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  1. Thanks for your reply saxo. I honestly could not tell you what the strain is. I will check all the buds when trimming tomorrow to see if any seeds were formed. On another note I have decided on the strains for next year and will be ordering seeds in about a month or two to start mothers. As I mentioned earlier I will be growing five plants only(legal max). Strains/cultivars: Apollo 11 and Cinderella 99 by Brothers Grimm Strawbanana Glue by The Plug Seedbank I have read a few topics on the Dutch site and am interested in using blumat maxi automatic watering system to give water to my girls on summer days. Does anyone have any experience on here with these? I will update again when the mothers are up and running. Peace out and good vibes. Vasco
  2. And now for the rest: The size and potency might disappoint but I have not been as attentive to these plants as I would have liked. I have moved to a new city in another province and therefore I cant be home as often. a little group photo with a grey-ish fall sky. a photo of the different plants in the pot And after a few clipping sessions these two are left for another week and two respectively As you can see they are not very big but they are pretty. Hopefully all of these will yield at least 100gr dry as I want to have a go at making hash or rosin. My plans for next year are as follow: 5 Smartpots 15gal each(mixture of 2/3 light mix and 1/3 coco and bacto, mycorrhiza, supermix and a few products off the guanokalong line to enrich the soil. For the roots I will be using bionova roots and during veg and bloom organic feedings I will use B.A.C with bionova pk13/14 for fat buds. Watering will be done by drip hoses if the summer looks to be as hot again in NL. For this I will connect a 150L tank to a pump and place 3 drippers in each pot. The LST techniques being used will be SCROG on 1m2 mesh and mainlining like the 707 Truthband with green mesh on the sides to encourage a very tall and bushy plant. Strains have not been decided but I am leaning towards some Humboldt strains and maybe a few OG user strains if I can find them(I have seen quite a few interesting ones by outdoor growers) I have not yet decided if I will invest in a pH and EC meter as I have not encountered many problems in the past relating to feeding and nutrients. Tips/questions and comments are very welcome. Thank you for reading and until the next time, Vasco de Gama
  3. Hi OG, I might as well finish off this grow. The Plant was harvested during a heavy period of rainfall(October 7) and most of the buds were lost to rot. I kept 281 grams dry which I gave away and the rest I turned into edibles(brownies mostly). This year I planted a few bag seeds again as I did not want/could not invest much money. The plants sprouted begin June and have been flowering since the second week of August.' 3 have been harvested and another two are still coming along. After last year a lot of the soil was relocated to flower beds so I am growing in about 150L of soil now in the 100gal pot. First the photos from last year A bud on the lower branches. A bud a little higher from the side The canopy The worms really got to the top buds. A view from the side One more view from afar. This plant was harvested by a few friends while I was in Thailand(bad planning I know) and was left to dry with sugar leaves attached which gave me a horrible week long job when I got back to hand manicure all the dried buds before leaving for New Zealand two weeks later. When I got back to NL after 6 months I was itching to grow again and popped a shitload of beans without any idea of where to put them and so they had to be thinned out and I was left with 8 nice plants to look after for the rest of the summer. 3 were autoflowers: A lemon haze, a thai super-auto from outdoorkingseeds and a Diesel OG also from OKS. The bag seeds were probably a mix of Orange Bud, Citral and Sjoerd(an OG kush with purple haze traits). In saying this I actually have no idea what the bag seeds are exactly(disclaimer). Lemon Haze auto(dried, cant seem to find growing photos)seeded by pollinating itself The Asian Super auto(not really super,got about 3 grams) started flower after 4 nodes. And now for one of my favorite colorations I have seen first hand(Diesel OG)DiselryderxRaskals Kush into this This was a very sweet smoke and not harsh at all. Might get these again next year. And finally the bag seed plants without further commentary: More photo's to follow as they stopped uploading.
  4. Hi OG, A new little update for you guys. This is the 707 Truthband after being in the smartpot for about 3 months. She is at her tallest point 2m50 +- 5cm. She only displayed blooming last week and I hope she catches up to the EDP. I will be ordering some Guanokalong Powder and Blackstrap Molasses for a weekly tea. The other watering will be with B.A.C Bloom and the third will be with plain water.(3 waterings per week) I am also wondering if it it wise to put a net around the plant for support via bamboo sticks----> Or just throw it over the plant like this(photo credits to Bambo)---> I also have some PK booster left but that is something for another day. If anyone has any advice I am always ready to listen. Peace out and smoke up OG. Vasco
  5. Good day OG, As I said in the intro of this thread I placed still illegal plants at my own risk. I now paid the price as a police raid which was caused by a noob mistake(odor control). The neighbours called the police and they got a search and seizure warrant and took all my children. The blueberry and Hindu plants were harvested and I was left with a total of 70 grams of rock hard buds I so dearly wanted to roll into a little spliff. They were drying in my closet. I know that my carelessness is to blame and have made peace with this rather quickly. I am not angry or upset anymore and I am carrying on with the Electric Durban Passion and the garden plant which broke the 2m30 mark this week. She is very late to bloom and I think when she does she will excel. The moral of this story is: be extremely careful and grow your marijuana like its heroin. I had a total of 4 plants in my greenhouse when the raid took place. I am sad that my variety for the winter will be limited to 2/3 strains. This has been the very modest and humble Vasco reporting from a country where growing a certain plant for your own consumption is still illegal. Have a wonderful day and check yourself (and your carbon filters) before you wreck yourself. Vasco
  6. Hi OG, A little update on the 707 in the 100 Gallon pot She is getting absolutely HUGE Check it out She has about 30 main branches which will be filled with sweet, sweet nugs over 9 weeks I also have some nice water lily's growing in the pond And a last photo from afar, I am very happy with her performance. She is very bushy and grew about 40cm in height in the last 2,5 weeks. I've been smelling her regularly and the odor is to die for. It's been quite wet here the last few weeks so I haven't watered her at all. Today I placed some top dressing supermix as it was forecasted to rain later on. Another update on this plant when blooming begins. This has been Vasco in the garden... Peace out everybody.
  7. Hi OG I'm in the last two weeks of my autoflowers and it seems as harvest comes the other plants will start their flowering period. I took some photos with my potato for you guys. I have however got the close up pictures through a jewelers loupe so they are clear-ish. First off the Blueberry #1 Blueberry #2 Blueberry #3 And the Hindu Kush are next, NOTE a single Hindu Kush is not autoflowering but photoperiod Hindu Kush #1 Hindu Kush #2 (the foxtail pheno, extreme foxtail but very nice trichome production) And finally I have a quiz. Who can guess which plant/strain has these types of buds Greetings to all Vasco
  8. Hi OG, Quick little update for you all. (WARNING!! I broke my phone and have gotten and old 5S from a friend and the camera doesn't focus. First off: The Blueberry by DP is my favorite between the two autoflowers this summer. She is getting nice and thick and smelling absolutely amazing. The complete auto-side looks like this The hindu kush which isn't autoflower is getting HUGE, its about 1m70 now and I had to tie the top sideways. The critical is also going strong Now the 707 Its dusk here so leaves are hanging all about The Lavender You will have noticed leave damage on almost every photo. This is because I have a caterpillar infestation. Yesterday I sprayed some pyrethrum solution on the vegging plants as the autos only have about 2 weeks to go. I also still have a thai haze auto which I also transplanted into a smart-ish pot. The cuttings are also still growing like kale I went to Amsterdam the past weekend and got myself a nice poster I also had my first experience with 10x Salvia Extract which was pretty amazing but lasts only about 15-20 minutes. My kitty also wanted to wish you a nice day!! Until the next time.. Peace out Opengrow Vasco
  9. Awesome Tacman, I wish I had the space to do something like that. Your plants are looking extremely healthy although they aren't all that big. I am very interested in your grow. What is your humidity like in your greenhouse? Vasco
  10. Hi Opengrow, Big-ish update, First off, the clones were a huge success as all of them made it with roots white as snow. This is how they are looking today, sunbathing for a while until I go to work. P.S don't mind the mess The stems are also thickening nicely I have four Thai haze autoflower seedlings left which will probably show sex in the next 3 weeks. My inside grow area is comprised of two TL 865 and two 18W grow lamps off AliExpress Now for the real garden----> The critical has recovered and I hope she performs so I can harvest a little for the winter. The Hindu Kush have been flowering for 3 weeks now and smell awesome One is nevertheless quite unusual I think a freak pheno and I also have one that is 1.70 and still not blooming. The preflower confirms its a female but it has yet to flower.(I will get some cuttings soon) Some burnt tips I have lowered the dose to 1ml/L for the Hindu pot despite the fact that she is still growing vigorously and producing lots of resin. The blueberry is also fattening quite nicely The 707 is getting near uncontrollable and I'll have to trim her soon. The lavender I have decided will stay but I will not pay too much attention to her. I topped my mint plant and she also recovered nicely The last harvest was 3 weeks ago and the plant yielded 11 grams dry The buds I was impressed by her resin production so I revegged her I wish you all a good day and BEE happy Greetings Vasco
  11. Quick update: The cats destroyed all of my seedlings. :'( I am on the other hand happy about this, I can now focus more on my few plants that I still have. The critical will most probably also go out(heavy nutrient burn and extra stunted growth) I will post some pictures today/tomorrow. Greetings Vasco
  12. I had temepratures today of 33 with outside temp at 32.(I open the door a little when it reaches 30 early morning) This week is a good one for dutch growers. I don't think my blooming autos would enjoy 42 *C too much. I also live in a flat so the smell must not be strong enough to cause trouble with the neighbours 2 meters away. I'm also thinking of fitting a carbon filter to the extractor fan if the plants smell too much.
  13. @Justcozz, exactly that I googled how to ventilate a area without fans and that popped up. In theory it looks perfect but with ever changing temps and humidity also not stable it might not be as effective. @oezzoes I've also taken your comment into consideration and decided to install a extraction(active) fan which will pull the air in from the bottom(through negative pressure ) and out the top despite the temp. (also to drop the humidity as I don't have a opening in the greenhouse roof. I built this greenhouse this spring and this is also the first grow in it. One would only expect that not every detail has been perfected. I am grateful that there are (experienced)growers willing to help on here. If anybody has a follow up comment on this issue please don't hesitate to post it. Greetz Vasco
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