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  1. SO I SPOKE TO Prawn C and he didn't have hos coco a gogo thread saved. he directed me to this o pne on riu. iyt sure did bring back good memories and also confirmed that my recall was on point for a change go back so far in time. ha https://www.rollitup.org/t/haze-harvest-a-few-pounds-of-1200w-vertical-weed.668796/ .
  2. fuk that we shit. only way to vaccinate me is if they have it in a bullet and shoot me. no fucking way will i trust a vaccine they make dealing with this shit. i was smart enough not to trust flu shots offered by the Vet Admin. and even the dude that asked me did i want it confided in me that he thought it was bull shit too. ijs vaccines they way they are often done now are dangerous on their own let alone what;s in them to fight the biological boogie man they want us to be afraid of. smdh just my 1.5 cents
  3. Serious shit. I asked my niece what she was doing. She was getting her green and was going to puff with friends she said. I asked if she passed the blunt to each other. Much to my chagrin she said “ yes, or what’s the point” i told her you can puff with friends and laugh at stupid shit and have fun. That doesn’t mean you need to put in your mouth a blunt from someone else. I asked was the baby with her. She said “no I don’t take her anywhere...” I said because of the pandemic and she said yes. So, she’s doing what makes sense for her child and at the same time putting herself, her child and her baby daddy at risk sharing blunts. How fucking stupid can you be. Yes, I mentioned asymptomatic folks do not know they have corona and yet can still pass it on to others. This includes her and then she will go home and kiss and hug on her baby and man. I told her it was like playing Russian roulette smdh . Were she the only one who would be affected by her irrational and irresponsible behavior it would lamentable but it will affect her innocent child and at likely her brother too whom she loved dearly. A brother who spoke in connection with the slain brother Floyd repeatedly said this. Common sense ain’t common. So ducking true and so sad it’s true. when folks who don’t routinely act with common sense as their default lifestyle. Those folks get really dangerous in situations like the pandemic we are in now as well as most any emergency situation which threatens them or their loved ones I sincerely need to advise you all not to share mouth to mouth or devices either. It’s not worth the risk or the fallout !
  4. 3 above ground will be separated shortly. Will have to stake the y’all one so the others can catch up. All need to be done at the same time fir best results. Ladt pig just got Alaska today for first time. I’m sure she likes her slop and will respond favorably. I put a heat mat under the others cause it felt too cool in there for them. They have 2 layers of plastics to keep them safe from overheating.
  5. U might not be able to use ur old method but there are paintings inside you still. So, what if things need to be somewhat abstract, that’s always been allowed in art . Figure out what u wa t to paint in your minds eye/note pad or then do your thing. If you had talent before it’s waiting for you. If you just did so to feel good then that is awesome and still doable. You got a ton of bulldog in you from what I have observed. Don’t sell your inner bulldog short Sistah.
  6. @gardenartus I’m going to start a personal fund to get u mula for ur various wares. Those are the coolest ass space cookies i’ve Ever seen. And the damn honeycomb rolls are adorable. I could see some elderly folks in a cushy home with a medical need enjoying those as well as most of ur stuff. If ever hit the mega lotto I won’t leave for my pvt island until I make sure you set up your company. Once u train the help they will train anyone new. Then u just supervise the supervisor and visit unexpectedly as u deem fit . Stoner Dreams . My stuff would be very different from yours and that variety would have the cheddar receipts looking good. Yes, of course you get invited to the island to party and chill. Pandemic pictures and times
  7. U know relic is Professor P right ? Always something cool cooking with Pro P. If I had much expendable cash i’d Have far more of his gear for various reasons. Yet most of those is to smoke and no way u can smoke all I ha e access to now lol. Privacy and space are essential and I have little if both smdh.took a damn pandemic to get this far. That’s crazy but appreciated. New CCK cost like 140.00 I just hope my old ones deliver the goods If they germ. Other goodies he has cooking seem worth trying MOs def. i’ve been More content with what’s in the vault based on the realities of the pandemic and the way folks are reacting to it both good and bad. I’ve got to change what I do and how I do it a bit faster now. I see it as a good thing as depression makes me say fuck it a whole lot more than is practical. Like me making a garden check earlier rather then later feels a lot better. Fresh leaf and dried refrigerated tumbled leaf as well. Just mashed a sandwich of that tuna and added one hard boiled egg etc. damn tasty I admit.
  8. So, the pigs are closer to the light and fan pointed at the light is in high. Hand check in front of the plants is just fine. Added bigger fan was the way to go at the stage it was activated and it two is synced to lights on. Bigger pig that was with the younger sister is now amongst her older sisters. I was going to let it adjust over time but decided to let her stay. She’s far enough away and xtra ballast heat is minimal. Big light jump for her but will later tonight to see if she’s ok. She’s far enough away so If she hasn’t reacted badly she will stay put and flower in 10-14 days. The one left by herself will be a bean maker if I get a male from the secret sauce beans. He can be comfy with her and I won’t have to worry about accidental pollination. as two sprouts are above ground already and they are they unknown I will watch them closely and change light cycle from 24hrs to 18-6 to encourage sexing. Heights of the 5 sows range from 28”-34” max and stretch is over which wasn’t much thankfully. 13-14 “ for the new kids on the block. they all got plain water To some degree and i’ll determine nute based on how they look. Most likely megacrop as they are looking better all the time. Good temps night and day are playing a big role.in their progress. Hopefully they will plump up sufficiently in the next 3 weeks.
  9. So, transplanted from the mother rooter to real pot. Watered around perimeter with green light and will only get water for two cycles cause soil has the nute charge. Then will use Alaska grow up to two weeks into 12-12 . I decided to save the last one in case a male pops up from the newly planted beans. Speaking of which, the 1st two to rise above ground are both in the cup I put 4 test beans in after losing the secret sauce smdh.
  10. So, i use amazon reviews quite often to vet products that are crappy s i don't waste my money. I ran across this ladies review today. only i'm not posting it because of a poor product. you have to read the review and see if you can figure ut why it belongs here. i'll even hint that it's funny when u think about it. Faulty equipment. By Chelsey Morris on Jun 10, 2019 Edit: I received the replacement and it attached to the hose much better. No bursting this time. We will see if it treats the bugs. Original: I am mad. Not disappointed, furious. I followed the instructions and began spraying my yard. Everything was fine for about three seconds then it began leaking from the connection to the hose. I tightened it and it exploded. This crap went everywhere. Up my nose, in my eyes, destroyed my Bluetooth headphones and possibly my phone which was in my pocket. The cedar scent burns like no tomorrow. I have requested a replacement. But found no way to contact the seller besides writing a review. This product actually injured me! Someone better contact me ASAP.
  11. thx @ciko only a couple months ago did i stop spending 8 hrs or more pot rrealted stuff and hunting and vetting genetics . jappy to say it's feels good not to spend that type of time doing that 7 days a week lol. so far as CSi is concerned he's not going anywhere and enough folks like the stuff that they found that was good to keep him in business. I think many folks forget whether S1's or regular seeds we don't get guarantees and shouldn't expect to much based on the lack of work put into most seed lines these days. That reality makes me think repeatedly i'll make my own chucks before i spend too much on other folks chucks that aren't worked at all. I'm not upset with any of those chuckers mind you, i just don't feel the need to throw cash at stuff like that usually. folks who do that are making a choice and i don't hate on them because it's their choice and their coin ... mad scientist and other gear at the shop was on my list but i decided to change direction. i do have some shop gear i bought, some i have i got by trade and some i was gifted by cool comrades here as well as elsewhere.
  12. Fuck no 1. One cup tipped over. So, I put the medium in a mesh strainer and couldn’t find it with added light nor the magnify feature. Chose replacement but not sure what those beans are. Might be @Mr Goodfellow‘s cross. I didn’t soak and put 3 beans in the same cup. Then saw a mature bean ? And added that too. Wtf might as well. Coincidence the cup had 4 on it so maybe it’s the omen beans lol .
  13. Cool and thx. I must have not paid close enough attention to his pictures. My apologies so, with that said the light was raised today from the lower 1/3 of the plants to acclimate them and give the lowers a bit of direct attention.. I have pruned but not aggressively. I’m still learning what rhetoric can handle and how they react. Bulb is in the middle area of the plants now. The plants are also closer too. Fan is still on low and I check the bulb heat by hand. So far so good and I see no advancement of the leaf issues. Plants are looking better overall. Ambient temp 1st fl is 81/82 still so basement is good approx @approx. 72. Root Zone should be just fine with lights off. Digi Ballasts adds a tiny bit of extra heat in the area in a positive way. I also added a block for a window that was already blocked but cardboard box insurance won’t hurt and I can sleep better they way. So, dropped 5 secret sauce beans into shot glass day before yesterday. I didn’t wait for tap to show like usual under water. I planted them in cups and whole shabang will go under into big dome to keep humidity on and medium moisture more consultant .
  14. i don't actually eat ice cream any more. the closets i got to it in years was gelato. i would eat it infused though lol. no brainer. i am into sorbet now cause i feel it's healthier and it also makes great smoothies mos def and that is with or without alcohol. btw
  15. yup, i've seen vert grows for years. but indy and most vert growers don't do it down between plants. they are up above like old school growers used to do simply because they got great results. at one point the lights were used single or double stacked with a cage surrounding the light when i first started seeing Pom's and others who used those style. when u do that it's no need to turn at all and i've seen the results multiple times over 7 yrs ago. i can't seem to pull up the old thread = because the site is no more. i'll see if i can see if ant remnants are at the new pg site. i need to visit anyway to let the old dudes know i'm finally back in action at least temporarily. i also know its no need to have them that afar away but like i said i want them to get used to more light = 2.5 times what they are used too. fan is 2 speed and on low. as they get closer i'll put it on high when needed. They are looking better now though already and only one got a dose of food green light diluted to go with the last of the nutes in the soil. so from here out they can all be fed like normal. I'll stick with the mega crop until it runs out or i make the nute switch to the horizon combo of 3-3-3 added to their 1-5-8 to make 4-8-11. other option is to use green light after the mega crop and finish with = horizon 1-5-8 bloom and flush for one week at the end. based on the amount green light left, it will likely get the nod. ijs thx. @Misterdirt so first i had my memory jogged. it was the infamous prawn connery . by Jesús Malverde » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:19 pm Prawn did a great tutorial on vertical growing at PG. I think he even reposted it on RIU or somewhere. It's particularly useful for growing large plants like long flowering sativas/NLD types. i'll hunt RIU to see if i can find it just for reference and to help folks who've never done it. Re: vertical grow question ? ? ? ? by Prawn Connery » Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:16 am Ben's spot on about hanging the bulb so you can adjust it up and down. And if you've only got a 250w you can grow vertically in 2'x2' quite easily. Down Under Doper has been growing vertically in a 2'x2' with a 400 and I've seen the results. With a floor fan blowing up through the middle, most of the heat is ducted away, so you can get the plants in close. The beauty of vertical is you can grow sativas and indicas side-by-side, not having to worry so much about individual plant heights. Just hang the bulb in the middle and the plants will grow bushiest around the light. I used to hang two 600w bulbs inline to maximise my head height - which obviously favoured the sativas - but the indicas got a fair amount of light, too, and were always good for a bit of variety.
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