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  1. Last two crunch berries tallest is 10.75” tall 12” x 13” around and the other 10.25” tall approx 10” x 10” around. So, the pigs have multiplied to 7 total. They will just be pruned so they don’t get too big.
  2. So, she’s 9” tall improvised pot. Via nestle pure life water which is my fave bottle water for weed. She needs to be watered later tonight. Nutes still in the mix. I might cover the pot to make the roots even happier in the darkness.
  3. So, these are all Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries. 1st one In homemade pot is approx 11.25” tall . As you see I potted most of them so I could add soil to the pot as they grew up.
  4. Ok, so this is the 3rd and biggest sister. They are all approx the same age from seed. Not trying to pheno hunt with such limited numbers but will see any significant differences out side of structure once flowered out. Looking at the top view she looks like a big girl. Would love to flower her as is as I like the structure of multiple bus sites. All of these would ideally be rest to flower upon transplant as is. Alas I have to stick to the long term plan to be safe and keep these genetics alive as is i have more beans if both but will save them for the right time to run after I see what these pigs show me. The big sows didn’t like the mean farmer over watering them and rebelled quite a bit. Letting them dry out until they aren’t so heavy still even though looks like the soil needs it. Fuckery is trying to trick me lol. I won’t over water them again. Even if it kills them I swear lol.
  5. Will do these pics just to keep track and reference for myself. Not much to show. First two are Warrior Kush recently done one has tape on the pot. It’s top is like a candelabra of sorts. Her sister is more branchy from the bottom up. Both are approximately 9.5” tall with the tallest and 3rd Warrior Tonic Sister approx 13” tall. She had a head start. i gave a look at ground level of both plants and showed how dense the vegetation is on the one with an inside top view as well. All of these clones were made to be moms/clone donors so I shape them to be productive ladies to take clones from .
  6. The last two monster pics and the BBQ ribs i’ll Be eating tomorrow after slow cooking 8 hrs in a crock pot. 886548A3-559A-4F98-8CD1-01A30F81124E.MOV
  7. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. After over a year dealing with this monster; finally the bulldog can stop fighting this match and get some rest for upcoming matches. Such is my life . flip side is the ribs should be done out the slow cooker when I get downstairs after posting this.
  8. Hi folks, i was just about to use another sectional to store seeds. and put back in the fridge. I DECIDED IT WOULD BE BEST TO USE SEED VIALS since storage will be greatly condensed,makes storage easier and inventory too. the baggies and packaging takes up too much space and needs a fix. ijs i have some vials that are perfect size but have no idea how to measure them. i asked the dude who sent them where he gets his but haven't got a reply yet i just asked today. i looked on amazon and also this site https://www.420packaging.com/ too. what size would be best to hold like 30 seeds. no i don't have 30 seeds to put in them but i want room to label them and the larger vials makes that much easier. i'll post a picture of the vial i like after i post this. So the length is like 11/8 inches and 1/4 “ width approx. thx
  9. @gardenartusthankfully that dude is not me. i say thankfully because he died last year the friday before our tai chi picnic. sad as fuck too and someone called me and told me. then i talked to his wife for a long time etc etc. i need to call her to see how she's doing actually. I'm in the other picture i posted awhile back of our tai chi class picture.
  10. next installment of disjointed = IG /ONLINE gripes why do pollen chuckers or breeders list their strains both ways in the same presentation of information ? first it's a x b than it's b x a it's so damn flakey imho why post pictures of dank weed you want folks to see on ig and then not even say the name of the strain and this is rampant on IG lol. smdh i stopped asking for the names mostly. my biggest plant gripe. only showing pretty top bud photos and no pictures of the plants structure, as well as if you do show a full plant it was a tiny thing and we're supposed to go ballistic over that shit lol not me sorry. i'm just venting feel free to speak what pisses u off online concerning pot/weed...
  11. @Toker2 you remind me of mad moon man from planet ganja. i think he was on overgrow too pretty sure. but he was funny as hell when he used to post and often made you scratch your head a lot. so i just copied and pasted an old post from the infamous mad moon man. and away we go. no he didn't connect his posts to comments quite often and they seemed to be random quite a bit. but you sorta got used to them and even expected them too. quite often u just shook ur head and went wtf ... love that dude. by MadMoonMan » Mon May 14, 2012 8:43 pm ok who has the joint I'm serious now. deer? its early may everyone knows you don't put crops out before May 15 or the deer will eat it or frost not to mention toads like to try and climb b aby marijuana plants squash them flat by accident. Don't hold it against the toads they don't mean it. Toads don't have any "real" brains so how could they know trying to climb your marijuana plant and that tinkly feeling on their toad anus is actually, them SQUASHING a plant I put a lot of time and energy in even though is still small and its baby leaves just barely fallen off. Its not his fault he is a toad. Unless your Hindu or Your Navel is God! Kinda thinkin.
  12. " According to the botanists at Phylos Biocience, there are five main groups of cannabis: Landrace, Skunk#1, Blueberrie, CBD and OG Kush" i don't get how they made such groups other than land race frankly. and as far as i recall CBD dominant cultivars would come under land race strains (new inventions not included) grouping strains like the other 3 i don't get regardless of how dominant they may be. SK.NO.1 = mad dominant. BLUBBERY not nearly as much or close and OK kush as we know ain't a freaking kush plant at all it's american made. do they actually define why those strains were chosen based on evidence. are They are claiming rudy's as a separate/distinct species doesn't exist independent of other so called species. how do they classify cannabis based on the terms indica and sativa at phylos ? wondering
  13. I have eyed dude for quite some time. I don't know him but i frankly don't believe many who post huge numbers to do selections over time to stabilize etc and sell them for cheap. especially with the numbers of strains he/they have. with THAT SAID IT'S PLENTY OF THEIR GEAR I WANT TO TRY and have looked at it too many times for me to recall = every couple of months when i visit HD lol. So, yeah @Zanzibarthat's what we are talking about and though it sounds simple it's anything but based on your breeding goals which have to account for so many variables and that's based on whether parents are ibl/true breeding or not etc. etc. I've seen a few cats on ig show big plant numbers to seldct from but like some past so called breeders most who say it aren't doing nothing but lying and making selections from 1-4/5 packs of beans at most. i would love to see beanhorders photo journal on the strains they have worked. it's not going to stop me from running some gear at those prices though eventually.
  14. 1st pic is top to of the best looking pig. Not much damage at all. A Leaf pics that show suffering of one pig and the clones potted up. All done mostly with 3 9 watt LED’s only added the shop light later. Sweetie Pie chillaxin
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