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  1. @Cristalin.....one of my favorite smokes Thank You
  2. @Papalag......I had 3 females... This one is bigger structured and the buds are not super hard. The other is a little shorter and the buds are rock hard. The 3rd one was super short and went back into veg so I can breed it later. It looks to be really Indica dominant so I am going to cross it with Peaks Sweet Skunk. Give them some veg time These are going to go 10 weeks from the light flip. I did cross this one with a tall C99
  3. Merry Christmas with a little HO HO Sinisters Huck n Heri X USC's Ouzbekistan
  4. Is he going to be coming back here?
  5. Much respect for your effort Scone!!. I am just hopping for 2 females and one male. That will give me a lifetime of looking for a keeper. I had a nice 11 week KF that I should have kept. It had a little purple mixed in with it. Killer smoke and a very pleasant smell. Made outstanding vape juice
  6. I just popped 3 F4's and hope to make a few seeds if the sexes work out. I think I will get a good verity of phenos.
  7. @bigun.....been a few years for me to get by there but it is a beautiful part of the Country Just have to watch out for some of those good ol boys from Princeton. They can be a little mean
  8. The 12-13 week Bluehammer was awesome That is what the mother is.
  9. @Papalag......Madberry is one of the top 3 smokes I have had. Nice work! Bluefield......Bluehammer F2 x Silverfields
  10. I am not as concerned about it as I use to be. With the old way it would post your pics sideways. The new format makes it much easier without resizing the picture.
  11. What was the temps in your room?
  12. How do you delete a single picture? I was told by Sannie no pictures can be deleted. If they are posted in a thread, they will be deleted there also.
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