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  1. they have been doing it for years by default. some lurk others just dive right in and make their way.
  3. so gave them a small dose of green light root stimulator and starter solution. it's so old i don't think they make it anymore. it's 5-20-10 with IBA in it as well. in the past i have used it with great success. it's a shame it's kaput now. next to an open window with light broken by blinds. i'll see how they look next couple days. this is only to see if the fix works. i won't try to rescue them unless they make some serious progress in trhe next 10 days or so. if they do i'll just pot them up. will be looking for my heat mat for new sprouts if they pop. if none do i'll go back to fresher seed stock to get rolling. i;'m getting my ass kicked but i'm a bulldog so the fight/war ain't over
  4. first thanks for trying to help i appreciate it. no outside environment just window where they have gone plenty of times. humidity pretty stable though in that room. potassium/nute deficiency hmmm. I have added no ferts only water as they were seedlings and the soil mix was already charged. espoma organic potting mix is what i use. i used it with the clones and didn't have t feed them. noted that i did transfer them to larger pots approx 1 gal +/- and of course added more soil. I'll give them a shot of some root nutes i'll check the name. got an inspection notice which means 2 more will follow close most likely., maybe this was an omen that will make it easier for me to grow after the inspection barrage. looking at the photos in this link https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 seems to show phosphorus deficiency more so than potassium. both that and potassium deficiency have the same basic nute fix i read just now. frankly a nute deficiency is welcomed cause it means it not broad mites again.
  5. I have no clue what’s happening. I thought the first leaves dried out because of sun while medium was dried out. As I think now as well as with what you see it’s not from lack of water. That will make the whole plant droopy and not kill off lower leaves. as usual I did a riot check and as you see they are fine even though I took the pictures before hydrating the cups again. Didn’t bother to do a root check on 3rd cup in exact same type of conditions. so, this is happening from the bottom up. Smdh never had this happen before so i’ll Search dudes sick plant thread to look for pictures etc. if you’ve had this before please tell me what it is and if u fixed it. Thx
  6. thx for that report mr. dirt and thx santero for the additional info as usual. u make things interesting with ur juicy tidbits of knowledge. have no idea where my god bud originates from but i know i got some in the pg days that were said to have a high female ratio. i didn't know godbuds vigor was so poor though. already makes me think a pollen chuck will be in order before letting the god bud go. see if i can increase that growth by 30% or so. not something on the front burner though that's for sure. but writing it in this thread allows me to recall my ideas if and when they're possible. ijs
  7. i don't think it' s a matter of the two strains not combining well as much as it is the lower level of skillz @blimburn. when i asked a clone spot if they were using the elite clones or clones of other stuff they didn't reply. which is weird because they always reply lol. so, it seems some of their clones are from blimburn seeds pretty sure. DCseed exchange not a knock on their seed business though. at the same time i have heard folks said they had from avg to very good plants from blimburn. as for my chincy coin i'll pass i'd rather spend twice their price to increase my odds of dank if needed. ijs
  8. So, I was cleaning up and ran across some old stuff. The BreedBay breeding fact was printed circa 11/2007 13 pages different contributors and Vic high was one of them as well as Mr_Natural420, Mr Soul and others. Now, chimera did one article about the myth of cubing as well as a few other good breeding articles. Obviously we quickly find out that breeding isn’t easy and making IBL’s takes quite some time. That’s why the new dynamic is to not put in years of work to create an IBL. Professor P is a good example of a successful breeder that has gone the new route. Mind u Pro P and company do work their strains and head toward more stable genetics based on their goals. Pro P is my modern breeder template I will try to emulate eventually. The Cannabis Culture magazines came home with me when I worked in a predominantly porn warehouse operation that also included most all the weed magazines available at the time. I read most of them multiple times. Some coworkers noticed and ask me why I keep looking at the same ones. I told them because it gives me ideas as well as reinforcing information I need to know and retain. Back then shit was real rough. I smelled like dogs too much at work and often couldn’t wash my clothes and used fabreeze to help out. Somehow I ran across overgrow and the rest is history ... Share your own personal Blasts from the past. Should be fun imho
  9. They might go outside today for some free sun.
  10. give them their try and do it based on autoflowering ideals. don't compare a clock strain to a regular cause it's not fair ti either especially very different genetics. if u have no guts it's hard to expect glory mho. stay positive and gro them with good vibes.
  11. i saw this but their are other ways people use. it used to be a topic over a decade ago on pgor open g. too long ago for me to recall. google ur questions like asking person.it's what i use to get faster answers and use of quotes helps too seeds often are usable and will germ well when they fall from the mom with that baby watermelon look. 3 seeds dropped off the AK47 mom and all three came up to produce the jugger-naught plant = will rename cause now there are more than 1 strain using that name. mileage can vary based on room conditions the seeds are in before and after they are done. so that's part of the post i just found. https://autoflower-portal.net/dry-store-cannabis-seeds/
  12. can't think that way without knowing the details and then seeing what they then do. best to use a big grain of salt before trusting folks with motives that often simply don't match what they actually do. but that's just how i think cause the assholes of the world have taught me well. ijs
  13. Uranium Cranium x Sour Bubble #3 all we’re immature white seeds. Circa 2005 20-25 total wont hurt to try Aurora Indica 2 went straight to the bottom so put 7 more in .
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