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  1. 200 from the chocolate berry's I had about an extra 130 smokeable shackzilla, but thats for sober times This is for 2012 ^^
  2. Chopped, trimmed, dried and cured! Test-smoke was suprisingly good! I really like the chocolate berry! But... My darkroom had some light-leaks, that explanes why they took so long blooming... Shackzilla re-growed for several weeks and there was nothing too do about it... I got lucky that the 2 chocolate berry's only suffered minimum damage, they got about 20% amber trichomes, the weed is only not that dense... But dense enough! And they gave me 200 grams (198.5 was the exact weight) Would have been a great grow, but i've learned too be happy with what you get, since every grow but 1 till now, came with some problems! This would be my best so far, good yeild, very nice taste and smell, and especially a very very nice 1 too smoke! Also i learned allot from this grow! Bigest bud: 24 grams! Pictures coming soon, i'm a happy man today and totally f*cked up right now =D! Greetings!
  3. Hey Zood Very nice mate, Ur doing excellent so far! Got the same strain for my grow next year, i'm very curious about them! Good luck with them! Isn't 2 more weeks of veg abit long? Nice macro's, are you using a professional cam? I can't even shoot any good macro's anymore with my 14pixel camera! Greetings Vlaanders
  4. Because of weight i had too get some support for the tops, i cant make any descent pictures with my cam and the lights on... The chocolate berry's need 1 week or 2 max for cut, shackzilla, no clue... About 4-6. So nex pictures will be trimming/harvest pictures. Grts Vlaanders
  5. Do you guys think i can add the booster again? I will be updating tonight, today week 9 starts... One more week and i will start flushing to chocolate berry's for 2 weeks i think? Pictures tonight!
  6. Congrats stoniewonie, i'm quite suprised that she is done so fast... Mine is on day 55 of actual flowering and not even close too the end... I guesse 4 too 6 weeks to go or something... I might have an extreme sativa pheno, i don't quite know for sure.. Anyhow, she isn't blooming dense eighter, not at all actually. Is that for real? Never heard of it before. Good night
  7. Hey mate, i use a 500M³ softbox on 60% with 15-17°C room temperature in a 120x60x180 darkroom... Temperature stays 26-27°C and stabel, I don't think i could grow during the summer without keeping my temperature under 28°C So, make sure u over-power that thing enough!
  8. Hello everyone, I just got back from vacation so thats why i haven't been updating. I'm abit worried about the shackzilla, i think she might had the booster too soon, she doesnt seem too bud tight... I can't imagine she would be that much sativa... SHACKZILLA CHOCOLATE BERRY'S If the shackzilla would still be able too bud together she will be MASSIVE... Real 2L cola's there lol... Now i have too find another way of drying the weed, since the shackzilla might get up too 14 weeks? One more week of neuts for the chocolate berry's, going too pump them up a littlebit more for the last week! Haven't been adding bloom booster since i came home yesterday... Any comments on the shackzilla? Greetings
  9. So... Day 28 (4 weeks of blooming done) The shackzilla had a last bending session Bended shackzilla bud
  10. Hey bazzf! Thankyou, they are! Every day i open the cab i wonder how big these buds will get, with more than 4 weeks too go, i can't imagine... Will do! Update when lights go on, they have had 4 weeks of blooming today, week 5 starts tomorow! 5-6 too go for the chocolate berrys, shackzilla is a sativa pheno, she will probably get 14 weeks or so! Grts
  11. I see, its an actual floodsystem, looks not that hard too build, thx for the pics ! I don't quite understand what a magnetic tap is, something that switches itself or so? And did u put extra holes in the pots or do they just suck it all up from the bottom too the top?
  12. Hey roodni! What kind of tools are you using for temperature control? When blooming you should try get a max temp of 28°C, not that 30 would be a problem, but i think that will cost you some grams and potential of the end product. I wouldnt keep them much longer in growth, but thats just my advise, check for lightleaks and put some ducktape over them, if u still can pull the plants out of the space for a few minutes (during the light period, or when switching too light/dark) u can check for leaks (lights out fcours and close the room, lights on outside of the room). That way it will be easy'er and cheaper too keep temperature lower With LV i meant air humidity, when blooming that should be max 50-60% (also in the dark period!) otherwise u can get budrot, a small fan for air movement between the tops also prevents budrot, as long as the air humidity doesn't get too high. If so, that its around 60% and more, u should try getting an airco system, they will push ur humidity level down and also good for ur temperature "problem" Good luck mate!
  13. Hey tortsi! Looking great, nice mirror view! That might get handy for bud pictures Is that a handmade watering system, i can't see any wires so i guess Ur watering from underneath? Good luck with this one, sounds like a master cross Grts
  14. Hey roodni, Nicely done so far, i would switch them as fast as possible, sativa dominant plants grow for another 3 or 4 weeks + after switching, many people advise too switch when ur scrog is 1/3 full. U will get a nice bush over there, watch ur temperature and LV when blooming! Looking forward seeing big buds out here ! Grts Vlaanders
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