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  1. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Shame. I know of many stories like that unfortunately.
  2. Hempyfan

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    environment does not change a phenotype, just the expression of the phenotype. the DNA does not change.
  3. Hempyfan

    6/2 lighting schedule

    Make sure you adjust temperature and humidity when adjusting light levels to simulate natural harvesting times. Light is only one cue.
  4. Hempyfan

    6/2 lighting schedule

    interrupting a sleep cycle does not make sense from a plant physiology stand point. Even with keeping the same hours total for light and dark. I can see it potentially causing problems.
  5. Hempyfan

    Starting Over, moving from soil to hydro.

    flood and drain is perfect. octopots have issues with water temperature if you are in a hot environment.
  6. Hempyfan

    Stop calling it medical

    this has been going on for a long time but mostly quality control reasons in the past. Good dispensaries did this to ensure quality and in full legal area they will do same for, for profit shops. this is in part why so many people flocked out their to grow and don't make a living at it. They can't make the standard.
  7. Hempyfan

    Mapito Run - Autoflower - 600Watt

    ok, with a high ec in water continue with your current ec but pay attention to your plants and adjust accordingly up ir down. check out the soil recipes in the link posted by Darth Budder. That is super soil so to speak. much information than just recipes. Also, check out the natural farming section and imo and other inputs to make the soil truly special but that is more involved. hope that helps. Hempyfan!
  8. Hempyfan

    Mapito Run - Autoflower - 600Watt

    I would do an ec at .80 max at that stage. they are babies still. also they are still establishing roots to push leaves and stems. high nitrogen at this stage can limit root growth. Phosphorus is best with a little nitrogen (rooting nutrition or flowering nutrition) is ideal. Flood and drain will push EC towards the top of the media. You risk burning your plants as the babies lack deep roots. as the plants develop their roots will feed deeper in the media and not be effected by concentrated EC in the top layer of the mapito. hope that helps. Hempyfan!
  9. Hempyfan

    Mapito Run - Autoflower - 600Watt

    yield and quality is not based on media all things competent. it is environment that rules that. Media is benefit comes from how well you can manage your watering, nutrition with your environmental conditions. mapito/hydro will uptake nutrition right away.
  10. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    not a day goes by that my Deb is not on my mind. For me I celebrate her and cherish the time were given. Jah Bless! Hempyfan.
  11. Hempyfan

    pretty projects in progress

    on the crooked leaf plant, rule out any powdery mildew. I see some white splotches but is hard to see well. https://www.growweedeasy.com/white-powdery-mildew also rule out early spider mights. once again I cant see very well but rule out. https://www.growweedeasy.com/how-to-get-rid-of-spider-mites I think I see cause for concern, i tend to side with potential early powdery mildew but I cant see very well on this crap phone. Hope that helps, Hempyfan!
  12. Hempyfan

    Purple Gnarly Growth that Leads to Death

    i am leaning towards mold/mildew you can read more here. I am on phone and cant see pics as well but description describes mold/bud rot classically. https://www.growweedeasy.com/bud-rot hope that helps. Hempyfan!
  13. Hempyfan

    Spider mites.... Revised

    this is exactly why I advocate a several prong strategy. Utilizing various technics that work in tandem or just assist each process incorporating sound and disciplined preventative management is the correct and effective way in growing. People who do not appreciate such pest tend to underestimate the reality of how fast those pest not simply breed but achieve immunity to once effective treatments. No matter how effective a particular treatment or product is, it should be used on a rotation as we fight not just the infestation but the adaption of the breeding pest to the treatment. For example, utilize a strategy that not only kills or interrupts larva to adult stages but also the eggs. Such as using predatory pest that feed on hatched bugs but also those who feed on the eggs. Depending on environment and severity of infestation will vary the types of predators but that is another writing for another day. It is a very common aspect for newer to varied levels of growers to make. Such aspects brings about painful lessons but often leads to better growers. We all wear such scars and badges from our experiences and even doing everything right we can still end up with issues as nature never stops. My best advice is not to be dependant on one or two treatment options full time no matter how effective it is or was. that wont last. and add preventative management. Hempyfan!
  14. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Gardenartus, Those are the pats on the back we take. No matter what, they cant take that from you. keep on keeping on