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  1. All backed up just incase
  2. Thankyou mate for the kind gesture Here are two plants just going into flower growing in canna coco, with my left over ebb n flow hesi & cana aqua feeds not coco A&B
  3. I have Zskittles , Black og in coco next
  4. I must admit after seeing trich uk capatian cake I made me feel guilty Fish turd worm turd bat turd With a bit of what ever was hanging around but this will be the last in mapito soil grow Im having a change into straight coco with smart pots hand watered
  5. Trichohisme, uk nugs got my interest my o my these quality pictures will tempt me to show up more often hidronesia, Been long time friend since I see your grow always brings back good memories Sending karma+
  6. Wishing all my OpenGrow family a Happy Christmas Elev8 seeds Sherbet Cookies
  7. You really now how to treat Sinister seeds well The colours are amazing Karma up
  8. It's nice to have a warm welcome karma up friends and your all welcome to carpers place I had to show you the explosive growth You can achieve with Mapito and living soil In a matter of days They have doubled in size You can really see the difference in plant growth from the La Confidential
  9. carper

    Hennepdesk revisited

    Selection of future mother plants
  10. carper

    20180123 193950

    From the album: Hennepdesk revisited

    You can see the difference in plant carristic traits
  11. carper

    20180123 193923

    From the album: Hennepdesk revisited

    Explosive growth in just days
  12. carper

    20180123 193803

    From the album: Hennepdesk revisited

    Mapito in organic soil no problem
  13. Hello og Just a look into how I do my thing Learning and making mistakes as we go 1st mistake is I cannot upright the first dam photo URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/205761-20180121-173958/][/url] it's started Two seeds of each are grown looking for the veg growth traits Ie.slow_fast_stretch_internode building_fussy eaters... You get the idea They are all grown in canna terra pro+ worm castings lime buffertabs Till ready for cuts URL=https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/205763-1516557979048240909812/][/url] Two closest plants are granddaddy purple Which I've taken a big bunch of cuts and waiting for them to root Grtz carper
  14. Hello everyone it's time again - karma up Grtz carp
  15. carper

    20180121 173958

    From the album: Hennepdesk revisited

    The start of something beautiful
  16. lol o what have I gone and done I wouldn't go 50/50 1bag terra soil to 1bucketfull of coco = 14ltrs yeah dolomite lime is for ph buffering wormcastings are amazing for any soil plants sannie buffer tabs extra buffering and feeds the plants mainly in veg about week into flower,than use your own feed after that just as important and wormcastings is Bacto this stuff is brilliant ,,,must use it have a look at my photo gallery,everything youll ever need grtz craftycarper
  17. hi ya, just mix a bag canna terra with 14ltr coco - dolomite lime - lrg handful wormcastings - buffer tabs in each pot - water with bacto jobs good n benefits of hydro power with organic - Sannie's mix I use this soil coco mix and love it just a thought for you in your move to coco grtz craftycarper
  18. woohoo exciting stuff going on Whats the reason for the poly balls? (I would loose my mind and spiv out finding these every where you look) Looks like proper Mapito,very nice Hempyfan, your not wrong ! grtz carper
  19. here allah cazzam , taa daa ririsd x c99 got my vote grtz carper
  20. ill get two,been told ive got golden balls , must have the eggs to grtz carp
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