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  1. https://www.thestatesman.com/india/sudarshan-pattnaik-salutes-indias-medical-fraternity-unique-style-1502867776.html https://www.yahoo.com/news/indian-sand-artist-creates-tribute-060000195.html
  2. Well, is it not surprising that we did take those masks. We are dicks. Seriously though, I am embarrassed by that dick move. Though we are so good at being dicks, Turkey took a cue from Trump and did the same thing to Spain over ventilators except worse because Spain already paid millions for the ventilators. So the countries of the world are beginning to have a whip it out contest to see who the biggest dick is. Led by the littlest of the big dicks who currently reins in the 3 inch and under category or in the 4 to 6-year-old group. Ok, I just made that up. I am willing to concede he could be bigger than a group of 4-6 year olds.... Maybe Its the only way Trump can be referred to in a big dick way, is that he has to be the biggest dick! Though Turkey might have length and girth Trump is arguing where the measure the starts and ends and arguing about a handicap (Like in golf, where they might just give him some inches to better equal the measurement???) America lost its greatness, haha, like we ever was, after WW2. We had a couple of flash in the pan good moments but for the life of me the concept of America being anything but an ad, its also not as bad as I appear to make it out if your an American middle class and up but if your part of the getting taking advantage of at the lowest level. I must take a line or so from a comedian, my fried ass brain can't recall correct right now so please forgive. "I say people and not white people as its people with influence, power and money and by a wee bit that is integrated". Mostly in the back of that bus!! America only cares about itself, just as all countries when push comes to shove. Its just people think we don't push as we do.
  3. We are the most invasive and terrible thing that exists. Stop calling the kettle black! (my humor and an old saying, hope that translates.) That hardly takes away our being effective! Mini grinders that break down fooder and enrich the soils is going to do just that no matter when or how they showed up to the party. Nothing stays the same. Understand entropy. It's all falling apart, but our life spans tapered with limited appreciation is what gives us the false impression that things only begun to change. It is only new to us. Stability is just an illusion and nothing has a right to that no matter our interest or personal belief. Coronavirus anyone? How about a bigger fish or one that breeds faster that gets introduced in rivers and such for example. Something will always come for a resource be it big or small and/or something will change an environment that brings about more effects. That is just how the laws of entropy work. Not my fault. Though I am using it outside of physics it is still the same.
  4. I would mix in castings and soil but also put a pinch of casting around the seed when planted. Hole, seed, fill hole with castings or mixed in is great.
  5. For mushroom information in all aspects. Paul Staments is a person I highly recommend looking into. He is one of the leading myco guy on the planet. This is my mushroom site of choice: https://fungi.com/ I have personally seen their reishi mushrooms truly help.
  6. Hempyfan

    diseases app

    Pictures can only tell the effect, not wholly the cause.
  7. I germed all kinds of ways. My favorite is to put in some worm castings. I made my own castings and was full of sprouts all the time from the stuff I ate! A bit of castings in the hole or sprout right from castings, both worked great for me.
  8. The most powerful comes from mutants but not all mutants is the mutant you are looking for! Mutants get me excited but all but 2 have ever reached that legendary potential. One was a Chem D. On hitter quitter but good luck getting that one to clone even with all optimizations. Out of 50 clones I might get 2 to root. Never yielded for shit but basically grew straight to concentrate!!! Was one I always kept for myself. I miss that plant.
  9. on it, thanks you. It seems some PHP stuff we dont use anyways but getting in contact with company.
  10. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/topic/32-the-story-of-the-wily-ape-section-5-society-market-and-governance/
  11. Hempyfan

    Need Help

    Generally, in plants I ranged from beginning at EC .8 at rooted clone to end of flowering 1.2 to 1.4 I would rarely go farther than that. A little nutrition goes a long way but depending on the environment, genetics and lighting what works for one is not necessarily copy and paste for another but it is close. It is always better to go light and work up as you know the plant and gain experience. FYI Cannabis can uptake far more nitrogen than it needs. This is why people will range from higher numbers than others. It is common I see issues with these plants than the person who owns them. They think they have healthy plants because they will have a good green color and look good. But it is not. Doing this can lead to nitrogen toxicity which means it has stored too much nitrogen. It will make lousy yields, lower quality, and is easier for pest and disease to take hold, and it takes longer to finish. Excesss nItrogen pushes growth and delays to effects negatively other plant development periods. Hope that helps. Oh, I like blue lab the best and I have tried about all of them. Hempyfan. Jah Bless! Stay healthy people!!
  12. Hempyfan

    Need Help

    Hope this helps a bit. I took from 2 sites. EC is better than PPM as depending on type of PPM meter used your PPM measurement could be different. Due to this. I do not recommend PPM meters. It makes helping people more difficult at times. EC is a standard, PPM is not and can vary by brand. What is conductivity? Conductivity (measured in ppm, EC, TDS, CF) is the total soluble salts contained within a liquid solution. Pure water does not contain salts, so it has a conductivity measurement of zero. By adding soluble elements to the water, electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a conductivity rating. So why is it important? Using hydroponics as an example, different crops grow well at different levels of nutrient strength (Electrical Conductivity - EC). Controlling this nutrient strength is all important in providing the best conditions for your crop. Without proper measurement your crop could fail from root burn brought on by too high a nutrient level, or death by natural causes from not receiving the vital elements they need to grow. Different crops grow well at different levels of nutrient strength. It is important to control the nutrient strength to provide the conditions in the root zone which provide maximum uptake of balanced nutrition into the plant, while minimising stress. For each crop there is a range in which the nutrient strength is optimal, providing enough nutrient for growth, but not so strong that the concentration of salts in the plant gets too high. Electronic meters are available to measure the conductivity of the nutrient solution. Online conversion meter at bluelab: Convert common conductivity measurements quickly and easily by using this conductivity converter. https://www.getbluelab.com/Resource+Library/Conductivity.html Measurement conversion chart from EC Bluelab products measure conductivity using EC (Electrical Conductivity) or CF (Conductivity Factor). We also provide measurements in ppm. mS/cm2 (millisiemens per cm2) EC CF ppm 500/ TDS ppm 700 0.1 0.1 1 50 70 0.2 0.2 2 100 140 0.3 0.3 3 150 210 0.4 0.4 4 200 280 0.5 0.5 5 250 350 0.6 0.6 6 300 420 0.7 0.7 7 350 490 0.8 0.8 8 400 560 0.9 0.9 9 450 630 1.0 1.0 10 500 700 1.1 1.1 11 550 770 1.2 1.2 12 600 840 1.3 1.3 13 650 910 1.4 1.4 14 700 980 1.5 1.5 15 750 1050 1.6 1.6 16 800 1120 1.7 1.7 17 850 1190 1.8 1.8 18 900 1260 1.9 1.9 19 950 1330 2.0 2.0 20 1000 1400 2.1 2.1 21 1050 1470 2.2 2.2 22 1100 1540 2.3 2.3 23 1150 1610 2.4 2.4 24 1200 1680 2.5 2.5 25 1250 1750 2.6 2.6 26 1300 1820 2.7 2.7 27 1350 1890 2.8 2.8 28 1400 1960 2.9 2.9 29 1450 2030 3.0 3.0 30 1500 2100 3.1 3.1 31 1550 2170 3.2 3.2 32 1600 2240 3.3 3.3 33 1650 2310 3.4 3.4 34 1700 2380 3.5 3.5 35 1750 2450 3.6 3.6 36 1800 2520
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