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  1. Figured I'd give this month a whirl! This is Chocolate Rain, taken at 10 weeks.
  2. jbyrd

    Grow Logs

    A place to store my grow images.
  3. Here is Bubba Kush at day 56 of 12/12....dank and super sticky
  4. lmfao...I hadn't seen the vader one, but when I first popped the CR beans I did some more googling around and found that one dood that first made it. FREAK!
  5. jbyrd


    Some outstanding photos in here! Way to gro everyone! Here's a shot of Chocolate Rain, hard to choose a photo to submit when there are soooo many good ones already here!
  6. jbyrd

    Casey Jones

    Very nice man! I have a friend running the Casey right now, such a nice looking girl..I'm tempted to run a cut or two Way to gro man!
  7. Thanks man! I'm jealous of your location..LOL...Every day I think about being somewhere in the pacific..tropical island, cold beer...Ok...back to work...argh! LOL
  8. Thanks everyone! As for your questions: Setup is a 6x3 flood tray with 3 gallon pots. There is 1800 watts of HPS supplied to the tray by three 600 watt bulbs. The plants are grown in coco and fed with a DIY top feed drip system. The drip system is built using 3/4" schedule 40 PVC to 1/2" drip line to 1/4" drip tubing to make the rings. I do not use emitters, I use 1/4" T's as my emitters (they never clog). There are 3 risers built out of the 3/4" pvc, one for each row of plants, off of those risers runs the 1/2" drip line down each row. Then, 1/4" line connects to the drip line at each plant site. I then took more 1/4" line to build the rings and connected it all together with the 1/4" T's as the emitters. There are four 1/4" T's dripping on each plant. The drip system is run from a 30 Gallon res with a 1585GPH Mondi sump pump. I'm usually only using 10 - 15 gallons per feeding and the pump and drip system dumps that into the pots in about 1.5 minutes. I run drain to waste, although you could recirc it if you had proper filtration to keep the solids out. I tend to not like recirc with coco because you want to get any buildups out of the medium...recircing just keeps them in. As for why I think Chocolate Rain is a keeper...because she yields great (84+ grams per plant in this setup), she has a wonderful, earthy, faint chocolate, kinda sweet taste that I can't get enough of. I find myself with my nose stuck in jar for extended periods of time..lol. The high is great, to me...it's strong, uplifting, happy and energetic. My wife and I find ourselves laughing as we are getting shit done around the house after smoking CR. There are not too many strains that make me feel like I'm a kid again...getting the giggles, etc...Chocolate Rain does that to me. I prefer it over my heavy hitting Indicas (unless I want to veg on the couch..lol). Hope that helps, sorry for such a long delay in responding. I'm not subbed to this thread and missed your post. Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions about my setup.
  9. That's freaking classic.... LA Confidential makes me fucking really paranoid, I don't know what it is or why I keep growing it but when I smoke it anywhere near my grow I get that uneasy feeling...nervous stomach...checking windows like a crack fiend..LOL
  10. Been a while since I updated this...lol. Here's some current shots from the room, taken last night. There are 6 Chocolate Rain, 4 LA Confidential, 3 Purple Kush, 1 Platinum Bubba and 3 Bubba Kush. We're are day 23 from 12/12. These are in coco. Chocolate Rain side... Bubba Kush More Chocolate Rain
  11. Here's a close up of a Chocolate Rain top...loading up nicely with trichs
  12. Thanks RD I forgot to mention that KF x M....looks awesome as well. I can't wait to run the Madonna, excited!
  13. Nice looking dankness everyone! That Chocolate Rain above is beautiful, way to grow her! Contributing to the pron thread 707 Headband A Purple Kush Run..I want to do this one again, need to find some photos right before chop when it was all solid purple...They are so pretty and soooooo dank
  14. I keep mine in a large fire proof safe as well. I put them in small ziplocks and keep in a tupperware container with about 1/2" of rice in the bottom. I have beans from the late 80's through the 90's that are all still viable and still pop from storing this way.
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