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  1. Little bit More veg space. Gonna put another 26wled there tomorrow.
  2. ... Its been flowering 5 days under 1000w gavita.
  3. Hey. One pheno was not So strechy and lanky. It was also less sugar and terpenes. All others streced like grazy and needed supporting because the buds Will just keep on putting weight. Its very vigorous and Will take the space you Give her. If there is some left this would be the one To buy. One pack is enough To find s keeper. The one In the picture has just transplanted To 30 litre pouch and In two weeks its about 120cm long Bush. So it Will get big.
  4. I have tried honey badger haze, caramel candy kush, caramel cough and msr. Universe. For me it was honey badger haze. One pheno of cck came glose but the yield was small and it was prone To mould. Will try More. One if the Best In business. Mad respect!!!!
  5. This is mom plant wich is about year old. Put it To flower tent couple days ago. So that upper picture is from this and now its her time To make some flowers. Took New mom from her ofc. Funny looking and definitely has To be supported. Its ready early march.
  6. Hey all! I promise To tell something from the different phenos. Like 2 months ago... Sorry for my lazy ass.. I growed two packs which gave me 7 Girls. Two of them were much stokier and indica like growing patterns. They yielded much lesser than the other two phenos I found. One was 13 weeks flowering hazy pheno. Reeked like old school Jack herer and Was allaround very good plant. It was big and lanky hazy plant. Then there was this one In the picture. Massive yields, Massive sugar coating, sweet caramel, and hazy smell. Keeper for sure. It takes 70-77days To flower and needs support for those heavy colas. The high is long lasting and strong. Heady high that will make you laugh and warm euphoric stone that just keep coming stronger the More you smoke. Cant praise this one enough. And same goes for all dynasty gear I have tryed. Peace out and keep growing.
  7. Hopla reddog3000!!! Im going to put some More info And pictures of this girl In the dynasty genetics section. Hope I can help you with something. Peace And looov!
  8. Thanks bro!! This strain is full of keepers just like it has been every time I have tried dynasty genetics. Cant go wrong with dynasty. Havent been here for awhile but have to order some seeds from sannie. Hope everything runs as smooth as earlier days. Blue hammer is on my list too..
  9. Hei all!! Been growing this one individual I kept from 7 Girls. Its got extreme thricome production. Huge yealds And all over A very good hazey expression of this strain. Peace to all fellow growers!!!
  10. Super strong indica. One hit Wonder. Body load is heavy as hell..
  11. northenboy


    Wow, i finally got it right!!!!!
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