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  1. Hempyfan


    Only time to cut with clear is very when you are cutting for a property at that time generally for a medical patient who responds to that. It is rare. Going 30-40 is generally too high. As Gardenartus stated, you run into the risk of the plant selfing itself as they may do by extending the flowering to such a degree. Couch lock will be stronger due to more cbn. On the flip side, the seeds will be femminized.
  2. Hempyfan

    LED vs.....

    Co2 is after air quality section. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/topic/84-the-indoor-garden-environment-part-4-air-quality-co2/
  3. Hempyfan

    LED vs.....

    In equal environment and correct nutrition Hps out yields but cost factors for cooling may or may not depending on individual situation be an issue. What people are seeing in their grows are better environment due to reduced heat. I prefer cml lights for the spectrum and reduced heat as you change a bulb when the quality of the light reduces where for many LED lights the entire light will need to be replaced. Figure a 5 year lifespan for Led but check out the manufacturer for specific lights and models. Ceramic metal halide keeps you in the sweet spot with bulb changes about 1 1/2 years. Additionally, pay attention to the lights footprint and it's penetration and that it matches your needs. A light is a tool and knowledge and appreciation of those tools will help you select well for your situation. Their is no wrong answer when you select for your situation. Hope that helps! Hempyfan
  4. Hempyfan

    Diary of a breeder part two

    That's the Sannie and knuttsel I know! Back to the good times!
  5. Hempyfan

    Repot smart pots?

    I second beach bud
  6. Hempyfan

    Scrog + RDWC questions

    I would transfer only after showing signs of sex while vegging, then I would veg further depending on size of plants the room can handle. It is important to have the plants reach it's maturity stages in order to see the plant without being limited and reduced. This may mean a slightly longer or potentially shorter. Your planning is in a good range. I just say that you want to determine by plant stage and size of plant. Size of plant can be managed. Males show first. Generally I would use the 5 gallon containers as that is good size roots from seed.
  7. Hempyfan

    Feeding question

    Less more but you need to be in similar EC range. Well, no dramatic EC swings as it messes with the osmotic pressure (uptake) of the plants. Reduce EC slowly and raise slowly when needed. Example:. If target or highest EC you are going to use such as week 7 of a 10 week strain is 1.3ec. start in veg with .7/.8 and raise over time each week and reduce if desired after plant is in final stage. Reduce nitrogen and begin flowering nutrients. More P and K after stretch.
  8. Hempyfan

    New set-up new lights

    If getting caught growing is an issue. I recommend a filter in each grow room and in the lung room. I also recommend changing the filter every 9 months instead of a year but that is me being extra cautious. If you run on the high humidity side, change the filter for sure at 9 months but if good environment your good fortune a year but I like the extra security. If you can have people who have great smell and not used to the grow walk the perimeter they will help you determine how long until change.
  9. Hempyfan

    Go Denver Go Denver

    I lived about 10 years in Germany, about an hour from Maastricht. I know the benelux region very well. Next time I go over I will give a holler!
  10. Hempyfan

    Go Denver Go Denver

    Denver looking to be American Holland. I miss Maastricht!
  11. Hempyfan

    PTSD Linked to Deficiency in Endocannabinoids

    Medication often does things it's not meant to do. Besides our meds which I thank God