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  1. banjo

    Hey even, tried to send you a pm about the blueberry sativa but seems that you can't receive any new message. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  2. Hi Daddyz Crazy! Actually you can find these information on sannie's shop Blueberry Sativa are True Blueberry F2, but parents were selected for their Thaï traits.. That's why Esko chose to call them Blueberry Sativa
  3. High guyz! Thx a lot! Yeah you can find a couple of winners with Blueberry Sativa, ther's no doubt about that! And thank you Weedstiti for the information Vibesss
  4. High Daddyz Crazy! Thanks a lot for your support bro! Actually this selection isn't totally finished yet; I've planned to pop about 5 other packs at mid. September. I'll also run my previous keepers, #25 and #20 (super berry pheno ) Unfortunately I've just seen that BBS are out of stock 'Hope it'll be restocked soon! And E$ko' inbox is full Best Vibes!
  5. Hey bros, Thans again for your words, I know the finl report is a little bit short, but it was a true pleasure toshare this grow with you all Hey Karott happy to see ya here As you said you seem to have a wonderfull berry sativa, man you're gonne be patient to cut her Please don't hesitate to post some pics later during the flo period, I'm quite curious to see how the buds will be shaped; anyway it seems to have totally Thaï influences, but who knows maybe some mexican traits will appear @brotherhazey Dude you killed me with your bodhi sativa very very nice looking. Your idea about crossing the BBS #25 with another strong sativa could give something explosive! And with the flo. period reduced please I'm also thinking about a cross with a C99 male; with some selection and a good work of stabilization, it could give some super fast flowering sativa Finally (and personally) the BBS #20 is best keeper of the entire crop; I've also got some projects for her, we'll see what fit to her the most to obtain the best results Best Vibes to all of you! ++
  6. Thank you all guys, it was a pleasure for me discover together what those Blueberry Sativa could give, and my conclusion is you won'tbe disappointed at all:) Hey Chief Runningbud, yeah you're right actually BBS #25 shows some discreet lemon smell, a really odd pheno. Otherwise, the other pheno's are more spicier/fruitier. ++
  7. Sorry guys for the delay of my reports, had this week some cervical problems So here are the reports! I've kept three phéno's; #10, #20 and the weird #25 OK, so let's begin; Blueberry Sativa #10: This pheno tends more to Thaï influences, there's no doubt about that. Smell and taste give a special spicy mix with fruity hints, but very discreet. The smoke is smooth, and the high is clearly cerebral, very clear, can be euphoric. The high is not so strong, but be careful to not abuse with this weed; you could feel some anxieties. Good yielder compared with the other Thaï pheno's. I was looking for something with Thaï influences, and without an endless flowering; I got it Blueberry Sativa #20: Guyz here is my favourite pheno of all the crop Smells like E$ko described it in his description; berry cocktail, very tasty, that's all I can say but damn I could smoke this pot all day. The high is relatively balanceda lot of time ; first you get an euphoric high, very creative, socializing. Then the body stone appears, not couchlock at all, it just leaves you relax and dreamy in your sofa. I was looking for something with strong berry taste; I got it Blueberry Sativa #25: Alright here is the quirk of the crop; grows like an indica without lateral branches, with a short flowering period, nevertheless she's almost pure sativa. Smell and taste got big hazy tones, with hints of something baked bread, dunno very hard to describe. She gives a creepy high, so don't abuse with it. Almost psychedelic, the high is very clear. So for Sativa lovers only. I didn't expect to find this kind of pheno, but I got it A real good surprise I'd say this strain can offer what a Sativa lover could expect without any problem, and with this berry side please .. like E$ko described it in the end I'm conscious that these reports are quite short, for the moment I can't spend a lot of time on the net, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate Good Vibes all!
  8. And here is the hash cube made from thaï pheno's, I got about 5gr from 65gr of fan leaves ++
  9. banjo


    Hi, "Creeper" also makes me think about a strain, or at least a part of the name, 'will dig this .. ++
  10. High all, Thanks for your answers E$ko, goal is reached Don't have smoked the "berry thaï hash" yet. 'Think it's a little bit too early at this time Anyway I've already test some thaï pheno's, some give a very tippy, soaring high, so I don't know what to expect about this hash, strong smoke for sure! The several reports will be the good way to conclude this thread Hey Bazz, about buying more packs of BBS, the only thing I could advice you; if you've got the place in your room for an other pack, don't hesitate to pop more beans of this strain, you won't be disapointed at all You see; on 13 ladies I've almost got a 50/50 ratio of berry/thaï pheno's (I mean pheno's which lend more to berry and pheno's lending more to thaï influences, cuz you can feel the thai influences on the berry pheno's also, and vice versa ) Hey GET MO, Well the buds of berry pheno's are denser than the thaï pheno's buds, but not hard as a rock, I'd give a general rate of 7,5/10. Thaï pheno's buds are really fluffy, quite normal, but it doesn't have an impact on the total production I can tell you it yet; the more berry pheno is #20; sweet smell of blackcurrant The other closest pheno is #8. #4 and #18 also got clearly strong berry tones, but not as sweet as the #8 and #20; some spicier undertones. #21 is a nice mix of the two pheno's.. Well I'd better stop here, the reports are quite close now Take care everyone, and big up to all of you! ++
  11. High fellas! Big thanks for your words So all the pheno's are finally in curing, so I've taken some budshots. Will post all the smoke reports in about 10-15 days. Here we go! BBS#3: BBS#4: BBS#5: BBS#6: BBS#8: BBS#10: BBS#16: BBS#18: BBS#20: BBS#21: BBS#24: BBS#25: BBS#26: And here is the bubble hash I've made this morning. I used thaï phenos of BBS, can't wait to smoke that stuff! (e$ko don't take a look at this ) Good Vibes!
  12. High all, Well, the berry pheno's are in curing, and the thaï pheno's finish their drying, so I'll take tomorrow some dried budshots Anyway, I've made some bubble hash with the leaves of the berry pheno's About 20gr of fan leaves, 2gr of final product (70µ bag) The smell and taste are incredible; berry berry and berry... The smoke is smooth, nice balanced body stone, before becoming more couchlock. Enjoy! ++
  13. Hi carboncredit and BD Thanks for your words dudes! BD, I first put the seedlings in 1L pots, then switch them into 3.5L pots, about ten days before switching in 12/12, and that's it! Fo the yield sorry I pefer to say anything for the moment, wait the dried buds Anyway the yield is something I don't really care about. ++
  14. Hey, Yeah Get Mo dont worry there will be reports, pics, everything you need to get a good idea of what BBS growing can give you Hey e$ko, Yeah like you said its Blueberry Sativ ^^ But i meant, when I took this little bud from pheno#20, it was just in dyring room, so odours almost disappear.. But what a surprise when I opened the grinder It's also nice to see that we can also feel some thaï influences in the high of those berry phenos. Very well done es$ko, all that I can say I think there will be three keepers; the #25, a berry phenos and a Thaï pheno, but wait the smoke.. And you're right; this report with a lot of pics, plus my personnal notes and patience in testing.. It's all that I need to know easily which pheno I'll keep. Thanks again for your words, but sincerely all those congrats are for me destinated to you.. I'm just simply a grower who had the chance to grow some very nice strains.. And It's thank to you man I'll stop here what some could call " asslicking" Don't need to do this to make my life happier, just the envy to sy how much I'm thankful. Take care! ++
  15. Hey Misterdirt Well it could happen, I'm just waiting the delivery of a bubbleator And thanks Bract Doctor
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