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  1. Couple of pics to keep things interesting. Stardawg above and UKhem below. These will be growing alongside my beloved CBH. I can't wait to have some more CBH in my stash, I have mist it.
  2. Well all but one CBH seed popped up and are vegging away, i'll get some pics if anyone wants to see them?
  3. Beans had all sank and got planted up this morning into some straight Coco will be feeding Metrop nutrients for this grow.
  4. @ Robo, hehe great pic;s,that mouse looks too happy! @ Hiwatt, lol, been a while dude, see what I can do. @misterdirt, yeah I loved that cheeseberry too, but I need to find that elusive blue CBH!
  5. Yo Barry and Misterdirt! :@) sit back and enjoy the show, its just about to start....
  6. Ola OpenGrowers! Hope you all well? Just put my last CBH beans (from the first release) into germ. Cheese Berry v Lady Kane = CBH. Lady Kane is Super silver Haze x G13/Haze, A proven winner, Some pheno's have quiet the stretch so watch out. I'm looking for the blue cheesy pheno ~(colour and taste) pheno but with the up Lady kane high and yield. Seeds are in a glass of water, soaking..... Mack
  7. Shackzilla is a rockin' shackzilla
  8. Great thread! Love me some CBH and will be following along.Looks like you have a nice selection of ladies and gents. Got a little CBH project going myself too.,i just love this strain. ~Mack.
  9. .... Wow! Caneberry? what a fatty. everything looks great! ~Mack.
  10. Ola Opengrower's!! Time has come for me and shackzilla to get up close and personal,,lol..Can't beat some trusty Sannie genetics. This girl's been grown in soil and fed (bottled) organics. (Oldtimer # 1 Grow) Here she is... Mack
  11. Killer shots Opengrowers!! keep em coming...Mack.
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