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  1. Yes making seeds of mtf and also have a female mtf picked to hit with the NL#5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F1 male. The ATF n mtf are basically related easily imo as both are from Alaska n there never was strictly an ATF or mtf strain. Sorta like big sur holy weed. A few peeps in the region had seeds n that was that lol
  2. Nah I don't have pure ATF. I had it. Griot got em for me. The MTF is going for the next generation of seeds in breeding closet next. Another day or two for psychosis bx2 f2 seeds, then the mtf will go in
  3. I've got '68 Afghani n Purple Kush. I'm thinking those will pair well.. my NL x ATF will be powdering sumthin
  4. The QK doesn't stretch too badly. Easy to keep tight n stout imo.. I've got alotta afghanis n indicas. The qk is bout same size. It's in the pic with the led.. it's one towards the center. As far as the led, I think you have to really invest in a good one. This one has already made a big difference in 2 weeks or so of being fired up. A few days I'll get more pics. I'm trying for a high quality bud run. Of course a few will be breeders. I've already noticed a male n female blue moon magoo I'm gonna make Blue Moon Magoo Too. Lol. Also have a fat male n female psychosis. So definitely remaking these too. Other shit will come out of it. All my snow queens are looking female so psychosis make to snow queen female aka Baby Firefly are on the way
  5. New toy. 660 watt LED with a 1000 watt mh n a 1000 watt hid on either side. Maximizing spectrum n decreasing heat is the main objective. By the way, there's Woodhorse Herijuana and Snow Queen and Psychosis bx2 n all kindsa old goodies in this room. Wonder what 2020 will behold?
  6. It's a nice Xmas tree bush n each branches nugs look like this one lol
  7. Huck Kush F2. Chopping main buds then reveg.
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