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  1. NOW, i recall my research on cuvee. turns out the chocolate comes from the strain Pino Noir ! that's the one i need. i did see the cuvee for like $110 but I'm not going to go after it pure for that money. thanks for mentioning that site because i did see something i will save for to get. then saw another prospect as well. smdh thx.
  2. no dude i have much respect for u. i appreciate the help.
  3. one casualty got trashed today. stalk with the palm tree was doa. took the rootball and trashed. i can use the soil cause the roots hadn't even got there yet which was a bit of a surprise. watered the rim of the blue pot mom and nothing else needed attention. moved the last crunchberrie under the 250 and raised the pot a foot above ground. it's the one i over watered after transplanting. smdh it didn't like me disturbing the soil to try to give the roots more air. it responded by drooping badly. it's better now so i'l leave it alone until time to water again. hopefully she will still be alive. i really made it tough for her but i still have faith in my little pig.
  4. how would i wait for a week in coco, since i don't want coco dry out ?granted pot size dependent. i'll run 2 or 3 gal pots max. i took out the root ball today of a plant remnant i was giving a chance. but it was basically dead. I HAD CUT DOWN THE RATTY PLANT TO TRY BUT NOTICED THAT ROOTS hadn't even progressed to the new soil so i'm reusing that and tossed the rest in the trash. i don't have a garden yet.
  5. what he said !!!. cause medicine seems more important to me now than most of my mary jane life. i still enjoy the plant recreation wise but for me it wasn't really for recreation. mood altering yes...
  6. how does someone reach this badger. once u said killer chocolate it jumped on the hit list. i want that puppy pure mos def. chocolate flavor reminds me of the thai and the pre 2k bb . i don't eat much choclate treats anymore but i'd smoke tasty chocolate weed until death if i had it.
  7. see we have gotten so far ahead u think your suffering lol. 6s should take pretty good pictures. i use an iphone se with the same processor as the 6s if i recall w/128 mg = grabbed for 200$ and only my 2nd iphone after 6 yrs approx. it has a magnifying feature i found last year that can be used for pictures too. you have to enable it though. i found it via google = youtube on features you didn't know u could do or had. something like that. also the edit feature can help adjust light/contrast etc. to give you a picture that is more of what you actually see if you don't dog the original shot.
  8. wow what a nice disaster to have dude. how tall were they when u flipped and when did they stop stretching. i have some untouched heri beans still. nice run imho still. can't wait to see the final plant at chop. when did u buy these heri seeds ? congrats dude looks swell imho
  9. @Misterdirt glad u figure it out I peeked because of ur title. my plants did that because of lack of proper nutes after they used up the nutes in the initial charge of the mix ran out. as soon as they got proper nutes all started to change as u can see in my pictures. from the brink of death to healthy and flourishing. i did do some over watering to others but the symptoms were different = diagnosed via the sick plant charts/411. old soil reuse has been a long time thing for many organic dudes to many years to count. yet, since those folks know their mediums and have experience on how to make adjustment they have no issues. The comment of know what's left basically is the reality. I also thought about the ability to reuse coco coir and saw threads on it by others. i would think if washed clean it should be easier to use as it's now quite inert for the most part. note : comments based on experience welcomed . i had a clone i planted in a pot recently. veg was yellowing badly but it made roots. potted up no problem in biobizz. i took it out to compare and re-watered it by accident. so this was literally over watered right off the bat before any symptoms of such showed obviously. I monitored it and all the veg started to return to proper color. then i acted on the idea the roots needed more air so i squeezed the pot to break up the medium some. well guess what / after doing that shit the p;ant started to droop. i was like wtf. = moral to the story is if things are going better leave the plant alone. period this plant was put under MH 250 yesterday so it will live or die. i don't need it but i also give my plants their just due at survival, i don't just trash them.
  10. Gotta have it ***** Blueberry *****Northern Lights ***** Ak47 *****2nd choice Blueberry *****Peak BC Northern Skunk ****Peak BC Kush NL ****Peak BC island sweet skunk *****Forbidden Fruit Santero’s/Useful Chocolate Diesel 3Thirteen Seeds z-lab Baked Beanz Sinister seeds Indican Apollo 11 Purple Erkle S’1 Mendo purple csi cross USC seeds Triple Pakistan Viking IBL Aunt of Farouk Sensi Star *****Chocolate Diesel Santero Santa Maria... Freezeland GMO x Blueberry Blk Domina BX clones = Grape Ape, Grand Daddy Purple, Urkle Skunk 1 / Super Skunk Big Skunk Cherry Lemonade Vintage Blueberry CLONES = KROMES WHITE, pre 2k BB, PURE KUSH, ORIGINAL DIESEL, 9 lb Hammer Cheetos GOLDEN GOAT /ARISE BUKEYE PURPLE Blueberries n Oranges Snow High Seeds: Afghani Street Sweeper Beanhoarder’s Blockhead % F5 frosty pheno is sweet 8wks ; XL pheno; potent pheno Blueberry/C99 x Chem Dawg D 8/9 was Sweet Tooth x God Bud 7 wks sweet taste Chem Dog D x Sweet Tooth Royal Kush Zia Reserve Choco Mojito Blueberry Pancake Santero’s Cheetos and snow thrower = the white x sour d So, i haven't made a complete list of all the prospects or so called must haves. most are still in my bookmarks. some will jump the line as the list has not been prioritized yet. i'll work on that forgot to say the priority is to have meds to consume. everything else comes 2nd. 3'd 4th 5th who knows lol since it's going to be a long process the term Marathon inspired by Brother Nipsey Hustle seemed most appropriate
  11. Again a sense of relief and accomplishment as well. I knew I was going to have to do a lot of manipulation and stalling holding the plants back. Lets see what a week next Wednesday will do for the 3 little pigs . If they are fine then all will go 12:12 that Thursday. Min the mean time i’ll See about rigging my 600 digi vertical style. Which means I have to chose a fan to blow air upward at the bulb no exhaust fan in the basement. Any odor ideas for an open basement ? But frankly if I need to hide them they won’t go outside in the yard to look through a trash bag. If my baby sitter stops buy i’ll Fry some bacon right before she gets here. She knows I smirked but I won’t allow her to ask me about it to put it in the records. And she has to obey me yippee.
  12. grape is cool. I'm hoping to get some grape/blueberry/fruity sweet favors as time goes on. many of the things i want to use are based on flavor with potency enough to please being the end goal. all i care about is the taste and smell is never why i select anything as a major factor.
  13. @dieseldog381 all i do is dry rub or not = your choice. use a crockpot liner . layer sliced onions in the bottom of the crock-pot = optional. sauce the ribs but not too much and lay the ribs on top of the onions. cover and cook on low 8 hrs. i set a timer for 7.5 hrs for prevent defense. you have a choice to let the dry rub set in ahead of time before putting the ribs in the slow cooker or doing it right away. waiting at least 20 minutes is better if you pout a dry rub on. slather sauce on the ribs over the dry rub and slow cook. yes, finish under the broiler after you put some more sauce on top. if the broiler is on high stay there and watch them. it won't take long to get that desired crust. p.s don't forget to remove the membrane before you put the dry rub on.
  14. @Toker2 https://www.choice-cannabis-seeds.com/freedom-of-seeds-mighty-grape/prod_723.html https://www.seed-city.com/freedom-of-seeds/mighty-grape https://www.originalseedsstore.com/freedom-of-seeds-mighty-grape~10781 more have it too. best to signup for alerts where u shop at so u know when stuff is happening. i love the idea of mighty grape dude wtf there description made me think it was a damn automatic cultivar. that's why i honored it when u first mentioned it after a quick check. obviously i didn't look close enough. Now, it's a must have on my hit list. i have 5 seeds of dynamite i got from melvin and i have a couple of selfed seeds?(hope they are ) from blue dynamite i grew outside. yet getting more dynamite seeds was always in the plan. what's your feedback on growing out the mighty grape ? does it clone well, how is the yield, does it need branch support or no and what does it taste like to you ? thx Toker who did you get your MG from originally. checked and freedom of seeds has had a few issues. so i rather not use them. \ aloha @Mr Goodfellow
  15. So, things have gotten much better in the pig pens. The pigs are loving the MH light and the smaller ones are just delighted = praying leaves/overall look in just a couple days. based on what i saw when transplanting I'll keep feeding greenlight root starter to the ones in veg because 5-20--10 will make nice roots for their motherhood with just enough nitrogen to keep them green and healthy. no valentines day for me. still single and one of the married ones that was FWB is now trying to just deal with her husband. which is fine by me but she called today and left a message she wasn't calling to wish me a happy V day because i'm not involved. Yes, her nick name is cray cray for a reason lol. the other married chick just had her bariatric surgery so i'm happy for her. i don't take her srious anymore and won't if i don't see her in person. damn i want to get a good keeper so i can tell her she fucked up and now has to keep her cheating husband. lol. getting my house in order = kitchen and finally the boxes are almost all gone. i will get a box cutter though eventually and not look back but the kitchen knife works well enough so might keep my coin lol. thrifty allows other options. Trying to back away at looking at genetics as much as i did last year. it's not easy but it's working some and i'll get better at it. my grow space, situation, and budget helps keep me in check. lol have a nice day folks. welcome @Halforc i wish i could give you all the snow i didn't want to deal with frfr. lol well, doing my usual genetics sniffing i try to recon strains i'm interested in. not the easiest thing to do and often i have to go back years in threads from various sites to get the real skinny on a cultivar. on IG this is the norm and looked at a dude. made contact and did more searching. i saw something that wasn't listed and it jumped on my hit list. So, now dude is just going to send me some beans for free. i will mos def buy his gear though and i'm thinking of exposing my hit list too. i get paranoid because i don't want folks to buy up what i want before i can get it, then something happens and i'm shit out of luck . most everyone seems to have cash they can throw at seeds easily and i don't. plus i look for unique combinations that everyone isn't playing with already. many things i pass on because i feel i can make my own expression and see what happens. it's like when i go out and the things on the menu i already have at home and my food is hard to compete with. i hope to say that about anything i create in terms of uniqueness not in comparison to other stuff.
  16. so, thank the spiders you are ready for spider mites now. one issue to make u sleep better. congrats
  17. thx. dude, also my question wasn't written as i needed. i saw the actual name but wanted to know it's background as you explained. hope your reversal goes well. Yet, my thoughts automatically starting thinking of who to marry her with . Pretty sure you'll decide on some daddy's. check your pm's
  18. aloha @BeachBud so, in my free time i try to look around the site and others to catch up to interesting threads etc. . Yes, their is plenty of glorious porn here but i came to ask a question. what the hell is PHK exactly background and are seeds available of what u have ? seems as usual i'm late on what is what etc etc. thx.
  19. Ok, so made the selection of 2 Cap’n Shiva’s Crunch berries and one Warrior Tonic. So, 2 WT’s as mothers Left and 4 crunch berries plus one that is still on the fence cause I overwatered her trying to do a side by side thing. Smdh i’ll Measure height and width after transplant.
  20. about to go to bed. agenda for today is to wake up and put a couple pigs under the mh. let the dog out and stand still some and do a little tai chi chuan while outside for good measure. ha i won a contest on IG; DUDE TOLD ME AGES AGO. so got a recent message to let me know he was on it and would send out end of the week. i guessed the closet number. funny because the message i won was a complete surprise as i had forgotten i did it. on another positive front with genetics some long awaited beans i did recall, finally arrived. they will be an important part of my search for the dank and spank i quest to smoke. one will likely be a building block to chuck. looked at my hit list and already some aren't going to be a high priority. once i get the bookmarked lists together i can get a real count on the hit list of must haves as well as what i call prospects. so, i'm not trying to chase cuts. there are a few i'd like to have but i feel popping the beans are more important because of my age and their age too. i'm guessing to some point i'll have an elite or two in seed form until i make them available to more folks. Yet, these are dream for now in my old age that I'll slowly inch toward as quickly as i can lol. night oops morning
  21. My ph reads at 6.5 . so pretty sure it was p/k deficient aside from over watering at some point and them not getting sufficient light. they got nutes yesterday to help roots and get them ready to flower. the are liking the light and got moved a tad bit closer to it ceiling is so low i'm already thinking if i use the 600 it will have to be vertically than height won't be an issue. it will be to close to the big ones . smaller ones will work though imho. gotta choose the pigs who will join their moms to be flowered. they will only get a couple days of MH LIGHT BEFORE 12/12. MATTER OF FACT I'LL SELECT THEM TODAY AND HAVE THEM SOAKING UP THAT LIGHT BY NOON @oldschoolsg I JUST THOUGHT OF A NAME THAT WAS FUN and because of the nursery rhyme and Bob Marley's three little birds on that window lol. i forgot to say these are the ugliest plants i have ever had. slow start out of retirement though the ones that lost to broad mites were beautiful. these were also quite nice before i chopped them down and bent too much on a couple branches.
  22. So, even though things aren’t perfect and I have a long way to go I felt very peaceful and satisfied after hanging the light and seeing the pigs chilling. I just upped thermostat to 73 deg’s since it’s sorta cool in the basement. That should suit them well. Imho Temp is reading 75 in The living room so I made a good call for them I say.time will tell
  23. Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The pictures will show the bad news on one if the big girls. She was abused with excessive bending cutting down circulation but ultimately didn’t like the watering . If anyone has ever had plants look like this please tell me what the reason was if u figured it out. Obviously I know I fucked up somehow but seems more than poor/over watering Idk. So, instead of putting her down I cut all branches off basically and left her scarce with a long stalk. It won’t hurt if I can pull off another greet recovery and learn more too. It was either try or kill and check roots. I rather try as it’s my norm. Now, the good news is the 250 mh is hanging and the two bigger pigs left are on the outside perimeter of the light. No timer but Gotta read directions again to flip in 5-7 days . I rigged it but not satisfied. It will do though. If flowering goes well i’ll Use the 600 about week 4/5 going 10 weeks and chop. I’ll choose maybe 1 each of the small pigs to put in flower as well. 1 Warrior Tonic hoping to get a nice cbd pheno and one or 2 crunch berries. That will leave me with two donor moms of each strain. Based on results i’ll Decide how ma y cuts to run of each after noting particulars this go round.
  24. Last two arevin cups. 1st one o watered twice smdh. Either she will choke or survive to look like her big sister. Lowered shop light finally. Showed the branches/leaves that have me stumped.
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