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  1. Here you go: http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/topic/22-soil-recipe/
  2. lets be clear, the government does the screwing for any petty infraction that is non violent it can on you to get money. It is not about public safety or any of that crap. It is about money.
  3. Hopefully all is well. Perhaps she moved on to greener pastures. Gardenartus, is well valued and respected. Few achieve that. No matter what, I wish her the best and if she is suffering. I would want to help!!!!
  4. we all know the risk for what we do. good and bad. No matter how hidden and smart one thinks they are. Life has a way of taking that bet. More often than not, we win the Devils lottery rather than a good one! My deepest condolences and I understand.
  5. Learn plant physiology if you want to breed. It has all your answers. A good start. http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/forum/33-plant-physiology-and-nutritional-transport/ This is in that post in advanced section but here is link. It is vital for those who desire knowledge in growing and breeding.
  6. @Sacred Plant Warrior, Thank you so much for the fels naptha soap information. I am not familiar with this but soon will be!
  7. Just following up on Sacred's advice on not using only one treatment type for mites. Especially on a regular basis. The reason is that mites breed very fast and grow in numbers quickly. This means they can adapt to regular use of the same treatment in a quick period of time compared to say mammals. This further means these mites are now resistant or largely resistant to your treatment. To prevent this you use 3 or 4 treatment types rotating throughout the entire treatment process, the more the better as long as they are effective. An example: one weeks treatment might be a garlic based treatment, The next week Azomax, The next week Worm casting tea, The next week Neem, The next week mighty wash. Soaking the plants if you can is also a great idea, even spraying is great if you can hit them with a hose or shower in a bathtub. The idea is to knock down the mites, this significantly helps to lower the population down before treating and helps whatever your doing for a treatment to have greater initial effect. Be sure to have an environment that will effectively dry the plant as soaking can cause the plant to hold more water than being sprayed and in the wrong to unfortunate situation you can get mold and mildew. This rot is typically in the center of the buds and thus harder to detect until it is a significant issue. With that said, do not go crazy with the drying. If you soak the buds in a tub. Be sure to drain the water after each plant or often as best you can as to not spread plant mites to another. Add some Hydrogen Peroxide to soaking water. Mix to 5 percent range. Is ok if a bit or low. At minimum 3% which is what you would buy at a drug store. Rinse peroxide to rinse off mites and mite feces but peroxide will break down so no need to rinse excessively to remove peroxide. If you cant or dont want to use Peroxide add a bit of easy to rinse unscented dish soap or baby shampoo. Not so much just to enough to make the water slightly soapy but we don't want a bunch of bubbles. Just enough that the soap will cover the mites and help them drown to suffocate but also rinse well. Rinse well. We do not want to leave residue soap. If in bathtub/shower, once plants are soaked/rinsed, using a good fan, on medium to medium/high have the fan blow on the plant as to blow off more water before putting back in grow room. If you have an area where plants are not in grow room you can put their with a fans blowing of setting of medium to medium/low until dry. The idea is to limit the added water/humidity to the grow room. If you have no area than the grow room than that is fine but be sure to have fans blowing on top of the medium to the top of the plants. This works to prevent wetness areas that are havens for molds and such. Have similar airflow in grow area. Not so much air that leaves go nuts but gently to slightly move. We want like a gentle breeze. Tip: It is ok to have a stronger fan that comes on every half hour for a few minutes to simulate stronger winds. This will help your plant get strong. Do not make storm winds or crazy. Just that it moves the main stem. If possible with your grow turn the plants every few days as to evenly stress the plant in a good way that it strengthens the main stem and roots. Environment is key Humidity and Temperature should be in a good range. The higher the humidity the lower your temperature should be. High temperatures hold more water in the air and this is your relative humidity. We want the best mix of temperature and humidity as this is what allows your plant to be the best it can be. Pay your environment more attention than any other factor in growing! Humidity information - http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/topic/83-the-indoor-garden-environment-part-3-humidity/ The following numbers are generic sweet spot ranges. These are safe ranges. While some people will go outside of those ranges on purpose, they are skilled growers and likely have a system, an environment and genetics that allows for those extremes that in their case promotes the plant but for most this is not the case and thus for most this is my best advice. Clones 60% to 70% Early Veg 55% to 45%, you can start at 60 in early veg but do not go higher. Lowering 1 to 5 points a week until late flower/harvest. Make the number even out with time to get to get as close to 40% by late flower. Do not go to 60 after early veg and higher as this is horrible for the plants uptake but also makes mold/mildew/rot happy. Early to Mid Flower 50% to 45%, 50% is good and common but if you can get it lower wonderful. Late Flower 45% to 40% getting as close to 40% as possible. 50% is good and common but if you can get it lower wonderful. Temperature Information - http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/forums/topic/82-the-indoor-garden-environment-part-2-temperature/ The following is generic advice for safe and quality ranges. Their are many ways to crack an egg so to speak but this is my best advice for a new to experienced small grower with a traditional setup. Stay in the 80f to 70f reducing in even increments until 70f is reached at late harvest. Reduce together with reductions in humidity if possible. Say below 90f at all cost for typical growers. Can be on higher end in mid/late veg. Think spring to summer to fall with each stage of growth. Consider late veg to cross over to flowering summer temps then begin to lower once bud sites are starting to swell. Think like this, the higher the temperature, the lower the humidity it should be is best for the plants. High humidity and high temperatures a disaster and murder of plants! If you want advanced. Learn about VPD, Vapor Density. Hope that helps! Hempyfan!
  8. Leaf tips as you describe is typical of environmental issues
  9. Welcome and I look forward to hearing of your adventures!
  10. Hey hey Hidro! They make some led where everything is programmable pretty much. The LED light, i see lights as tools, has certainly increased its value in a grow room than of years past. I still do not like diminishing returns over time with LED compared to other lighting options with a bulb that only needs replaced compared to the light itself but that is for longevity aspects. As for me, it is always about the environment and whatever light or type of lights and/or season for the lights you use, that is the correct light. Karma Up!
  11. Hempyfan


    Darth Budder, that post will help a vast many! Keep on, keepin on!
  12. definately P issue and I think Beachbud hit on why!
  13. Hempyfan


    ive seen mothers over a decade old. It likely is your environment and mother care. If you cant get right then make a new mom from a healthy clone. Do not treat a mother like a clone in constant veg. Give her more a balanced diet and boost P a week before taking a cutting. Think of what our goal of a mother is. To make new shoots that are ready to root. Adding P about a week before taking cuts and reducing nitrogen that dose will help the new cuttings root faster. Nitrogen is for growth not roots. In summer, some people will put their mothers outside for a few hours to help it rejuvenite but not everyone can do this. Trim roots about once or twice a year as well.
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