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  2. ur rolling is like that because of how u roll bigger bits of buds instead of breaking it up more or using a grinder. the flip side is as long as you are ok with it not much matters lol. peace
  3. there is no doubt. yet based on biguns comment is why i tell those folks to use google first and don't exact to be spoon fed. you have to try to put in some effort to figure out stuff instead of thinking you can just ask and be answered.
  4. CAN u please show pictures of your sugar punch plants so i can see the difference in leaves as well as structure. from what i recall SP had variable pheno expression as well as flower times. i grabbed 2 packs from an earlier release maybe 2012-15 max. but those packs were bought at different times. i got them to chase sweetness in taste with good effects and yield. thx
  5. i thought we all knew the flushes don't work. Captain skunk used to use a masker and he had a fed job that checked . SADLY YAHOO EMAIL wouldn't help me access my decade old email = gigabytes of useful info lost that being one. fake piss and clean real piss at temperature seems tried and true. granted if they use a standard piss test you can fight it. but if you do you better be 3 months clean cause they'll use the gas chrom-full spec analysis ... congrats on the gig dude.
  6. so, when i went to find the facebook article what i found was it was another hoax article spread on social media a few years ago. snopes.com my no. 1 hoax checker/verifier confirmed it as such. a reply included by a poster had this link i post now. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeadams/2018/10/08/science-tells-us-marijuana-doesnt-kill-cancer-so-does-real-life/#5e85faea6e37 Then is seems we have this reality to peruse/brace for the repercussions https://www.apnews.com/85c8231a83d64ecba9835214a342d01b
  7. so, to me it's just another way to assault/attack cancer cells that can be added to what's already in vogue and combined might help more. obviously it won't hurt. i saw a facebook post the other day that said the govt admitted to cannabis being a medical help, which is something their own studies have known for over 20 yrs. The federal government as it stands is criminally negligent and more in so many ways attached to drugs be they plants like cannabis or a whole list of drugs that shouldn't even be on the mkt. the makers get to hide behind trade secrets even when their own research proves the drugs detrimental... Yet, it';s all known by the federal government. who do we get to arrest them though? @gardenartus i need a safe addy sistah i[d like to make only one trip so just waiting on you.
  8. 3 days and edit feature shuts down damn. silly as fuck. So, as for the report here goes. 1st. is the fact that it was not dried properly which also means it wasn't cured at all. nobody should be selling bud that's not at least properly dried imho. So, i had to dry it myself and put a short cure on it. all that took almost a month. it would have benefited from a longer cure obviously but hey it was only an 1/8. weighed at 3.2 g's so pretty sure it was 3.5 at purchase. still i don't like paying for moisture or not being able to partake properly after the sale. lesson learned forever = if it's not dry or if moist, gtfo i don't want to talk to u anymore let alone buy your wet weed. was smoked via top papers, easy widers and small glass pipe. even put a little crumble on top of a bowl just for the hell of it. taste was hard to nail down suffice to say it was mildly spice, herbal like and flower, and the tiniest hint of sweetness. it wasn't nasty but it also didn't have a taste that made u say hmm that';s good. so i give the taste a 3 out of 10 because it was so subtle. onset of the stone was within 3/4 minutes so it was quick. duration was approx 90 minutes to 2 hrs approx. The feeling was directly to the ead and it seemed to be in a space that was sorta unknown before hand. I didn't like the head effect it seemed weird and sorta strong too. Now, so far as effects it definitely was good for anxiety and relaxation as well. good to help you sleep as well and u could easily go to sleep if u needed to. i noticed at the end of testing when i used less and took it easy the effects were the same but imho better and easier on my head feeling as well. I DIDN'T NOTICE ANY REAL PAIN BENEFIT though. that was the major reason for me to try it. to be fair at my level of pain it takes something above average. i could see how someone with normal aches and pains might be able to have some effects that help. that's speculation though. Now, so far as the company shown. i couldn't find them via google. i also don't know if the percentage listed was valid or not. so that's all i can say about that part. The seller did say it was from Virginia. Va has jumped on the HEMP/CBD TRAIN AND I EXPECT QUITE A FEW FOLKS WILL TRY TO GROW HEMP COMMERCIALLY since it's approved now as far as i can tell. that's all folks. thx.
  9. so, the 3 pigs have come through despite their brush with death lol. i didn't mean to frighten them.
  10. update, the 3 little pigs turned out to be 3 little Gilts = female pigs that haven't had babies yet. so, lights went back on 24 hrs, i'll let them recover and set up the 250 mh top all 3 and see how small i can keep them. turn the 3 tops into moms and top them for new moms again for prevent defense and also just in case i get a couple males. no real effort aside from some seeds just because. the progeny will tell me about the male and females dominance too. i'll have to keep notes and pictures of structure. this is a priority on buds not seeds make no mistake. i learned my lesson from planning too far ahead. will pop more beans as another window of opportunity opens. so, just past main inspection no sweat. 2 more inspections to go smdh. if i can get a 5 mth period i can get two harvests in approx 70 day flower period. both current strains go approx. 9 weeks. if they seem ready then i'll let them go 70 days.
  11. Hi folks i’ll Add pictures now and come back to add the commentary.
  12. so, did you do a smoke report on them yet ? i grabbed some ultrashack based on yield and potential quality.
  13. i don't get why growers don't think security isn't a big deal after all we've been through and seen on the news. wtf are they thinking is beyond me. ijs btw did u read your mail ?
  14. you misunderstood lol. i have a thinkpad ala windows machine. only mentioned running windows 10 as a possibility that the windows folks discouraged. i plan to buy a Mac and yes, most likely used. I only got the think pad because wanted to avoid mac with the most reliable computers out. at the time that was a thinkpad. second only to Mac computers in all the tests. Now, will be going with a Mac because the durability is and has been excellent. i'm not a computer geek so the fact that a mac won't allow you to do certain shit doesn't matter to me cause i don't need it for geeky shit anyway, just regular use. that must be some good weed lol.
  15. Dude are you saying Chris has passed away. please say no it's just how u wrote it please.
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