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  1. I myself was lost for a while to e$ko, but there it is.
  2. With the new version of the forum software came some changes in the way some tasks have to be done or where to find some functionality. The most anoying one was to find how to upload more than one image at the same time in the gallery. It IS there, but it's somewhat hidden. That's why i wrote this tutorial. The first part is for the people new to the forum. All others will find the answer in step 6. So in text, with images and big red circles and stuff, here it comes: 1: Go to your gallery via the link in the pop-up window which appears if you click your name in the right hand corner under the page header. 2: In the Gallery select an album to which you want to add the photo's. By clicking on the album you open it. 3: In the above right hand corner you'll click the upload button.... 4: In the bottom left hand corner you'll find a box with the button 'bladeren' next to it (still have to translate these things....). This will let you select ONE image you want to upload from your computer. 5: Once you have selected the image click the 'upload' button to the right. This will place the image in a qeue waiting for the final upload command. 6: For more images repeat step 4 and 5! You will find thumbnails for the images waiting for upload just above the 'bladeren' and 'upload' buttons. When you've selected the images you wanted to upload you can click the button 'Review & Publish' on the bottom right hand corner. The images will now be uploaded to your album. 7: If you want to upload the images to a new or other album, use the buttons you'll find by the selected album. 8: If you want to use an image from your album select the image and then click the 'Options' button on the top right corner. 9: Click the bottom link 'Share links' 10: In the pop-up window which will appear copy the third URL called 'Image link' 11: When you write your post or reply look for the button with the tree on it in the toolbar above your edit window. 12: Now paste the copied URL in the box and click 'OK' and the image will appear in your editing window and in your posting. That's all folks!!
  3. Jane Doe

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    Just for testing gallery functionality
  4. Weedstiti: I'm a fullblown Adobe adict. Work a lot with Photoshop and Illustrator. For my web-coding i'm hardcore: no code generating tools, just a blanc editor and my keyboard. I have some nice tools on the side like Colorsnapper and Colorschemer Studio for playing with the colorz. And my ultimate play-thing (besides John Doe ) is my Wacom Cintiq drawing monitor. A 21 inch touchscreen monitor which works like a tablet. It's the digital version of paper and pencil. Super awsome gizmo.
  5. Thanks for the compliments all! Good to be here. Hi Whazzup, still going strong as a forum veteran?
  6. Thanks for the kind words e$ko. It's always nice to read some feedback about the skins. And it's nice to see Opengrow grow into a real community. Together with Wietforum we have a good thing going here, hey?
  7. Hi all, Just a short introduction for the sharp observers: i'm a new admin. I was allready working behind the screens on the forums, mostly under the account of John Doe. He's my husband, so that was easy LOL. But for now i've decided to get my own account. I'll be working quietly on the colors of the forums while John Doe does alle the technical stuff on the servers. So maybe you'll see me around some time. Jane Doe
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