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  1. I agree with coz, even when busy and dont check the site. I still follow by email notifications.
  2. Look into two products 1st is clone shippers 2nd is called just the snip
  3. Use to smoke lot of killer weed in the 70's and 80's that did not have the super frosty trichomes that today's strains do. They also had more. Character regarding the effect than many of these hype cultivars.
  4. Can't speak for the current seed stock, but grew it several years ago. Had one pheno that smelled and tasted of a cherry fruit loops. I liked it enough to grow it again, but have a zillion other seeds to crack.
  5. Hey Jet, Have a buddy on another forum, he has used ttf once, but is trying several other formulas. He uses RO water, and I asked him if he prefers one over the other. Here is his reply. No, I haven't used TTF enough to say I am leaning more towards one or the other. I have used TTF on a few plants but not enough to make a judgement. I have used Mega Crop at 5 grams per gallon with CalMag at 5mL per gallon and usually add Silica as well. I have gotten 19.35 ounces from one plant in an Octopot with Mega Crop. So I know that Mega Crop is capable of doing the job with good quality and yield. I am almost out of Mega Crop and will start running just TTF. So it will be a couple months before I am equipped to answer that question. I am hoping TTF can do just as good because I like the ease of mixing and feeding versus Mega Crop which takes a few minutes to dissolve. But time will tell.
  6. Have had them for awhile, they were gifted to me. DDA is dark devil auto. Carnival is a sativa from another breeder. A user on another forum loved both cultivars and someone made a cross for her. She sent me a couple seeds of each.
  7. Cool, thanks. I have a couple dda seeds as well as a cross with carnival. Tried to post this reply a minute ago, but the site lagged or something
  8. Nice looking plant. What is dark sparks background?
  9. Here is a commercial version https://sortmyseeds.com/
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