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  1. Lol man that shits funny!! Well.. Not the shit part but yea lol.. Fertilizes at the same time. Poopology 101
  2. Brotha Im sure Sannie has about 120 or more of these. I told him a while back to put em in the freebies section. Im happy if they get to you OGers. Bug him lol
  3. Oh.. The quarterly inspection is Tuesday lol. So house is still ready to breakdown 4 the day. Damn stress I dont need.. Or want lol.. Eff it. Still illegal in my parts
  4. Find the studs (wood in the walls, not with balls ) Hang a nylon rope (or hemp if ya gots it) then bare bulb fixtures. If u wanna keep heat down the cob lights off amazon for bout $150 plus a couple hps are doing nicely. I just scaled from rooms to a few closets. Smaller plants but all kindsa shit happening. 2 weeks ago appraisors had to swing thru. I had all plants n shit in a uhaul trailor in bout 30 min.. Hooked it to my old car in my driveway. Appraisal went smooth n plants n lights back in n up in bout 40 min. Right now ive got a few 5' tall Woodhorse herijuana bushes ready to breed under 1k hps. Anyway. Yea. Barebulb n kiss method.. It works
  5. NL #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck. Pure indica. Pure dank.
  6. Holy shhit this cracked my ass up!!
  7. Some NL #5 and a lilMota Rebel Snake Eyes.....
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