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  1. So... I thought this was NL#5 x ATF.. Nope!!! This one goes WAAAAAAY back to seeds I made roughly 2014. From Dynasty, Huck Kush F2 I sent to our boy pre rip off Dec 2014. Fuck TL
  2. Skywalker OG x French Toast by Raw genetics out in Cali ..
  3. Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F1
  4. Lol yes it was me.. Indican. Saying that n I'm saying it again. Been sitting getting shit done like a fuckers today. Work. Gym. Lawn mowed. Packed a few peeps beans. 30 min ago smoked a joint of this shit.. I went from energetic to eyes heavy n me yawing as I'm talking right now. It's fucking potent. I just found my stash I knew I had had left. Looked everywhere n friggin'.. well just say if they were snakes I'd been bitten on the foot lol
  5. After about 3 mornings straight this week of waking up to a joint of it and trying to function.... I finally realized today why my head n body's been feeling like shit all day. Too gd strong for morning smoke. And that's MY ASS saying that. I smoked on a single joint after work other day for a couple hours before I realized how long I'd sat n watched TV n smoked on that fucking thing lol
  6. Bro I know the feeling. And honestly I've got one dude I owe shit to out of the USA and after that I'm probably done with out of country mail. They want too much info on my end now for customs. If a PKG gets got then both parties are on the PKG n I don't like that too well lol. Plus it's a total pain in the ass to do it stealth. It ends up costing me more the n cash than the risk is worth. In states I'm down for trades or whatever
  7. Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck
  8. Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck... 3 plants, the 2 bigger ones are bout 2 weeks from chop.
  9. These NL x ATF are great yielders. Not the biggest branchers but under barebulbs I've got about 7 in there all pretty much exactly same height n structure. I've never topped one n vegged it long tho so could potentially be even better yields than I'm getting with the 100+ degree days we been having. And as far as potency, shit. I usually gotta either write shit down I gotta do before I smoke or just do it before smoking it. The shit hits hard n for me to say that, it's gotta be a pretty hard core stone. And the terps are so gd good lol
  10. No fucking doubt. I couldn't see well in dudes house last night when I bought it. Looked at it this am n I'm like fuckkkk. At least it's at a discount lol
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