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  1. Hi OG, Quick little update for you all. (WARNING!! I broke my phone and have gotten and old 5S from a friend and the camera doesn't focus. First off: The Blueberry by DP is my favorite between the two autoflowers this summer. She is getting nice and thick and smelling absolutely amazing. The complete auto-side looks like this The hindu kush which isn't autoflower is getting HUGE, its about 1m70 now and I had to tie the top sideways. The critical is also going strong Now the 707 Its dusk here so leaves are hanging all about The Lavender You will have noticed leave damage on almost every photo. This is because I have a caterpillar infestation. Yesterday I sprayed some pyrethrum solution on the vegging plants as the autos only have about 2 weeks to go. I also still have a thai haze auto which I also transplanted into a smart-ish pot. The cuttings are also still growing like kale I went to Amsterdam the past weekend and got myself a nice poster I also had my first experience with 10x Salvia Extract which was pretty amazing but lasts only about 15-20 minutes. My kitty also wanted to wish you a nice day!! Until the next time.. Peace out Opengrow Vasco
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  13. Awesome Tacman, I wish I had the space to do something like that. Your plants are looking extremely healthy although they aren't all that big. I am very interested in your grow. What is your humidity like in your greenhouse? Vasco
  14. Hi Opengrow, Big-ish update, First off, the clones were a huge success as all of them made it with roots white as snow. This is how they are looking today, sunbathing for a while until I go to work. P.S don't mind the mess The stems are also thickening nicely I have four Thai haze autoflower seedlings left which will probably show sex in the next 3 weeks. My inside grow area is comprised of two TL 865 and two 18W grow lamps off AliExpress Now for the real garden----> The critical has recovered and I hope she performs so I can harvest a little for the winter. The Hindu Kush have been flowering for 3 weeks now and smell awesome One is nevertheless quite unusual I think a freak pheno and I also have one that is 1.70 and still not blooming. The preflower confirms its a female but it has yet to flower.(I will get some cuttings soon) Some burnt tips I have lowered the dose to 1ml/L for the Hindu pot despite the fact that she is still growing vigorously and producing lots of resin. The blueberry is also fattening quite nicely The 707 is getting near uncontrollable and I'll have to trim her soon. The lavender I have decided will stay but I will not pay too much attention to her. I topped my mint plant and she also recovered nicely The last harvest was 3 weeks ago and the plant yielded 11 grams dry The buds I was impressed by her resin production so I revegged her I wish you all a good day and BEE happy Greetings Vasco
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    From the album: Vascos Garden

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    From the album: Vascos Garden

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