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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior

    High from the other side!

    aloha Smelly, what do u mean your working on NAW genetics are u a part of their grw team now ? what exactly are you dealing with now ? nice to have you here. i look forward to your projects .
  2. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    now it will be tough to intro her properly. but hopefully she will see it makes more sinse with your help.
  3. Sacred Plant Warrior

    IMG 3759

    peat pellets into RW cubes. 1st time seeing that. i saw the larger size rapid rooter type rooters that look real nice.
  4. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    i never see my bill. when my rent is paid so are utilities. thus i'll be here until i hit the lotto or shit hits the fan. lol i would move to DC BUT CAN'T GET A HOUSE LIKE THIS WITH BIG YARD ETC... i'm fortunate and know it, so i'm ok with this kiss living style.
  5. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    the moms u seriously can't do without. test/stress the shit out of them trying yo make them herm on you. then just self that female for keep sake bean just in case. ijs
  6. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Re-introducing myself!

    so when i say SATTY specific it just means trying to get good atmospheric conditions in your space that come as close as possible to what they naturally thrive in. 85 deg's norms to cover most sats' ?!? humidity30/40 % depends on where the strain is from. spectrum bulbs that come close to their sweet spot as much s possible. test the clones for all this...do they get nice rain showers where they are from? I routinely use hand sprayer to rain on them and they seem to love that shit. i used to feel like a green house gardener in my created jungle. i liked the mango thai description especially the flavor it should have. i hate now they speak on aroma and rarely mention actual taste/flavor grrr. keep doing what you love . dialing in with notes makes it easier an faster. will a variable feeding/nute regime to match stages of our pure satties help them or will they b counter productive based on strain type ? some like what's in the ground much better feeding them with a suitable mix, most of them love organics and you don't have to feed them a ton for them to thrive. i think that's all i can thin of.
  7. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    if this is true i can guarantee this much. the companies own studies have likely revealed the cause and effect link, yet this type of known danger to the human/public is routinely hidden legally under trade secrets. this is an industry fact with hundreds/thousands of various drugs and chemicals alike released to the public because the trade secret that showed the harm wasn't revealed. the rub is they are not compelled, "THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WAR ON CANCER" SPEAKS ON THESE LITTLE KNOWN FACTS AND MANY MORE. such as cause and effect law being changed years ago by big tobacco.
  8. Sacred Plant Warrior

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    you have expressed my thoughts of the last couple months that occur quite often all year. no other way to explaninit outside of addiction and in my case even fanatical since i don't have the situation to grow freely and constantly smdh. seriously i literally spend hours going over genetics old and new as far back 20 yrs ago. i tag 411 connected to genetics already on board, i pour through old threads long forgotten by most never seen by thousands more who just have come to this life of ours. Yet. my fascination, ideas, and love has not waned at all it's like the scared plant has been embedded in my DNA dare say in some ways it truly might be. idk I look into one strain only to get sidetracked by another i stumble over searching for that initial strain info. VIDEOS, ARTICLES, WEBSITES/SOCIAL MEDIA it's just ongoing like an Organism that has a life of it's on. wow Can yall imagine my strain list if i had serous expendable cash it's mind altering just like the sacred plant itself and the LOVE only really be expressed properly by the famous classic. and GREAT
  9. Sacred Plant Warrior

    free book = KISS SELF DEFENSE

    So, a comrade in arms and friend of 20 yrs has come out with a book that will be free for today and the 3rd. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MQFZXJP?fbclid=IwAR0sqEqxr2ckLxgx8L_KUC4HWuKLQk8hZp6XbkNlOkfwXXyzWlk1KAoU6dg Larry is not the bullshit type. trust me he's also a skilled knife maker with forge etc etc. i had him make me a knecker to my specs. unsigned because of it's intended function. this will help noce regular folks defend themselves/loved ones alike if you practice and pay attention. suppose you're at the park puffing with your lady/wife/buddy. they rudely tell you to give up that weed... but before that they likey tipped their hand. i'm not going to play with a weed thief they going to catch a Marvin Hagler beat down. lol
  10. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Weed for Warriors Exchange

    TOO MUCH FREE INFO to be buying books imho. i didn't write my book because i didn't want to slicky say shit that has already been said to make it sound new to rookies lol. with google and youtube and multiple grow guides books are almost obsolete now for cultivation. but you can google free pdf books/links for growing. There is no hurry because what you showed that u put together means u have enough grey matter to do this as well as anyone else. you won't ever need the help that the slow pokes usually do. lol a good thing lol
  11. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Weed for Warriors Exchange

    good to here about Toby, and keep some colloidal silver on hand in the med cabinet just in case. 4oz bottle of 10 ppm and 4 oz bottle of 30 ppm. source naturals online. i saw an 9oz bottle online the other day for 37 dollars great price.google good for any internal sickness related to infections/benign but potentially troublesome growths etc etc. get spray bottle cobalt blue from wholefoods to make dosing easy and very economical. you can use 10 ppm for maintenance/situational use and 30 ppm if something pops up.i've been using it for hell 15 yrs or more. myself, cats, dogs. pork chop lol. if he only knew smdh. yeah the males can get up to 250 they say. damum lol ironically i just started eating heritage meat = beef for cheese steaks and pork ham hocks and bacon. all were outstanding. haven't cooked the ribs yet but i'm sure they will be stellar. i looked at the WWE site but the link where they said u could view the menu did not work. i thought to myself who are these folks cause no faces exists for them just a page of information. etc. etc. i try to stay a bit skeptical rather than diving into the unknown blind ijs lol. are they associated with any known veterans groups/entities that are more transparent that would vouch for them ? don't forget to grab that book free you said u wanted to pick up. it's in the link
  12. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Weed for Warriors Exchange

    welcome to the fold as WWE ,Hmm i have a strange hankering to get some popcorn a drink and binoculars to see the match oops i mean grow. WWE wrestling lol ? can you tell me what you mean about having to qualify/be approved for the WWE program and who runs it etc. thx. sorry to here about the dog but at least you have enough loot to get him that operation. most would have to kill the dog cause they couldn't afford the cost of cancer amputation etc. what's supposed to be his chances after he gets the surgery ? can u please let me know about how he progresses. thx. I love you pig, i want one and a pygmy goat too, how bout we just switch lives haha. ok, now back to being serious. you pointed out the legalities and realities of CBD oil in your story. that's the least of your concerns how bout a knock on the door from feds just to be dicks and mean to you because you want to be the face... consider that well because 1 they don't play nice or fair and two i doubt if you'd do well in the pokey as an example to discourage the inevitable take over of cannabis. i wish you well, but if i were u Z-REX i'd keep my head down . http://files.constantcontact.com/323907d0701/48ece8fb-4fa6-4717-b1da-5d418bda9eb3.pdf
  13. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Re-introducing myself!

    nice to meet u ABU, in my jungle i know a real ABU he's a flute maker, musician... must be great to not be concerned about a land lord, i don't even usually say the term i hate it so much lol. many more come to making seeds as their learning curve gets shorter and they wake up to how much sinse it makes to do that. others just make the seed business go round and that's cool to imho. so, are u going to do those sativa's in full blown satty specific environment eventually ? i have plans to do that but i can see that is a long way off if i can do that at all. congrats on your good fortune and welcome back to OG.
  14. Sacred Plant Warrior

    Redman* new on opengrow

    aloha redman. i thought of the rapper upon seeing your handle. welcome to the OP HOOD. btw what's WF ?
  15. Sacred Plant Warrior

    First Open Grow Gathering Colorado 2020

    wish i were there to meet them mos def