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    i stopped growing any kind of plant over 6 years ago. Shit I don't even really smoke weed anymore. I spend every waking minute of my life either shooting dope or looking for it, same with smoking crystal and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. I steal from women who work hard to support themselves when they've just lost their husband of 10 years and who have recently found out they have cancer. Yep. I steal money from them after they've fed me, given me weed & rides all over (and offered free medical care for my arms that are going to need removal soon and looked out for me) - yep! I steal money from these good people so I can get high one more time, for the 9463638 time. Oh and I left a young kid out there alone who just discovered dope himself and I don't really care or want to do anything about it.

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  1. Heroin. What else is there?

  2. I think the administration will wait for shops to open so far here in colorado I've not seen a single patient who's following the law get raided, unless they had something else going on or were drawing the attn. of the law . I have neighbors who grow outdoors and indoors and we have all been left alone as long as we follow the rules. As for dispensaries that's a different story , I work at a major corporate building supply store and we just got hit with truck loads of hydro equip when before the bosses were real against it. So I guess we will see how it plays out.
  3. This summer has been awful for temps here . This is the first time I've had to run my ac this early since getting here . Loving your setup though .
  4. I love it here bro transplanted ten yrs ago from so cal. On the advice from scarecrow and cloud and haven't left since. It's probably the kindest place I've been.
  5. Ok so I have a mt. Huckleberry mom she is gorgeous and a anasthesia dad heri pheno but , my problem is I want more bb genes I'm from co. And we used to be known for our berries . If I was to cross what I have it wouldn't cut it . Now if I was to cross the cr to the huckleberry first pick the mom and then the Ana cross . Never mind just answered my own question , sorry stoner moment
  6. charlie brown

    OG Chat

    Me to on iPad and can't get in and guess what I'm to stoned to try any harder ! My screen changed color am I that stoned or am I with the cool kids now lol. My screen changed color am I that stoned or am I with the cool kids now lol.
  7. How long to pop bro I got three in sponge pots now with stumptea and can't wait . My anasthesias have popped already
  8. Anybody got the huckleberry f2's going got mine in sponge pots with some tea now . Would like more info from anybody running these .
  9. I swear by htg never done me wrong now as for DIY ballast , unless you have a great knowledge of electricity and a good fire extinguisher don't do it .
  10. Nice to see some more mile high growers on here welcome
  11. TOUCHDOWN got my f2 today going in sponge pots now.
  12. Back in the day we had a blueberry cut boulder was famous for to bad it's gone . I've been on a steady mission to find it again , to bad it's gone .
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