @DukeA#1it's still out there but rare and held tight. their is some other legit skunk around that is stinky shit for real but it's not road kill skunk actually. the old skunk you still have to pheno hunt for the RKS before the sweet change. all that stuff about uncle fester and his nephew... weed in flower can and will often take on surrounding smells in close proximity from other other sources. weird that it doesn't seem to happen with weed itself taking on the smell of another strain grown with it. idk why. @gardenartus THANK YOU i didn't know you were following the cali recipe. i saw it on RIU. I'm there but just lurk usually and get feedback on genetics i'm interested in or already have. i went though tons of threads for mites. a lot of redundant info but until u sift through it and cross reference you don't know that. the contradictions to what works, what doesn't and what sorta does was mind boggling. smdh @Mr Goodfellow once u have the clones set up properly just set a reminder on your phone or get a dry ERASE BOARD U HAVE TO PASS BYE to remind u to check. it literally takes seconds to check progress and change out water if you must usually no more than 1/2 times max. if you use promix or soil mix no change out just wait and u can make cup tents out of clear cups or baggies they don't need to be tight on them at all . i have gone topless cloning in cups more often than not. have also cloned right inside cut water bottles with peat pellets or u can use rapid rooters in them too. as long s they don't get too dry and stay moist but not wet they should root. they have powders designed for harder to root clones too. i think they have 3 different strength ones. forgot about them until now. duhhh my recall for things not dealt with in years is not too good at times.
  7. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    btw i will try the pepper solution u adjusted since u said u can't taste it. women are real sensitive to stuff a bit more so i trust your assessment. webbie suggested garlic. my last harvest in 09 i saved enough to smoke but not enough to raise the funds i desperately needed. the gdp and BB was still real good though lol. sex them under mh's or the T5's full spectrum bubs close to MH spectrum on 18/6 as the standard. if u know the genetics u can use 16/8 for certain indicas.
  8. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    i feel u , but i'm ok with seeds no better reason to germ test because of fear and necessity lol. after losing to the "demon borg" . i really need to pop beans. old ass shit lol. we'll see if they please if they live. i'm prepared for failure but will lay a foundation for success. the whole strategy for me is to pop all the older stuff mainly and toss some fresher stuff in once in awhile.on the way to pollen chucking for preservation. that should give me a fresh 5-7 yrs restart for viability pretty easily. i will never use 50/50 alcohol to water ratio again with 90% 75/25 from now on for bugs
  9. Sacred Plant Warrior

    for outdoor growers with no need to hide

    hope u folks enjoy this i know i did even though i can't do it. lol https://www.cannabisfabricpots.com/blog/no-till-cover-cropping-and-top-dressing-with-brownguy420/
  10. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I FEEL YOU DUDE, i was rusty myself . waiting late on dealing with the clones to get them going proper. then i rescued them all and i was off to the races only to crash and burn in the end. lol, lol, lol. buying 2 jugs of bleach for clean up. upstairs easy basement will try me but not too bad. cheers MG what do u mean tough to deal with clones explain please
  11. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  12. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I'm guessing if u get a really nice pheno again u will have/make far more than 1 survival seed. ijs YES, I'M STONED
  13. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    what is this pineapple skunk all about . i love the taste as priority after stone effects and duration of the effects. NL modern version was said not to smell but never grew it. I'm still after an original old school NL but it's stinky and proper.
  14. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    can you pm me a menu of medical stuff with a price list please and thank you. glad you have roots, some strains just like a more natural medium than hydro. only reason i brought the cloner was for more consistency with higher numbers of cuts and ease of having multiple cuts with low maintenance. hydro rooting = likes fine bubbles passing over the stem directly in the water. increasing that bubble stream so it's pretty fast is key as long as temps are fine. can't comment on cloners that spray/mist the roots.
  15. Sacred Plant Warrior


    welcome back, i have a small amount of blues genetics but can't quote which lol. wait my records are right here. plus i'm stoned = headband almost gone. Psychosis x Blues Blues BX3 F2 UK Cheese x Blues BX3 all very low numbers but u never know poppers might be keepers