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  1. Alaska for mothers

    All I use now is promix and perlite and never had a bug problem. I was reading some reviews on the epsoma and some complained about the bugs. I just want the epsoma for my mother plants like SPW.
  2. Alaska for mothers

    Would it hurt or help to put the epsoma potting soil in the freezer for a couple weeks to kill the pest? I'd like to try it but don't want to drag in any bugs.
  3. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Really nice dense nugs...going 10 weeks from the light switch. Pretty excited about this one
  4. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Rebel Yell x Selene....rock hard nugs that has a spice smell. Haven't got it in the jars yet so a sample is about a month away. Sidenote..a couple of the lower nugs are knocked up with Mr. Silverfields
  5. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Southern Blues 9 weeks
  6. Hillbillys Place

  7. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Very relaxing Still can function but I take pictures so I remember if I finished what I was doing I am sure someone with better growing skills then me could pull more out of her.
  8. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Not trying to step on Indican's toes here but USC's Black Afghani has a blueberry smell and taste. Out of three females and two males all had a smell of blueberry. The one I kept is 100 percent blueberry all the way.
  9. Ouzbekistan

    I am answering email every day so if you not got a answer there must go something wrong with the email ! Email is info@sanniesshop.com greetz sannie
  10. Ouzbekistan

    Does this look like a safe method for someone that has never done it before?
  11. Ouzbekistan

    Any luck Sannie?
  12. Ouzbekistan

    Log in to Sannies and click on your orders. It will say waiting on payment or shipped.
  13. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    [quote name=barney' tim I need a tripod to have any steady shots.estamp='1521561072' post='748880] Madberry at 51days, one of my favorites now ... Madberry is one of the best I ever had. Nice job Barney
  14. New strains from USC

    Cristalin greetings is the Black Afghani coming back to deh shop?..Thank you The Black Afghani is a pure pleasure to grow and smoke. All three of my females smelled of blueberry and keeps getting better the longer it cures. Thank you Cristalin for the outstanding work