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  1. Nice looking plants...looks like you lots of great gear..
  2. Here's a group shot..just put them under a 400wmh, i'm gonna uppot this week to 1 gallon pots... for now...i also have some Godbud, Timewreck and Dairyqueen goin...
  3. usoutlaw

    my babies

  4. usoutlaw

    Group shot..

    From the album: my babies

  5. very nice...i've grown his bluemoonshine, blue velvet, and flo...back in the 90's..great smoke....
  6. Time for a drink...figured i'd take some pics...there growing really good...about time to uppot...Jackberry/kush Ko kush..
  7. usoutlaw


    From the album: my babies

  8. usoutlaw

    Ko Kush

    From the album: my babies

  9. usoutlaw


    From the album: my babies

  10. thanks ya'll there growing like weeds...lol...i'm using miracle grow soil for now...money's tight...lol... thanks for stopping in...
  11. that will be fine...i'm gonna do the same thing...just leave some lower buds on..give them a good shot of nitrogen and they should start reveging within 30 days...good luck..
  12. Ko Kush... Jackberry/Ko Kush...
  13. Well i started 5 of each...there around 2 weeks old under 4 t5's for now..the Jackberry/kush is growing a little faster but there both doing very well...
  14. looking real good...ROC's got some really good gear...i'm running his Chemdog now...
  15. usoutlaw


    From the album: my babies

  16. usoutlaw

    IMG 0005 (800x600)

    From the album: my babies

  17. usoutlaw

    IMG 0003 (800x600)

    From the album: my babies

  18. usoutlaw

    IMG 0024 (800x600)

    From the album: my babies

    Jackberry/Ko Kush
  19. usoutlaw

    IMG 0022 (800x600)

    From the album: my babies

    KO Kush
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