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  1. i have clones started for them now. Yet, i wanted to hold on to the moms if possible to give me an edge/jump on producing some bud and slam them on 12/12 as soon as the coast is clear. the clones would be well rooted before headed in the tent but behind the 3 moms by approx 2/3 weeks. they will go from 16/20 oz cups to 3/4 gal pots approx to finish veg then right into 2/3 gal pots to flower in coco. will knock off soil as much as possible then up pot to flower pots of coco. the coco should speed things up and make up for the transplant that's a bit more drastic than usual. 3 cuts from the single pig are still in water = extra insurance and one other is already in a soil cup rooted. 3 clones were put in cups tonight. 1 with only bumps and 2 with roots. i noticed another cut in a cup that is rooted now as well. so two of the moms already have enough cuts rooted. all were from seed but i don't need to worry about phenos with just two plants from the same seeds. either they are different or alike.
  2. thank you gents and what you have said is inline with my thoughts and ideas. funny how i didn't think in terms of revegging a plant which i have done before a few times. @Shoeless damn u were with us back then. i didn't know or can't remember. Uncle Ben was one of the ones i paid a lot of attention to for his grow knowledge mos def. so, i looked at them just now and i'll trim them back 6 inches below the shop light/cut them down approx 6-8". i won't do that until i sign the lease = 15 mths this week.
  3. i am thinking to cut back all branches of 3 moms that are growing taller than needed because i can't flower them. how much can i top them without killing them. i also plan to prune the roots back some and repot them in the same containers. I'm thinking that will slow them down quite a bit and stunt their growth a while which is what i want. mind you all 3 plants had their tops taken off a while ago. now the other branches are rising above that area quite a bit. they are approx 3ft tall give or take 6inches. any bonsai experts have any advice. thanks all in advance
  4. i upped the thermostat by like 2 deg's to keep the house approx 72 and let the pigs do better under flo shop light and 3 small led's and closed the window too. it cut off fresh air but i turn a ceiling fan on occasionally just for circulation. i'm sure they are more comfy now and it feels a bit warmer so... winter run should be easy but in summer i'll have to check basement temps to see if i can work an auto in the basement maybe. cause inside normally gets 85 deg's.
  5. yeah, leds are perfect for summer inside. but unless u like the house temps at 75 in winter ... btw you have a pm waiting in your inbox as a side idea I'm considering running an "auto Onyx" to try to slip it in, can't run the sr 60's they take too approx 90 days so will run them when it's no need to sneak them in lol. Ok, I'm about to admit again to buying beans smdh. urkle x strawberry cough = 6 beans ; wedding cake fems = 3 ; last = 1 pack of pebble pusher fruity pebbles og x stardawg a remake of greenpoint seeds. i don't fuck with green point so opportunity knocked and i answered. hope to get a nice male and mom to make more urkle cough beans. If the flavor and stone are legit it will be a hit in my area and i'll only release it on a ltd bud basis. no need to mention wedding cake much. any male candidate will get to do the nasty with the wedding cake. never know what treasure might appear. an elite might be in the making ijs.
  6. ur method is also something people use but that way is most often used and meant for a puppy in training. ijs it's different when your dog 5 yrs old or older and they act damn good already. in such cases you don't walk around anticipating bad behaviour. that was the 3rd time in 5 yrs she has done that. but only first time to get caught literally trying to get it down before i got back lol. like i said my bitch is smart and knows exactly what she is doing and why as well. I've always seem to have dogs with an extreme level of intelligence and as mos dog folks know there are cons to their high level of intelligence. especially if you have a breed that's not that tractable. these dogs ask you why you want them to keep doing x,y,z . what do you mean i shouldn't figure a way around your limitations etc etc. the escape artist on youtube are such dogs and watching them is hilarious as well as educational imho.
  7. for some dog that is appropriate or on their rump. my dog is big and fast and she doesn't want you to hit her and will demonstrate that. not a good idea for me to go to her business end lol. the bitch is lighting fast. Only reason she didn't try to eat me is because I'M HER DAD/ALPHA .were someone else to try to do so they are going to the hospital if they live. I've only physically corrected her before twice and the last time was with my hand on her rump. trust me i know how to give them a proper attitude adjustment. keep in mind she wasn't hit hard enough to hurt her. that's not the point of a physical correction as you know. she's a superlative dog except she won't let me cut her nails and she can't be trusted off leash in public. she thinks she can run off and play until she's done. smdh Yes, i have been working on it and 2020 will see more extensive work. will take out the long training lead. trick the bitch so she can like the flirt pole better by using a more irresistible lure. burn off her xtra energy while requiring her to be obedient if she wants to play too. she has been getting the treatment with guests where she gets no attention or petted until she's calm ans sits down. ... thx for your concern and practicality as well. so few folks truly know how to deal with dogs properly. they call me the dog man/dog man in my old neighborhoods. They would always see me walking my bulldog = A.P.B.T. peace and namaste
  8. Small update. 1st pig potted up is doing well. Roots on the needed green cup clone have finally got some action and just got readjusted and watered in. 2weeks = into a pot. Mall other cuts have root bumbs to one extent or another. As u will see one little pig has a nice bumpy stem I wish I could faithfully duplicate all the time but thankful as is for her. the 3 big pig moms still have their pistils in an all white stage and that’s it. I’m thinking about using the 250mh to flower the big moms as soon as their replacements are potted up. So, 9 weeks is flower time for both approx. I have to play this by sight. Closed window so temps will be 70 deg’s bit not lower to slow things down. As is the lower temps help me contain the big moms
  9. @DesertGrownTHAT type of irony and poetic justice is a beautiful thing to know. makes me feel good. what's weird is why would tweekers call the cops for weed in the yard smdh ? makes no sinse literally. @HillCrestHow did you avoid being charged/the pokey ? glad it worked out for you.
  10. This i stumbled over and found it a very interesting blast from the past. https://insidetruecrime.com/american-narco-drug-dealers-by-day-rockers-by-night/
  11. I have lived my life trying to look at the whole pie/cake rather than just the slice that someone might choose to focus on. That in of itself has garnered a dislike for how i think from many to include family/friends/strangers. Yet, others with open hearts and minds never seem to have an issue with my more encompassing style. i know the ones who don't like how i bring up the yin aspect when theirs is yang or vice versa get miffed because they can't seem to separate the topic at hand from their own being. they seem to act as if it's personal when you point out the cons/bs of what they say or believe quite often. other reasons also play a role but I just used that because it's seems to be generally a constant for so many. Yesterday, I RAN ACROSS A QUOTE ASCRIBED TO MARK TWAIN . i'll try to relay it's essence since i can't recall the exact quote. It's so easy to get/have people believe a lie/bs yet, with these same folks it's almost impossible to have them believe the truth ... Our ignorance is Bliss for most of us seems generally accurate. Yet, i learned long ago a couple of worlds could be made/created with the shit i don't know frankly. I DON'T PRETEND TO KNOW EVERYTHING DESPITE THE FACT THAT I KNOW SHEEPLE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACCUSED ME OF THINKING SUCH A THING. Yet, if i deny this about myself they refuse to believe me still which includes the fact that the way i live and act proves i am telling them the truth. Such is my life and no one said it should be easy. As i relate to a human Bulldog = A.P.B.T. and part Chinese dragon I find i'm comfortable with how i have progressed and continue to evolve. That doesn't mean i won't digress at times and display my superficial/knucklehead aspect of my being for x,y,z, reasons. it happens and then i get over it to return to my main software that rules me. I HIT MY DOG 3 TIMES WITH MY CANE BECAUSE I CAUGHT THE BITCH eating the last 1/2 of my coldcut sub. the bitch snuck back in to do so after i told her to come in the kitchen with me. She's smart and doesn't forget what's on her mind. Yet, dhe did forget that i might come back to catch her before she ate the shit. she objected and snarled at me like she was going to bite me... I WON'T HIT/PUNISH A DOG after the fact because they won't realize why you are doing it later after the deed is done. I LEFT A CHEESEBURGER last night and when i came back she looked at me like. hell no pop, i didn't touch your burger and i'm mean her faces say it all. Yet, after i did it and even though she deserved what she got i still regretted doing it. the same way she forgave me i also forgave her and we both went back to our default love for each other. it is what it is when we choose so i guess is a point i'm tryng to make.
  12. to the rest of yall, i digress but i stay the same and i don't change to suit peoples ideas. i stay the same person i have always been. i am very peaceful the vast majority of the time. I am not peaceful when attacked by scoundrels/internet douches. I WILL DEFEND MYSELF WITH THE TRUTH as i always do and let that speak for itself. I wish we could sue for slander online and actually have a way to reach out and get that loot they can now keep because no such thing exists. that to me would be better than whopping their asses. i rather take their loot cause it hurts more lol. ijs
  13. @JetDroGLAD U CAME BACK to try to defend yourself. only difference is you guilty as fuck of what i accused you of. i wasn't guilty of what Loki assumed and accused me of. that's a huge difference. as i made clear to ur punk ass i chose the name i started with on overgrow. that's not an assumed name. i also retain that name online even if i have other aliases ur punk ass don't know about. so again yu are wrong and want to pretend you are correct. Your punk ass made another incorrect assumption just like Loki did. tisk tisk how u feeling bout yourself when your words turn out to be assumptions/lies. easily proven too lol. you pathetic closet Trumper you I'm not your brother dude. you thought u were talking shit to a stranger because you didn't know my handle. and the evidence of all is still written down and i have zero to hide. i said all those names JetBlow but wasn't it after a tirade of shit was slung my way ? unless you go in and change the timeline of the posts i once again told the fucking truth. see dude, one thing about me that you obviously haven't noticed is this. I HAVE A NASTY HABIT OF TELLING THE TRUTH to include if I DO OR SAY SOMETHING. I KNOW ME SAYING THAT HAS TO GET YOUR CRAW TOO. I know based on how you acted with the rest of your cronie buddies. No reason to change now as you have been exposed. I NOW KNOW YOU even though u still don;t know me. I BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN YOUR DUMB ASS REALIZES and i've seen and heard it all figuratively speaking. You can't talk your way or post your way out of shit that is written record JetBlow. Now, i know Trump makes you think you can as long as you sound sincere but let's face it. Your pathetic and maybe u want some hot sauce or whatever you enjoy for that egg on your face. I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO PUT YOUR dILDOE IN YOUR MOUTH when u got back. i love it when a plan comes together. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE WHEN A SNAKE ASS POSER IS REVEALED TO ME. you even try to bolster your BS by using a post that i shut down by telling the truth once again. I KNOW YOU FIGURE IF YOU LIE and cut and paste without my response it will fly lol. damn you sound more desperate to show you're a mega douche than u did on the other site. here is my response to what you posted above as if it were legit. thanks for doing that. don't u know i can cut and paste too ? i saw where you seemed to do some back peddling in the shark tank to a degree. hmm i wonder why cause until i said who i was you wasn't sounding that way at all lol. like i said fake/poser/phony take ur pick. StonedColdBulldog stop all ur bull shit assumptions dude. i've never been a sock puppet of anyone ever. yes, i realize you say what you do troll like to make something out of what it's not. how fucking old are you and if you are over 21 and an adult you need to be spanked for saying the bsu did. so, dude u guessed wrong. not to mention it's sorta funny because I HAVE NO IDEA IF JAWS is butt hurt as u call it and even if he was that's none of my business. you are purposely saying that another valued member because you didn't like how i stood up for myself. i get it many assholes are on weed sites that act/think like you do . i've seen it for years but it still doesn't make it right or legit. especially since you num nutz have nothing to gain from showing off as you do. that's kid like behavior. You say clearly and then proceed to believe yiur own bull shit that's not true at all lol. please do not get on a jury if ur in the usa. i'd hate to have someone go to jail because of the type of fuzzy logic and assumptions you display. what i said was clear and made perfect sense. the dude who 1st. opened his yap even had the nerve to write exactly the same type of sentiment that i felt which made me ask the question of a grown man. I bet he doesn't need anyone to come to his rescue/defend him since he is is not under attack by me at all. Now, see if you can grow up and play nice and if you can not to that just stfu and stay out of grown folks business. pretty please with sugar on top. I DO WISH I HAD A MAGIC WAND FOR EACH ANY EVERY PERSON LIKE YOU AND YOURS WHO TRY TO DISCREDIT ME AND OTHERS WHEN THE EVIDENCE SAYS YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR. DAMN WE COULD LIVE OFF UR LABOR AND TAKE IT EASY. TOO BAD THAT WAND ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. i know ur happy as a hog in slop over that huh JetBlow. bte u say you wish they could read as you lie about that too. nobody who lies wants folks to read the evidence that exposes them Yet, those same liars will often say shit like that knowing most folks will never even attempt to find out the truth. So your lies are usually safe. Yet, since you called me brother I CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO A BARBECUE dinner at my place. just let me know when u get in town, u can catch the lightrail to a stop 5 min. from my hose. I'll even pay for a lfyt driver to pick you up. I DON'T DO HEAVY HARD LIQUOR but i can get some tito's vodka and make tasty sweet drinks if u like. please feel free to stop by before xmas that way the new year can see you start well, fresh. lol
  14. aloha folks, well, if u did turkey and had a good time then cool. yall should know by now i don't care about holidays as i know why they were/are created and the basics of the whole shabang. i just care about good food, family/friends when it comes to holidays. i joined the new overgrow and already found myself under attack and of course like anyone who gets attacked i defended myself. Only thing is online where folks attack you in part because they think it's proper but then the others who just do it because they think it's fun to do so. they don;t really care and act like sharks in a feeding frenzy. i get it but the only thing i don't like is how they can hide behind a computer screen and act tough and say shit they would say if they were standing in front of you lol. it pisses me off because once i;m angry it lasts for longer than i would like so i have to ride it out. smdh so here is why i was attacked : StonedColdBulldog 2d OleReynard i want to know how do you know their clone is no longer viable dude. i get you have a dog in the fight but if you knock the clone you should e able to back that up with some type of evidence their clone produces sub par offspring. i know jaws but i never heard of you until today frankly. ijs i ask this question after i had saw posts by OleReynard mention at least twice in separate post about others like Jaws who are using the worn out CHERRY AK47 clone. mind you this dude sells seeds from what i gather and supposedly they came from original pack of AK47 seeds from yesteryear. he claims they were verified by simone and his son i think. i don't know if that's accurate and don't care much. next thing i know i see this that seems directly pointed at me even though he didn't originally say so and made his post more general. later he admits he was talking to me like the FAKE pos he actually demonstrated. "Northern_LokiTeam Overgrow And, frankly, we haven't heard of you till, uhhh, two hours ago. Please contribute to the community spirit. There have been several new members that recently joined and haven't posted much other than to attack OleReynard. Unless you have first hand knowledge. If you've simply joined to start a fight with a valued community member, please reconsider posting. Thanks." next thing you know other site members just start going off as if i attacked this dude. i wanted an answer to my question plain and simple. mainly because i was interested in the chery ak47 i saw jaws advertise. then when i get back i see it's put in the shark tank. my simple and sincere question now has a title. "Cherry AK seeds Beef" so from what i can tell the dude who originally said what he did in reply to me based on his own negative assumptions made that happen if not do it himself. i've confirmed he's a mod on the site. i know part of his issue later was because in my reply he stated exactly why i asked the question to verify x, y, z. it's over 40 posts in the shark tank. Yet, what i didn't expect is for our own @JetDroto align with those idiots without giving a fuck about the truth. so i told him off and said he was no longer a comrade and fuck you etc . Yes, I'm outing his ass here because he never acted that way here. i let him know who i was as i signed it sacred plant warrior. I WONDER WHAT HIS FAKE ASS WILL SAY IF ANYTHING HERE. rant over and i can exhale . thx p.s only reason i signed up was because barefrong and ndn guy were there...
  15. SO, DOES THAT MEAN YOU ARE PLANNING TO BREED YOUR OWN AUTOS TOKER ? I hope so cause there's satisfaction in making your own dank creations and if they don't work out you still have other stuff you can smoke and grow until u get autos u like from ur own creations.
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