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  1. went though hell yesterday but i just kept going until it was over. ha 7 days and a wake up and i'll be done treatment phase headed to recovery phase will drop beans of perkins BX = cbd , warriors tonic = cbd, uranium cranium cross, (butterscotch hawaiian x G13/HP) x Conquistador will try to do my 1st. pollen save ever if i get males. dust one lower branch per male on moms of the same strain. save some bsh x g13.hp x conquistador pollen for the future STUD hunt. now lets see if i can go bACK to sleep after bathroom visit.
  2. Evolved as a Man while maintaining his essence . Kept his word to do what he said. Yet, his lyrics were too prophetic once again. The streets caught up with him in the form of the Ego of his killer !
  3. @Mr Goodfellowif dynasty seeds caramel candy kush work out i'll be sure to share repro.
  4. what size is that fab pot. is the bottom cut out to grow into the ground or do u plan to transplant up soon. looks very nice. congrats.
  5. i gave 5 of the 10 seeds i had of kali mist to key play, he was supposed to let me know what popped etc. i think he said they didn't germ but frankly i took that with a grain of salt . because i know some of the other beans had to germ but he never said anything about them. how he used them or not i'll never know. 5 more left of the older kali mist an open pollination/preservation/repro plus crosses will get some work as well if they turn out swell. so many older genetics i hope do well. if 25% or more are winners that will change my life and give me something to do as an old man. ha
  6. flawed question. my qualifications you did not ask for lol. you asked me to explain... read ur own question smdh lol lol lol. As for my disbelief proving nothing. Well, heck i concur with you and I'm not only ok with that but also ok with the opposite belief. btw u can keep ur head i only take heads when absolutely warranted. i rather puff with ur fellow atypical ass frfr, ha
  7. i have no need too explain theatrics on paranormal TYPE SHOWS OR BIG FOOT lol . nonsense doesn't eat at my craw like so many who choose to be not only entertained by it but somehow think it's real too. so, it's fine by me whoever buys into it. i like the part where dude says. back the fuck up lol lol lol. If it don't bleed i'm not worried about it. lol.
  8. @Toker 1st why is there a @Toker2 do u have a split personality. i swear you remind me of MadMoonMan from planet ganja. HE WAS ONE OF THE MOST eclectic folks ever on the boards. to put it mildly. you have a long ways to go before u reach his level though frfr. ha but paranormal stuff like the demon house will help u get there faster if u really believe it lol. I SKIMMED THROUGH AND IT WAS WEAKER THAN 2 WEEK OLD dish water with no suds left. even i have my entertainment limits especially shit that's supposed to be spooky that's just hoaky ijs smdh @gardenartusgro gro gro GDP . don't worry about posting the picture i've seen enough fucked up shit. won't hurt me to miss more lol. i think u should and hope u do. simplify whatever u do for them and do the same for ur own meds too, congrats sistah the force is paying back.
  9. yup, sure does. some nice prospects on various genetics there. as has been said they are legit !
  10. i don't see the picture. i'm not squeemish. i clened out a deep round wound in my old lady's thigh. the nurse saw it and was about to pass out. i told her to relax i'd dressed the wound. deep enough to go to ur 3rd nuckle of your fu finger. i was thete so often/long i could do shit i never dead before. they asked me if i could work with them i was flattered but that damn schooling was a no can do to their offer lol. for a long time beeps and such made me have ptsd but didn't realize that's what it was. she was the love of my life. the 2 dogs i'm watching are her daughters dogs.
  11. https://kdvr.com/2019/05/24/42-arrested-across-metro-denver-in-massive-black-market-marijuana-bust/?fbclid=IwAR3Vi6aBk6fwBPAvF94OR0TNfpn_FvkeLTNhfIVm_MecreOEUzQme6PRbAA Yeah, i concur with DFT based on what u said . u'll be ok just be careful and on point.
  12. ur the only person who has described exactly how weird i feel on compliments. wow, that tripped me out to read that. frfr sister from another mother, i also don't like saying good morning grrr. ijs @Papalag thx. things are ok, i just hope my dick still works after recovery. i have a honey bunny to catch and keep still. lol @Mr Goodfellow it's all good dude live ur best life and keep ur head low. make sure the folks u work with are uber legit and trustworthy and insulate yourself as much as possible. i saw a huge pinch up there the other day, leo is still sniffing very hard ... storming now and hard ran but seems to be brief but friday sunshine will last enough for me to get in the house. yup watching miami vice lol.
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