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  1. Seriously.. let me know I would like one if it is cool with everyone.
  2. I am a member, lot of good info there.
  3. While scrogging, I will sometimes break a branch and of course your heart sinks a little. But I just either tie them to the screen, or keep the weight supported by taping, tie off, or staking and most of the time they just keep growing. many times much to my suprise!! Plants in general are pretty amazing..
  4. I have seen plants I thought would never have a chance suddenly come to life. Those look better than they did, I think you have a good shot at them surviving.
  5. If she lives, I will definitely take you up on that offer
  6. @Indican Do you have any huck n heri left?
  7. I have done many scrogs, but I was concerned about a large sativa in a 6 gallon octopot. Chris says this is no problem & the octo will handle it well, his only advice was about when to flip, since sativas of course can stretch a lot. I will caution you on over filling the screen. I did this once in the same 4X4 with mandarin cookies. 4 plants which i weaved back and forth until the screen was completely full, then let grow 6 inches above the screen before flipping. While I kept everything nice and level, once the stretch started some of the colas grew faster than the rest, which shaded out a lot of the smaller ones. What I ended up with was a lot of nice colas and a lot of the typical shaded popcorn stuff. Fill your screen, but don't overdo it leave plenty of room for light to penetrate.
  8. Hey Jet, My next grow will be a scrogged sativa from ACE seeds called killer A5 haze. I contacted Chris at Octo and he assured me the octo's were very capable of handling this kind of grow. Edit: I plan on one plant in a 4X4, so we will see very soon.
  9. Hi, Just saw this thread and am all caught up. If someone starts an octo thread, please post a link here, or pm it to me. I will be starting a new run soon and would be willing to post some pics if that is cool with all of you. Thanks
  10. Hope it wasn't me either, I was at work just typing what I could, as quick as I could.
  11. Fresh out of likes for the day, but one was meant for this.
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