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  1. Heres a pic of that gig in my other tent. Ooops, looks like I've gotta prop some floppies...
  2. Thanks, Maria. I love you. It should be perfect for the time of year I started. Although now I could probably get away with the 4 x4. I like the higher ht of the newest tent. Diesel, I'm getting blueberry, grape, pineapple and, well, some serious diesel off of these. I wish I could've taken them another week, but they really seem done. Orange hairs over 70%. I think giving Sannie 4-6 is a legit course. It's taken that long and then some sometimes in the past I've received 2 orders. I'd contact him after 4 since there's limited stock in this case. I've got this really sticky blueberry sativa pheno (pic attached) that I bred 2 older male SFs to. One was tall, one was short, but they both spilled their pollen at the same time. My plan is to find a short, early and sticky male from this and breed it back to a few of the better specimens of the older SP stock I have left and then maybe reintroduce a male or two from that combo to the newer SP. I'm bent on creating a heterogeneous SP but the right selections over some time will be the challenge since there is a good amount of variation. It's my 2 year project. I dont have too much fear of breeding with female seeds. My theory is that if male flowers are forced, thru SC or some such, and not naturally occurring, there isn't much chance of passing on herm genes. I could be wrong, but don't think so.
  3. * the yield pics you see are missing a good 4 ozs since I had to take some colas at 8 weeks due to heat stress.
  4. Oh, and sannie, I missed your post. It absolutely smells like pure heaven and sticky as all get out. I am using a vortex 6 inch as well as a 5k deionizer on occasion (my parents were here last week). But I've got strong, deep blueberry and sweet pinapple and a host of delicious scents in between. Heavy, heavy yields. This is truly a winning conconcoction my good man. There is everything good in every single pheno. Pleased as punch, sugar punch. Keep doing what you do please.
  5. Well here is what I learned: if I'm gonna run a 1k out here, I need a larger and taller tent this time of year lol. So I got me a 5 by 5 84 tall for next go round.
  6. Took them at 9 and they are heavy and ready!
  7. First pic of another bud of the short sativa and second, Hamme, of the taller distinctly sweet grape smelling sativa you mentioned had longer buds to show you how they're filling out.
  8. And here is one of a really short sativaish budding pheno that smells of grapefruit and looks to want to yield 3 ozs at 7.4 weeks
  9. Some of these phenos can really yield, like 4 or 5 ounces ime. Here is a (poor) pic of a really very strong blueberry smelling pheno
  10. 23 (instead of 20) viable looking seeds with the heri x Shiva freebie. Thanks again, Sannie
  11. Thanks, Hamme! They're really filling out and looking and smelling sweeter every day!
  12. Used cc option as well. Rec'd today with the heri-shiva bonus. Stealth as always superb. Very happy to have a piece of Sannie's latest and greatest work again. Thank you kindly, Sannie. As always, you deliver.
  13. Well here are some closer shots of.the two I thought to be so different previously. The ones I had pegged as lower yielding sativas have started to really fill out and they are getting closer to ready much quicker than I thought.
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