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  1. This is great!! I was wondering when/if this option was available. So do I need to purchase the bit coins then go through the process at the shop? What sites do you recommend buying bit coins from?
  2. Tried out esko's or maybe it was whazzups method, can't remember which. But put 1tsp of 3% h2O2 in 1 cup of water, temp stayed around 75degrees and all beans popped easily. Most healthy looking tap roots I've seen to date. That h2O2 really helps oxygenate the water And keep bad fungi/bacteria at bay.
  3. Heres my inline fan, probably not what you're looking for lol This is why i shy away from tents bc I'm so cheap and easy. In the future i do want to try exhausting the hood heat out of the room. But for now i just let it hang out in its own room with door open. Don't have central air. What brand fans are you hearing are quality?
  4. Im loving the sativa leaners too. ;p White Russian x Burmese Kush
  5. Jordan of the Islands NL doing its thing
  6. I waked and baked today and then started cleaning and doing laundry, didn't eat anything. Then my girl got home and we packed a fat bowl of death star and some white russian x burmese kush...I ended up laying on the floor light headed and head rushed. But it was awesome after I made a protein shake then ate some pizza lol that death star is the shit.
  7. Whats the best way to upload? Like take pics with my dig cam and upload the computer or upload on iPhon? Would uploading thru Iphon mess with the rotation?
  8. Is that oldtimers haze from Ace?
  9. Why won't an image in my galley rotate? I go to edit, click rotate and it doesn't do a damn thing.
  10. Take the L charred or you trolln?
  11. This is so maga next reschedule and end the DEA save some money. The states are leading the way. not waiting on corrupt DC. Several red states went MEDICAL too! So fucking glad our country has a bright future! Im getting high in celebration, I don't care if I ever come down. Lets drain the fucking swamp of these corrupt lying politicians and END THE DRUG WAR! It isn't about one side or the other or hate, its about maga on all levels.
  12. I'll have to try the DE and sand as well. Damn knats piss me off.
  13. Can a single strain have different sized seeds? I ordered from peak a while back and my order got to me but half the northern lights were crushed. Anyway peak was super cool and set me replacements. The second batch of NL seeds were bigger, noticeably bigger. Is this normal? Different mother plant? Or do you think there was a mix up?
  14. Is there some kind of mulch that can stop knats from breeding in the soil? Say greensand or perlite?
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