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  1. im smoking a orange kush from my brother in cali right now and a orange kush x orange haze cross , ive go t some bubba 98 here as well in my seed stock , very good meds . can wait to test all new sannie's stuff his seeds in the past was awesome ..... smoked some Old World Paki kush , which was out of this world ...And North valley Kush i really wish i could get these 2 again as over all these was the best out of the kushes i smoked .....
  2. stella grow sannie , amazing skills and documentary , youve made my medical grow so eazy with top meds , thank you brother ..... growing has never been so much fun i love the genetics as well bro ...... peace .... lol so stoned i forgot i already posted , its that mandarin frog
  3. some very nice strains and growen great , luv it all , good luck
  4. oh thats ok man i just seen this list at the cabana , and thought he might be here , been a while since i needed some beans but he has got old favorite in there that i have lost thanks for the heads up bro
  5. hey mota are you selling these strains and when .would love to know .bro thank again 1. Bounty Hunter.....Choc. Diesel x UBC Chemo 2. Rocky Mountain High...5KOG x Aloha White Widow 3. Ronnie James Dio...Heri x5KOG/Aloha White Widow 4. Gryphon....G13/HP 88 x Lemon Thai 5. Hillbilly Affliction...NYC NL#6 x UBC Chemo 6. Fugu Kush...Pre 98 Bubba x Blowfish **** 7. Bubba Yum... Pre 98 Bubba x Yumbolt 8. Serenity....Mikido x G13/HP 88 9. Radiation Red Columbian Red x UBC Chemo 10. The Corning Kid....Orange Kush x UBC Chemo , Orange Kush is Old world Paki/Double G x WW 11. Saginaw Valley Skunk...Old school Skunk pheno x G13/HP88 12. Prisonor of War...PG 13 x POW 13. Sour Turbo....ECSD x Sour Turbo 14. Double Koosh... Pre 98 Bubba x G13/HP 88 ***** your The Corning Kid sounds really nice but they all sound really nice some really good one's in there the old world paki kush and double g13xww are old favorite im so glad i can get these again props to mota for keepng the gen's alive and kicking . Top work mota made my day that has
  6. i say the same , some kids add heroin or crack to the joints here crazy shit been going on since the 70-80's ....... this is a product of prohibition and not education
  7. hey marv brother how you doing just reading the thread , downer on the D.E.A ,time for you to move to Nor Cal ,seirra side , the folks are great and are med freindly are these air cooled and air tight , waiting on the test when you get them done ,UK is the pit's to lol , peace to all
  8. check this out : ) http://www.ratical.org/renewables/hempseed1.html
  9. way to go HUPLA and useless glad you guys are spreading the weed . keep it going awesome work
  10. nice art work sannie , the avatar is cool top of the crops as always
  11. yep had some of these very nice and a great smoke never got the purple phemo ,great skills on the grow bro ..
  12. bacgrower

    Weed Art

    dam i didnt see your work gud karma that is some great painting skill all art work is fantastic .the roaches i like cos you never see anything like that ) i smoke a raw pipe so no roaches here love it awesome stuff all of it
  13. Looking really good are your girls , got my chair and awaiting reports : ) happy growing
  14. bacgrower

    Weed Art

    oh man i love it when people share there talent's great stuff from Africa , sorry its been a while since i posted , been really busy ......
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