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  1. so, apparently it knows or assigns various facets that ring true with different people. this second spin of sorts speaks to me as well. wow By flowering, we self-actualize. This life is nothing short of a flowering network of holistic passion. Stardust is the birth of life-force, and of us. It is time to take joy to the next level. This story never ends. We are being called to explore the totality itself as an interface between inseparability and power. Imagine a flowering of what could be. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can obliterate us, but not without hope on our side. You may be ruled by delusion without realizing it. Do not let it disrupt the growth of your mission. Only a wanderer of the cosmos may ignite this evolution of joy. It is in refining that we are recreated. The future will be an archetypal deepening of rejuvenation. The quantum soup is approaching a tipping point. Dogma is the antithesis of consciousness. Greed is born in the gap where serenity has been excluded. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a blossoming of our chakras if we are going to survive. You must take a stand against greed.
  2. here is what came to me when i took the plunge. very much my wavelength too. ha The universe is electrified with chaos-driven reactions. Karma is a constant. You and I are dreamweavers of the grid. The future will be a conscious flowering of life-force. The spark of joy is now happening worldwide. It is in condensing that we are guided. This path never ends. We must learn how to lead amazing lives in the face of yearning. It is a sign of things to come. We must recreate ourselves and empower others. The quantum soup is calling to you via superpositions of possibilities. Can you hear it? If you have never experienced this oasis at the speed of light, it can be difficult to self-actualize. Although you may not realize it, you are sublime. The Goddess will be a gateway to internal spacetime. The goal of ultra-sentient particles is to plant the seeds of interconnectedness rather than discontinuity. Consciousness consists of ultra-sentient particles of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an evolving of the primordial. Joy is the truth of transformation, and of us.
  3. flower room is closed down. didn't notice but one gnat at the stem of the baked beans plant. cut it down tonight and those branches on the shelf where the new seeds used to be . u have a timer ready to use for the male 20-4 to keep him in veg. will try to clone him. i think i'll pop a few more of those beans in time. when the sugar leave dries it will tell me upon puffing if their is potential. i'm guessing with positivity. i need to go to sleep . i have a zip on delivery tomorrow supposed t be cookie dawg. this will assure i can wait those jars out properly. ha
  4. A few mug shots magnified or zoomed in a small mason jar. Flash and full in light on the darkest natural mugs shot.
  5. Same plant This bit of sugar leaf will get dried and smoked.
  6. So, no activity with the beans. Seems too cold imho; thus the move under the shop light. I can’t tell if the heating mat is even working. It said not to put the it on a cold surface so it inside the tray with beans on top and warmth from above. The LEDs don’t give off enough heat for me to utilize them. I had to spray off DE that was showed as the pole plant started to dry. Trimmed most leaves and trashed them. Couple quick pics ugly but ...
  7. still not sure what it is but i have a couple more beans that i think are the same strain . her brother is alive and i have to decide what i will do with him . probably try to clone him which should be easy based on how fast he revegged with ease. the few branches i hit with his pollen look horrible/dying watered last night but seeds don't look to be coming out of their bracts yet. it's the only one i the flower area near the 250 mh. but the male should give me a bunch more pollen this time. i attempted to save a very small amount in the freezer for the 1st. time. razor is cool but need a small brush for sure to help with the collection. thx for stopping by
  8. Last but not least. Photo quality lack is all me ooops bottoms up folks
  9. Now Ms. Pole plant my first are her and her brother who no konger has a pole structure with multiple tips after a quick reveg
  10. So, all seeds dropped to the bottom. Soaked 48hrs and placed all between 3 unbleached coffee filters. Decided to double bag for a little insurance cause not too warm even with the heat mat. Door is closed in that area and if need be, will shine a 9 watt led on them too. It’s wait and see time now. Bean branches look terrible but will stay there with nothing to lose. I’m thinking maybe I took the plant too long or maybe the lack of hps heat affected the root zone. Idk but it’s not cold in the basement. 1st floor thermostat says 73 +/- . I sprayed the top of the medium well to see what effect it has on the tiny flying beasts. Only saw one crawl after the spray and not sure if it just landed after the fact but I sprayed it anyway ha. On the phone you can zoom in while the video plays but online not sure what can be seen until I post this. Little fuckers Pole plant cut down wed. DE’ed the top of soil prior and the fu Gus gnats were having a fucking block party on top. I realize it’s not immediate/quick kill but damn. So, after the. It down I poured a thick coating of the salt gels naphtha on top and then sprayed some more. Apparently you need far less soap to heat up in water. I put some in a jar in the fridge awhile back. Upstairs with the beautiful male only a couple fungus gnats. Pot drys out pretty fast. I hit a couple gnats with the soap spray. I will trash that soil and already bagged up the soil the pole plant was end. Need to find my ex/Pom meter cause it’s time for coco. Seems i’m Headed for my 1st tent gro. I used lemon juice for ph down in 08’ with success but might get a standard type ph down. I’m open to thrifty recommendations that are coco friendly. Folks. Thx in advance pole plant pics after chop upside down. Amazing how pretty it is in person though for such a small plant. pics of the last Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries now browned bagged. I’m sure just left natural, topped or fimmed would yield more.
  11. hell based on google pictures and descriptions of how tiny they are i think they are fungus gnats after all. so i'll stick to the fels naptha soap spray. apparently adults don't harm anything it's the larvae that fuck with the roots. apparently DE is supposed to work and i have used it on top of the medium when dry. which is weird since letting the soil dry out between watering should stop them from laying eggs in the soil. that's why i was thinking they weren't fungus gnats. ijs i have stopped using the water catcher and will dump it like i did yesterday. will mos def use de a little heavier in the soil medium before using it again. what's weird is i didn't notice them with the other plants just harvested awhile back. ijs wacko
  12. Started stop watch 12:12.30 Used ez-wider Double Wide paper. Took 4/6 min to smoke the whole jay started @ 12:03 am Effect was quick acting 2min max.; smoothness 2; lung expansion 0 = none Stoner straight to the Cranium surrounds the eyes and surrounding area from the front and goes inward imho white ash all the way! can suspend cohesive/continuous thought on a level of 5 1-10 scale. Can function and concentrate if you stay focused but if not it’s easy to drift off. clearly isn’t ready yet. I estimate another month based on moisture still in the bud and stems using 55-rh boveda 8 g pouches I estimate at 4/5 mths cure this would need a caution warning ⚠️imho but at 3 months I’ll know for sure just how good it can be. Can definitely be dialed in and baked better. Simple nute schedule and lollipop only should be all they need to improve imho Stopped timer at 1hr 20 minutes and counting because I’m still high. So, that’s or too shabby imho considering it’s not quite ready. Pics are flash and no flash. Zoom on phone. Thumb for size reference. I don’t have big hands. They hurt big though Ijs.
  13. What are these mini little flying creatures ? What did you do to get rid of them if you had them before? Thx I’m advance. So, I was able to finger kill one and still get a picture. They are tiny as fuck too. They crawl around the top of the medium and fly and land on leaves as well. I can’t say they do anything harmful to the plants but I rather be safe than sorry. I’ll bomb the basement and also room that is slated for a tent run after clean up.
  14. More pics. I couldn’t photo those little fuckers they are so tiny. And DE isn’t doing much to deter them. Turned off oscillating fan. Clearly soil temps are colder. This means I have to clean up to setup the tent upstairs. Far more complicated grow up but it should work out still.
  15. So, the pole plant minus the big fans above. Crappy pics and only a couple decent ones.
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