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  1. You know what they say -- proper preparations prevent piss poor performance. They're back to normal now though. I don't worry too much in veg, there's always time. Out of ~30 babies, 11 males were identified and removed, and ~16 have started popping pistils so far. I had considered keeping males, but wasnt too excited about the hassle of sorting through a dozen males to find whose worth their salt. Around 12.5/11.5 on-off this week, and everyone is being cloned in preparation for flower. I'll try to get out to take some pics tomorrow.
  2. 72 posts later, Lmao. Say two people bring a one gram joint of some 15%thc and 30%thc respectively. And lets say the first bud is 25% trichomes by weight, and the second bud is 10% trichomes by weight. The first joint has more THC even if it consistently scores lower in testing. Are there holes in this theory? Assuming that's the case, these tests don't apply to anyone smoking buds, only to the hash or raw extracts from the strain, right?
  3. I never trust those fables about the origins of a bud. It holds no bearing on reality, and I'm not the sentimental type. If its GFW, it's GFW. Especially in the circumstance of something that's not available in any true-breeding varietals. If you want to break THC % records, I think you gotta play to the biases of the test. It's not just about potency, it's about trichomes:calyx ratio.
  4. It's 26 and 32 percent THC out of the total weight of the bud that was tested, right? Do dense buds tend to fall lower on the THC scale than fluffier buds with more surface area?
  5. I'm just working to compile as much relevant data as I can on each form of lighting. The efficiencies are alluring but I can't justify upgrading from T5s yet, it's all just thinking out loud right now.
  6. What's up man, how's the no-till ladies doing? What size pots are they in again, 20gallon?
  7. I bet you make a mean cannabis lotion, huh? This may be a dumb question, but is that cannatonic #4 a selection of Cannatonic by resin seeds? I'd give a pinky finger for that cut.
  8. Yeah, it's really all due to impatience and not having everything I needed to start, specifically money for more ingredients. Lol. The temperatures shouldn't be an issue, but you hit every other nail on the head; the nutrient balance in the soil is off, it's shy on aeration, and I've been too heavy-handed with the tea's. The thing that confuses me is everything was happy for the first few weeks though (the sour widow mom was traded for a blue dream, but she never showed any issues with the mix after a month)... I had assumed I added too little micro nutrition but maybe it's the other way around. Taking into account your EC statement, and the lack of cook time, the mix was probably getting hotter with every watering...
  9. Three weeks veg, should be a little further along than they are. It is what it is. They were top-dressed with dandilion greens and worm castings, and watered with a tea of the same. The more sensitive girls aren't so photogenic at the moment... The majority are still goin steady, couple girls starting to preflower. ------
  10. Randude... Why do you even know what her dating profile name is? Or what she's posting online? You're following this chick around and then crying victim when she fucks you over. The first few times weren't enough? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice. Three, four times? This is going in circles, you have an addiction to this chick like a drug addict and you need to cut that shit off. Taking that case to trial, or not, is irrelevant, that charge isn't anything to lose sleep over. The only important thing is you need to get the fuck off that treadmill you've been on. I hope the best for you man, but you're putting the same fork in the same outlet expecting a different outcome each time. You weren't born yesterday, stop looking into what she's doing and stop worrying about that case. Being angry about it all will only keep you going backwards
  11. This setup is awesome, can't wait to see what you do with it.
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