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  1. A grower sent me this pic yesterday, Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck I made. Told me this is a lower nug that snapped the branch due to weight :). An Indica that weighs. Go figure
  2. Appreciate ya man. Yea we tend to avoid fad strains altogether. I think gsc was the worst abomination since ruderakis lmao. But to each they're own. I grow n make what I like, those like minded reap the benefits as well
  3. My ex had that smell n blamed my weed lol
  4. Yes I am now n it's a couch lock, plans are changing type stone lol.. Indican approved
  5. Mother Funker dried n jarrin' lol...
  6. Update to Mother Funker... Yielded like a mofo. Dense rock hard nugs, maybe hardest non giving to a squeeze bud I've ever seen. I know this one is gonna goo up some grinders lol...
  7. My Mother Funker Mother Firefly (Psychosis x Huck Kush) x Cluster Funk by Bodhi...
  8. Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks... With Sinister beer coasters
  9. Lost in Space nice n ready for a sample. .. Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
  10. Lost in Space Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
  11. 1st 3 pics are Triangle x Wookie aka Phone Home by Bodhi.. Then Mother Funker aka (Psychosis x Huck Kush) x Cluster Funk Next is Motas Deep Ghash Then Lost in Space Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
  12. There may be a few lurking around still
  13. The 1 thing that sucks about that cross ^^^^^^ I gave out all the seeds n left myself zero Lol.. Fuckin' bullshit
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