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  1. So i made a topic before about my luck with getting purple killing fields. i just wanted to show everyone what i got without all the HPS washout in my photo's as someone mentioned to me before. enjoy and please show me your beauties!!!
  2. tyo

    Sannies trio updated!

    KF F5, Mad sci - fem, Kronocaine and Kinky blaze freebees :)
  3. So im super curious about this shit too, planning on using it for herm'ing one of my two two KF clones and both show full purple genetics..my question is will the genetics be feminized and or stable? the clones i took seemed stable. KF is an F5 strain i might add.
  4. Hey guys i just wanted to show you i got my prized trait that i was looking for with such determination. Found the purple heavy pure bud oddness that just makes people go "Whoa, man!" and i think you will enjoy. Feel free to chime in with your favorite genetics or pics of your own purple beasts!
  5. tyo

    KF F5 with a purp pheno!

    Type: mostly sativa dominant Flowering Time 10-11 weeks indoor plant Harvest Up to 700 gram/m2(indoor) Taste Very fruity but with a powerful petrol smell Effect: The high is heavy and long lasting Flowers Big and dense THC: Up to 22%
  6. tyo

    Mad scientist flower

    Singular mad scientist grow.
  7. tyo

    Mad scientist Fem Outdoors

    Mad scientist outdoor grow
  8. I was grinning ear-to-ear when i read your comment. currently running 30 clones of kronocaine with 10 clons per mother as to experience the different phenotypes. theres one mom with some sweet dark sassy colors on her stem so I cant wait to see what this turns into and are currently working on compiling a grow report.
  9. Certain Caramel Cough pheno's i have run expressed some very tasty tootsie-roll type flavors. the sweetness was incredible.
  10. Been sampling different types of shatter, and hash/honey oil that is packed with flavor and darn it i've been sleeping so hard that I drool! hahahaha
  11. tyo

    DNA Lemon Skunk

    I've noticed no matter how well genetics are "stabilized" you will still get 2 or 3 different phenotype expressions, personally, I have started to look for genetic expression of certain flavors and terpines in high flavor strains early in the vegetative cycle by means of rubbing vigorously against the stalks and or just generally sticking my schnouser against its fresh tops and inhaling deeply. Ive figures out the smell of the stalk in vegative stage will give you a very nice idea of what the plant will grow into once it starts really creating those different terpine profiles we all love so much!
  12. tyo


    Currently running 6 Kinky blaze freebies also, once I find out which ones are ladies ill be posting some pics. this thread has piqued my curiosity.
  13. tyo

    fuck ups

    most recent fuck up (that I can recall anyway ) was showing and my brother a nice, horizontally trained purp kush stem about 7 weeks into flower and i decided to tap the bud for whatever reason and it swayed back and forth like a pendulum and then gave at the base. oh well nice gift for bro cheers
  14. You guys notice they dont like sugary-fan leafs? my cat is either a picky little prick or just like the green taste of a big fat fresh fan
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