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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Washing plants post harvest?

    YOUR reason to wash because of foliar feeding and neem makes sinse to me. i never thought of that/heard anyone do it . i usually don't foliar feed, but have used neem in the past. my last hell on plants i didn't get around to the neem and chose other combatants. Do you wash when using other pest sprays also ? I started using baking soda for washing produce before eating this year. 30 seconds in water. supposed to rinse off possible pesticides etc. Now, because of all the hell i went through with broad mites and all the various solutions that worked for some while not for others it seems the idea i have had before of prevent defense with neem or alternative might be how i run next time. the fear of going natural as usual only to have an issue later, which is what happened to me after plants were beautiful is not something i want to risk again. @Hamme Hydro thx. for making this post dude
  2. Sacred Plant Warrior

    New to bubble hash

    Did you over mix it or put too much material in at one time and over mix it that way. you should have seen the water getting far to dark and stopped. ijs if the material going in is prepped correctly should be no reason with proper water to ice ratios you don't get the goods. Yet, as u see with the automatics bubble washers they do not beat the fuck out of the material. they just swish swash getting everything loose without mashing the green material into the water. which sounds like that's what you did with the mixer. you will get more input and examples by using google and youtube. then pick your poison, don't expect to be spoon fed though. ijs
  3. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    To the OP, u already have great advice nOW. i just wanted to get on your case for posting perfect pictures so we could truly see your situation. that is rare and so very welcomed too; mad props for great pictures you're going to be happy soon enough. just dry that for 10-14 days nice and easy and you'll be ready to brown bag it before it goes into Jars. many skip the brown bag part but i don't i recalled DJ shorts article on his way. works like a charm even though it's not the only way. Welcome to OP AND ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR CAUSE THEY TASTE BETTER WHEN U ARE THE ONE WHO DID IT. IMHO
  4. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    awhhh shit what we got here. CBG = create... i know i heard about alzheimer's can be helped but not sure how etc. my sister is in late stage and i hate to say it's too late for her. Hell, my mom had it too. when i had my break down my recall and other mental issues have become more challenging/glitchy/atypical . i deal with the change in ways that i'm still adjusting to suit me daily and that can change day to day or in the same day most often. have CBG PLANTS BEEN IDENTIFIED AND HOW MUCH STUDY HAS GONE INTO THE TREATMENT OF PEOPLE TO MEASURE IT'S EFFICACY IF YOU KNOW. Yes, i will google more for sure especially the alzheimer's weed connection. @Toker that post was hilarious. yet, so much of it was actually true. i will admit i wasn't into pool halls much even though i played quite a bit when young. i am rusty as hell now but have a new Pechauer i have only used like 4 times. sprung for a nice case too. i tested quite a few but this one felt like it was waiting there for me to take him home. Yes, my toys are males but do retain the finesse and strong points of the Yin/female force. smdh . i need to make some chilli dogs hmm
  5. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Fruity pebbles

    pretty sure these represent the color of the strain most will get imho. that strain is supposed to be about the taste and feel not the color from what i recall. i googled like u did
  6. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    Boycott i used to love the Dew but it has that stuff the little girl said gatorade had in it. she caused a great fuzz with petitions and all. they said they wouldn't do what she wanted because it was cost prohibitive. at that point i shad already stopped buying it. update came some time later and they removed it. when asked about the little girl they boldly said she had nothing to do with it... smdh lol lol lol my first idea was that gatorade will think it's cost effective to keep customers who love that shit. i have powdered gatorade in house now orange baby yeah. https://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2011/12/15/flame-retardant-in-your-mountain-dew-yep/
  7. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    i was going to suggest a male and female dogo argentina . great family dogs but intruders are in trouble. i don't like the idea of pits because my breed already has a bad reputation and most of them are not guard dog material anyway. if they are they better be a dog you can call off. but what if you're not around... ijs personally i'd love to hunt them down and give them a few pounds of pain. smdh
  8. Sacred Plant Warrior

    email notification disable

    i don't have a clue how that would help my issue hear. ijs
  9. Sacred Plant Warrior

    email notification disable

    i went via basics already. like i said admin have disabled two user options. i had already done do not send me notifications and then saved or i wouldn't have made the post. ijs
  10. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Harvesting before they are mature

    @Mass Medicinals "I've gotten a lot of support for harvesting Sativa's when trichs are fully cloudy and starting to go amber. Any opposing views?" that's the way many harvest sativas on purpose but also hybrids/indica too. as you should know it depends on what type of effect you are after that is based on strain type. some folks will never allow a sativa to go amber while others wait for them to get some amber trichs. Milky trichs are the standard for harvesting though others will do clear to milky dom. some folks want to ease the couch lock effect and will not let their indaca's go amber at all and cut them when milky etc etc.
  11. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Chance for upcoming breeders

    how do you store and keep your collected pollen exactly. cause if it keeps for a few years i can start to do some shit little by little to pollen chuck with ltd resources and space. thx. Scone . i always think of POM /plural of mongoose when i say or see your name in my mind. weird i know lol.
  12. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    just seeing this and will follow along as i can recall to do so. HUGE CONGRATS on so far so good and I'm sure in due time things will work themselves out to your benefit. i sure hope the universal karmic energy hears this.
  13. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Sugar Punch

    wow, i have to pick your brain please. DANG Scone, what are ur basics to get the plants like that in your picture ? what container sizes did u use and finish pot size ? did u top or fim them or what exactly ? what height were they at the flip and when done? yeah i know SP can stretch but i want to get a more definitive idea based on individual personal experience like yours. I'll be using a gorilla shorty tent with the height extensions so nothing over 3ft done will be best but i would like that height even if i had a taller tent so i can maximize light penetration from a 600 hps digi . will be using coco coir only with added perlite/grow stones and coco nutes. yeah i grabbed a pack awhile back. i could only get 1 back then.
  14. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Pua Mana Hawaiian genetics Too LEGIT maybe not

    @webeblzrI'm just happy something worth keeping was found with those genetics. your description made me want it but since i have so many options and i don't get into supporting liars I'll just say fuck it. obviously i have plenty of seeds to search for dank. i just got a couple of zipz with the idea it will be the last i buy before i puff my own. because i don;t like the flavor of the bud I'm thinking it will be turned into rso/butter. zip of blueberry 3/4 sour diesel and 1/4 Jack H. sure it will taste better in time but initial assessment don't cut it. i will change how i interact with them because most are younger dudes pretending to know. i will only deal with them if i see pics of the exact buds they intend to sell me. if not i won;t fuck with them. Trust is at zero now so if my money can be checked for correctness, i can check the buds too. if not they can keep that shit dude we have the exact same number of post. although since i'm 19 days behind i'm sure that's changed now. i just thought it was weirdly cool.
  15. Sacred Plant Warrior

    email notification disable

    I don't want messages i have a pm coming to my email. Yet, it says administrator has disabled our ability to turn that off. i just don't get that i am forced to receive messages to my email. HELP PLEASE