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  1. This is my final post on OG. Been here since day 1, March 4 2008. I was good to everyone, met a few good peeps, then a few literally robbed me n ratted me etc. I still remained. But not anymore. I've now got bored asses sending me messages showing recent locations I've lived. So basically saying, We can rat ya out. So to all you that were cool, peace out. To all those not, God love ya. Couldn't be cool. And for the record, I've not seen a single reply from the dude caused this lil drama. Posts are blocked on my end. Whatever. Y'all have fun over here.
  2. New strain, old school. Durban Thai High Flyer f3 x '68 Afghani Kush aka #DTA aka Don't Trust Anybody. . Day 41 from showing sex
  3. How does a grown man get insulted in social media, then run to a site in Holland to a mod that can't control my IG page or comments? If that dude was in prison he'd be the wardens go to guy for info. Fuck lol. Anyway. OG is dead as hell so I could care less if I post on here. But let it be known, u try fucking me over or my peeps no matter if it was two years ago, I ain't forgetting. Now I got seeds to create. Take your feelings elsewhere gerbil boy
  4. Btw he actually messaged me admitting to telling Sannie I was selling beans on here which was a lie. But y'all can break the rules n send seeds all over the world huh? Thought trading n selling seeds on OG was a no no?
  5. What in God's name are u talking about? If I said something on a social media site wtf u care? Bottom line, I got someone blocked I'm sure I know who ur referring to. He tried his best to get Sannie to boot me off here, got My dude kicked off another forum that was private, if he'd be a real man maybe he wouldn't cry to an OG mod over a comment on another site? That's a RAT. Own it. Remember when I was mod here n this placed kicked ass? Lol. Peace y'all.
  6. No idea what we are talking about. Just doing my thing over here, but I always do my thing n that's not stopped others from making up issues on me. Much love og'ers
  7. I answered u dude. Said I've got F2s but no F1 left.
  8. Petrolia Headstash F2. Made F3s.... These are pure diesel when u squeeze a nug. Intense diesel.... Gonna cross it to Woodhorse Herijuana males next round. Sort of a petrolia bx.
  9. More black...this time Black Garlic. Runt but going into reveg to see if I can do something special later......
  10. Heath Robinson's Black Rose F11
  11. I've got F2s that I just grew out that are available but ran outta f1 quick when I made em
  12. They're ALL dank crosses lol. I was bout to get ready to head out when I posted those pics lol. Oh well...
  13. Let's play GUESS THE MOMMA n POPPA .... All but two are loaded with beans ....
  14. That's a fucking beast brother!!! Great job. That smoke is devastating. I'm smoking F2 as I type n it put me to sleep bout 10 min just now lol. Damn dog barked n woke my ass up lol
  15. Nah didn't use her.. shoulda but didn't. Oh well. Yea the DTHF x Afghani Kush I'm stoked on. I also hit a (blue mountain Jamaican x Lambsbread) x '72 Colombian female with the same '68 Afghani Kush. I'm thinking the '68 Afghani Kush will increase yields lmao. Check out this pic .... 8.7 gram bud...
  16. Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck F2
  17. I made the dthf f3 a couple years ago. This is my first cross using her
  18. Durban Thai High Flyer F3 pollinated with '68 Afghani Kush Dec 28th.. few more weeds for beans to be fully ripe
  19. A couple more on this list I left off the above list....
  20. I don't have a complete list yet but seeds are wrapping up.. most should be finished. Let me think as lights are off so can't go do a quick look... Big Sur Holy Weed seeds coming Blue Moon Magoo f2 Blue Moon Magoo x Black Afghani Petrolia Headstash f3 Gooey Grape x Black Lime Reserve F3 Black Lime Reserve f4 Tahoe x Swampgas f2 Snow Queen x Psychosis (Tahoe OG x Swampgas) x Woodhorse Herijuana There's a couple more I made but these are all off top of my head. A stoney first cup of coffee on Saturday morning head lol.
  21. Both Purple Kush. One green n one purped out. Size bout the same
  22. I'm thinking the dates are off slightly. Double Koosh was redneck f2. Double Koosh was in sannies shop by 2010 or before so redneck had to be prior to the double. Anyway the ATF vs mtf shit is kinda like generic terms from what I'm gathering. Like indicas from that region in Alaska. But there's def a difference in the ones I've grown. Mtf is very unique in terp profile but the weird part, the NL #5 x ATF I made have a very similar profile. So I'm thinking all those old strains coming out of Alaska are related closely. I'd not smelled terps like NL x ATF prior to the MTF. Seeds should be wrapped up in a couple weeks
  23. NL 5 x ATF f2? Or you talking about another cross?
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