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  1. Last purchase of the year. Hit with a 35$ overdraft fee. I’m not even going to ask forgiveness but might band mention the spirit of the holiday season ha! so, I somehow stumbled over Dogwaltz in my strain travels online. Then I see it’s used as the mother and the daddy is the strain I was going to bypass. I didn’t want to get it from “mat the skickter riot” and the other source I wasn’t sure of on strainly. Who knows if I make it back to dude and grab it if he has it. So, introducing “Dirty Dancing” and truly would love her to be sexy, potent and tasty just like I like my women in real life. Lol here’s an old thread on DogWaltz very cool and I dare these be fire too. https://www.thcfarmer.com/threads/dawgs-waltz-poodle-nuts-done-right.43048/?amp=1 based on this single post you can understand my hesitation even if u don’t know riot! Post Came from overgrow so, yeah rolling the dice Dog Waltz is dominant or their combo brings out better genetics from the bluebonnet than it is alone. anybody heard of “two guys won cups” ? anon4675195 1 May 22 I have grown it and have some seed. It was unimpressive to me. I grow a lot of blueberrys. Matt Riot apparently is a blueberry head and raved about it -in his sales descriptions. But this isn’t the blue I was looking for and is pretty variable from seed. It was supposedly a line bred from DJ’s Blueberry by Lonestar for blueberry muffin terps, not a cross.
  2. San, you are one of the few who I know who even know about what and who you mentioned. So much gets lost in lies and bs martial arts politics westerners have no idea just how bad it can be. Took me over a decade to wait from info via China to finally set taijiquan history on a more legit reality yet still no iron clad founder documentation thus far. yet, just like I tell the new folks. It’s not so important to waste time hunting what’s not their. Better to train ! i just passed on the book list of manuals connected to the video. YiQuan method is very good for fighting but like most players they will be satisfied with their use of Yang energy to overcome their opponents. So, most won’t go deeper to the yin energy of YiQuan or Taijiquan. He’s one of the best China ever had and his distillation of qigong and martial skill are contained in those 8 postures. they are my number one prescription for folks who need to rehabilitate, go to a higher level of health or seek out deeper martial skills. Great foundation for folks to do who have yet to choose a martial style that suitable for them. At least that’s what I tell folks. xie xie
  3. I know the lineage but not familar with Philip. Had a sneaky wing chun Sifu trying to steel students from me while I was allowing him to use my space and show students various elements of wing chun. Needless to say I put a stop to it. He had already lured away my senior student at the time smdh. many from the William Chueng lineage are sneaky/dishonest like he is. Not all though imho. because of my varied martial interest I’ve paid a lot of attention to certain wingchun principles/methods most of which are in Chinese boxing by default. i favor the moy yat -NYC, Samuel Kwok, Sifu Chu Shong Tin = mandatory to pay attention to him. There are quite a few in other linages I respect as well to include the more obscure wing chun linages too. do this to increase your health more and your Kung fu a lot more. If you do this keep it to yourself and after you reach 20-30 minutes daily as your training goal daily the changes will manifest/happen. Be sure to keep your tongue on your palate/roof of your mouth behind your top teeth. this will help the body regulate itself sorta like a biological circuit breaker. Do not spit anymore unless you have phlegm to get rid of. Saliva = golden elixir Work up to your goal of 20-30 minutes at once by slowly adding a couple minutes to your time and then repeat until u hit 20/30 minutes daily xie xie
  4. Well, 1 from cloner and the tiny one stuck in with the mail. I ruined quite a few roots taking it out to transplant. Live or die she will ha. the male top from the twin towers already has roots and put another male top in the cloner yesterday. Whatever’s not rooted by shut down time getaway trashed. I’m already thinking these 4 will finish better under the led so time to set that up and will blast those in veg with 600 hps light from a distance putting more light energy in them to grow better. Low light is tricky to deal with for certain strains. the male which is stretching has already started showing initial male pre-flowers trying to be sneaky me thinks lol
  5. Ok, so last branch clone deserves a group picture with her sisters. 1st picture. Keep in mind those 3 potted clones were once a single branch that was originally rooted in plain water only ! leaf Fulsom Prison Blues green pepper/flower stem rub. I don’t put much faith or attention in stem rubs frankly. remaining cuts in cloner only waiting on two to get good roots to pot up. Best one gets donated to a comrade if he wants it. You know who u are !
  6. Big League Grape Ok folks, time to transplant the bottom of the big branch which were made into 3 clones. this is great for making mother plants or plants you want to have a great start for outdoors or inside as well. it won’t be fed nutes until two days. Never done this before but wanted the root powder to get a chance to help. Then CNS-17 grow 2T’s per 3liter water and will dilute it some after I mix it just for this plant
  7. Technically I own sweetie pie the American Bulldog bitch and the rest are just neighborhood mother & 2 daughter cats I’m looking out for. i have to get my money up to buy another dog and a $300 security deposit too for it. need a scooter too so sell some collector knives and some flower to try to make that happen.
  8. Aloha @agreenpassion, good to see you around town. Glad to here your Mrs. Is doing better though I don’t know u well. i see post on icmag of yours during my research travels. We are no longer SS and a new site name thread was up I saw so a more fitting name change is coming me thinks.
  9. Are u seriously learning wing chun from a student of Ip Man, what’s your Sifu’s name? Then I will know what faction he’s with. xie xie
  10. Let’s see if I can find pictures of Baby Gurl = neighborhood cat that chose me as her human smdh. She’s the one who looks like she’s not missing meals lol. She left left the house moments ago. she had back to back litters before she was even grown herself. Two sisters from 1st litter are in my house and need to be spayed before release or adoption.. mom is in the house currently now too. ghost aka ghosty ghost is the blue one and Serval aka formerly slippery is the Mackerel type Tabby. They love each other tons and their stalking antics and ripping around is cool imho. Not too nerve racking lol. if u see a black cat, he’s Panthro = ass hole never who should never own any animal particularly cats. Once I was ready to kick his ass cause he kicked his cat that is dead now. He hadn’t seen the cat and only asked about him two weeks after he was missing. He’s a piece of shit hustler. Liar/slickster … some IG pictures sphinxes and Bulldog chupey = short for chupacsbra seriously cool little guy and as unique as his looks are I still think he’s cute and adorable. my other buddy with issues is Mortimer aka Morty = my main little dude. He has a condition that cause him to twirl around as you see in his awesome videos. he’s worth following on IG as when u see his post it’s an instant heart pick me up white German Shepherd is Zeus cousins dog. I met him on Juneteenth didn’t see photo of Panthro = beautiful and if he walks into a shadow you can’t see him as he invisible
  11. My neighbors just got one larger cutie and another tiny baby cutie plus they added a kitten too. So they have 6 = sharpei, yorkie, make unfixed grrr allowed to roam grr, kitten and the two chihuahuas.
  12. @firefighter site etiquette = don’t post:revive old threads like this which is 9 yrs since last post. welcome to the spot and hope u growing more fire than ur fighting !
  13. I just peeped it and I got confused by the description. “Sannie got a small amount of seeds from the cross: Blueberry sativa X kila queen / NYCD also called SMM (Sannie meets Motarebel). From these seeds a selection was made until two plants remained: The One and Blueberry indica” description makes it sound like “the One” is a blueberry cultivar. Not the strain known as @the one” The One is a plant that has all the characteristics of an ideal Hybrid, strong smell and taste with an enormously strong effect of both high and stoned. Blueberry Indica as sister looks a lot but has more intense magenta coloured flowers and a stronger fruity smell with less diesel influences but with a more pronounced high but still stoned. also how the fuk did BB Indica emerge out of those seeds. Particularly sinse the BB used was sativa. I know I’m a caveman and now process much more slowly now but damn I still have some common sense left. i guess it does matter much since they are Fems and 5 packs at that. Not interested… wondering if Sannie & co are working on any new genetics to please the people and give the Shop a boost in customers as well. i sure hope so
  14. I only peeped the 6 oz reviews = https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/reviews/B0049557HI/ref=cm_cr_unknown?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&pageNumber=1 I’m going to pass and stick with masons
  15. Did u have the outkastt cut that joker, myself, FFC, wpw and others were running? If you had that one u fuked up badly. But fear often makes folks make poor decisions when in a hurry/Emergency situation so I get it. my mind is wacky as fuk but under fire I’m cool as a cucumber and surprisingly lucid and fast too lol. I’m still working on getting certain Blueberry genetics/flavors for a combo project sorta like the Northern Lights combos of 5,2,1 etc. i still need to grab the pure blueberry to anchor down the breeding experiment. Also trying to get Fraser Valley blueberry if possible pure! as long as it ends up tasty and the stoned effects are nice I will consider it successfully even if I don’t get the blueberry Terps I’m after
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