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  1. Gardenartis. Your good people. Care not for the words of those who seek to diminish your work. I have been called an angel and a devil. Generally those that called me devil do not know my perspective at least to a point of appreciation/effective understanding. Teach/explain to those you can. To the rest that don't accept science and experience. They only want to fight and hurt without genuine merit. Those people do not matter. Don't let them hurt feelings as they are without standing and true justification. Keep on keeping on! You do good and we need you!
  2. Just got back online today. Fun times... For a hempy you want the holes a bit up on the sides of the pot so that it makes a reservoir. On the media, I used big perlite mostly. Perlite/stones and coco are my favorite due to wicking. birds nest type. All the media should last for a very long time but a replenishment % is common. What essentially is happening. You generally start with a clone, because we want to populate the media roots as fast as possible. Once the clone is established in the new pot I like to reduce water/nutrient input for a week. This increases the plant to aggressively go after that water source at the bottom of the container. We want to help the plant drink well about the time it hits that container. About a week. Now if you used a wicking ingredient in your media this helps. An example of birds nest style coco, the stringy stuff and not ground so much. I actually like both in media but for hempy buckets, I ensure I put in a healthy amount. Be careful to not hit with heavy nutrients after that first week, It will be an unpleasant shock to the plant and likely lead to a burn. The issue with hempy buckets is when you get to high a concentration of nutrients on the reservoir of the pot and that can cause significant issues over time. So go low and slow build-up and be sure to test your in and outs as this will help you keep in an acceptable range. Also, with hempy buckets because of nutrient concentration on the bottom of the reservoir with this style. I do advocate flushing at flip, weeks 3 to 5, and towards the end. This with this type of schedule, feed - water - feed - water - feed - water. Is what sets Hempy growth apart is when roots growth is optimized to begin energy into uptake rather than searching for water and nutrients. This when tapered with the timing for its growth period seriously speeds up growth. Not that it speeds up but that when all clicks into place it is ready and raring to go at the starting line compared to not quite prepared but at the starting line. I evolved from hempy buckets to basically fabric containers on a flood and drain table. I have done all types of media on it for the most part. My name hempy comes from hempy buckets and in appreciation of the original Hempy!
  3. I tend to dislike Western medicine that is geared to insurance companies rather than the patient. With that said, I would be dead if not for modern surgery. I take no medications but I should. Now, for something different.
  4. Yes, if the environment is stable and light and everything is spot on. Then I suspect it is Sativa genes doing their thing. Generally, it won't be a big deal towards potency as it is with stress-induced growth typically like. Think of it like this, a Sativa wants to live old and long and the weather is a paradise for her. She is in no hurry to finish and wants to go slowly. She does not typically finish like an indica, that is more all at one-time frame instead of some growth, maturity, smaller growth, maturity and so and so forth. slowly adjusting the temperature and humidity to mimic spring, summer and fall "might" help but I would not be concerned overly if not from stress and would consider it normal growth if I am correct on the genetics having sativa genes. My guess is in part a co-dependent or similar type of gene that under the right conditions can still come through. Nutrition is also a potential factor but I do not speak on that as I assume all things competent with its nutrition, meaning no nitrogen to very little nitrogen in flower.
  5. Generally, this is due to stress, like fox tailing. Consider these aspects: Temperature Humidity Removed too many leaves. It is also sorta normal with sativas and can be seen sativa heavy hybrids. Sativas typically mature due to time as they are equatorial. So with the plant typically finishing in a typical time could still see new growth and still finish and not be due to stress. Hope that helps.
  6. I enjoyed reading this! Thank you!
  7. One that comes to mind is when I had a dispensary person tell me that there was no difference between sativa and indica. It has to do with shelf life and the older the date more indica affect. So they recommended middle aged weed.
  8. I have had many a dispensary worker try to tell me how cannabis is. The person does not know who I am. Let's just say. I just laugh internally and hope the patients get lucky.
  9. No!!!!! He was a good dude. I met him and spoke at length at a gathering of like-minded people many years ago. He is and will continue to be missed and well remembered.
  10. add in your day and night temps and humidity
  11. Regarding the hollow stems. This typically is a result of not enough carbon. The reasons are vast and complicated and I am more book schooled on more of the reasons than witnessed though I have seen this more so in hydroponics than in quality soil. I have seen great plants from both as I am sure you have as well. I wish you great success in your work and I thank you for sharing! There is a good interest in Thai plants in this forum!
  12. Generically spoken. If you want your writings to be understood. Then be effective in doing that. If you are posting for you and maybe a select group who are similar, then all good! It's all good! People interacting in a positive way. Win win! If I dont understand it or have difficulty in understanding, maybe I just got old but that is not their fault. Nor is such writings being pointed towards me so it is not meant for me. Maybe not my cup of tea so to speak but so freaking what! People post for different reasons and for different people sometimes. It is all good and that is what community is. Being that we are small such things can stand out more so than in a larger populace. Sunstone, I'm glad you are here but realize when you rock the boat you make waves. All good peoples here! Crap, Sunstone, where are my manners. Lights one up and passes it to Sunstone. Hey, I'm Hempyfan. Glad to meet you! I probably coughed a bit while handing it to you!
  13. The end answer is a lack of carbon but the reasons for that cause can be many with some debate. Most often I believe this happens from a bit too high temperatures and potentially a lack of rest of the plant combined with the age of the plant. The resting part I have seen heavily debated and in my experience I have no affirmed opinion. I do believe it is good for a plant to rest but I have seen virtually no difference in plants with a short vegetative stage before flowering once they are mature to flower. With that said, I have personally seen plants grown with ideal environments and ideal lighting and nutrition at the same time and have had hollow and others have regular stems. I have not seen any quality difference. My personal view is that it can be a variety or all of the following; stress, nutritional aspects, too weak lighting, to the removal of too many leaves at critical stages of plant development when it is bulding with carbon (stems and such) it can create this aspect. This tends to be more with hydroponic plants as they can absorb faster than soil styled medias. Also, when plants are stressed and need carbon for elsewhere, it can use the pith, regular stems, as a source. Sort of like a fat in our bodies but for use in building materials rather than energy production like us. With detailed records of environment, nutrition, ph, in and outs as applicable it may be possible to determine better management practices. overall in this regard for the average grower. Is not a big deal if the plant is healthy and happy otherwise.
  14. @Damar. Things will turn around. During times like this, I say thank you may I have another. This is not the time to be depressed or negative. There is time for that later. Things will work out. Maybe not in the manner we would like but it will work out. Just do not try to force an issue. The oil job is likely not going to come back fast.
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