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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior

    email notification disable

    I don't want messages i have a pm coming to my email. Yet, it says administrator has disabled our ability to turn that off. i just don't get that i am forced to receive messages to my email. HELP PLEASE
  2. Sacred Plant Warrior

    What to use when cloning when your plants stop rooting

    i swore a cloning thread of sorts was here already. good luck with the sites search feature as i gave up on it years ago lol. hell i have had all methods work for me. just didn't like the lower percentages i got with peat pellets. that made me start looking at a hydro/bubbler types of cloners. i made my own and needed to tweak it. then said fuck it and brought the gro clone because of price and 40 + sites as i'd never need more than that. I'm going to try the rapid rooters next just cause i have them and sometimes it's easier than having to use a cloner for only a couple of cuts. set them up monitor occasionally and wait for roots. i know u must be miffed at why your hydro method went left. but had to be something simple that was overlooked i reckon. don't give up. I'm almost ready to take another shot as the universes timing is in my favor now i used search lol. i fooled the fucking thing and caught it off guard lol.
  3. Sacred Plant Warrior

    when are your seeds ready to harvest : AFN

    I JUST READ this on the autoflower network site. i liked it so i thought i'd share it here. https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/when-are-your-seeds-ready-to-harvest.7136/ Note: i don't adhere to the standard 6 week seeds are ready ideology. I won't consider less than 8 weeks and plant depending might just let the mother go until seeds drop out on their own or she's on her death bed. I find there is no good reason to pluck them sooner rather than later cause later assures more well developed seeds across the board. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2012 Nelson, Mar 14, 2012Give Reputation #1 Tags:
  4. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    @gardenartusmy Condolences and I'm glad u can deal with it better now. as fr me not knowing her doesn't seem to not make me about to cry and especially at her age. my mental crash has left me waaaay too sensitive for my taste and comfort. it is what it is smdh
  5. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @gardenartus I had LA. BERRY = la confidential x blueberry early in the year or late last year. i liked it but would rather finish it better myself though it was nothing to complain too much about frankly. that BUD LOOKS GOOD = SUGARY
  6. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Yes, a double shot of that purdy queen is worth it. i can't afford sin city gear lol. they say that one is very tasty. i can't wait to see what i can make myself that is tasty but has proper effect too. i am not a fuel hog lol, i like fruity and sweet. looks like u can put her in a blender and make an awesome smoothie. might need a couch close by though
  7. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    BEAUTFUL PICTURE. I replied though because of Krusty passing from this part of our world. i dodn't know him personally but i sure did read a bunch about his krusty buckets back in the day. here's a post from the modern overgrow. please do check the link from cannabis world that is still active. might be worth saving to some of you folks imho. https://overgrow.com/t/krusty-freedom-buckets/4562 so with that said time to load the little bubbler with bio diesel and bubba crumble w/last of sour zkittles and a little sour banana sherbert . it does tastes good but not quite dialed in on taste vut that doesn';t stop me from enjoying it no diggity no doubt.
  8. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  9. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    what trich ratio did u chop her at Sunny V ?
  10. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    red background is wedding cake and other bud is sour banana sherbet in the grinder etc.
  11. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    i was sent the casey jones cut as well as another nice cultivar i can't recall. ironically i told them not to send the cut cause i had no way to grow it out. the package was held up at the post office. by the time i got it the cuts were all trash and the butter that was sent along was melted. i put the butter in the fridge and then freezer. i used it to make fried potatoes and ended up eating the whole pan of potatoes. that shit was somewhat psychedelic and only had that feeling repeated after eating some brownies gifted by keyplay = GGG . i spooked the gifter of the butter and clones though unintentionally. i recognized the handle they used because it was a pitbull kennel name and they were the same folks. i used to get a pit periodical so i always read over them to check kennels and bloodlines. weird how the world is smaller than we often think. i have 5 beans of a Casey Jones cross : Special Edward = C4 x Casey Jones x Head band x C99 made by DIzz = FROST BRO'S.Now talk about coincidence. Dizz was a bulldog = A.P.B.T. man too Had some nice dogs.
  12. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    YALL BETTER HURRY Slow pokes. at least you get fresher stuff. mine is few years old but might be better in certain ways. maybe @Cristalin can chime in on that aspect much better. what father was used on the early versions? i'm just guessing.
  13. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    i get you're trying to do kiss style growing the organic way. just keep in mind that happens after your learning curve, which you are dealing with now. stick with your goals and you'll run right into success. find folks who don't pay for water and just get a few gallons from them on the regular. apt dwellers usually have water included in their rent. blumats will do great for watering your plants. don't forget to get the larger ones based on your plant size if need be. btw don't try to use them with any chunky solutions that will clog them up. use them for watering only until u figure out more. there are other inexpensive simple gravity fed water systems too suited to more traditional multi-plant applications. drip works https://www.dripworks.com/drip-irrigation/irrigation-kits they have stepped up their game and offer cannabis watering kits complete. Yes, price gouge weed folks as usual. Ironically weed folks have been using their plant irrigation IDEAS FOR YEARS WITHOUT THE NEW HIGH COST CANNABIS KITS THEY OFFER NOW. smdh
  14. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    If, the basic nutes from dr. earth are complete then you don't need to add the kelp at all. They have added many extras just like the chemical companies did but you don't need most of them and in many cases none of them. imho. weed is simple give it the basics of what it needs and results will be sweet with all other conditions being proper of course. ijs
  15. Sacred Plant Warrior

    The decline of the pre-employment drug test

    I have a very nice reefer madness T-Shirt. i forgot about it until i finally tried to organize all the clothes. i'm fortunate it's a lot of nice stuff and 97% free .