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  1. i agree likely environmental strain. light + heat + humidity + wind at that top level is likely culprits
  2. Hempyfan


    you should begin to defoliate little by little in veg. in flower take fan leaves that are in the way/touching other leaves/plants. you do not want to shock them as your plant will put out more leaves in the buds and this will reduce yield by making them more airy. also, if humidity is high these extra leaves can lead to mold and mildew if they die. I recommend to prune as necessary to manage your grow area rather than other ideas. shaping a bit early on veg and early flower is ok but dont easily go nuts with it. It is true the plant does not need all those leaves but when you drastically reduce the leaf the plant cannot function normally as you took away stomata and this is sort of like a heart for the plant in that it controls uptake and the pressure for that as well as the plants ability to cool itself. while you may see impressive looking plants from heavy pruning, I generally do not. I tend to see plants that had their potential diminished and they're likely better management ways than heavy pruning. we want bud, not more sugar leaves. Hope that helps, Hempyfan!
  3. Hempyfan

    Advice on autos with sativa dom outdoors.

    you're question is largely subjective and only way to know is experimentation. take a branch or some buds and dry it normally. do this each week, you will be behind a week but not much harm. this way you can sample and get a perspective on what you like. I tend to like the 30 percent but many will take 15 to 20. no right or wrong answer. more amber is more cbn and couch lockish but could be a perfect blend. is why i say in part to take weekly samples. hope that helps, Hempyfan!
  4. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    keep on, keep in on paps. positive vibes you and your daughters way.
  5. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    some general cloning advice. a week before cloning give the mothers a flowering feed. we want to increase phosphorus and no nitrogen in the clone. nitrogen is a negative to rooting and phosphorus will drive the root growth. nitrogen in the clone will seriously delay rooting and if mother was was nitrogen toxic it might not root. keep in mind, nitrogen toxicity can look like a very green and lush plant before showing signs. cannabis can store far more nitrogen than it needs. this is sometimes a reason or partial reason why flowering can take longer than normal with a reduced yield. feed moms a balanced npk and a week before taking clones give a flowering feed if using soil. if mother is in hydroponics or soiless media than 3 days prior to taking clones is good but a week is fine too. additionally taking clones lower from the top of the plant will have more rooting hormones. a trick is to bush the mom but let a few stems grow longer than the bushed level. the rest is to maintain good cloning environment in the dome. a heat mat might be necessary. If cloning hydroponics than ensure good water temperature and consistent good water temperature. hope that helps Hempyfan!
  6. Hempyfan

    tent temps ....helpppp

    outside is different than indoors for many factors. Your answer is to stabilize the temperature in your rooms around the grow tent, then work your tent temps. You likely will need an air conditioner and temperature switch. all things talked about in links I posted. Good luck.
  7. Hempyfan

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  8. Hempyfan

    tent temps ....helpppp

    Too high. Good information. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/topic/82-the-indoor-garden-environment-part-2-temperature/
  9. Hempyfan

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    Day one is the first day generally you put in ground but life is dependent on more than a calendar. Your media environment and the air environment is most important to achieving what you are wanting and this will govern how fast and well things develop in the restraints of the capability of the genetics. A good bit of information that will help you overall. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forum/27-indoor-environment/
  10. Hempyfan

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  11. Hempyfan

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    I second Hamme Hydro I do not recommend led for such grows. I would recommend CMH lights. Ceramic metal halide lights. However but before that, I suggest a proper business plan. It will bring science to the endeavor and remove much of the "luck" that goes with a business/enterprise. The following aspects are included for a genuinely effective business plan. In the past a business plan was much more robust than today as banks only care about the collateral today rather than fitness of the business. I have looked at many such eager investors and enterprises and unfortunately I often have said what they want to do not want to hear and illustrate the flaws and reasons it likely wont work because the business plan illustrates the difficulties and barriers that they will face. The business plan is your blue print and from that you prove on paper the soundness of the enterprise. Depending on that outcome. If you are responsible for sales and marketing than a business management plan is required. This is most important as it illustrates directly how the enterprise will earn and sell its products. It is not necessarily a build it and they will come kind of thing. I can you tell of much heart ache of people who went to California thinking they would make tons of money only to be told no thank you by purchasers and for a wide variety of reasons. You then make an implementation plan where you write how and why you will setup and begin the enterprise. A detailed plan. Then you make an operational plan which describes how you will run the day to day operations in detail. Examples of issue to account for, the price of finished product and the fluctuating prices over the course of the year as supply and demand go up and down for various reasons. You have no luxury of an operational problem such as bugs, mold/mildew or any negative growing issue. You have to be perfect each and every time. Washington state currently has a huge surplus of product that it would be difficult to enter the market with a good price. The Feds are beginning to go after illegal grows, large size in that state. This means you must make sure all aspects of the business are proper and in accordance with local, county and state laws. Zoning is a big deal along with ensuring all regulations are not just met but easily proved. With so many people growing I myself would be worried about being able to compete in such an environment. I write that above as to help. If you like I will review anything you put together for the high price of nothing but that is to be paid upfront!!! Hempyfan. Jah Bless!
  12. Hempyfan

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    You have my vibes and prayers Gardenartus! You got this, this is just some uncomfortable shit you have to do. Better feeling days are ahead of you!!!
  13. Hempyfan

    New strains / Restocking seeds

    I want to say Mississippi but cant swear to it.