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  1. northenboy

    Honey badger haze 65 days. 77day pheno.

    Hopla reddog3000!!! Im going to put some More info And pictures of this girl In the dynasty genetics section. Hope I can help you with something. Peace And looov!
  2. northenboy

    Honey badger haze 65 days. 77day pheno.

    Thanks bro!! This strain is full of keepers just like it has been every time I have tried dynasty genetics. Cant go wrong with dynasty. Havent been here for awhile but have to order some seeds from sannie. Hope everything runs as smooth as earlier days. Blue hammer is on my list too..
  3. Hei all!! Been growing this one individual I kept from 7 Girls. Its got extreme thricome production. Huge yealds And all over A very good hazey expression of this strain. Peace to all fellow growers!!!
  4. northenboy

    Dark star 65days. Week to go!

    Super strong indica. One hit Wonder. Body load is heavy as hell..
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    Wow, i finally got it right!!!!!
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    some photos

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  10. Honey badger haze phenotype 3. Hazy, honey, and little peppery flavors. Potency is really good. Takes about 70 days. Definitely a keeper!!!
  11. ...and about that super skunk you asked sacred plant warrior. It just did not make it to the next round. Been growing her bit too much lately and got plenty in jars so shes at the mommy chamber waiting. Never gonna let her go..
  12. Hi! About that one and a half g's per watt I was waaaaaayy behind. From the 15 plants I had last run, there was two mad scientists which performed horribly,two caramel candy kushes which were way to small to get the max out. And my lazy ass with too hot soilmix. This time I got only the biggest yielding choco rains and two huge hazy phenos of the Honey badger haze. 12 plants in 30 litres root pouch. All are ready 65-70 day. About my name on the forums I have had the same in cannabisworld, overgrow and icmag. Happy Friday to everyone out there!!!! Peace out! ....same name but different that what im using here..
  13. Heres chocolate rain phenotype 2. Flowering day 24.
  14. northenboy

    Elev8 genetics?

    Thanks for the information guys!! Appreciate it a lot. After much of investigation I think I will order from here like so many times before. Never tried any naw seeds or u.s.c seeds. The durganchitral is one I have heard and seen lots of good... Any other strong, max ten weekers somebody wants to recommend I would be happy☺. Peace out mates!!!!!