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  1. Hi all, A little update from the backyard. Its been quite wet the past week so I haven't watered until today. The dosage today was 1,2mL/L. Total water was 15L. Next watering will be Thursday. I had some fun with my girl and we had an amazing bondage session. She was done eventually and looked like this: She has been growing like crazy with the bright sun over here. The stem has a diameter of about 2,5cm. Top view: Side view: She also has some weird holes on the leaves, I put a dozen marigolds in the pot to ward off lice so I'm at a loss as to what this is. My Electric Durban Passion (Apollo13 x Durban Poison x Passion #1) is also going good, I checked for pre flower today and its confirmed: She's a girl!!! Very happy about this, one of the only two sativa strains I have in this years grow. And now as always some nature photographs. So this was my update. Tomorrow Ill add a update for the greenhouse which is getting out of hand. Leave some nice comments, tips and questions. Greetz Vasco
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