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  1. thankfully some folks are breeding autos now that are far more stable for more consistent results. mephisto is one of them it seems. nothing beats a keeper mom. but i like the idea of finding treasure to puff and more variety that can also be done easily. especially outside in areas so many folks here have but i don't lol. auto fems most def have a niche that many appreciate. adding LED's inside make cheap buds and only 1 timer setting. ijs
  2. in many ways it's like making a sword such as a quality gim/jian or katana/wakazashi etc. your condensing material that starts to blend together and change it's density as well as internal structure. thankfully it's much easier to do with hash lol. years upon years i've wanted nihonto and once i could buy i thought it wasn't practical since i don't study iaido and i can't enhance my blade skills by doing so. still want a nice jian/gim though. taiji is still in my blood/heart thx for doing that bro and you will only do better.
  3. ok, so you use a 5 gal 4 ft high in the tent... that 5gal bucket has 2 separate feeding lines 1 for each row of plants. so how do you drain are you pots raised. i'm thinking i can do the same in a run to waste and just siphon up any standing water. once i get the coco gro style dialed in by had watering i can slowly add blamauts to automate. i don't really have to be away from them but less work with good results is more agreeable lol. your thoughts please and thank you.
  4. obviously you can get a lot done in 5 minutes lol. nice dude saxo you not joking brother looking good. i'll hopefully do the same once i can mix up the genetics in my vault. that keeps me going actually. i love to experiment and create shit. i'm drinking gatorade i make at home mixed with pure cranberry juice and added newman's own lemonade to it to wash samich down.
  5. @Griotwow a nice show and i learned some stuff too. i don't have to labor to make lights but won;t be using blumats just yet but the idea is to get there. u have me very optimistic with how you and @Papalagalso have limited height as well. i do have options but i'll do this run without adding a height extender. at least they don;t cost much and i might not need it. good you came back and showed off your skills again.
  6. @Griot CAN YOU TELL ME EXACTLY HOW YOU SET UP YOUR BLAUMATS please. i still think it's a good idea and i have a couple unused somewhere. might put moms on blumats sense i rather have them in soil pots no more than 1/2 gallons to keep them smaller. are you using the xl size or regular. how do you deal with the reservoir and the height it needs to be to make shit work? i'll be doing a coco dominant medium. maybe added perlite/grow stones or 100 percent coco not sure yet . flower pots 2/3 gals max since coco doesn't need more. 9 to 16 plants space dependant. thx for any assistance
  7. you never know what sannie might do so keep your fingers crossed dude. so far as KF AND SJ time for them to be winner would range 75-85 days in my opinion going the route of the so called super autos. In the meantime I SUGGEST YOU GRAB Mephistos gear asap. I'm not an auto expert but i have paid attention and can't recall my password at afn grr. but i can lurk without it so i don't bother. My Name Stitch is still an OG of sorts concerning Autos and is the same Stitch that published the book on sick plants etc. even though we use the old thread. I've got some auto gear i still want to deal with as well as some auto and semi auto stuff as well that's new to the vault. Problem is my old stuff comes first for treasure hunting cultivars that are hard or impossible to to get for most. I FEEL SANNIE HAS OTHER AUTO CANDIDATES like sugar punch, kolossus, shackzilla etc.
  8. Man the shit i run across in my journey online. Some of you folks might know this dude Uncle Ben from the original OverGrow as well as planet ganja. I RAN INTO A PRINTED ARTICLE OF HIS INFO in cleaning out shit and jst today ran into this repost at RIU. I feel it's still something that some folks will find useful even with the popularity of smart pots. Obviously for those who don't use those pots this 411 can really be something that might help. https://www.rollitup.org/t/spin-out-for-chemical-root-pruning.9114/
  9. yeah, i used to study them when i was young.
  10. we had kromes cut before swamp boys formed at least over a decade ago. back then we knew of krome but not cornbread ricky or anyone else. the white was being passed freely but those dudes aren't going to pass it along to strangers or they would Fem it at the very least. i'm not looking for just blueberry flavors etc. I'm just looking for that specific cut as it's my holy grail. their is no substitute for that particular cut. with that said there are two BB's i plan to get for my own projects but that has nothing to do with me trying to find the outkast cut of pre 2k BB. i've looked into koma's BB SAT and it's not what i want or need based on reports of it already here. thx dude i have 2 packs of sugar punch though but they were grabbed to find sweetness in taste with good effects if possible. along with pro p's CCK . it's hard as hell to find sickly sweet in taste with a good stone as well. i have a line on a BB cross I THINK I WILL LOVE but they have to check inventory. i'm still hoping to germ seeds from that pre 2k cut when i had it. still not pure though which is why that cut is so important for me.
  11. Pictures just because . The little pigs are still here settling down in their roomier accommodations .
  12. just wanted to post a link that works. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 Stitch is very cool peeps and i'm glad her work was published finally. sure helped tons of folks who rather fix/heal instead of kill and start over. our situations are different so with that said i understand @Toker's view as well. at one time i had basically all the Faq's RELEVANT INFO ON FLOPPY DISC ready to sell for $20. PROBLEM WAS THEY WERE TO SHEEPLE TO GROW lol but they were always talking about it. I'm the one who actually did so though. discs became trash no buyers lol.
  13. sounds like something you should bring to market imho. people like alternatives to process cannabis. don't forget 3d printing in the manufacture process. applicable utility patent etc. etc.
  14. This dude is really serious about the topic. it's a really nice video imho. hope you folks enjoy it as well.
  15. that's awesome @JetDro i ran out of the ability to like anything else but damned if ii didn't catch hell trying to but forgetting i couldn't lol. You're still on pace dude. what's the winner get bragging rights or what ? @gardenartus your mailbox is full too. Ha.
  16. folks this was a nice show. sadly some shit didn't work out for all and that's just part of the learning curve. @JetDro i'm very happy you are still in it. i was thinking root rescue attempt as well so glad it was suggested. I'll not going to join in next time but will watch yall battle it out with even better results based on the stuff that was learned this time. congrats on a nice contest.
  17. Ok, so keeping on schedule the 250mh has been tested and works Yippy. So, should have so really nice additional growth in veg for this gro adventure. Stay tuned i did forget hat i found my wand for my sprayer. had no glue i put in in the box with the mh ballast . was so happy to see it now don't have to spend for a new one. i'll get an extra sprayer one day just for water only and the other for chemicals. might get a smaller mister for bug spray only like the homemade pepper stuff as well as neem etc. nothing nasty.
  18. i'm just glad all is well frankly. cool breezin NAWS
  19. So, I'm trying to put out an APB out for two cultivars that still haunt my grow dreams 1. the Pre 2k BLUEBERRY aka the outkast cut/PG cut and 2. KROMES WHITE . YES, I USED TO HAVE THE SAME PRE 2K BB as joker and a few others as some may recall. I never got to grow the white cause by then i had no where to grow. FFC offered e those 2 AS WELL AS ORIGINAL DIESEL AND THE PURE KUSH. i shed a tear but had no options. Yes, i would be very grateful. should i acquire those 2 and they are legit you can bet some genetics will slip into your vault.
  20. dude u have to search the site cause the BB indy was awhile back. maybe check e$cobar/sannie threads. herbei u can just google seedfinder.
  21. So, the 3 little pigs are chilling . led side lighting and shop light above i thought the seahorses were beautiful i’ve Always like them. I was fortunate to see the seahorse exhibit at the aquarium it was phenomenal and the most beautiful one didn’t look real it was so gorgeous
  22. So, as scheduled I transplanted the 3 little pigs today. I was supposed to do it before falling asleep on that rso a nice sistah made. But damned if that didn’t work and I jumped up and the light was off too smdh! Duhhh so, the white pot had the most exposed stem but also good growth so it hit the biggest pot. Small one should be crunch berries. Not too sure what the other is could be warriors tonic or crunch berries. So, from the brink of death these 3 little pigs survive !
  23. i'll take your cannabis work load folks lol. will test the 250mh tomorrow. will le the pups stretch their legs about a week before letting them taste the 250 i reckon. i was tired as shit after 3 transplants damn lol. forgot i needed saucers too. oops i hope i have them already and not in the basement. i'll do what i got to do. i'm happy about the pups in recovery, sure about one strain not so much the others. one stem rub was like wow. i was expected a duplicate. i did get duplicates of two stems with virtually no smell. that's a first for me actually. live and learn. they be getting water next dry period and then the root starter stuff . water after that then switch to alaska grow to veg from then on. clones will be grown in coco in the same plastic cups then into next pot size or final depending on how lush those roots are in the cups.they should take off under the 250 provided it works. i guess i'll flip at 14" i figure it's safe for anything that stretches 3 times and under. 600 should get plenty of penetration even if i buy the 2nd extension for this gorilla shorty. i gotta eat so yall take care i'll lurk later.
  24. 1st. congrats on the newline up. duchess ? is cali dream blue x the AE 77 CLONE ORANGE = guess ha. anyhow too many growers to count have evolved to feeding grow ferts 2 weeks into flowering with better results than before. i've done it myself . AND YOU CAN ADJUST THE STRENGTH of your grow nutes by 25% if your're in substrate imho but doesn't make sinse to do so.i guess an exception would be using grow ferts with very high levels of nitrogen but most folks have figured out that's better for lawn grass not grass u smoke. my. 1.5 cents ha. @gardenartus check your pm sistah
  25. autoflower network is a ste u need to be at. google...
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