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  1. I've only popped 1 seed so far. Luckily it was a female. It flowered almost 11 weeks. The smell is quite strong and very sweet and fruity. No purple colours but the temperature didn't drop below 24°C.
  2. 18 days 28 days Temperature with lights off is about 17-18°. A bit to low but nothing i can do about it then just wait for spring and higher temperatures.
  3. 13 days 23 days I will try to make pics with lights off next update
  4. 18 days Up left killing fields Up right amnesia ganja haze Down left zombie haze Down right sannies jack 8 days
  5. I spilled some water a few weeks back and it has been this way since then. Its the only leave. I always have had cal/mag deficiencies in previous grows in about week 5-6 of flower. So this grow im feeding extra cal and mag.
  6. Switched to 12/12 13 days ago Switched to 12/12 3 days ago
  7. @Justcozz: yes, i'm doing a scrog. In the first picture the light distance has been about 100 cm since i put them in this tent. They are starting to stretch a bit last few days but im waiting some more time to flip the lights. Amnesia haze Light distance is about 60 cm and can go 15 cm higher. I think i will flip when the screen is about 75% full because they will continue to grow for a few weeks
  8. Grabbed a pack. I was also lucky to get a pack of the black afghani last week. Very excited about both
  9. Clockwise starting from top left: sannies jack, zombie haze, amnesia ganja haze, killing fields I have topped all 4 a few days ago. Im going to tie the branches down and put a screen on it today. Im not sure if i should switch to flower already or wait some more time, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Amnesia haze These were also topped a few days ago
  10. Shiva x herijuana @ 70 days
  11. They were free seeds from zamnesia. Ive got three flowering but this is the only one that looks and smells good. 6 february
  12. 31 januari Some pics of current grows White berry 62 days flower Holy grail kush 68 days Pineapple chunk 68 days Skywalker kush 68 days Skywalker kush #2 68 days I'm going to harvest them sometime next week
  13. Popped 11 seeds on 21 januari 3x amnesia haze - soma 2x killing fields - sannie 2x sannies jack - sannie 2x zombie haze - sumo 2x amnesia ganja haze - sumo On 26 januari all 11 were put in small pots/cups 28 januari Need to wait for about 1,5 more weeks to have space in my flower rooms. I still use the 55x65cm cabinet but also recently bought a budbox 75x75x200cm tent and build a new led light with 5x cree cobs cxb3590 3500k running at 50 watt each. Wish you all a very happy Sunday!
  14. I haven't updated this in a while. Both shackzilla's were harvested after 10,5 weeks flowering, have dryed for almost a week and i've put them in glass jars to cure. After cutting the lower fluffy buds away the dry result was 145 grams. I gave away about 10 grams to friends and smoked a bit before taking the pics below. Drying All the bigger buds Smaller buds Jarred The cheese and og kush are 1,5 weeks flowering. It's getting crowded but i rather don't want to throw one away.
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