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  1. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I helped and help those I do because their is no thought to say no.
  2. Hempyfan

    Clone evolution?

    you are seeing difference in expression due to environment and/or other stress factors. this can be like a mirage to growers. generically as a grower learns a mother-clone and better dials in/manages the plant, betters environment and nutrition, especially during crucial periods/stages of growth the plant will show betterment. It is not due to dna changes. now an unhealthy mother can have dna damaged clones but not improvement. improvement is from other factors.
  3. Hempyfan

    Diary of a breeder part two

    Love it and great to hear knuttsel is hard at work. All my best!
  4. Hempyfan

    Inexpensive Soil

    if you reuse soil, add calcium and magnesium, worm castings, some biochar (charged), some compost on top of soil. flavors are based on brix levels, easier to do with soil than hydro.
  5. Hempyfan

    Mapito diy questions

    Hidro is the king. One of the most I respect in cannabis.
  6. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I do not care about credit myself. In part, it is not my knowledge. I did not discover anything nor create a new system or process. Yes I have learned lessons and such and experimented far more than most. I had a unique situation and setup that allowed me to do things few could do and I took full advantage of that situation but none of that knowledge and lessons is mine. I share knowledge that others have shared and imparted with me and lessons and such learned with experience and experimental grows in a more scientific method/manner. I do not look at any knowledge or information as mine. With that said, I do not believe Gardenartus sees it that way but that she is being disrespected and more along the lines as sexism. I am a large part at fault for her feeling that way as twice now it was my posts after hers that caused problems. Well, I am often on my phone these days and I literally have the cheapest phone and as such I cannot easily read the posts of others as the scroll is difficult and pics are very difficult as well. I almost always do not see or even try to see other peoples post due to this difficulty. I try to answer those who ask for help and I get a bunch of PM for assistance. Often I click on the post and then answer not reading any other postings if I am on the phone which is 90% of the time. So, in her case I see it as she feels I am being sexist or whatnot. Non of that is true and I have the highest respect for her but if such situations makes her feel uncomfortable I understand not wanting to be around such places. I hope to see her back but if not then I wish her the very best and as always she has my highest respects. For me, I give back here. It is not about me and I am not special. I am just someone who has some plant physiology knowledge, grow experience in many methods and mediums, breeding knowledge and natural farming and bit of permaculture tossed in. HD!
  7. Hempyfan

    Washing plants post harvest?

    matter of strength. you also can do a rinse with just water after using if you like I stand by my advice which has been in practice for about 20 years.
  8. Hempyfan

    Washing plants post harvest?

    mix some hydrogen peroxide and water in a big tub. wash your buds, let air dry for about an hour on a rack or sheet pan. then hang or process as normal. you can leave on stem or cut first. they are easy to wash if still on stem. just hold one end of stem and move the stem throughout the water for 15 seconds or longer.
  9. Hempyfan

    Help please

    Since you are new to growing I recommend checking these links out. for indoor environment and lighting information http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forum/15-indoor-gardening/ soil info/recipe http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/topic/22-soil-recipe/ excellent plant problem site https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-symptoms-pictures hope that helps. Hempyfan!
  10. Hempyfan

    Harvesting before they are mature

    The effect of cold weather on the plant varies on genetics that in terms of plant type. Not really talking on frost yet. Specifically in terms of sativa, indica, ruderellis. Indica will often change color as the chlorophyll is affected. all can do this but indica generally common. the cold signals hormones and such in the plant that work towards end of flowering. Sativa is more of an equatorial plant and evolved to use growing time as its maturing factor. No seasons as in northern and southern areas, hence longer finishing times. Hybrids work to reduce flowering times among other traits. ok frost, frost is damaging and due to season the plant is unable to effectively recover as light is reduced, leaves are reduced in number and chlorophyll is reduced and diminished. Additionally, due to cold uptake is drastically reduced and soil life is as well. Frost is a very stressful event for a plant which often occurs during a time the plant is vulnerable. rot often follows a frost. cannabis seeds benefit from cold and frost as it breaks down a chemical that works against sprouting to early, more indica thing than sativa. Indoors, adjust earlier stages of plant life to warmer/humid but accepted ranges and adjust to cooler and drier side temperature and humidity towards harvest remaining in accepted ranges. to raise sugar/minerals/brix in the plant, work those levels throughout its life span. This is easier in soil compared to hydro. Research brix. Hope that helps. Hempyfan.
  11. Hempyfan

    What is this bug?

    Check this link out. https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-aphids I second Sickness. These multiply like crazy, get a hold of it quickly.
  12. Hempyfan

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    oh yes she did. She went further than most too. One of best I have seen. when I am on phone the site and threads are very hard for me to see as when I scroll it flies by so fast and is hard to see so I dont see most posts. More humble pie. Gardenartus has my highest respect for her and the information she shares on a wide matter of cannabis topics. I did not see Gardenartus post. otherwise I would have just seconded her post and perhaps added something if helpful. Great information and thank you, sorry for the oddness. It is not intentional. Hempyfan
  13. Hempyfan

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    when to cut is daunting at first. I suggest that you cut some each week so that you get an understanding of the range of "done". this is more a preference kind of thing. I personally like about 15 to 20 percent cloudy to amber. cloudy with bent trichromes will give you a high THC. more amber will give more cbn and bit more couch lock aspect. finding your preference is the key. cut some and document each week. next grow cut at the time you like the most. for me, i would give 2 more weeks but that is preference. hope that helps. Hempyfan! lol, me and web said the same thing. he nailed it.
  14. Hempyfan

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    I am headed to work but will get back to this tell us of your temps and humidity and any spikes in temp. what about EC/inputs. looks like several aspects. I will try to get to this in a few hours