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  1. @Hamme Hydro....You are right and I am wrong....have a great day
  2. Thank you @Misterdirt The female do's and don'ts get me confused Kind of like the whole transgender thing
  3. Yes it is Might hit her bottom with some Killingfields or C99 Maybe both
  4. Unknown number 2 is filling in slow but like the way is is looking
  5. I got my first hermie ever using the unknown seeds. I have had a couple throw some nana's ....wonder if that is where it come from?
  6. @Papalag...I think I an going to stay with the 1 gallon bags on these grows. Just a big step up from a solo cup @webeblzr....The color might be coming from USC'S Black Afghani or just got lucky and pulled some color buried deep in some genetics somewhere
  7. I do a little seed making so there is a chance a little pollen gets blown in the wind. I started saving those random seeds you find in a bud after it hit me they might grow some good smoke. Anyway I put them in a little jar and have know idea what the mom and dad was. It also gives me a chance to try things I don't want to try with paid for seeds. This first round I put them on the 12/12 two weeks after germination. Always wanted to try this and am kind of surprised at the outcome. I ended up with 4 females and as expected they are all very different. This first one is in a one gallon cloth pot. Something else I wanted to try as I use three gallon ones most of the time. 400 watt HPS for the bulb, Promix, perlite and Texas Tomato Fertilizer is the set up. One thing I noticed is I am not stressing out looking for a certain pheno. I just relax and watch the show
  8. @cannaloop.....This is one of my all time favorite smokes. If this helps, all I have grown goes 10 weeks or a little longer. I like to let them get cloudy with a little amber.
  9. Could be several different things that cause issues or success of reusing your grow medium. I have had great success reusing organic soil and I still use organic sometimes. I have never had any...not one problem since I switched to Promix, perlite, TTF for nutes and RO water. This run here I reused the promix/perlite after flushing it with water. Mixed it 50/50 with new and had a problem. Not hard to figure out what caused the problem.
  10. @Misterdirt....I did the same thing on this run with the same results. I flushed my old medium with tap water and let it dry out. Mixed it 50/50 with new and had very bad results. Not worth saving $20.00 worth of promix just to repot in to new. Lesson learned
  11. @saxo.....Thanks @Papalag....Thanks Yes that is one of my crosses The Blue Hammer F2's had some really good long flowering phenos. Sucks the F3's have been bred to be 9-10 week. I crossed this one and another with C99. That should keep be busy for a while
  12. Bluefield....(Blue Hammer F2 x Silverfields) 14 weeks after the light flip Added a little splash of C99 to the bottom limbs
  13. @Cristalin.....one of my favorite smokes Thank You
  14. @Papalag......I had 3 females... This one is bigger structured and the buds are not super hard. The other is a little shorter and the buds are rock hard. The 3rd one was super short and went back into veg so I can breed it later. It looks to be really Indica dominant so I am going to cross it with Peaks Sweet Skunk. Give them some veg time These are going to go 10 weeks from the light flip. I did cross this one with a tall C99
  15. Merry Christmas with a little HO HO Sinisters Huck n Heri X USC's Ouzbekistan
  16. Is he going to be coming back here?
  17. Much respect for your effort Scone!!. I am just hopping for 2 females and one male. That will give me a lifetime of looking for a keeper. I had a nice 11 week KF that I should have kept. It had a little purple mixed in with it. Killer smoke and a very pleasant smell. Made outstanding vape juice
  18. I just popped 3 F4's and hope to make a few seeds if the sexes work out. I think I will get a good verity of phenos.
  19. @bigun.....been a few years for me to get by there but it is a beautiful part of the Country Just have to watch out for some of those good ol boys from Princeton. They can be a little mean
  20. The 12-13 week Bluehammer was awesome That is what the mother is.
  21. @Papalag......Madberry is one of the top 3 smokes I have had. Nice work! Bluefield......Bluehammer F2 x Silverfields
  22. I am not as concerned about it as I use to be. With the old way it would post your pics sideways. The new format makes it much easier without resizing the picture.
  23. What was the temps in your room?
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