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  1. If you make edibles from figs, make sure you need a bowel movement as a shitting they will go.
  2. I am very happy for you! Karma Up!
  3. Love seeing babies. Especially old seed babies.
  4. If the seed plant did not hermie, you are most likely getting hermie due to stress on the plant. do you have any pics of the plant.
  5. At 90 degrees, the plant basically stops functioning but still be ages. You will not get good quality growing on high temps 78 to 82 I like best. If you run a co2 effectively, you can do higher temps
  6. this will depend on the overall temp of the garage. Think about the starting temperature of the intake. Doing what you can to keep the garage air refreshed and cool is ideal. You can keep the garage cool and then make ideal in cab is fine. Then if you expand increase ac for garage. Important for fresh air. Garage can be used like a giant lung room in the mean time.
  7. catapillars/inchworm larva inside of leaf similar to leaf miners maybe. I would bet on that. Spray the leafs with BT. If after 3 days no change, its something else but catapillar/moth larva can do that with the little leaf miner look and then cut leaves. Even better: https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-leaf-miners Scroll down in that page to the relevant spot.
  8. you do HD proud! Karma Up!!!!
  9. Good Weed helps... http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forum/25-the-wiley-ape-the-story-of-human-society/
  10. Its all good if your happy!!! But sometimes we need some help: Just dont end up like this!!! In the end this isn't so bad either, at least for a minute or two.
  11. Willie Nelson has the scars for his advocacy. Happy B-Day! I inhale something nice in that honor!
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