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  1. whats up bro? we still cool? kinda gettin the impression that something is up?

  2. Great job Bazz. Can't wait to pop the ones I got now. Thanks for the interesting & informative thread. PEACE
  3. Bruh Man

    How much Lime

    I have found 1 tbsp/gal works for me.
  4. Hey Nat, Glad to see you back into the swing of things. Really wanna see the Chocolate Mask & Vanilla Sky in action. Lookig forward to every update. SUBSCRIBED
  5. Bruh Man

    My Current Grow

    Looks good Shimmy. Really liked the dry budshots bruh.
  6. Don't let it get you down sis'. I'm quite sure that just about every grower here has reaaly screwed up their plants. Thats part of the other great reward of this hobby; LEARNING!!!!! I personally think they didn't look that bad. MJ is a very resilient plant. If it can bounce back from being cut, broken in half, bent, pinched, manicured, & defoliated it pretty sure it will from a lil' leaf burning. I'll continue to check in on you & your grow Nat. Just don't stop doing what your doing. PEACE
  7. Azamax is also a good one Dub. Certified miticide & it's organic for those of us that grow organic.
  8. Nice colors guys!!!! Only thing I've grown with some color is Purple Wreck. Makes a beautiful purple after about 6wks flower, especially the Urkle pheno. Will see if I can dig a photo up.... ...Here we go Good luck on your search bruh. PEACE
  9. Greart read RHead!!!! Thanks for sharing that.
  10. Great seletion Rhead. Would love to get mt hands on some Larry OG & Blackwater from them. What do you know about that Jamaican OG & Jamaican crosses they got up over there? Subscribed......
  11. Hey Island & Zanzibar, Thanks for stopping in guys even though I haven't been as active as I would like too. Due to a dilema I lost my flowering tent to unrepairable damage. I pulled my CVK's, Mad S. & LSD earlier this month due to the problem I was having with my switch to organics. I can say they made it to wk 8 & was still on the potent side, so not a total lost there. But due to the damaged tent I had to pull my 99 Masks at 6.5wks & put my Sour Jacks in my mother/clone tent(2 x 2), along with my 600w light. The 600 is really doing a bad number on the tops of the girls right now, but I'm working hard at getting another tent within the next week or two. Did a test smoke on some of the early 99 Mask quick dried & uncured. And I must say it was still quite potent with the smell coming thru in the taste, sweet candy. The high was thought provoking & settled into a comfortable muscle relaxing body stone, but not couchlocky. It wasn't long lasting(2hrs), but that's due to the quick dry & not being cured properly. The Sour Jack's have a sweet citrus smell with a sour funk undertone that I believe will be more prominent in the cure. Enough rambling on to the pics. 99 Mask #1 @ 6wks with 60/40 cloudy/clear trichs 99 Mask #2 @ 6wks with 60/40 cloudy/clear trichs Sour Jack #1 @ 4wks my favorite Introducing Sour Jack #3 the 2 headed monster @ 4wks Sour Jack #4 @ 4wks And introducing a strain a friend from another forum gifted me to test for him. Small Block Kush(SFV OG Kush x Killa Kush) SBK #1 SBK #2 SBK #3 SBK #4 That's my update for now. Thanks for stopping by....PEACE
  12. Looking good Nat. Your really gonna like those 99 Masks(C99 x The Mask). She's a fast grower, likes to dry a lil', not a heavy eater(mild), starts to frost in wk 3, stretchs 2-2.5x, & smells of sweet candy. Oh and I must add that she's strong even at wk 6. Haven't grown any of the others but I'm here for my tutorial from someone that I consider a great grower IMO. Keep up the great work & I'll be checking in frequently. PEACE
  13. Hey Island, Yea heading into the beginning of wk 4 Thursday. I thought you would like #1's structure. I damn sure do. I hate I didn't clone her now, thinking I had more seeds I could find her again. #2 looks like she will give a big top cola. Got a couple more strains to test, so the taste testing party is at my place.
  14. Thanks AMA, means alot to me. Hey my friend, Yes I am. And they look as if they will be some show offs too. They seem to be finishing their stretch now & bringing on the trichage. Got a couple of pics for you bruh..... 99 Mask #1 99 Mask #2 Will get some up close shots tomorrow. Thanks MGT. Can't wait to see what you do with 'em. Good luck on the move & be safe. On another note I have finally got some sexing going on with the Sour Jacks. SJ #5 was a male. SJ #1 & #4 are female. Still waiting on #2 & #3 to show something. Trying my hand at organics again. But this time around I'm using Rev's TLO soil mix recipe. I was warned to go easy on the ferts when making this mix for sativas & picky feeders. So I lightly amended the base mix, used his floor mix, & mixed up some of his (Rev) spikes recipe. Can't wait to see what they turn out like. Pics..... Sour Jack #1 Sour Jack #4 Stay tuned.......
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