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  1. So, just tried the southeast Asian cure method. I’ll test in 3 weeks. if I like it I will do it more often. No burping jars etc etc. for personal puff I don’t care it’s all compressed with no bag appeal. so, no. 4 baby gurl was the leftover nugs from her. She was being quick dried more than others. not sure yet which no the other two are but might figure it out later. I put them in the fridge in another small snack box. so, as far as the cure is concerning the remaining fridge dried buds; I’ve been thinking because of lower temps in the fridge the time in the jars needs to be extended because of that imho. So, that is the method I’m switching too. The remaining jars are all on the same time schedule so I’ll see. If anyone has tried this cute method please share your experiences and insights on the Southeast Asian cure method. so, 1st step I placed desired nugs on cellophane and squeezed them together to make them look solidified/1 continuos nug. 2nd step I proceeded to wrap and squeeze as I progressed from one end to the other. 3rd and final step I squeezed and wrapped the bound cellophane buds with tape. then just put in a snack box in the fridge. IMG_9358.MOV
  2. I know, I told my nephew I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to talk. Won’t change shit it the unexpected nature of it all caught me off guard after I felt it was ok to be optimistic. Instead it was the ultimate opposite smdh
  3. IMG_4830.MOV My Soul Jah had to be killed because of complications of advanced FIV which was a total surprise btw. It’s contagious but she’s never been bitten by another cat in 8 yrs we have been here. Sexual contact is a lower level to get it but that’s out cause she was spayed before she got here. so, it’s possible it occurred when the male cat tried to put it in but didn’t succeed. But info says 5 yrs life expectancy after contraction … I guess I’ll never know and frankly it doesn’t matter now she’s gone in form ! Soul Jah was an awesome being and not just a mere cat ! To smart to say unless you saw her demonstrate for you. Compassionate with other female cats that were being accosted by an unwelcome tom cat. Twice she ran to the rescue and drove these big males at least twice her size away ! I never saw a cat do that for another cat before. Too bad it couldn’t be filmed actually. She stood up like a Mir Cat and assessed the situation and boom she sprang into action and trotted off to intervene. that’s just a small part of how Her name Soul Jah suited her ! She loved her dogs too, she knew Sassy and Elisabeth both and her partner in crime die the last 6 yrs was sweetie pie who loved her soul Jah MOs def ! Soul Jah is/was loved and she did a lot of loving herself frfr ! Missed in form but not in spirit ! from Jackie = My Condolences to you and Sweetie Pie. Soul Jah was the sweetest Pur Baby I've ever known. From Coffeee = My condolences to you and sweetie pie. You know that was the only cat that had got up on my chest and just wanted me to show some love and I'm allergic to cats but he didn't bother me my eyes did not mess up I'm so so sorrry, I know how it is to loose a pet. from Donna = I'm so sorry flowers RIP Soul Jah. IMG_4830.MOV
  4. Yeah, that’s dreamy as fuck. I got the opportunity to chill in a much smaller version of that type setting. I recall how peaceful and wonderful it was. Watching the fish and tadpoles in the pond as we puffed …
  5. lot’s the easiest thing to do in cannabis, can use, small brush, finger tip, cue tip whatever to apply pollen to the nice fresh hairs 2/3 weeks old. afterward just leave them alone and clean yourself up so u don’t pollinate something by accident. I usually spray the plant down with water after I’ve let the pollen. Sit for two/three days. But that’s not mandatory 24 hrs is sufficient. then just let them bake well = 9-10 weeks or until plant is dying while the beans are ripening in their calyx’s. isolate the bean mother during pollination as long as you choose too. Boom bam done. Make meds with the leftovers u don’t want to puff ! here’s some trim shots couldn’t get the hair before pictures.
  6. If you have bog’s bogglegum or any of his gear = make seeds I’ll make more sour bubble in time and I gave away a BOG cross Sweet Cindy 99 x Juliet and kept Sweet Cindy 99. Or it was the other way around. Hmmm
  7. thx. as it was just the genetics. i can't wait to get the pure bubblegum to do the nasty with her. personal puff with taste and body potency is the goal. payment terms have changed so i'll have to save up to budget those in. $100 i still can't target the color it looks like megenta to me somewhat. all in cure process now. two jars are 2nd stage burp starting tomorrow. burped every other day now then twice a weak and then done approx. i've got enough veg material to start making clones of the no. 6 from both plants . the no.1 clone that's a decent size doesn't seem to be having new issues but i will wait a week to make sure that's the case. my issues now are i can't find my fucking cloner ans i have looked like 6 times in a small place with ltd areas fo it to hide. smdh it's always something. I HAVE TO DECIDE TO BUY MORE BIO BIZZ-LITE or fid missing ec unit to check to see if the coco that should be just fine is actually hot. it's not something that seems possible biobiz coco hasn't had any complaints i have seen thus far. nothing but happy growers using it.` so, totally stumped why the clones in coco were going south instead of taking off as expected. that's the major reason i bought coco coir in the 1st place. root development AND FASTER GROWTH ...
  8. Ok, 2nd trim job done and took pics of Suomi nugs too.
  9. Ph is and thus mix never seems to change filterd water is outside to warm up and soaked beans will then be dropped in with colloidal silver 30 ppm. From their they will go in root riot cubes soaked in greenlight root stimulator/starter.
  10. Will check ph shortly just because … I’ve diagnosed nute deficiency based on leaf presentation and the fact that the two males have never had an issue with same medium and feed. led’s seem to make it so this strain isn’t getting enough on Alaska 5-1-1. So, took remaining megaCrop orig. dumped it in hot water because pouch was open band humidity did it’s thing. Added a 1/2Tbl to the little girl no.1 and watered until runoff for her trial of fire to survive or die. Roots should choke imho. Usually I just add water around the outside once I transplant so roots can search for water. These roots were barely visible and scraggly as fuck. the other plants will get the remaining megaCrop until gone which will only take a few days. Then I’m going to CNS -17 grow. biobizz-lite is meant to Feed at each watering and feeding instructions for CNS-17 reflect that idea as well. I did get a sample of Kosher Salt nutes fir $5 shipped = base - grow -flower based is used with both grow and flower. Cost effectiveness is very good if the amounts their formula makes holds true. I’ve never use anything but a 1part nute so this will be new fir me when I use it. I like things as simple and cheap as possible while keeping the plants happy.! I’m not against additives/supplements but based on cost most aren’t going to be used by me. another 1st is trimming Bud for bag/eye appeal. I usually do a perfunctory trim and leave on cover leaves. Times change as I up my plant connected skills. one trim job today and then I jar with coffee filter lid and place back in the fridge. After a few days a real lid is put on to start the cure . All new for me but so far so good. ipoc is one make other two are the other male from exact same mail seed. I’m already thinking about how the male will allow offspring to perform better under LED’s imho. chuck is just for bud only since the mother is a fem. if I like the results they will be shared.
  11. Hadn’t OG’s in awhile cause it stays pretty stable. But did think of that. my diagnosis based on leaves and the other plants too is nute deficiency because Alaska 5-1-1 doesn’t have enough for this particular strain coupled with the demands of LEDs.. the males have never had a hiccup.
  12. Feeding Alaska 5-1-1approx 2tbl/gal. Epsom salt every two weeks and botanicare sweet on occasion. Nothing else. this plant was growing slow but looking fine just a couple days ago. Looked today and was shocked to see her in this condition. sick plant guide points to phosphorus deficiency. Never got any type of deficiency using Alaska grow before but maybe this Big League Grape wants more. i m going to post another BLG plants that has a few leaves green veins and pale yellow leaves . Saw in SPG = sick plant guide from now on picture and possible culprit. yet, just doesn’t seem right after all this time the 1st plant would suddenly have a phosphorus issue. I turned the ceiling fan back to low. None of the plants reacted badly to more light and are 3ft away . if your plants have looked like this please speak up, I will look for mites cause I’m paranoid and mites oft mimic bad watering abs phosphorus issues alike. Note ; I’ve notice dumpling in the leaves of some plants and that’s not good. What causes this in the leaves ? Anybody know for sure. obviously I need help that doesn’t equate to multiple guesses without plant proof to back it up. Thx
  13. Just saw this plant and I’m broken hearted how could a plant make such a severe downward turn in two days max ?
  14. Yeah, the two bags are in my doorway = no shower threat can surprise me. They actually crisp up in the room with their progeny. Even when outside humidity softened them up in the later evening. so, for now I will drying in the fridge on the regular. Making sure all food items are sealed well. I didn’t smell food odor on the buds this morning so I did a good enough job thus far. sprayed a used dry box to kill any spores and dried it in the fridge like a charm. Used simple green = non toxic Note: all buds are in the fridge. Last two bags are in the fridge. Two jars have coffee filter lids w/rubber bands to secure. now to just chill and wait hehe deleted multiple pics to make phone space and because those pics aren’t terribly important. saved these and will delete them once posted. if I have copies above I’ll try to delete them.
  15. Make bonsai moms. Hit google and YouTube to see how. you can also search on pot sites for that info. It’s something I have long ago knew I would eventually need to do. Mole used to make bonzai moms on overgrow and I printed out pics etc. like 15 yrs ago Google = how to bonzai cannabis and booyah. Don’t forget to hit videos after u see the queries listed. Also hit images too. it’s also why I peeped at tissue culture because you can keep multiple moms in a small space lit by 1/2 shop lights and t5’s aren’t needed until you want real growth. Just my thoughts after checking it out.
  16. Big League Grape bud update Ok, so stem snap in fridge but back in for a few more days Approx Saturday. Jars are lid cracked and cereal box and another chilling = pun intended bad news is expected additional bud rod. Used flash pics and my readers to examin each Bud/nug two photos each. Finished a bit after 6am. Not sure when I started meh. So, next step is to trim only the obvious excess and let the rest alone. Then will jar you and store in basement and burp process will happen there too. I dare not try to keep it upstairs with my humidity issues and heat as well. Not selling so no bag appeal is mandatory. some of the pics you’re gonna see hairs that were removed post picture. I also blow the nug to have any hiding hairs reveal themselves. Pita and tedious for each nug smdh. Yet, I’m satisfied with what I have thus far regardless of the bud rot blues . greener bud is with flash and pinkish red ? bud is no flash cut and paste from notes 13.6g’s bud rot/waste 1st chz box = 8.9g Approx 7g 2nd box triscuits = good 18.5G 3rd box saltines =14.2g, 21.8g, 7.4g 42.3g total Approx 35g-38g Cheerios box = 35.9g approx 33g Total with two plants left in bags still to count = 3.36z i can guarantee I will never mist indoor plants in flower again. Not mandatory and I’m pretty sure that created what I couldn’t see and then humidity helped it along. after the 3 Bud rot pics I’m going to guess trying to add clean Bud. the funky Dank cheese smell is unmistakable. That smell equates with dank in my ltd experience.
  17. fuck deleted a post and no way to recall it. Undo wasn’t an option. Oh well lol. it’s been 8 days in the fridge and I’ll check after I post. seeds are drying out and I’ve adapted with no success. So I will place them in another area to give them a chance. other seeds were given a spritz to keep them most. Ran out of paper towels so using unbleached coffee filters 4 ea. Side too and bottom. I’ve now come to the idea of placing seeds into riot cubes that maintain moisture and air much more consistently. I’ve never tried to do this before. Close using was peat pellets . I’ll try anything, especially if it’s low/no cost ! the pipe hits well and I took a tiny piece from rolling a jay and I disrespected the piece and it showed me that’s not a good idea frfr ! But I still got off with my coughs oh yeah.
  18. @santero & @webeblzr you are both on point frfr. San, as soon as I started reading ur post I started smiling with humor and appreciation. You know the game MOs def and a huge reason why I sought u out particularly. I was trying to think of others but the @ and my recall weren’t cooperating lol. the new offering will be released by katsu bluebird. Apparently subscribers get the early alert on what’s coming.? And little grow tips for the newbies mainly. i looked on his sight just now but it’s it listed. He might do a ltd release before he puts it there but I doubt it. They are using Chaco’s SD that much I know. I did see of interest the Katsu bubba x star pupil as soon as I saw the pre 98’ I was like I rather have the katsu but instead and it was the next in line lol. He had a couple more of interest I had already peeped. My budget will likely be reallocated to get at least 2 of his crosses. I almost cried when I lost my katsu cuts as I’ve mentioned before.., got a couple bubba beans regulars ?!? and 5 fem’s no substitute for real katsu though imho.
  19. Chinese knockoff/clone pros is a good smooth toke/hit. Con need to find an ash catcher and glass jacks for the bowl which is pretty small actually.
  20. I saw similar gate attachments and so far I’m going to go in person to look and see what I can rig up. Those L’s with hardware are an option if I can find the right one I can just lock to the gate so no more stolen gate stop. Grrr cool u like prawns LEDs how much were they.what’s the link to his site cause I forget. Though as is I don’t see my gro situation changing anytime soon without a move. I’m just happy the tent makes a second flower area possibles. Unexpected victory of sorts. 86 degrees inside living room with no curtains up cause they’re in the washer. Arms Sweating on the sofa just turned twin window fan on my head and ceiling fan stays on. two bags of buds in the yard to sneak in more dry time. Have to stay alert for possible shower. If not today will help dry things even more toward the stem snap .
  21. I'm terrible with the weed history but I have a lot of friends that are steeped in weed lore. In a recent post on Instagram, Stoney explains the origins of the Sour Diesel clone as well as his male - I cut and pasted it because I know everyone is always curious. Here ya go... "SourD wasn’t a bag seed regardless of what they say.... it was made by mike clop the weasel... he started with northern lights crosses into chemdog to make chem lights then took a make from his chem lights work and hit up super skunk ... that’s the truth on SourD .... to put it nicely a lot of them chemfam guys memories are selective or just shot... but mike is sharp as ever... that’s where sour came from... I wouldn’t by any means call it a true ibl but for labeling purpose the male came out of a pack of rez gear from the 06-07 release of his sour ibl line .... Have a great weekend, and smoke lots of the sticky stuff for me. Peace, KB So, does anyone know Stoney or mike clop “the weasel” ? As I haven’t heard of mike/weasel nor this version of the creation of sour d ! please chime in if you know more details anyone thx @santero @Misterdirt
  22. Small update . 4 big league grape’s flowers are in the fridge. Put one in today in a Cheerios box. Cereal is still fresh and organic almond milk on hand. Heart healthy hmm lol. more seeds will are heard for paper towels this time. Inside a baggie. last but not lest. The 4 big League grape plants are doing much better and drinking so that I have to water every other day. they are making tops I can use for on Initial cuts that will then make them split more to provide more cuts. The lights were turned up again and measured 3ft away. This should have them getting jiggy soon enough. now, because of my drying fiasco I can run vertical in the basement as soon as some are ready and also in the tent. Gonna get a cheap thermometer because all the others for us are crap anyway. Same shit 10 yrs ago was accurate but not now smdh. Sucky products piss me off !
  23. Hope these make it to the vault critical orange punch x symbiotics purple punch 2.0 bananna punch x symbiotic’s purple punch 2.0 I can hunt a couple males out of the purple punch crosses cause I love sweet flavors if I can get them. I figure 2/3 good males if found are worth the cost of the packs and a nice lady or two are likely to show up out of 4 different but related crosses. these above are in the vault and added freebie = Banana Pebbles x Grape Obama = I asked for more info on it. Mendo Breath BX F2 peanut butter breath F3 Ice cream cake BX F3 I was dismissive of peanut butter breath initially but learned my lessons from the past and made the grab with no regrets !
  24. THEY COMPARED THEM TO THE COUNTERTOP TOASTER oven type SORTA LIKE WHAT I HAVE. got mine used for free. nice u have a big convection oven. my new stove is standard but does have a cleaning feature that surprised me. yeah, i wanted the small thing to save power and added convenience. 2 hrs bud dryer but cold make it 3 hrs i'm sure. professionally we used industrial convection ovens most restaurants use. usually kept on at 500 deg hell i was going to buy a nice new one until i realized i could get a fee used one. yet, the new ones all have shitty reviews and the most expensive once u expect better quality from had some of the worse reviews. those women were seriously pissed off lol.
  25. @webeblzr i went to etsy looking for beets and got overwhelmed by the selection and types. how did u choose the beets/what type did u order. i want max flavor that's easy to grow. plus now have me thinking cabbage too. i make a mean fried cabbage but am interested in making kraut for better taste but more for the probiotics. will make a medium spicy fresh kimchi eventually as well as kimchi cucumbers my va-baby sitter mentioned to me. vague temp garden list- strawberries, kale, cabbage, garlic, ginger, green beans, some type of onions, cucumbers, turmeric, beets, basil, rosemary, peppermint= bugs and drinks, that's all i can think of. i'll be ltd to a 10' x 10' plot/raised garden but can do a few herbs in buckets and even keep them in the front yard. big question. my big gate in the back yard has two sides that swing open. i secured it by using a metal rod pushed into the dirt. that way the dog couldn't get out. now, that disappeared and can't seem to find a simple replacement. any ideas to secure the fence so it can't swing open. yes, i have a thick chain on it but it won't keep the fence together tight enough. and my damn bulldog will slip under the chain and run off smdh and she knows she can do it too. bitch too smart frfr. I need something to secure the fence to prevent the escape artist. that's why i never teach my dogs to jump over shit now lol.
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