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  1. Crater Lake v5. I had a pheno that would truly make you question reality. Good yield, sugar was thick and sticky is an understatement.
  2. Detail your grow setup and grow plan and I will give input.
  3. Going from mapito to notill, the mapito gods just screamed all at once lol. I love it. I offer this bit of information. No till is wonderful if you take care of the soil environment. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/topic/112-soil-microlife/ Karma Up!
  4. Think if it as the next part of your growing life story. I also know of what it is like to lose everything all at one sudden tick of the clock and it's all over. Rebuilding again can be quite fun too as it forces you to relook at other technologies where you may otherwise would of kept with old system. Welcome back!
  5. ive seen a pinch of pollen make many many seeds in a room. Hermies are not a wise choice but if you find a pheno and plant you really like and it hermies and you live with it, great but it is generally an unwise thing to purposely subject yourself too.
  6. I hope I dont disappoint As always I would like to start with the basics of soil. I know this sounds like a thing that is not needed. I implore you to know it. It will help in ways you may not be able to perceive yet but will help not only in initial selections of materials and understanding but is part of the sacred pool that ideas come from. Their are overlapping lessons in these videos but I wholly recommend watching both. Together they are golden! Soil and Soil Dynamics Bozeman Science Soil and Dirt SustainableStudies Preparing and conducting a soil sample Preparing a soil sample - Video by Dr. Elaine Ingham SustainableStudies How to choose a microscope for soil microbiology SustainableStudies Water in Soil. This video works well in understanding about soil textures by seeing how water flows in various soils. Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Soil is a living organism Plant Health Cure BV Ok, now with just the myco bit but the video above is a great value in understanding myco too. Primrose OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening Myco is largely ineffective with most growers in containers as the roots have no problems connecting to the nutrients it needs. However, I believe myco and living soil as a whole is vital for no till setups. In no till, you farm/manage the soil and it takes care of the rest for the most part. My best advice is no till is to mimic nature with the layers of soil and manage that. This will help with soils not becoming compact. Living soils in containers is great but myco is largely not a factor as the availability of nutrients that is soluble and ready to use is available. Myco work with plants to obtain nutrients in hard to reach areas the plants roots cant get too. In containers this is not a thing generally. I like IMO, lab and compost teas for containers. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/29-natural-farming-inputs/ hope that helps! Hempyfan, Jah Bless!
  7. You have different chemical make up of a seeded plant compared to a sensi plant. The plant stops making trichromes and being sexy to spending resources on making seeds. This is a difference but like I said its a different chemical make up and I will say this gets to the subjective zone in each person's opinion it. Though technically I would say sensi is stronger on paper all things genetically and environmentally equal. That said, I have no seen a side by side of testing done with seeded bud and sensi bud. I would imagine its more of a terpene difference and a shift in thc production. Keep this in mind/ It is relatively new in society where people can expect seedless bud. Not that long ago, ago maybe a minute or two ago, almost all weed had seeds. Only in the days of indoor growing has sensi became a true reality. We never complained of strength then. Its all good!
  8. The myco are essentially dormant until they come into contact with roots. I will try to write a bit about myco later today. Much of the information people have is from marketing and disguised marketing. For most, they do not benefit for a varied amount of reasons.
  9. Hermies are a part of growing. The question is what triggered the hermie. If it is due to stress, quality growers can generally grow these plants without issue if not too sensitive. I see these as weeklings and those are removed from the next f line if working a breeding strain or selection process. Still does not mean it is fully removed from future F lines but is a good step. If its part of the genetic make up that will happen than this is truly unfavorable and should be removed. However, a private person growing private stuff and it is what they like and the effect is right on for them. Well keeping that bitch is the right answer. Grow what you like but share responsibility. On testing seeds. I generally was very picky on who I would grow from. I tend to want to know with confidence about the parental lines, about those phenos and if I am lucky what type of pheno the mother was. Very rarely will you get dad information except his breed line. In that you can get a bit of an idea of what the dad brings to the table. I use that information in part but great part in determining if I will grow a seed or not. That said, I have accepted with glee some xmas gifts and such but I also understand these are amateur professional at best seeds. Some of the greatest plants come from this direction but you have to accept the risk. You put what you put in your grow rooms. It is only our "fault" or our "win" depending on how it works out. Be competent more than emotional with decisions and you will more often than not, have and enjoy success and to the point success is never in question.
  10. turn them the other way towards the fan but a fan does not need to be direct on them.
  11. I edited in more information above. hope that helps.
  12. Basics Cleanliness Environment. (Temperature and Humidity) Soil temperature, around 55-60 degrees. Humidity 70% Lower to 60% as the plant grows roots. Initially the plant needs higher humidity as it is pulling its water from the leaves but as the roots gain we want the moisture and good turgor pressure from the roots to the plants. So you manage that balancing act as the roots develop. It can happen rather quickly from days to a week or two depending on overall temperature. Higher temperature within good range equal faster rooting. Temperature 70-85f or 26c higher towards 85 is generally better for fast rooting. Try to keep 10 degrees difference between night and day periods. VPD Ideally a vpd around 0.85 kPa is a general rule but range from 0.8 to 0.95 kPa If the air is too hot and dry (high VPD), plants will tend to have slow, stretched growth. If the air is too cool and humid (low VPD), plants grow slowly and are prone to problems with mold or fungus. Media (you want a light media that the new roots can quickly grow through.) I like to wic water from below. The video above shows this in several options. Rapid rooters are notorious for dry spots causing problems. Coco based ones I liked better than peat based ones. Work best for rooting cuts as others have stated. Do not over think it. I sprout based on the condition and age/condition of the seed. This is a great video that is easy to understand for way to much information and practical information that should help you not just fix a propagating problem but help you know this process from depth. Then, you can begin to truly optimize your systems and then you will begin to see plants like you have only seen on a screen. Go to around 22:00 minute mark for examples and some instruction on different types of seed preparation depending on condition of seed. 27:04 for seedling care and transplant. I love sprouting in soil with a bit of worm castings. For hydroponics I like the water in a cup until the root looks like a sperm and transplant. Another very good video for using soil, to soilless medias and seed starting. Here are some methods, I have used these all. He takes too many steps but he babies the sprouting of the seedlings and thus illustrates an optimum environment for each stage of the seedling process. Notice how the environment is altered and humidity is changed for each stage. Appreciating that is key. I disagree with the ones that drop are duds. I have always seen a good rate of those sprouting but after about an hour I will take out of water and plant into soil or even a paper towel method. Can take longer to sprout as well but do not blindly consider those seeds duds. Where he takes the sprouted seeds and into a paper towel and into freezer bag (poor mans humidity dome) I do not do that. I let the roots grow a bit longer. They will grow down and look like sperm. Be careful to not harm the root when moving. I used a good set of tweezers. Watering Section So much great information in this video. Hope that helps.
  13. at 90 degrees the plants effectively shut down but still age. Do your best to keep good temps. Summertime sucks for growing indoors for many. In many places they generally do not do indoor summer runs due to heat.
  14. worm castings have amino acids.
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