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  1. I answered u dude. Said I've got F2s but no F1 left.
  2. Petrolia Headstash F2. Made F3s.... These are pure diesel when u squeeze a nug. Intense diesel.... Gonna cross it to Woodhorse Herijuana males next round. Sort of a petrolia bx.
  3. More black...this time Black Garlic. Runt but going into reveg to see if I can do something special later......
  4. Heath Robinson's Black Rose F11
  5. I've got F2s that I just grew out that are available but ran outta f1 quick when I made em
  6. They're ALL dank crosses lol. I was bout to get ready to head out when I posted those pics lol. Oh well...
  7. Let's play GUESS THE MOMMA n POPPA .... All but two are loaded with beans ....
  8. That's a fucking beast brother!!! Great job. That smoke is devastating. I'm smoking F2 as I type n it put me to sleep bout 10 min just now lol. Damn dog barked n woke my ass up lol
  9. Nah didn't use her.. shoulda but didn't. Oh well. Yea the DTHF x Afghani Kush I'm stoked on. I also hit a (blue mountain Jamaican x Lambsbread) x '72 Colombian female with the same '68 Afghani Kush. I'm thinking the '68 Afghani Kush will increase yields lmao. Check out this pic .... 8.7 gram bud...
  10. Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F2
  11. I made the dthf f3 a couple years ago. This is my first cross using her
  12. Durban Thai High Flyer F3 pollinated with '68 Afghani Kush Dec 28th.. few more weeds for beans to be fully ripe
  13. A couple more on this list I left off the above list....
  14. I don't have a complete list yet but seeds are wrapping up.. most should be finished. Let me think as lights are off so can't go do a quick look... Big Sur Holy Weed seeds coming Blue Moon Magoo f2 Blue Moon Magoo x Black Afghani Petrolia Headstash f3 Gooey Grape x Black Lime Reserve F3 Black Lime Reserve f4 Tahoe x Swampgas f2 Snow Queen x Psychosis (Tahoe OG x Swampgas) x Woodhorse Herijuana There's a couple more I made but these are all off top of my head. A stoney first cup of coffee on Saturday morning head lol.
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