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  1. 2 blue pots were raised and baby gurl too. I lady pot with no red pot was rectified. Those roots like going to the moisture held in the res pot. fan was moved inside the tent and put in low. Didn’t like it on high pointing into the corner of the tent. So, no light leak trying to close that vent before sunlight comes knocking. my late order is on the way but had another snafu. Dude told me it was all ready except the root riot cubes. So he added the 100 cube bag at no added cost because of how they dealt with it properly. Low and behold I get an email saying they are waiting on a couple saucers hmm. So, will ship all they have and send the saucers afterward priority. I’ll believe it when it arrives. Next run will be coco coir. Been sitting like 4 yrs. I forgot I got 2.5 gal containers of CNS -17 so I have enough to do at least 2 more runs imho. I was going to pickup Alaska bloom to be consistent but on hand is paid for already. Beside I have a feeling they will like the CNS -17 in flower more. IMG_2179.MOV
  2. Tried the get pics in order again and some how I missed a plant smdh. Counter clockwise was my count = close to far
  3. A few more still Big league Grape at the start of flower. Should be done in. 60 days or less. I’m not taking shit before 60 and as long as I have time will go 70 going for ambers. yep, that boy is done. It’s cool cause I have his spunkness in the freezer.. so, will not be topping any of them so the idea of getting cuts like that isn’t possible. I’m certainly not going to cut the main flowering top off to try and root it.? Little amnesia haze treat to sooty my back and reward my progress thus far. the fan was set up higher to give more air circulation and they like it. Still running it pointed at the vent hole. I can feel moisture when I roll up the vent cover but no issues thus far. I will add a fan inside as they bulk up in flower.? They have adapted to the brighter blight well imho. They drink a bit more Of course but have not noticed any negatives showing health/growth wise. Ki
  4. So, let’s see if that light can make me happy on the 1st run. Taste test after a 30 day cure should be very motivating and I doting as well.. turns out my order with the root root plugs was held up waiting fir them. All my other stuff was ready. I told dude that was not good to not let me know since I placed my order a Kong time ago... MOs, make a longer story short. He said he would ship immediately with the 100 root riot plugs at no additional cost to me.! so, should have them in a week or less. He said 3-5 business days actually. Cuts are still under water in the fridge.
  5. So, April 12, 5 plants showing hairs and i'm pretty sure all 6 are. so, counting this as 1st day of flower for BLG ! LET'S GET JIGGY WITH SHALL WE. All were defoliated of big fans to one extent or another. no. 3 the best one and no. 1 kept more fans then the rest and i just tucked some of them that were left. i've never pruned in initial flower like this so i put the pedal to the metal. not ashamed to still be learning certain grow methods. it will only benefit future grows mos def. FYI i tried to take the pictures in order but tat never works out after washing exif info and then seeing them in the album. oh well. the make started to flower because I left him in the dark a few times in the bathroom. I wasn’t running a 250 w just fir him and closet light in the same room as tent ass no need to tempt fate imho.
  6. THX @webeblzr , i did my normal cheapest price search for it. found for $7 to suit my budget. = 8cu. ft for under $30 not including shipping etc. i saw VARIOUS recharge sources https://aggressivegarden.com/product/recharge/ ; https://www.realgrowers.com/shop/ is this the one u speak of ? my initial thoughts on recharge with coco is it's simply not needed because of the way coco grows great roots. the recharge has molasses in it already btw. so, if i'm not vegging long term i don't see a practical benefit to recharge in coco. in soil where ur making ur medium bio active sure imho. i do know a dude who grows with coco and amends it like it was freaking soil = @jonesin_genetics on IG. he makes some righteous gummy squares that are legit too. i think i still have like 4 left. to me doesn't make sense to treat coco; like it's soil and spend xtra for negligible differences. it's like the folks who want to grow with a hempy bucket and deviate from the original medium and find more complicated ways to use a hempy which defeats the ease of the hempy lol. yet, i have not seen one deviation that does better than the original perlite/vermiculte mix in all these years. ijs i love hearing and seeing organic results but imho all i care about is the end results that suit me so far as quality is concerned. i don't care how i get there as long as it's economical and produces good end results. with a block/perlite/sunshine mix/lava rock or may try hydroton next time. now, i realize this was geared to you doing a table. what i want to know is how you use the block stuff and with what else added for normal pot style growing ? are you using all 3 block, perlite and sunshine mix to make your medium normally ? or just block and chunky perlite ? yeah, i have to e real clear on specifics for me to make a big change.
  7. I’ll show the static pictures but not in order. I cut back the FOB male and took cuts and place in fridge under water. 22” down to Approx 14”. Left a cut candidate near the top just in case I want to use it/ prune it to make a better bonzai style boy. just want to get in practice for making bonzai mothers. Mole did that and others too. practical for a ltd space gro op I have his notes/post on it. Where hmmm !!! still I have a good recent source to guide me. Lights were made brighter oh yeah, lights are estimated @75% approx. = risky move cause i'm looking for more veg growth by upping the lights but not height. Yet, more light gives them more reason to grow well. obviously i'll be monitoring things daily. I want to use the root riot cubes to clone them. Do fridge life should allow that if they arrive soon.
  8. posted a video in my thread "time to run this marathon", the video shows on my phone for this post. here and also at soaknbeans i see the posted video as intended via phone. yet i can't see the footage on my laptop. any ideas about this, cause i'm clueless ?
  9. ur last sentence reminded of the HT article years ago cause folks were seeking to do so. someone wrote a nice tutorial for organic hydro using a f & d table if i recall. plus it was easy peezy too. hell, i might have the mag still if i ever run across it. obviously now days many have found alternative methods for hyrdo organic grows . i saw a fantasy 135 w led grow kit set up. i say fantasy cause in theory it's awesome in reality based on amazon reviews they doubt you will look for that shit sucks. when i googled it i was like please not on amazon lol. i can't find anything definitive about coco husk most hit interchange the word for coco coir basically. one reptile site spoke on a difference that eludes to what you said but it was about a spiders use of it. shoot me a link please and thx. i like asparagus now but hated it as a kid. i can do grilled marinated asparagus. but not supposed to eat char cause of cancer . sauteed is cool after marinading though. i've bought a couple jars of grilled marinated ones that were pretty good. just not as firm obviously. i have to start thinking ginger to get some done this year. will eventually be fore fresh ginger beer and various health tonics. i saw this https://www.etsy.com/listing/843082832/pure-organic-coconut-husk-fiber?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_d-craft_supplies_and_tools-floral_and_garden_supplies-greenery_and_gardening-plants-house_plants&utm_custom1=_k_CjwKCAjw07qDBhBxEiwA6pPbHoW9y0qkU27bJZ5YPM0tachmtIymC3Bdk2Na0ILkXsm4NN_wvQyEoxoCf1oQAvD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_11502762704_114731503360_476190552851_pla-321284729019_c__843082832_277211575&utm_custom2=11502762704&gclid=CjwKCAjw07qDBhBxEiwA6pPbHoW9y0qkU27bJZ5YPM0tachmtIymC3Bdk2Na0ILkXsm4NN_wvQyEoxoCf1oQAvD_BwE i made a turmeric with a bit of ginger the other day. used fridge dried turmeric root, scraped off mold and tossed in mixer with water and chopped like ice. then just added it to the pot of water with blk pepper, light olive oil, dash of cinnamon and the small chopped ginger root that i was able to do with the cleaver. then i added like 9/10 bags organic black tea. sugar after done. that mix was more like a concentrate. used 1 gt. homemade orange gatorade and mixed with qt. of the concoction. i added mango and fruit punch arizona to two bottles of the strong base today. one is abput to be sampled after i eat this turk, cheddar, bagel burger. IMG_1773.MOV
  10. Frosty before headed to the grinder. Love taking pics of the same nug in various ways.?
  11. Update big league grape. baby girl #4 got transplanted tonight. She’s might be moved to veg though. I ‘ll see how she responds this week then decide. if she goes in veg she will be bushed out and cloned. Then flowered and by then another step in the marathon will be in progress. Time to germ some more beans cause I can’t justify 250 watts to veg or flower one plant.
  12. Most are gone mainly my fault but no biggy now. Just hope any clones I take can let me get some more bud and pollinate a couple lower branches too.
  13. This is bought but technically connected to the grower ha. It’s one of their house strains GSC it was headed to the grinder so... yes, this is my 1st GSC and it’s good imho. The best, nah but worth keeping a few jars in the stash MOs def ! chase a pug with blueberry passion fruit sorbet band water .
  14. More pics BLG in the tent if only they all looked like the lead female. Yet, looks are deceiving and plants reveal themselves regardless in the smoke test.
  15. I had planned to do the smaller led 1st. But pandemic fortune hit and gardenartus reminded me about the stimulus loot connect to grow gear. I had to go all in while I could. I can still rock the 600hps in the cooler basement. Gotta figure out a way to deal with smell in an open basement though. Not going to be easy. Was just glad the 1st runs weren’t stinky. I have grow stones made for medium aeration and they don’t compact either. Hoping that gear gets here soon cause the other gurlz will only grow better now. so you are using coco husk stand alone and only add the chunky perlite? That’s interesting hmm. How does the bud taste vs your soil grows w/vomit ? what’s the cost on the husks and how easy are they to get if you know. Can you reuse that or no ? Update : I turned the light up some, fed a few and watered a couple lightly. I have to be careful with these bigger pots watering wise so I don’t over do it. dryer sheets today and two more pots will get their dryer sheets tomorrow. Now, it’s time to decide when to flip and what I’ll do with them. as if now, It seems to make sense to flip soon based on a 2ft canopy distance from the lights. If they stretch more than double I’m in trouble. My idea is to let them stretch at flip and then top for clones where possible and take lower clones if not. So, here are there basic measurements not in order No. 4 the runt Height 8.75” ; width 14.5” x 12.75”internode distance approx 1.5” Secondary branches are tiny No.6 height 15.5”; width 17” x 17” ; internode distance 2”avg. ; secondary branches coming in now No. 1 height 14.75” ; width 17.25” x 17.25” ; internode distance 2” ; secondary branches small No. 3 height 15.75” ; width 18” x 18” ; secondary branches look good, big fat leaves ; internode distance 2” No. 5 height 12.5” ; width 17.5” x 17.25” ; internode distance 2” ; secondary branches coming on now No. 2 height 13.5” ; width 16” x 17” ; secondary branches are tiny ; internode distance 1.75” avg.
  16. damn when did u get here dude. Are u the same JH on the other boards like thcfarmer, rollitup, icmag ...
  17. so, what's cottage loafs ? oops never mind i googled them. i had never heard of them. cool wow surprised to here u going hydro but based on ur diligence you are going to be happy as a hog in slop once dialed in and u get those speedy growth results. eventually coco should give me the results i'm after. no high plant numbers so hand watering is no big deal. easy shut down if need be too. besides you deserve a break for a change = rest up, then u can slam that hydro build and don't look back. i'm still vetting other dry nutes and i looked at dr. earth but passed on it. i had a reason but can't recall why now. all will be getting Alaska grow now. i mixed 3 liters H2O with almost 2tbl instead of a full gallon. i put the leftover nutes in the fridge and just let them get room temp before i use again. i need to buy molasses, will order that when i make my market in april. now, i can just cruise and pay attention to them and catch up on my data info like height/width, internodal length, approx pot sizes. i have stakes at the ready but not of the other testers have needed to support their plants. my mind is already thinking on how i will do a clone run and how many plants based on various pot sizes. i do have more home made black pots already drilled and ready to go. all 2/3 gal approx. i'm smelling doing them all in coco based on the one coco tester of BIG LEAGUE GRAPE aka "baby gurl" I'll have to determine how much coco is left to fill pots. i'll use it all and if i need more medium i'll reuse the biobizz lite/epsoma i have on hand. basically nutes are gone and i'll just feed whatever i choose. i will add DE AHEAD OF TIME SINCE DE has to be dry to work ! i'm not trying to make living soil cause my ltd. space and circumstances make that a pita for now. After all these years and all the years not being able to grow I've finally made it to tent city. i've only grown in a closets and a basements thus far. thankfully i can use current basement for vertical growing now that i have done that twice in a row. will need to make the window exhaust for the tent. so it doesn't look like an exhaust is there at all. i have a relative that can make it right if i don't rig it up myself . i'll check tent temps and see if i can run the fan on low, which might be possible since it's led with passive cooling anyway. i do have insulated ducting to help with the noise. as you can see it's not a long run inside the tent at all. the standard ducting is now attached to the fan going outside the tent. excess is resting up on the tent roof and yes it can reach to a window easily. time to get sprayers for my soap ipm in the house. mix is already made sitting room temp. i will use far less soap then they recommended based on how thick it gets. makes it extra thrifty at $1 a bar Fels-Naptha who knew ? apparently many old time gardeners and somehow most cannabis hobbyist didn't get the memo. works on the pita ants too thankfully. i don't like to kill ants but i can't lead them elsewhere so they gotta go.
  18. my only concern is possible nute adjustments because pf how led's seemed to make them utilize nutes. although i have CNS=17 FOR COCO i'M SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING going to jacks 321 cause many use it and even coco folks. many don't need to supplement cal mag with it though some folks do. apparently use is strain dependant. i just look for easy peezy ferts that are effective and as simple as possible while being economical too.
  19. Girl Scout Cookies just a couple random pics. Had to get ready for 420. I’m all set now. Candy bar, square irie gummy squares, GSC and amnesia, Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake brownies, some kif and leftover crumble from Denver ! I can’t do all that though lol !
  20. Ducting to filter still needs to be installed. Not currently needed ha ! No help and it hurt but it’s done bulldog style . IMG_1186.MOV
  21. nice, i was wondering who would show results of that 1st. what's your take on them. how many beans did you pop and how many phenos did you get ? have u had a chance to dry and cure it yet ? thx. and congrats
  22. Installed the fan but haven't run her yet. i had to stop installation of the duct to the filter because i needed another duct clamp. i have enough regular ducting to make the connection and then do a noise level check. if it's not bad i won't bother to install the insulated ducting i have on hand brand new. have and not need is better than need and not have. So, ordered two pairs of duct clamps, a ph test kit w/up & down , 6 new pot saucers, and a bag of root riot cubes. i have a cloner but i think i will like the cubes for cuts in small numbers. found the insulated ducting brand new, moved out a bag of coco that felt light as fuck. then i picked it up again and it was heavy as fuk lol. hmm so the one small plant will be coco if all goes well.
  23. @Mr Goodfellow aloha brother, very happy to hear from you frfr. yeah, i hear you on the internet issue. yet, it let you know it's not really an essential at all. since i'm an internet junk it would hurt me frfr. about to go to war with comcast getting charged for 300 mps and never get over 100. i'm going to do a couple more speed test to document that fact. pretty sure i'll have to go to small claims court cause they give no fuks about their customers. if u can get food stamps/ebt you can get free basic internet ! yup and a discount on amazon prime monthly too. i only qualify for like 20$ so not ready to go through the hassle for it. although at the farmers mkt. you get double the food stamp amount. so if u spend 20 you can get $40 dollars worth of stuff. great time to "STAND STILL" bagualin said he was starting his training routine again. i'm pushing myself to do the same as well. i've got a few fem CBD-THC beans for you and @gardenartusfrom my warrior tonic that has worked for me in flower form. after i can address that strain further i'll pass out regular beans just like the cannatonic bx was done already. yes, a project to join both cannatonic cuts will be developed . i guess it would be a double bx since the perkins cut was used in the original bx and the mae cut is used in warriors tonic from purpose genetics. i don't know of anyone else selling those type of cbd-thc cultivars at his prices = a steal . the pot of beef stews sounds good even though i don't actually buy beef cuts anymore. farm raised chipped steak or regular burgers is as far as i go now lol. ran out of bread/crackers. so did tuna fish with bacon appetizers i got from a tapas place. train stops there and i meet my plug and then go to the tapas place and order before train home come buy. cost me $5 last time. some times they don't even take your money. disability discount is 50%. well, time to hang this led light so i can get those plants praying again. they been chilling in the bath tub on cfl light on 24hrs for two days. . peace power and luv SCB
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