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  1. It is physically impossible to smoke too much. Just sayin....
  2. Phazed

    The Truth

    I completely trust the government and know that any monitoring they do is absolutely necessary in order to repel the constant barrage of attacks plotted at least daily by nefarious, well-equipped terrorists. Oh yes! /sarcasm off Umm, can I have a puff of yours...? Just to compare. I think mine might be lacking something....
  3. Hope ya likes.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tefzSUZbM7Q Peace to my bruddhas and sisters!
  4. Phazed

    Silk Road

    You were right of course. I didn't look too closely and just assumed the currency symbol listed was a US Dollar. Now I realise that it's actually a bitcoin with a four or five fold increase on normal currency I can see that it is far from cheap. Oh well, back to sobriety. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Phazed

    Silk Road

    Does anyone have any experience of using the infamous website (hidden by TOR, The Onion Router) The Silk Road, an anonymous website designed for the sale of most drugs under the sun, but with a healthy list of cannabis products too? Weed, hash, oil, synthetics, you name it, someone is selling it on Silk Road and when looking at prices, it's much cheaper than my local coffeeshop! I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks for reading. My reason for asking is that I just can't afford the mainstream and legal dealers (Coffeeshops) here in Holland anymore and there looks to be some great hash listed at fantastic prices. Cheers. Phazed
  6. I'm English but live in Holland due to EU laws. In a nutshell I had to sell all my grow equipment after many failed grows and several thousand eurodollars due to not being able to afford the electricity anymore (among other things) around a year ago. The tents were only sold recently though, hoping for better times. Tomorrow a bailiff is trying to evict me via a court case due to non-payment (inability, not unwillingness) of rent for a few months. (the story is getting long, boring and a tad depressing, let's leave it there. Needless to say it's not the kind of equipment I want here with the possibility of having unwanted "visitors") Smoke it if you got it! Almost forgot, I have 2 threads on WF but am not active there anymore since those 2 threads back in 2009/2010. It's a good forum, much info and many experienced growers. It's probably one of the best if not THE best Dutch growing forum. Young, old, sick, healthy, recreational, medicinal, it's all there. I used to hang on their Dutch (language) chat channel in the small hours, some nice regulars (Mods and users) same as with OG chat.
  7. Dear Vito, If ever you should ever feel the need for a friend just give me a shout. I would be more than happy to be your friend, in need. Hell, I'd be happy to be your dog if crumbs from some of these pictures might fall! That right there looks mind-bendingly good. Kudos to you.
  8. boobs! (someone beat me to it making my answer sound insane so I changed it. Are you stoned?)
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