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  1. Tent breakdown is easy with help. The pita is trying to fold it so it can go into the carrying case smdh. Then all I need to is box up the u used filter Yippy and I tossed fan and ducting in a trash bag. the BLG girls are in the dark basement and won’t be watered anymore. Chop is back on for Monday as originally planned so it’s all good. Turns out. One of my smoke alarms are on the recall list. One exception is at the basement door. I couldn’t take it off without risk of fucking shit up. work order is in for them to check it. they will be in and out quickly even if they need to replace. and fast as fuck if they do not need to replace. Note : update . Tent breakdown is easy with help. The pita is trying to fold it so it can go into the carrying case smdh. Then all I need to is box up the u used filter Yippy and I tossed fan and ducting in a trash bag. the BLG girls are in the dark basement and won’t be watered anymore. Chop is back on for Monday as originally planned so it’s all good. NOTE: NEXT HOUSE INSPECTION JUNE 24. NEXT AFTER THAT IS JULY 6TH. ; it might be one more additional inspection that's meant to oversee the city inspection because they don't do their jobs well enough. I'm just going with the flow until i can grow. again. So, the clones will be hidden in trash bags in the basement. they don't like to stay in the basement long and often don't go down their at al unless it the over-site fed inspection. they don't smell so all should be good. push come to shove they go outside when they knock on the door. i'll be right back let me out the trash out lol
  2. @halfor I feel you on the regular IBG mos def. thing is quite a few people have it and their were 3:4 phenos given out on cannetics. Pretty sure it was four of them. So, many are just keeping it to themselves with some just reversing their chosen for mkt maybe. I say maybe cause this far I haven’t seen many pure IBG offered Fems aside from CSI and recently calyxx brothers. I will be forced to buy those fems. Was going to go csi/Simone else but it makes more sinse to go with calyx brothers since he know he uses a good cut and I have seen it grown. $ 100/6ea ouch but it’s legit so… I forgot which mosca BG I saw I wanted but it was awhile back and can’t recall why I didn’t bite. Oh well not sure what I will knock up the fems with to make sure I can hold on to a portion of the IBG genetics but frankly I’ve got enough worthy new stuff that makes the IBG not a big deal anymore .
  3. ok so house inspection upcoming Thursday. tent is going to be taken down early am sat. and plants put in the basement lights off uncut. chop will be sunday afternoon not monday as planned. no waiting an xtra few days for bottom buds as they are close anyway. one day won't make a difference at this stage. will defoliate any dried/starving leaves and hang the plants up until Wednesday. that should allow them to form the bud shape well enough as the buds are pretty hard already. then i can cut the plant stems and hang in the cardboard box already made to finish drying. then brown bags that are already waiting. found those other glass jars already and what doesn't fit comfortably, i'll commandeer jars from the previous buds. those will then be tupper- wared and placed in the basement. clones will hide inside kitty litter buckets/trash bags if need be. to do pics any justice before chop i will take pics upstairs and not in the basement. after al this is a tester run so i have to finish with respect to doing the right thing.
  4. cool, at least i now have 3 viable options, coco coir + chunky perlite, bio bizz lite + chunky perlite (USED REGULAR PERLITE PREVIOUSLY) AND BACK TO PRO MIX BX + chunky perlite/COCO HUSK. I'm wondering if even need coco husk with the water holding properties of promix bx. how do u feel the aeration is affected by adding the coco husks ? i already know coco and pro mix is asking for trouble and won't do that again. others realized the same thing with non bx pro-mix as well. popped up in threads on PG. ironically i was looking at bodhi's new offerings and saw two that i liked and both had SSDD in them.i just mulled it over in my mind shortly reminding myself of how much old stuff i have to pop; as well as new stuff i bought to insure i had decent genetics that would germ by the time i got to them. `THIS the 1st time running the new cns-17 and it's fine. i would rather have the old formula by far though. that shit was awesome and needed no additives/supplements uber economical too. at least the new version is bad so far as usage rates are concerned. thx. dude
  5. ok so back on topic with a new strain/cultivar. it's called "Waco" when i googled it i found 2 different waco's hoping it wasn't te one from MSN lol. as suspected dude made his own and i just doubt he did a name search before he called it waco. WACO = (ATF x SSDD) x (LA Hindu Kush x OMG) done in mid 60's both original seed stock from bodhi gear. So, it's official 1st. Bodhi genetics in the vault and just might be the bees knees. lots of potential in these.
  6. @webeblzr so here is my question based on your mix above. please keep in mind i'm not making up an organic mix at all with all those elements. i just want to get the medium down so i can add ferts = whatever i choose be it chemical/organic as well as dry/liquid. so i'm going thinking i can do the pro mix bx, coco husks and chunky perlite and be golden . pro mix bx was my go to mix before i had to retire. bx made it so i didn't need to water as much and i used it to grow outside in trash bags for my one successful grow under the sun. = less watering. your thoughts on that 3 way medium mix ?
  7. don't forget fake flowers for ur occasional plants in the yard. = anti drone/copter/eyes
  8. I knew I would find them pretty quick but I don’t think u want them thus bad. https://treestarsseedbank.com/product/kush-mints-f2/ Seed Junky Genetics – London Pound Cake x Kush Mint 11 $200. I’d rather target this cross then ever consider the expensive F2’s. but I’m never going to pay 2 bills for seeds. these I would pay for though for that diverse flavor profile. Driftwood Genetics – Strawberry Kush Mints $ 100 = 13 reg’s. with the KM as the mother it might float your boat idk.
  9. Final decision to not reveg any of the Gurlz m. I’m going to need whatever buds I can get cause it won’t be much.. time to find those Mysterious beans to drop in water and might even break the tent down. if they come in and do the smoke alarms and all seems normal, that is what they will report back if asked ! if a retired firefighter can hook me up and do the install then I can just tell them I’m all good. They know they installed some of the recalled alarms but have to depend on my word to do a replacement or not. also you can ask firehouse to give you free alarms if I re all. I’ll check my area via google.
  10. Hmmm more when u see the tent shot it’s to separate the different gurlz. 1st 4 here are independent shots
  11. lMonday June 14, 2021 stem rub of basically dry stems No. 3 subtle citrus no smell from bud directly under the nose No. 5 subtle fruit but sweet citrus if rubbed lightly but non subtle funk stem rub. Surprised = No smell directly under the nose wow No smell on no 4 either to speak of . Note: harder buds on : no.1, no. 3, no. 5, no. 2, and no. 6 with the fluffiest buds that Fox tailed quite a bit. Top bud view of no. 1-6 in order. Hmm if I recall this application changes your chosen order. Why it does it I don’t know. At the BLG test site all pics appear in the order you add them. I’ll be damn it looks correct
  12. Clones all roots to the bottom except for BLG No. 1 in the kfc cup. Saw roots on the 2nd FPB male cut.! As they say better to have and not need... I’m already thinking it’s time for the percolator .= 600 hps but I will just likely wait until chop. just got a fucking notice = they want to come in a replace recalled smoke detectors If I have those models. The good thing is It’s up to me to tell them. I’m going to check and if the ones I have are recalls with will replace them at my cost or contact a fire station fir freebies. Keeping folks out the house. Ha Because of these unexpected circumstances that can pop up I have decided not to reveg all 4 remaining BLG’s. I’ll choose 1 or 2. Of them only. or none. I don’t want ongoing BLG to hold up my new run with beans .
  13. ,defoliated ratty leaves that couldn’t help the plants . Mind you it’s obviously they are almost done based on lack of new pistil growth as well as their maturation too. drinking less and less light relates to that as well.
  14. Ok folks these comics were taken early am. Did a post elsewhere and 20 pics but their site won’t keep the shit I’d u don’t submit soon enough. I don’t like trying to remember what I said as it’s almost impossible so I’ll just make do. I’m going to post the photos first to jog my funky memory. Ha
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