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  1. Not a runt, shes a bushy beast with thick stems. Smells like lemony blueberry right now, and its not in flower. Crazy big rootball as well, with thick roots.
  2. No issues with lights. Just finished some Shackzilla that was totally normal. I just read somewhere that Prof P says to look out for mutants. They are very rare but extremely potent. Hopefully I have one.
  3. I am hoping Professor P will drop in and let us know if he has ever seen anything like this in the Blue Magoo line.
  4. Sorry fellas. I fixed it. She never was a runt. Grew just fine, but always different. She is bushy as hell, strongest stems Ive ever felt. Almost like wood. And a huge root ball.
  5. Hey fellas...been a long while since I posted anywhere. I am currently growing some Blue Magoo BX2. All 5 seeds popped, I got really busy with work, and 4 died. 1 survived and I have been treating her as good as possible. She exhibited very weird growth from the beginning. There is also resin on the stems and leaves during veg, never seen this before. I think I might have something special, except it doesn't look like weed!
  6. I will try to find a spot outside the room to keep him alive and harvest some pollen. Any suggestions as to how to go about it?
  7. Hey there Opengrow. Been out of the loop for a while but back in the game now. I am 1 week into flower and discovered today that my most prized and beautiful plant in the garden is a male Sugar Punch. No pistils whatsoever, just starting to develop balls. He smells great, super sweet, and has a nice structure. I am thinking this is going to be my first attempt at making seeds. Would it be worth it, or is this grounds for a bunch of hermies in the future? Thanks fellas!
  8. Best group of pics I've ever seen in the POTM! Killer job fellas!
  9. Awesome colors! I am digging this show!
  10. Another killer grow by Station2 Keep em' coming buddy!
  11. WarrenBuffet


    Great plant dude!
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