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  10. Quick update: The cats destroyed all of my seedlings. :'( I am on the other hand happy about this, I can now focus more on my few plants that I still have. The critical will most probably also go out(heavy nutrient burn and extra stunted growth) I will post some pictures today/tomorrow. Greetings Vasco
  11. I had temepratures today of 33 with outside temp at 32.(I open the door a little when it reaches 30 early morning) This week is a good one for dutch growers. I don't think my blooming autos would enjoy 42 *C too much. I also live in a flat so the smell must not be strong enough to cause trouble with the neighbours 2 meters away. I'm also thinking of fitting a carbon filter to the extractor fan if the plants smell too much.
  12. @Justcozz, exactly that I googled how to ventilate a area without fans and that popped up. In theory it looks perfect but with ever changing temps and humidity also not stable it might not be as effective. @oezzoes I've also taken your comment into consideration and decided to install a extraction(active) fan which will pull the air in from the bottom(through negative pressure ) and out the top despite the temp. (also to drop the humidity as I don't have a opening in the greenhouse roof. I built this greenhouse this spring and this is also the first grow in it. One would only expect that not every detail has been perfected. I am grateful that there are (experienced)growers willing to help on here. If anybody has a follow up comment on this issue please don't hesitate to post it. Greetz Vasco
  13. @archer I don't really understand ( Your credentials Amsterdam = I feel like a amateur. ) I did however really enjoy your 2014 grow report. The stuff dreams are made of. @.:V:. I will post an update soon!!
  14. Hi all, AGP, thank you and welcome to the garden. I hope you enjoy your stay. Justcozz, Marigolds have helped a lot but I noticed the branches about 3ft away from the marigolds are still infested with lice. Ill have to get some more tomorrow. I would love to know someone OG like that guy, just to talk to and hear his stories. AND NOW My girl recovered well and is growing upwards again. I might train a select few branches to the sides to fill up some spaces. Otherwise I'm happy with how she is progressing. Still another 5 weeks to grow until end July. I haven't grown 707 so I don't have any idea about how the stretch is in flower but I'm assuming its normal. I'm hoping for a plant of at least 5ft high and she is already 4ft wide so that can only get wider(which is ok provided the branches can hold the weight in the fall). One Electric Durban Passion which showed preflower a few days ago will also be transplanted to either a 60L Smartpot or the bare ground. I'd love to hear from you guys. Tips, questions and comments welcome!! Until the next update, Greetings from Vasco de Gama
  15. Hi all, I have a question for the greenhouse growers on OG. How do I lower the humidity? My Blueberry and Hindu autos have atarted blooming and the humidity is stuck between 60 and 70 %. On very warm days the humidty drops to about 50-55, but that is one in two weeks. I have two fans at opposite ends for air circulation and I water first thing in the morning so water evaporates over the course of the day. I have read a few articles and studies about this in big greenhouses and a recurring option is to add a heater to lower humidity. I am however not in a postion to do this in my greenhouse. Whats up? Anybody have some tips for me? Vasco
  16. Good day Tacman7, Your clones look very nice but I missed which strain it was. Best of luck for this years grow. Vasco P.s. nice backyard off the grid type home
  17. Hi All, update is a little late but better late than never. This update is at night so the plants are a little droopy, but that won't stop me. The blueberry auto's are all in bloom and the longest is about 70 cm. And up close The hindu kush auto's are all in bloom except for one, it's still growing and hasn't showed signs of flowering. And the runt: The critical hasn't really grown too much the last week. The lavender is pretty nice but it looks kinda deformed. I'm wondering if it is possible that its because of the lice(infection) The 707 is at about 1,10 and has a ton of branches. The Asian Haze x Think Big are also coming along nicely I popped a few seeds All reg(rascals kush x dieselryder , Afghan skunk auto and thai haze auto) I plan on taking a few cuttings of the 707 for later so I built a clone box 2x 18w 865 lights and 2x LED strip 2x white and 1x blue from AliExpress 1x 28w heat mat Spongepot for cuttings with bacto, bionova roots and cutting powder. The temp and humidity tonight: temp at midday is 28-30* C and at night minimum 20-21 * C. I have a fan for air circulation but I'm still trying to get the humidity down to 45=50%. This is only possible when the door is wide open but then the temp drops again and so it goes on. Its a little dark for nature photos so I got some photos of MY clean up crew: Wet---> Wild---> That's all for now. Lots of love to all of you!!! Greetz Vasco
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