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  1. Hill-Billy

    NAW Test Center

    When is your gear going to be on the new website? I want some Blue Hammer and am ready to order.
  2. Hill-Billy

    New Sanniesshop

    How long before NAW's gear will be on the website? Like to place a order but really want the Blue Hammer.
  3. Hill-Billy

    Missing Seed Order

    I have tried several times to email Sannie in the past and got no reply. Pm'ed him on here and he said he wasn't getting them. We then tried a different email and it worked to verify my change of email and he still did not receive an of my emails. Made a gmail email and it worked for one reply back and then it didn't work. Finally did get another one back from him on the gmail one. Wasn't anything I or he did wrong....just didn't work. When My orders don't make it even after a reship, I just take the loss along with Sannie and go on. I do send extra money on my next order if the reship makes it to me.
  4. Hill-Billy

    Are we being watched?

    Must be why they are raising the price of stamps. Need money for a bigger database
  5. Hill-Billy

    Are we being watched?

    Why does the U.S. Mail take pictures of all are mail that goes thru the sorting machines? It is called Informed Delivery. You can sign up for it on the USPS website and also get a app on your phone. Shows pictures of what you are getting and what you already got in the mail. Kind of freaky to me but I already know what bills are coming in the mail today To be clear, they take the pictures whether you are signed up or not. Here is what I am getting in the mail today.
  6. Hill-Billy

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Happy new year!! Can't we all be winners
  7. Hill-Billy

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Marry Christmas Airborne jack x Airborne jack Blue Hammer F3 Girl Scout Cookies x Airborne jack
  8. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    Looking good Reddog I think you will find the keeper in a bigger bud pheno with just a little touch of purple.
  9. Hill-Billy

    I think I have a gem! Not sure!

    Santero...did you end up with any of Esko's Blueberry Sative ? https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Blueberry_Sativa/Eskobar_Seeds/
  10. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    I had the same problem. I kept number one and number three. Number one had the best structure and bigger buds. Number three ended up being better smoke. Give it plenty of cure time before you make your decision. I kept number three
  11. Hill-Billy


    Maybe Cristalin can tell us how many pheno types he has found with this strain. I think it is a stable strain and we all just might smell it a little different. I reordered also
  12. Hill-Billy


    Happy to hear you liked it. I was hoping I just wasn't getting wimpy in my old age It does get better with time so hold on your head Mine ends up in my ass when I smoke it
  13. Hill-Billy


    It does get better with time. 3 month cure and you will see a big difference I use the 58 percent humidity packs in the jars and leave them set.
  14. Hill-Billy

    Yield...new way to look at it

    The biggest thing I seen hurt yields is the HPS bulb gets weak. Download a free lux meter to your phone and check your light power. I seen a new 250 watt bulb be stronger then a 5 month old 400 watt. The 400 watt lost more then half the lux's that quick.
  15. Hill-Billy

    Organic Madberry Grow

    My keeper had a small amount of purple in it. I messed up and did away with my keeper to make space for another. That didn't work out well