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  1. Have a lot of fun with your new job on opengrow Hupla. Just4Fun
  2. I'm quiting my job here on opengrow as a moderator+ I give the scepter to Hupla and i'm shure he will do a wonderfull job here. The reason of this is that my new job eats a little to much time for being a moderator on Opengrow and Wietforum at the same time. I will continue my work on wietforum as moderator indoor. Greetz Just4Fun
  3. "The red dawn" is still my all time favourites Just4Fun
  4. I've pinned this topic as long as the problem last. Just4Fun
  5. Welcome on opengrow as mod blowfish, Shure you will do a lot of good work here enjoy your new job Just4Fun
  6. Welcome 58earthdog, Enjoy your stay on opengrow.
  7. Welcome here, Nikotine. Nice to have you around. You will find usefull stuff here, just by reading To give you a perfect start here, click this link good luck and we'll see you first topic soon Just4Fun
  8. Just4Fun

    Ch9 Aroma

    Hay there Nikotine. to post pictures in your album, click this link Here you will find more interesting links usefull to newbees start by reading. Hope to see your topic with beautifull pictures soon
  9. Just4Fun


    kushes, shivani en mad scientist
  10. Welcome on opengrow takjoaho Enjoy your stay
  11. Please do not upload your pictures to a free upload page !! If the site dies or the pica's were removed, the post isn't complete anymore. Also to maintain the speed of the site, upload your pica's in your album on opengrow. If the picture has to be gone for a reason, you always can ask/discus with us for removal. Only this way we can make shure the posts are complete for al the people who read it. EDIT: How to post pictures, click here Just4Fun
  12. Welcome on Opengrow, enjoy your reading here
  13. Just4Fun

    To Do List

    I found a little bug i think When i click "view new posts", i've got the list of all new postings. Then i will look a few, log off or close the page and come back after a few minutes, hours or days and click the "view new posts" agian, then i will only see the new posts that were posted sinds my log-off. Normally it had to do that if i click the link "mark all forums as read....". I think it automatically does this after loggin off. Btw: i moved this topic from General talk -> This website
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