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  2. we definitely watching bro. but i do agree. nothing like how it used to be
  3. Holy Princess x CheeseBerry
  4. think i may have it confused. excuse me as all this organic terminology is new to me. i see that about 6:00 he reference forest humus is nothing more than a code word for saw dust due to the fact that they aren't allowed to harvest but so much legally and still have a year round demand to meet. on that note, i will be purchasing it, cause like you said, its a once and done situation. could only help it either way u look at it. i love that link bro. sooo much info. gonna be digging in it tonight. do appreciate the help hempy. i too am i hempy fan. this organic grow will be the first grow in years thats not hempy buckets. love them.
  5. hempy whats going on. same thing i said. to the point of me even asking the guy how bout if i was to throw 3 plants in the 15 gal to get the same amount of plants in that i wanted, he said only 1 plant per 15 gal tub. cool so now that i know i could run the 5 gals thats a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. if my calculations serve me correctly, castings would be about 17% of the total mix. glad I'm in the right range. would u recommend top dressing or making teas? or both? gotta build me one of those ACT devices soon. also, i was listening to a podcast with coot on it. he was against using bio char stating that theres no real need as its not really what they say it is. imma search for the file and get back to ya on that. cant remember exactly what was said. i was so for bio char until i heard that.
  6. hello fellow og family. hope all is well with everyone. Im starting my journey to organics. I'm just tired of the bs that comes with the damn synthetics now. still gonna give sannies mix a try next run, but this run I'm diving into the coot mix. i see lots of people on the site is familiar with this style grow. agp wassup, i see you. organic obsession, shoeless, y'all doing y'all thing. just wanna make sure I'm getting started off on the right foot. gonna be using sphagnum peat moss, 1:1 compost/castings, 1:1 rice hulls/pumice. making bout 13 cu ft. got the coot mix from another site. according to them theres no need to let the soil cook after mixing, but still gonna sit for bout a week give or take. was talking to the company and told them i was planning on running 20 5gallon buckets. they said they wouldn't advise doing that, but would recommend using atleast 15 gal buckets. sucks as i already have about 40 5 gallon buckets ( kicks myself for runnings sannies stuff at that point lol). wish me luck on this run. I'm mixing the soil tomorrow. probably planting bout thursday. strains are 88 ghash x neville super kush, f13 x chem d, and fire alien kush. pics coming soon. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. chucky has found her way back around. I'm to excited bout this. let the pollen hit everything shit. lol
  8. yes maca is defintly an energy booster. i take it daily along with sarsaparilla, burdock, yellowdock.
  9. purple la confidential x free kush (midnight tokers breeding) 7 wks flowering 2 different pheno. one like a ball, one like a spear. HUGE
  10. strawberry bozo pheno 1 7 week pheno 2 7 weeks both smells of crazy strawberry but the short fat one (pheno 1) is strawberry bubblegum, other is of a strawberry hard candy. amazing
  11. jamaican bud

    The bozo

    Md. Universe x blue chocolate
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