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  1. Ola OpenGrowers! Hope you all well? Just put my last CBH beans (from the first release) into germ. Cheese Berry v Lady Kane = CBH. Lady Kane is Super silver Haze x G13/Haze, A proven winner, Some pheno's have quiet the stretch so watch out. I'm looking for the blue cheesy pheno ~(colour and taste) pheno but with the up Lady kane high and yield. Seeds are in a glass of water, soaking..... Mack

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  2. Ola Opengrower's!! Time has come for me and shackzilla to get up close and personal,,lol..Can't beat some trusty Sannie genetics. This girl's been grown in soil and fed (bottled) organics. (Oldtimer # 1 Grow)


    Here she is...gallery_2203_1243_1047925.jpg Mack

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  3. no i mean 13 on 11 off, i know, i know, sounds crazy, but the dude who told me is a serious grower

    with years of experience. dont see why he would lie, he claim's that i will see an improvement in yield

    with poss an extra week of flower.

    peace out.



    @soopy, we like the older girls:)lol

    grow on...


  4. High ya Inki!! Looking good! i see youve been busy...

    The SSSdh is a beast,she will overgrow your house and street,lol It is a great sog plant, From clone's they only need a few days of veg,if that.then straight to flower. 70-77 days for that lemony dankness.

    The Cheese x NL is a great plant, will stink the place out! trim lowers off to force the head buds to stretch, ready in 56-63.

    My Blues cut will go from 8 to 10, depends how you like it, she will also stink. looks and grows simular to the C xnl but not as viney.

    and the smell carries to taste so much better. you will know what i mean when you smoke em!

    both love to be topped ,trained etc.

    Blue cheese? i love a good blue cheese, which one is this ink?


    I have heard that cheese strains love the lights @ 13 on 11 off, instead of 12/12, giving a much better yield? i am testing this at the moment. and finally,


    Chem D, Also looking good,i take mine between 70 and 77 for absolute meltdown! this herb destroys people! i love it, it has a real crazy smell and taste,chemmy,diesel skunk funk! taken after 70 days it's an all body ko stone. dont smoke it if youve got plans,hahaha... don't worry if the clones take a while to root, 3 weeks even.


    Keep up the good work!


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