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  1. can't wait to see these all done and find out what the taste is like. smell is cool but taste rules for me along with the type of stone of course. pretty sure i'll run some 12/12 with very little veg. i've not run straight 12/12 before so baby steps based on what else will go with it. since it flowers longer it will be awhile before she gets her chance. had to get it though cause it smelled like it had a lot of potential. your posts on her are proving that to be true mos def.
  2. what's the process you use and doesn't it cost more to use bitcoin because u have to buy it. i've seen some online bitcoin options to make a purchase but only other option is mail in cash which i am shying away from now. i've done it but rather not. can u do a simple bitcoin tutorial to make an imaginary order. starting with how u buy the bitcoin. thx. for any help. shit was confusing imho.
  3. that KIF looks supreme dude congrats. how are u collecting that to attain that type of purity ? impressive
  4. use 18/6 lighting MH/FLORO'S/LED ? (i have not done that but) No HPS should declare in 30-45days max on many many strains.
  5. HERE'S the whole thread ala Nebula Haze @Gardener referred too. i have thought about mainlining and manifols type growing and i have a few bookmarks saved. not sure when i will go there. baby steps. https://www.growweedeasy.com/manifold can't wait to see your porn if u do a thread on this grow @Rickybkush wish u the best. don't forget u can watch videos now of almost all the plant techniques and methods growers use.
  6. More pics 7DABA461-C4A4-4095-BC12-C7E775039B3C.MOV
  7. This is the Warriors Tonic pulled from flower area. Has not been cut down just in the dark. Also no further defoliation will be done and will be dried as is after washing .with the new sprayer. Left the other one in flower that was making beans. Will deal with her separately because i’ll Leave the bean branches intact so they can bake longer. All the pictures are the same plant
  8. actually pulled back the warriors tonic from the lights tonight. been leaving them go just as u said like a thc plant since it's a 50/50 strain. I ran 11-13 but still let them go 10 weeks as advised. i just wanted a few more days that wouldn't hurt them cause i dred an early chop lol. i can look toward a much more potent effect overall from this bud than the micro popcorn buds from the herms which says alot imho.. i'll leave the lowers that have seeds on the plant and not cut them. seems to be only one buy i'll hek the other just to be sure. if it's the pain bomb then i will already have a few preservation seeds for a later project with yet another different cbd 50/50 if i recall it right. they just ne given away for pain not sale. dude is a big helper of veterans in various ways. hope to contribute to his freebie stuff he gives vets eventually, with the bx i want to do. @Shoeless what was the perkins bx made with? expected flower times range from what to what on them ? what has been your experience on it's medical benefit especially for severe/chronic pain ? thx.
  9. it was speaking on icmag which is notorious for censorship/banning folks that doesn't make sense. u can't just take that one sentence alone to understand the point. maybe u were puffing some of ur serious dank and got lost idk.
  10. Though a trained baker my cooking specialty has always been unique flavor combos that most haven’t heard of nor would think to do. I been like this since childhood after watching mom and granny throw down in the kitchen. Then helped of course and my pappy was a culinary monster too. Too many times I heard you act just like ... smdh lol.
  11. Ok, so found the wire cutter and made the dry box using garden stakes . A top roof let’s in air and a fan can be turned on if need be too. Just checked the rest and turned the fan off oscillating to let them rest. couple pics of Warriors Tonic fuzzy red pheno haha joking. As I don’t know the various phenos she has yet. I’m going to keep it around in some capacity. So, i’ll Get to dial her in and learn more about her in the process. Two pics of the Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch Berries = stem snapped ...I can see this strain yielding more with out fucking with its structure so much. Ijs it would make a great scrog plant easily imho. the two teens are chilling in their new pots and the problem child is still possible
  12. Push come to shove chocolate covered ants are said to be tasty. ijs
  13. someone can't receive any messages currently. i figured as much but tried anyway. ijs smdh lol
  14. all the boards that have a shop attached to them discuss this type of thing, as well as other breeders/seed sellers reviews etc etc. what makes u think this isn't appropriate here ? hell icmag just started to allow all open discussion of other breeders finally. they would ban you in the past for doing that and it hurt them all along. folks from other boards always spoke in regard to it being stupid how much and why they banned folks. quite often just for telling the truth or standing up to a well known member in a respectful way. so, please explain your point further. btw if sannie feels it's not cool i'm not going to be upset he wants to delete it. ijs i respect you and your thoughts as always.
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