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  1. Hey bro not heard or seen u for a while hooe ya all goid

  2. Its a beautiful smoke ive run her 7 times so far Esko done well with that cross
  3. thanks guys for info ehupla i was looking at as well
  4. bluetooth


    hi gang im going amsterdam nov 29.my brother in laws stag do.has any one got recommend weed i should try.theres so many:) and just thought whats everyones top 5 to try and where
  5. could be powder mildew.give it a wipe if it comes of easy thats mildew if u have to scrap a bit harder bird poo
  6. does any 1 know how much sugar punch stretch in flower any help or info on her please thanks peace bt
  7. carper bro outstanding yet again
  8. cheers bro next time round im gona veg for at least 4 week 2 c what happens
  9. nice 1 bod lmao cheers bro yes m8 4 weeks since they showed flower still got another 7/8 weeks 2 go
  10. nah m8 ive done several seed runs b4 after they pop there heads up out of the rockwool i give it about a 7/10 days then start my veg time so in fact they have about 2weeks veg from popping there heads out with there shells off
  11. thank u very much bro yes u r proberly are rite with the over reacting with sum words and thanks for the help and info
  12. hey bro thanks for the nice reply and the comments u made i dont want agro on ere like every one and i do apologisy if i have disrespeted sannie but did not mean 2 in any way
  13. thank u bro for the nice reply ive said i dont want dramas over this all i said was i was disgusted with kf which i now kn was a bit harsh. yes it could be my fault on how they do im not saying its not we all have bad times when growing mj i just wanted to ask about them.yes maybe i should of said it another but i was annoyed due to all the effort and time i put in thank u
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