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  1. overlord

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Thanks for posting, I recently lucked into Indican finding some of these beans and hooking me up.
  2. overlord


    I have had like three during that year which never showed. In all the years previous before this last year, it had only been a problem once before. No package mailed with green tape.. Nothing!! So I wait a month or so and then let Sannie know, to date that is the only one that eventually showed. A year late at that.. LOL
  3. overlord


    A year ago I had placed an order with Sannie and it never showed. After a month or so, Sannie replaced them, and guess what arrived last week!! Yeah that's right the original order..
  4. overlord

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    My vision sucks these days, but it looks like Tahoe OG.
  5. overlord

    New strains / Restocking seeds

    Awesome! Any news on Sugar Punch? sannie Breeder Admin 3106 posts Gender:Male Interests:Strong creepy sativa dominant hybrids Country: Posted Today, 02:27 AM Herijuana feminized is back in stock again. Germ tests did great and I am sure lots of customers are waiting for this strain, enjoy ! It looks like the regular version will be ready in around two weeks. The SSH is looking good and the Sugar Punch needs another 3 weeks to finish, Sannie's jack is showing flowers and should be ready to pollinate in two weeks, Male SJ is showing first signs of flowering so everything looks good sofar. greetz sannie
  6. overlord


    Whazzup said to use a .03 solution of peroxide when cracking older seeds, may work I would like to see. I use 100ml of water and 1ml of 30% HP when I do this
  7. overlord


    Thank You
  8. overlord


    How many did you soak?
  9. overlord


    Is it possible they need to dry more or be put into a freezer for a little while?
  10. overlord

    Anesthesia F2

    I have 2 packs, minus 1 seed that crushed in shipping. Will have to pop them in the near future. Seems like we have people bringing this subject up about once a year. I do recall last time Whazzup saying he still has the original parents and may one day find some time to make another batch. So all hope is not lost. I do appreciate him releasing the ones he had stored away for us and wish both him and E$ko were more active. I learned a lot from them both.
  11. overlord


    I would caution you on doing this 1. You received the product. When doing a charge back against the credit card company in their investigation of the matter the bottom line is that you received what you ordered, therefore no charge back will be issued. 2. You run an extremely high risk to Sannie and yourself. Once you file the claim an investigation will be conducted. The bank then knows who you are and where you live and what you are up to and they are obligated to pass the info along. 3. Sannie will most likely lose his CC privilege. 4. It's only around $35.00. 5. Give they guy a chance to respond before doing this...Please. I sure on malice was intended. Again I don't want to come off as a know it all but I worked at a bank in my younger years doing charge backs and such with credit cards so I know what i'm talking about. You won't win this one and could possibly put a lot of people at risk. Hope this helps and have a great day Whip It's actually will be flagged as a scam company out of China and will show no connection to Sannie or seeds. Google aolunbicompare scam and you can see for yourself. And if your bank blocks that provider then no one that uses the same bank can order from Sannie? If several people do that does Visa or whoever block them?
  12. overlord

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    I still have 19 of the Anesthesia from that last round, going to have to put them in the lineup.
  13. overlord


    I have that from time to time, they come right back after a day or two.