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  1. So, the green you see in the rice mixture is sugar leaf from a couple months ago. Not much frost but it did allow for a mild and enjoyable stone. I post it here so you folks can make the real deal protect burrito by adding more bud, kief, hash or crumble etc of your choice. adfitionalky a more extensive ingredient list to include black/pinto beans, cilantro, tomatoes, cream sauce, guacamole, cactus and peppers etc can be mixed and matched to your taste. I use ground Turkey burgers made with onions, Blk pepper, garlic powder, and salt and repurposed them to make the filling for the burrito or taco etc if you so choose. I dumped a jar of dip into the sautéed meat because it tasted like chili with no meat but wasn’t tasty enough fir dip at all imho.! Now, I can buy it again just to make up batches of this stuff for future meals. Real white cheddar cheese shredded by hand cause most shredded cheese sold at the market isn’t good for us = google it basmati rice that was over cooked a d sticky.. wtf I rinsed that rice clear as fuk too smdh. Don’t know how much fucked up but think new stoves summer was too low. Idk red onion on grill sprayed with olive oil spray the safe type btw = no nasty chemical propellant . the pictures pretty much speak to how to make it clearly. Heat all the insides up and add cheese take off the grill. heat tortilla shell in oven or directly on the grill like I did. Or use at room temp as well. Sorry the video sound sucks but not sure why. Maybe had finger covering phone mic area. Ijs IMG_9001.MOV
  2. 1st baked edibles of 2021. Had a couple issues = Wrong size pan = used close as I had . No baking powder = made adjustment with vinegar and baking soda. I was so happy that work around was doable cause baking is a science with few adjustments if You don’t have proper ingredients. 1/2 in the freezer for now.eating test will determine potency if any and how long they might stay in the freezer too.
  3. More pics. Getting a bit more comfortable growing again and shaking off the cobwebs in my memory a bit more.
  4. Ok so moving on with the next phase of this Marathon. Unexpected but most definitely most welcomed Kakalak of Calyx Brothers seeds chose me as one of the testers for his new gear. Using a clone only Bubblegum female he knocked her up with Grape Pie created by Cannarado . Details can be found here https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/grape-pie-strain/amp/ Added 6/7 x the amount of perlite seen in the photo. Mixed everything in the same bag with zero mess. Wore a mask for the DE and perlite dust . made a free seed handler = straw placed seeds onto medium and arranged root then watered in with auto sprayer and lightly covered.
  5. So, small progress update on the 3 Folsom Prison Blues Boys (gang) LoL Two views each to give you an idea of defoliation and what’s left. They will be going to their own pvt area soon enough. With two Clones taken again.l for future use, also just in case I choose to knock up some big league grape which just makes Sinse !
  6. that's good news for more than that patient. mos def congrats various others will allow you to see what it does for similar but different issues. could easily be good for quite a few medical needs.
  7. Anyone know how to clean the screen of a kief box without fucking it up. alternative is how to secure a new screen and best place to get a couple. this has lasted 8 yrs or slghtly more since it was before i moved here that i won it on PG. Fuck are me and @webeblzr the last overgrow to planet ganja refugees here ? hmm somebody say it ain't so shout out please !
  8. looked at amazon awhile back after a grower on IG talked them up a bit. but i figured it was because he was sponsored. they sell them as a vendor on one of the boards if i recall. i just looked at their actual site yesterday and i too will be happy they turn out for you as well as others. just spent 5 minutes looking for the damn bucket and i figured out where it was. = less than 3ft away lol. easy floor to mop though simply green does a good job xtra cheap and safe for my furry family too. went in 1/2 on a zip blue cookies and though I’m going to sit on it awhile it’s worth the coin MOs def. not the best bag appeal but it has good feel appeal ! Anyone know how to clean the screen of a kief box without fucking it up. alternative is how to secure a new screen and best place to get a couple. this has lasted 8 yrs or slghtly more since it was before i moved here that i won it on PG. Fuck are me and @webeblzr the last overgrow to planet ganja refugees here ? hmm somebody say it ain't so shout out please !
  9. yes, i saw they did and i looked at their fancy page today. but when i saw the reviews on amazon awhile back i ran for the hills as usual. granted some of them are knock offs likely but i don't trust big ticket items on amazon at all. so i went for veteran owned and lesser cost than hlg's close version that i wouldn't be able to take full advantage of in a tent anyway. also because their refurbished units only had a 1 yr warranty with hlg and i didn't like the idea of being given a refurbished unit that i wouldn't be able to tell was refurbished most likely. i didn't want to risk that so i eliminated the possibility. so i'll be able to use the 600 hps and led once i get organized. i'm going to have to offer some bud up to fund a new dog and emergency vet bill for it and work on getting a scooter/electric moped i've been peeping for the last 2/3 yrs. the wheels will let me hunt outdoor spots without depending on sporadic a drivers sporadic schedule that might not meet my needs. so i'm satisfied with my purchase choice.
  10. i'll start backwards with molasses. i used in the past on the regular. yet, used it mixed in water only and not when feeding with nutes. back then i payed more attention to typical feed schedules based on if the plants kept looking lush and i never maxed out nutrients. i will go back to that in the soon to come grow. @gardenartus from reading threads of the TLO experts on various sites new folks get confused and jump in with less than optimal knowledge. they usually screw up because in TLO you aren't feeding the plant, you are feeding the soil and the life it contains. the plant just takes advantage and thrives. at least that is what i have understood thus far. Also reusing soil doesn't become an issue for those experienced in replenishing theirs. easiest way to use soil is by being the typical fert type grower imho = deplete the soil/pro mix and flush. then go back to adding nutes as usual regardless of teas/organics/chemicals . Note: anyone want add too or correct me please speak up about the soil stuff just mentioned So far as LED's making the plants use more nutes is concerned. = just my logic says that if the plants are getting a more usable spectrum of light, it should naturally make them grow better and use more nutes by default . ijs addressing organic feeding would to me simply mean they get a higher concentration of organic nutes to adjust to the higher nute requirements. i imagine there would be a learning curve if using TLO and coming from standard HID's . imho those organic nute/soil masters learning curve wouldn't last more than two runs i imagine based on their superior knowledge and experience most growers lack. So, made it back to LEDS and as i told @gardenartus i would be right behind her, that time has come now. pulled the trigger not long ago. and came in under the stimulus amt too. which will help me pay for beans i already made a commitment to buy. Ha thx. sistah for the catalyst to get where i needed to be on lights. $518.50 shipping included = https://www.budgetgrowlights.com/collections/lighting-for-large-sized-grow-spaces-4-x-4-or-larger/products/series-3-lm301h-500-watt-dimmable-grow-light
  11. fuck i thought u were using alpaca hair to cover pots instead of dryer sheets lol. smdh i think the sheets are just a barrier they can't go through is all. ijs
  12. do pu have the other pics near end of flower etc for ur LUI ? THX
  13. Not many bud shots (flash and no flash)but I did grow this Folsom prison blues myself and u can bet it will be run in earnest in the future. Got the last pack last year from Indy but not sure when he might make more. then kief shots via magnifying and light oops those are boobs not buds
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