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  1. That is easy to avoid. You can pollinate in another room and wait 3 days. Then spray the mom down with water and let dry. Place back into flower room. other alternatives = dedicated bean area no more than 2 feet square and can be lit with Flourescents/cfl’s/ house LED’s like I did lol. also a big trash can makes a good bean house for a single mom as u can put it safely away from flowering plants and finish the beans in it. eventually I’m going to make some type of bean house to totally avoid cross pollination. it’ll be awhile though but I will post it.
  2. I showed the lowers of that plant so folks could see 6 distinct branches to her. Being tired down some shows except the one obvious branch that was able to grow more vertical.. it’s my 1st first into manifold territory without being able to do it properly from the start. it allows me to explore what u can do with height restrictions as I go forward . the two. FPB males getting top heavy and shot in the room from two days ago
  3. If we don’t help preserve in seed form the future will be bleak with strains going extinct like animals. Especially with how folks are just sling genetics in a way that seriously hinders genetic diversity and quality all at the same time. Ijs that’s why some of my stock will be offered to certain breeders to keep those genetics alive for future generations. no way to do that just sharing with comrades/friends, these genetics must be preserved and them making coin in it will help to do that.
  4. Just a couple pics of the Big League Grape clones no. 1 x 2 and no. 6 x 2
  5. Hi folks I need all the info you can give me if you have grown out GMO please. I’ve decided to buy a clone = 1st clone buy ever. Fritters was the other option I passed on. Mainly because my plug will be working on fritters crosses as he already has her. I wanted the sour diesel clone but was too much even with 2clones for the same price of $350 each. All these seeds I have will never see me but a clone at that price ! how much will she stretch ? If the cut goes 12-12 at 1foot what should she finish at height wise ? Does she need to be staked/supported ? does she have any particular grow preferences or dislikes ? Nutes, temps, etc post your gmo please and thanks
  6. Turns out the dude is real but his name is Harti and I finally found him on the gram. apparently the dude who name dropped him was just being shiesty as fuk. glad my spidey sense told me to steer clear !
  7. so, posting this EM1 link to get your thoughts on this method and how it relates to those who use EM1 type products, be ot home made or store bought. https://www.teraganix.com/blogs/garden-solutions-blog-home-page/activated-em-1-recipe-page?_ke=eyJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIldNSGNKZCIsICJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJwYW1jQGFyYmljby5jb20ifQ%3D%3D So, my thing is i don't have much budget, space, or resources to duplicate organic grows many of you veteran organic gardeners do. my idea is to use KISS for a simple way to do organics. 1st. would be the medium = buy bags of organic mix and then just add organic nutes be it liquid or dry and call it quits for the easiest way to grow organic. Question is who has started this way or does this method currently ? next question is what's the best way to grow better with the least financial output while making the newer soil mix/additives take the plants to a higher level of performance. low Cost and availability are the major criteria aside from ease of implementation/use ! thx one big question is can this be done using coco as the main/major medium not just soil/pro mix type mediums.
  8. So, just tried the southeast Asian cure method. I’ll test in 3 weeks. if I like it I will do it more often. No burping jars etc etc. for personal puff I don’t care it’s all compressed with no bag appeal. so, no. 4 baby gurl was the leftover nugs from her. She was being quick dried more than others. not sure yet which no the other two are but might figure it out later. I put them in the fridge in another small snack box. so, as far as the cure is concerning the remaining fridge dried buds; I’ve been thinking because of lower temps in the fridge the time in the jars needs to be extended because of that imho. So, that is the method I’m switching too. The remaining jars are all on the same time schedule so I’ll see. If anyone has tried this cute method please share your experiences and insights on the Southeast Asian cure method. so, 1st step I placed desired nugs on cellophane and squeezed them together to make them look solidified/1 continuos nug. 2nd step I proceeded to wrap and squeeze as I progressed from one end to the other. 3rd and final step I squeezed and wrapped the bound cellophane buds with tape. then just put in a snack box in the fridge. IMG_9358.MOV
  9. I know, I told my nephew I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to talk. Won’t change shit it the unexpected nature of it all caught me off guard after I felt it was ok to be optimistic. Instead it was the ultimate opposite smdh
  10. IMG_4830.MOV My Soul Jah had to be killed because of complications of advanced FIV which was a total surprise btw. It’s contagious but she’s never been bitten by another cat in 8 yrs we have been here. Sexual contact is a lower level to get it but that’s out cause she was spayed before she got here. so, it’s possible it occurred when the male cat tried to put it in but didn’t succeed. But info says 5 yrs life expectancy after contraction … I guess I’ll never know and frankly it doesn’t matter now she’s gone in form ! Soul Jah was an awesome being and not just a mere cat ! To smart to say unless you saw her demonstrate for you. Compassionate with other female cats that were being accosted by an unwelcome tom cat. Twice she ran to the rescue and drove these big males at least twice her size away ! I never saw a cat do that for another cat before. Too bad it couldn’t be filmed actually. She stood up like a Mir Cat and assessed the situation and boom she sprang into action and trotted off to intervene. that’s just a small part of how Her name Soul Jah suited her ! She loved her dogs too, she knew Sassy and Elisabeth both and her partner in crime die the last 6 yrs was sweetie pie who loved her soul Jah MOs def ! Soul Jah is/was loved and she did a lot of loving herself frfr ! Missed in form but not in spirit ! from Jackie = My Condolences to you and Sweetie Pie. Soul Jah was the sweetest Pur Baby I've ever known. From Coffeee = My condolences to you and sweetie pie. You know that was the only cat that had got up on my chest and just wanted me to show some love and I'm allergic to cats but he didn't bother me my eyes did not mess up I'm so so sorrry, I know how it is to loose a pet. from Donna = I'm so sorry flowers RIP Soul Jah. IMG_4830.MOV
  11. Yeah, that’s dreamy as fuck. I got the opportunity to chill in a much smaller version of that type setting. I recall how peaceful and wonderful it was. Watching the fish and tadpoles in the pond as we puffed …
  12. lot’s the easiest thing to do in cannabis, can use, small brush, finger tip, cue tip whatever to apply pollen to the nice fresh hairs 2/3 weeks old. afterward just leave them alone and clean yourself up so u don’t pollinate something by accident. I usually spray the plant down with water after I’ve let the pollen. Sit for two/three days. But that’s not mandatory 24 hrs is sufficient. then just let them bake well = 9-10 weeks or until plant is dying while the beans are ripening in their calyx’s. isolate the bean mother during pollination as long as you choose too. Boom bam done. Make meds with the leftovers u don’t want to puff ! here’s some trim shots couldn’t get the hair before pictures.
  13. If you have bog’s bogglegum or any of his gear = make seeds I’ll make more sour bubble in time and I gave away a BOG cross Sweet Cindy 99 x Juliet and kept Sweet Cindy 99. Or it was the other way around. Hmmm
  14. thx. as it was just the genetics. i can't wait to get the pure bubblegum to do the nasty with her. personal puff with taste and body potency is the goal. payment terms have changed so i'll have to save up to budget those in. $100 i still can't target the color it looks like megenta to me somewhat. all in cure process now. two jars are 2nd stage burp starting tomorrow. burped every other day now then twice a weak and then done approx. i've got enough veg material to start making clones of the no. 6 from both plants . the no.1 clone that's a decent size doesn't seem to be having new issues but i will wait a week to make sure that's the case. my issues now are i can't find my fucking cloner ans i have looked like 6 times in a small place with ltd areas fo it to hide. smdh it's always something. I HAVE TO DECIDE TO BUY MORE BIO BIZZ-LITE or fid missing ec unit to check to see if the coco that should be just fine is actually hot. it's not something that seems possible biobiz coco hasn't had any complaints i have seen thus far. nothing but happy growers using it.` so, totally stumped why the clones in coco were going south instead of taking off as expected. that's the major reason i bought coco coir in the 1st place. root development AND FASTER GROWTH ...
  15. Ok, 2nd trim job done and took pics of Suomi nugs too.
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