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  1. Add me to the list too NAW . Holiday Cheers all around !
  2. The True BB x CR I made are pungent, but not as smelly as the orginal Chocolate Rain Such a sweet stink, though. My brother and me decided to re-name it "Chocolate Kush", to localize it.
  3. In flower (and when drying) there is hardly any smell. Rubbing the stem I smell pine with a background hint of lemon or grapefruit. When burning it smells like Chem dank. (ya' know, dark and lingering) No sleepy time for me with this strain. Though, with a speckling of amber trichs @ 7 weeks its probably not mostly sativa. (I think Chem is mostly sativa, though.) The stone is heavy on the brow, but not in a drowsy way. (I kind of understand comedy sketches featuring "heavy eyebrows", a little better now: I get the gag fellas.) A 3 hour ride on average? This is a fantastic blend. The makers have my compliments. Congratulations on this beauty boys. You're in for a treat Focal. Luck.
  4. Popped some of these this summer. I got red hairs and a few amber trichs on the popcorn @ wk6 of 11/13; on a seed plant vegged for 5 weeks. Working with a Christmas tree spear bud type pheno. (That has sativa thin fan leaves, funny enough.) I thought the Afghaan was from Positronics originally. Not sure though. Sannie knows. Looks like she'll go 9 or 10 weeks. (Wouldn't be suprised if she's good to go @ 8 weeks.) Oh. All in Canna Coco using Hesi, Sliica Blast and LK: and of course flushed with molasses. (I'd suggest lollipoping. The lower spindly branches are largely useless, in my opinion.) Good luck.
  5. Wow! That Feminized SSH X ShackF2 is mighty frosty. Excited for this release, to be sure. Great work as usual Sannie.
  6. CosmicStar5

    chocolate rain

    I thought his looked interesting. And.................
  7. Sounds like a Soma "Flavor Bomb"; but I could be wrong.
  8. Around here, you can find "Blackstrap" molasses at the Health Food Store. Forget about grocery stores.
  9. CosmicStar5

    chocolate rain

    Yea. Mine arrived today and are germing now. Got New City Citral as a freebie though. Sounds sour. There may be crossing potential here. Hmmm , Sour Chocolate? ahhhh, SNAP!
  10. Thanks e$kob@r. I'm looking forward to crossing them with something that finishes fast. (Maybe this 7wk pheno of a Mandala #1, I'm working with.) I'll probably go ahead and work with some K.O. Kush. Any hermie worries, e$kob@r?
  11. e$kob@r, I have 1 question for you. Is it ChemD or Chem91 that is used with the True Blueberry freebie cross?
  12. Great news Sannie! I've been waiting weeks for the Chocolate Rain to be released. I'm so excited! Congrats and Good Luck Sannie.
  13. CosmicStar5


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