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  1. this book is one of the best for organic gardening, i own a copy
  2. c0ast

    SoCal Pure Kush

    believe it or not i pull right around the same weight, about 1.25lb per 1kw all organic soil.. The indica dom pure stays at around waist level the sativa dom skyrockets to eye level lol they are two totally different beasts and are not related in the slightest. thanks for all the kind words guys
  3. c0ast

    SoCal Pure Kush

    yea ive got the bubba type aswell as the OG pictured above...here is the bubbalike Pure Kush
  4. c0ast

    SoCal Pure Kush

    here she is in all her glory..The real deal Socal pure kush no bubba here lol flower a 12" clone finishes at 36"+...Right around day 45 in this pic, still got a few weeks to go and not much of a yielder lol...although shes a real special gal
  5. c0ast


    got a couple packs myself, cant wait to get them started.!
  6. beautiful pictures my friend
  7. lookin great as always my brotha! im dying to try her out!
  8. those are the frostiest pics of the stomper ive seen to date! lookin spectacular as always my brotha!
  9. depends on your application, but i love to use molasses especially in organics.. Does great to feed the microherd, will also improve taste and smell of bud, not to mention it acts as a chelating agent.. use anywhere from 1tsp to 1tbsp per gallon
  10. congratulations! your a badass, im glad someone finally did it
  11. before i came across this thread i was looking for a place to post some informative articles on organic growing, although i couldnt find a fit place... An Organic Sub forum would be amazing
  12. c0ast

    Super Silver Haze

    the cuts origin is a complete mystery.. all i know is she is an absolute beast outdoors
  13. glad to see u found ur way over here krip
  14. c0ast

    Super Silver Haze

    heres a dried budshot
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