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  1. Hill-Billy


    Maybe Cristalin can tell us how many pheno types he has found with this strain. I think it is a stable strain and we all just might smell it a little different. I reordered also
  2. Hill-Billy


    Happy to hear you liked it. I was hoping I just wasn't getting wimpy in my old age It does get better with time so hold on your head Mine ends up in my ass when I smoke it
  3. Hill-Billy


    It does get better with time. 3 month cure and you will see a big difference I use the 58 percent humidity packs in the jars and leave them set.
  4. Hill-Billy

    Yield...new way to look at it

    The biggest thing I seen hurt yields is the HPS bulb gets weak. Download a free lux meter to your phone and check your light power. I seen a new 250 watt bulb be stronger then a 5 month old 400 watt. The 400 watt lost more then half the lux's that quick.
  5. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    My keeper had a small amount of purple in it. I messed up and did away with my keeper to make space for another. That didn't work out well
  6. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    The one I kept for a mother was a good yielder. Nice size solid nugs loaded with crystals. The tall, skinny purple pheno was weak but the smoke was really good. You should find a nice one or two out of the bunch
  7. Hill-Billy

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    I found two F2 Lady Cane seeds. That is about all I have left of his seeds
  8. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    If you are looking for a keeper, take clones from each plant. I had 5 different phenos and all where good. Some had purple in them. My keeper had nice hard nugs, nice plant structure and a really good stone. It is one of the best smoke I have ever had.
  9. Hill-Billy

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Any blueberry smell out of the Black Afghani?
  10. Hill-Billy


    Sunnyvale....I didn't get to see these grow so the smell might have changed from when they were growing to they cured.
  11. Hill-Billy

    Purple Gnarly Growth that Leads to Death

    DesertGrown is dead on. Fought phosphorus lock out for years on outside grows. No mater what I used to grow in, it would come every year. 5 gallon buckets outside with the same dirt mix and no problem. I believe it was caused my a certain type of tree that grows here.
  12. Hill-Billy


    Sorry about the delay on getting back about the Ouzbekistan. I didn't grow it or cure it so I can't say much about that part. There were two females out of 4 seeds. Plants grow with super nice branch structure with a nice main cola. They were so closely alike that the two were mixed together after harvest. The smell is not really fruity..more of a wild sour melon. Not any purple color and it had a good crystal appearance . I use a smaller water bong and the hits were smooth and easy on the lungs. Thought I did my two bowl test as I do with all strains just to find the second one still packed with one hit on it along with the lighter on the porch the next morning. Guess I forgot to finish the second one. The high was all over except not much in the legs. Brain tried to work but it wondered off with every other thought. No couch lock but no need to go anywhere because I would forget what I went there for. I stood in the kitchen and told the wife it was some of the best pot I ever smoked. Must of forgot I told because she told me the next day I told her that like 10 times. I would try it before I crossed it with any thing because it really is good the way it is. If I was to cross it , it would be with it self. It is like a Sative and Indica high mixed perfect without any paranoia. I killed my prize Madberry mother to make room for this but the clones will not come out of flower. I just did a reorder so I can run it myself. Definitely top shelf smoke!!
  13. Hill-Billy

    Credit card payment is back

    Mr. Goodfellow...empty your inbox. tried to send you a message
  14. Hill-Billy

    Credit card payment is back

    I'll check into it my next trip out. Just sucks something works one day and not the next.
  15. Hill-Billy

    Credit card payment is back

    I used mine 2 weeks ago for some VW parts from Canada. They told me this morning I wont be able to do that anymore. I am going to call them back later and try it again. Just called them again and Greendot updated their security system and no charges can be made outside the United States.