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  1. Azad

    Hey bro. I’m azad from uk. Finally I have the A5 clone also the s5 I’d like to get some seeds(emperors haze) to find males to breed to preserve the A5

    . So if you can kindly share some with me I will in turn send you out a bunch of seeds from my attempts .

    let me know

    best wishes 


  2. we went blu chocolat f2 en f3 and bx aswell...and yes active Just not online ..very active
  3. like ...like!!! we are kinda back at it, you all soon mo info....but since the veteran a5 entered my collection....we had 2 start up again
  4. me as happy as a baby !! this is the cherry.....finally working again with my pre puberty a5 haze ......me so happy after the emperors quest 2 regain her in a way.. and emperors was only a hope full quest for the a side of haze ! happy 2 b back at true haze passion
  5. emperors haze could be back on da run in a way.. am working with the old a5 this summer !!! (thnx bro's!!!!! u kick haze ass;) ) Let u all know as much as i can!
  6. Oi Ozstoner buddy!!!! How is chato and Oldman? ?
  7. Huppie on da O.B. kush. (Oriental express x pre 98 bubba)
  8. Ola! How y'all been??? Missed you all so wanted 2 drop in and say HIGH! :
  9. the pure ones are fast flowering sativa's!! Sour bitter hashy tastes (smooth smokers) and the effect is dizzy high.............indeed like the red leb was back then Hups
  10. a greenhouse is awesome 2 man,,,i'm dutch and i am pro sativa when it comes to dutch outdoor growing anyway!
  11. awesome naych!! OZ sure smells i guess now hihi!? Hups
  12. well,,lets get ready to wrap this up the lebanese style pheno: The one in the middle: the battlefield: few days ahead then: the uruzghani The lebanese side of the coalition: and the frontline again We are amazed how fast they are going, The small one is going to be under 8 weeks !! scents are heavy,,,kush to dark kind of haze scent. Till soon Hups
  13. They were dropped off today!! Offcourse we did a firm testing today aswell(damn hihi),,,,these girls are unique!! I will update my topic in the morning ,,,as it is not on date 4 the peeps who do want to peek: here is the dutch version: http://www.wietforum.nl/index.php?showtopic=95477&st=0&start=0
  14. warzone is going to be dropped in the next days be aware,,,this shit reeks!! yep,,,she our flagship girl,,,,she will be in stable as long as we can
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