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  1. WELL I WAS SADDENED, but shocked today when looking up topics. I'm not gonna get too excited because some folks may never check back but be cool if they did. i had someone come here too join and waited to become a member then site was like ghost. maybe sannie or a mod will explain. HAPPY BELATED 420 EVERYONE.
  2. For me it comes down to ability to break down quickly in case of emergency. Cost of water and space needed to make it worth using. Tent is 4’x 4’ 6’11” tall only possible in basement if water temps can stay 65-70 max. please tell me the water temp range for octopots. Thx with Hempy, break down can’t be easier than a 2/3 gal bucket and save plants to hide as needed. Even if I need to prune them severely. larf/micro popcorn before and after finger trim. Also trying to clean stuff up to get ready for 420. Already have my drop funds at the ready. i will never buy these raw papers again. They keep going out and they don’t taste good and diminish the taste of the weed smdh. 300 1/4 for $5 pack of tips 1$ 1/2 papers 2$?? So, pissed. Now, I’m just going to go online and order my orange juicy jays like I should have done already. Buddy told me and I was like the price is right. He never mentioned anything negative about them so I guess he likes them. I’m gonna save the 298 papers left and sell to him for 3/4$ Smdh. I’m gonna put up with the 1/2 until my orange legit papers get here. Let me do that now frfr. i didn’t like smoking the glass tip when rolled up like it should be frankly and u have to dig weed out of the tip end when done. i like my method used as a joint holder much better and no pain in the ass rolling either. Bing Bong ha !
  3. Ok, calendar check today Basement bitches Jan 7, flower onset. Chop date Approx March 11-17th @9 weeks plus by March 11th. So next nutes will be reduced to 1 Tbl/3 ltr’s water Approx. For next 12 days then only molasses water the last 9 days. None of the basement BLG’s are fed daily = every other day, up to 3 days based on size of the pots. Bean baby : pollinated January 16, 2022 chop Approx March 27th at 10 weeks after pollination. Note: lights schedule Approx 10-14 so those chop estimates should be golden.
  4. I feel you and can relate. I’m fine with the older mediums used before but my level up key = more aeration, particularly in soils/peat moss mediums. coco is so much more wonderful with less effort and headaches/fluctuations usually.? only hydro special stuff I would consider at this point would be octopots/ auto pots …Hempy is by default preferred since no vacations/need to have a jackass watch them just to be frustrated lol. Yet, folks keep doing it ha.
  5. Yup, the tent is on point and will just get better now. I’m not even going to mention the possible negatives because I know how to prevent both. It’s tough to keep an old Bulldog down who’s not even thinking about quitting the fight. ha
  6. Just thought to myself how many folks back in the day would trash their less than optimally grown plants smdh. Most folks told them it was a big mistake not to keep it, if only to make butter … anyway here’s my first ever defoliation of plants that grew like these. LEDs played a role most def in shaping the plants umbrella like canopy. yes, pics are in reverse with defoliated plants 1st. And how the jungle looked before,
  7. Of course that’s usually on point. But the subtle difference I noticed just by opening the tent later, opened my eyes to very happy plants. They loved the xtra humidity even though I made sure to open the tent to clear out the xtra humidity after a while. i don’t even know the temps as I just go by the comfort zone feel and heat over the canopy etc. dude it’s been a pita to find temperature and humidity combos that are both accurate and economical. Older stuff that fit that bill don’t seem to exist now. been liking at least 4 yrs now smdh. It’s frustrating reading all the crappy product reviews. 75% of recommendations from others have those crappy reviews. Like the growmie stumbled over a legit unit, while most are trash! Ok, so pics of the sad basement girls are closeups mainly. Just thinking of how bad ass they would be if they had higher area temp’s. So, somewhere between mid April to early may should be the temp sweet spot for basement grows. Then I only use a big oscillating fan and one small fan blowing up at the bare 600 hps bulb. pics were slightly adjusted for shadows and brightness basically.
  8. Loved shortbread Lorna doones years ago and was addicted to them. Ijs like my other taste addictions,!I overcame them = the phase just ran its course. Ha
  9. Made Valentine’s Day pre drip drop gear grab Sour Applez = Apple Fritters x Sour Apple ; Sour Apple = Original Diesel x C99 Princess Pink = C99 x Gurl Don’t Play (red velvet cut pheno of ken’s grand daddy purple) Unicorn Poop BX F3 : w/ permission worked/selected by the bakery genetics nate the ninja! GMO x Sophisticated Lady (ghost OG x grateful breath) Expect some no brainer combos in the future imho if time and circumstance permit. Yet, they haven’t been done before, so stay tuned. 2022 hit list of known and unknowns will hopefully all be in the vault by mid 2023. AKbean Brains = 2/3 strains Pure Kush S1’s seed heaven = unfinished budness 420 drop and Black Friday sale = the bakery genetics kendogsmoke hempdepot = unfinished budness Inkognyto this post allows me to stay on track and focussed. already have the attitude of ignoring mucho cool gear I see because of all the variety that’s in the vault which isn’t too old yet. I don’t want or need them all !
  10. Stay tuned, the old bulldog might be getting picked up. = term meant to save a game dog from further injury/death ! @gardenartus i need/want to pow wow with you to budget for ur products to make a donation come June !! Mainly ur magical combo medical oil and some couch lock/zone out chocolate medibles !
  11. Micro micro popcorn last plant from the green fiasco 38g’s jarred. all others jarred are in the 1st week of burping. Then will burp every other day for 8 days, then every 4 days for the last two weeks before no more burping but checks every couple weeks. The above schedule might be adjusted as needed. the bean mother is pregnant and she will be allowed to go as long as needed even unto death ! She would be much further along in proper temps. her sisters would have nice size buds by now instead of mini flowers. They are all going purple except one stubborn one with a couple leaves purple. just counting on the tent to give me bigger flowers than the basement sisters. I expect them to be shooting hairs pretty soon. i have noticed humidity on the tent walls if I wait awhile before opening it. Opening the tent and the plants seem to like it. So, now I wait a couple hours to let them get their humidity and I also close the tent with approx 4 hrs before lights out. i will not be doing this practice once buds start to develop. I’m already thinking to use the exhaust fan after they stretch. Then turn the lights up the rest of the way. exhaust fan on its own makes it cool in the tent not hooked to a filter. I doubt if I will need the filter cause BLG’s funk doesn’t smell like weed when it escapes. More like overripe fruit with an unknown subtle good type of funk.? it’s still brand new so when I do have that funky stuff I’ll be ready. Don’t lol @oldschoolsg at this larf and yes, it’s sad but will be better than nada. The former micro buds from the No.1 pheno are better and funkier too.
  12. @oldschoolsg aloha bro his the sad looking plants in the tent tonight. Seems I have the timer adjustment correct. Would u defoliate and if so in what manner. These are umbrella’s not the typical structure we lollipop. the seed versions didn’t need to be lollipoped, as all as u can see back in the thread. They were left untouched and grew perfectly. anybody else defoliate their umbrella style bushes ?
  13. @Scone_Of_Ark it’s a house but the owner knows exactly what he’s doing = not by accident. So, unless a get a lease offer out of the blue I’m leaving. I’m going to check the gas and electric bill to determine if I can get a loan to kill it. Then pay the loan back slowly. Real slow because growing isn’t likely going to be possible. If that changes I’ll grow to try and catch up on all the old utilities bills.
  14. @oldschoolsg here are more sad looking plants for ur perusal lol. considering what I see in the tent dude I almost lol at ur comment. when my plants suck I’m the first to say so as usual. Yet, all the BLG girls in the tent look good maybe u have too much smoke in your eyes idk. Ha the other two boys were trimmed off the vine and placed in the fridge in a salad container for later consumption. the last two are awaiting transport that should arrive this Monday. So, if this lady keeps them live long enough to collect pollen and chuck some on her warriors tonic fems to make free seeds then I’ll be grateful. Plus she mind find a cbd influenced plant that works well but different from the mother. the boys get a 9w led house light to stay alive until they are rescued.
  15. Ok drops coming up are Valentine’s Day and 420 to follow. i was going to score probably 6-8 packs between both drops of shit I really wanted to be in the vault to work with. Now, that’s up in the air. No telling when the bakery genetics will no longer put out certain strains. The flip side is some strains stick around for a couple years 2/3 avg. which gives me a chance to get them and already seen the goods grown by testers/followers. i considered doing a seed auction of my old gear to raise funds. Yet, decided it wasn’t a good idea for a couple major reasons = unknown germ rates for each strain and therefor price setting would be torture. As well as the folks who were able to germ etc would and could make the coin I was slated to make and I’m not even talking about new creations they could do, I’m just talking about fire reproductions ! if I get back to this Grow thing in a good way and know my health is not going to end well I had already planned a multiple Comrade giveaway. Preseve the genetics, make new stuff and sell as well, whatever the recipients choose to do with them other than hoard and not share in some capacity.
  16. So, end of March is my exit date. the big snafu is because I have an unpaid outstanding utility bill I can’t get utilities in my name without paying off the old bill. ironically this year I could/would have payed off gas and electric and the other water bill next year by offering flower 200/zip. so, I’m going to see if they will assist with the past due bill. If it were a current bill the help would be by default. I’m also going to check the exact amount of of both bills and if has and electric will clear my record to get it put in my name. If they say yes… I might be able to get a loan. at least the lender trusts me to keep my word. He loaned me veterinary money to save my dog karma. He pulled me up and said “ name, nobody has ever paid me this much money back before. His sister paid for a different dog and I paid her back in full. Her brother told me to stop paying him… I didn’t have much left to go but he didn’t care anyway. another option I’m shooting for is to deal with a pvt owner and make the same deal I have = utilities included with the rent. I’ve got a documented record of zero issues for a little over 8 yrs now. next, paper work for dog to be an assistance animal will be started with a call to my shrink and details from webpage to complete the official work up so to speak. miracle solution is to allow me to rent his family old house cause he mom had to move… I would then be an official tenant it he would have to pass the housing inspection for it to go through. That would be my fantasy scenario because it means I would only get inspected two times a year at most. = run two flower areas 1100 watts light divided between 500 digital main light and 600 hps. An easy pound would then be possible. Boss the plane, the plane boss lol. so, without rent with utilities included in a new place, I am screwed. cats will have to go to the shelter. Mom spayed and two daughters spayed appt this month. I’m not going to leave this neighborhood and just let them go without someone responsible to care for them. Hell, I already know how to make outdoor cat shelter on the cheap via YouTube videos. Oh well … lastly push comes to shove = I buy a tent and two person sleeping bags cause sweetie pie isn’t going to want to sleep in her own bag,? And body heat for the win. Ha Safe location would be only concern and then find where to shower and wash clothes. Ironically washer and dryer would be in storage at that point. might be forced to sell some knives but even ti planned to do that. They were going to fund a scooter I could buy. If I sell to pay utility bill my record is clean but no way to then get the scooter without starting from zero to raise cash. Not being able to raise funds by flower offering is a huge detractor in my former/current situation. i think I covered most if not all. Now, gotta do the dog assistance stuff now. Mainly because I have seen or will see a suitable place but they say no dogs/pets ! assistance dog isn’t considered a pet nor can a landlord charge additional security deposit because of the animal…. only can say no if the dog is threatening towards others = never my dog or a severe hardship would be placed on the owner/land lord approx. wording
  17. Ok, so this past Monday email basically said my lease isn’t being renewed ! No, I’m not being evicted , no, I don’t know why and no this far my attempt to speak to the owner directly hasn’t happened. I made the request two days ago. i haven’t had heat since Approx 1week of Dec 21’ approx 98% of the time. Furnace diagnostic pointed to issues and when checked all were legit !!! it worked for 5 days straight after dude bought in a furnace hit man but then went back to shit. will come on but will not ignite flame or will do so and after awhile go out and just blow cold air. Which has been the ongoing over a month now. fast forward and a step back = property mgr says she didn’t know about the heat cause it wasn’t her Dept/area. I guess she’s the new type that doesn’t realize all ou issues fall under her watch etc . so, she says she will look into it. Now, previously the maintenance dude gave the owner a choice to start switching out components or get a new furnace. I was sent a text advising me someone would contact me after the owner dealt with the issue/made a decision. well, the next and only contact I got was the lease notice complete with a get the fuk out check list to deal with smdh! then a couple days ago Maintence dude called and said they were trying to install a new unit. But snafu occurred and it would be done the following day. Which was yesterday but they couldn’t do it because maintenance dude didn’t take a photo of what they had to deal with nor tell them they had to move out a washer and dryer to even get to the furnace to remove it. So, he has my number and he/maintenance dude will call once they choose the new installation day. i was able to request and get a quick emergency inspection and she came yesterday before any furnace fix could occur. I did it to document the situation which they had no idea was happening. Also to maybe get a reduction in my rent I had to pay not having any heat for almost 2mths… So, inspector will contact them to have them fix the issue in a certain time frame, if they come back after to check and it’s not done the violation will send the case into abatement = owner won’t get his bulk of the rent even though I as the tenant are still required to pay my portion. Weird but… then if not resolved they will have me leave. so, leaving means I need a move out voucher which has already been issued quickly. I have appt to pick it up and will get a ride there and take the bus home. pt2 to follow
  18. Not much but … those are the type of roots I’ve been working towards, so the formula now can be repeated. those are the pots of the 2 Folsom Prison Blues male after chop. so, coco roots is why I’m using as my go too medium for now. I saw what was possible and my own trial coco plant’s roots made me a believer. Back then never imagined a more than decade would pass before I could get back to dealing with coco. as you see putting them in pots instead of standard plant saucers allow the plant to keep going. If my situation were different all the bigger ones would be transplanted into 7-10 gal pots. Oh, the dreams of a stoner. Put those chicks in the ground and I could duplicate amazing outdoor as well. will look for outdoor if I finally get a scooter/motorcycle listed or an electric bike. The rub is my financing plan has been curtailed by having to stop. iiwii
  19. Those two boys looked better in person and have been hanging tough quite awhile. After their shower and hanging they are good enough to eat. my Mkt order just arrived so will take them out the closet and put in an old salad container. I keep them and other plastics I can clean and reuse. the girls all look nice in person in the tent. Just set the timer again cause it was off. I’m thinking one of the cats rubbed up against it. i watched a video to set it but it’s very sensitive to touch the tabs. I actually hate it also because they have shit opposite = they have pm light and am dark and the arrows go in the opposite direction. so, will see if the shit turns on the light and circulation fan as programmed. On at 8pm of at 6am. I went to check this morning and it was still on = wtf then saw some tabs a bit funky. As long as I can grow I will continue until I die. It’s wired in my heart and dna now. Remember I took 11-12 yrs off ? Comeback started great until broadmites kicked my ass. All in this thread… thx dude and take care !
  20. Tent goes 10-14 tomorrow and basement gets increased darkness by a tab/hr not sure of incs. if I can get done in 60 days in the tent than cool. I’m gonna keep 1/2 and sell 1/2 but won’t be much as plants are 3 = 15-16 inches tall and the rest smaller. I’m getting kicked out my house so, shit is hitting the fan. I will resist legally as much as I can and request my financial benefactors to deny him payment for this month. i will contact them by phone which is hard but also email which isn’t much better. before I do I’ll advise my hudvash social worker to see how she can intervene on their end. those boys were showered and hung to dry. They will be salad, and smoothie material, maybe some tumeric and blk pepper cheese steaks with minced leaf hmm, ahhh no on that idea. but yes, to golden milk as I have organic almond milk left still. I’ll illuminate more in stoned ramblings. Well, my year went south fast as fuk. After off to a great start minus no heat = why I am really getting kicked out = cheap dumb piece of shit. he will miss this easy loot almost 9 yrs after he couldn’t get anyone to stay long at all. Fuk him and I hope he gets all 3 types of Covid while I’m in 52-53 deg’s inside the house
  21. Well, busy bee doing what bees do = hive care ! all 9 big league grape girls are in pots including the problem child who’s making a comeback ! so, used old Biobizz lite to fill in the last couple pots. Coco makes it pretty easy to transplant into another medium to finish vegging or flower in as well once a good root system is established. with that said I plan to buy strictly coco for awhile as my go to medium. i been looking for chunky perlite #3 but some say chunky and it’s not, while others perlite is more powder than anything else. Always a pain to buy legit grow products now days Smdh. anybody use legit big piece perlite with consistent quality over time that can be ordered online please let me know asap. Thx I’m advance last photo all 9 BLG girls, 4 are whorly girls to include the transplanted one with the litter bucket drip tray. I’ll use whatever it takes I already have for free. yes, the top of the red cup males roots are coming along. Will add a tiny bit of nutes to fresh water soon since last drop of nutes seemed to do well. that leaves one twin tower for the newbie lady and one triple tower boy = oldest one. he’s going to be eaten in the next batch of salad I buy. Leaving the red cup male and red cup top. I don’t want to turn lights on for them but 3 9w LEDs to keep them in veg isn’t much. i will buy a space heater when I figure out the best type to get to use in the basement flower area. at least the next run down there will be better for the root zone. the floor girls = 3 all raised higher letting the hps hit them more fully. mommy hopefull is doing well and just waiting to see beans develop. I check them ever other day.
  22. @gardenartus my fire plug sells CBG powder ? And products but I haven’t tried because of the pain success with warriors tonic. Yet, more because of cost, plus I can’t reach him anymore unless I get a ride almost 40 miles from me grr. 500 mg candy bars just came up with multiple flavors min 6. The two I tried before were very good. The last one was good enough to buy even if it wasn’t infused frfr . his gear is always top quality but comes with a much higher price for flower 250-350 for house strains and price goes up from their. i have to ask him about the new new he sells that’s very potent for amt. he was selling it 30$/ grm and I will at least try to grab 2 g’s if he keeps it around. Nope can’t recall what the name is but I looked it up to verify and it checked out as usual with his stuff. was thinking about a trip for 420 but since I’ll have something to puff and a valentines/420 drop is gonna occur I will save my loot for those genetics.
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