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  1. Hello Brother, Yes I will post some bud porn and smoke report....It has a real peppery smell very refined...the haze smell, yes. old skool. But lets give her a week or 2 in a jar. I will be back.....and yes I took cuts. I will probably run this again and share her with other medical patients K light but rich smell of pepper and spices.....The G13 Haze lemon trait sounds delicious
  2. my old mind remembers starting the seeds in April. I brought it outdoors to start once established in a 3" pot and then brought it back to HPS 12/12 the last 60 out of 70 or so days. She was the smallest of 4 females and 2 males. 3 females now in flower under the sun. Awesome dude! Good Karma to you for sharing such gems.
  3. This beautiful plant was a lot of fun to grow. Excellent breeding with vigor and strength. A hash lover's dream with the stickiest resin I've encountered in a while. Congrats E$ko on more excellent work
  4. keyplay

    Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze by E#ko

    a fine pairing for connoisseurs
  5. Its hard to go wrong with such a well bred plant......Your Anesthesia is vigorous, potent, and one of the most stable and easy-to-grow plants on the market. I love the pics showing the folicles and oil glands......makes it hard for mites and other vermin. Sticky, I would not be surprised if you found some colorful phenos from the Afghan Haze. The father has been known to deliver some nice purple into some of his offspring
  6. Your resinous and obviously potent male says mucho....nice trichomes dude.
  7. I don't know about different kinds as your afghani-skunk dna is pretty special. The Anesthesia used was huge and potent. I had one finish in May and one in September. The latter was hands down one of the most devastaing plants i've ever smoked...forget doing anything physical after indulging in this. It makes sense for me to see what a plant is capble of if it has these excellent qualities-i don't need to try a 100 things, thank you. I've grown a fair amount of a certain seedmaker's Herijuana and never found anything I wanted to keep ..... The father was a huge stable sativa dom MNS Afghan Haze that was dense and vigorous.... bent at 9 feet-estimated 13 feet when removed from the garden. I pop a lot of seeds looking for winners and characteristics I want and need....but a lot of this is intuition as well as time and effort. I also have 10 of these popped.....quick and strong germination.... Thanks for your input and I really enjoy your comments Anesthesia seedlings Jan 2010
  8. Yes we are using a lab Mr. Jeffman. My associate hit a 19 % THC and a 3 % CBD with the ChemdawgD-OG cross. His skills are "fair" at best. My grow would better these numbers. My Grape Stomper registered 24% THC and ? CBD. I will be using test results for support info as soon as I get things rolling. Harborside requires testing and they wil be handling our seeds and possibly clones as soon as I deliver them.
  9. good frost.....we will continue this strain as I suspect its strength is in the the CBDs as well as bag appeal and flavor. I did introduce this female to a ChemD-OG male. That should take it into the 19 or 20 % THC range
  10. Here you go....this plant is very very frosty with a nice bouquet. I consider it a very decent medical strain.
  11. keyplay

    Blackberry Pie

    awesome jojorizo blackberry widow x crystal locomotive
  12. I too will attest to its strength. Knockdown potency.. I am super interested in your new work. Coincidently, I was looking at these lights in NorCal. I was hoping to test one through a local distributor, but probably was lost in the shuffle. They must be good if you guys are behind them.
  13. Oaksterdam Club Clone 2008/09 Deep Chunk x Afgooey..."Harry"
  14. keyplay

    Deep Chunk x Afgooey

    purple color beautiful plant, but a real disappointment w/ effect. No punch ot character.
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