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  1. Also like to add, the fact that with a sober mind you feel something isn't right tells you something important, then u smoke and it doesn't matter u cudnt care less about it... if you began to make progress with a sober mind I think u will begin to feel better about yourself. Atleast this is the issues I've experienced with my freinds.
  2. Start to lay off the cannabis and begin doing other activies. I know many people that are in your boat, and I've seen the attempts(and lack off) in solving this problem. If you want the cold truth : if u don't make effort to Lower th amount your smoking o completely stop u probably never will get out of the situation your in. I have seem it over and over and it's the same result. Socialising will help you a lot but that's if you have the avenue's... Most of my friends began smoking at 14, they are now around 30 and have pretty much given up on trying to stop...
  3. If you read my previous thread I had to leave some plants in the corner of the room without direct light, there is however a 600w light in the same room over some other plants. I hav noticed on one of the plants in the corner of the room (but closest to the indirect light) that all the sites where new shoots come from seem to be showing what looks like early buds growth. I am doubting that this plant has gone into flower mode, but what else could it be? Could this be a sign it went hermie? Or a sign it's a male plant? It also does not make sense as in the bunch without direct light this plant gets the most and the plants even further away have not done this. I am wondering should I get rid of this sugar punch plant?
  4. Also if you DIY with the less it's not that much more expensive at all than a hps... led usually expensiv expensiv u buy a prebuilt...
  5. Webeblzr I think lowering the watering should help, IL try that, but hoping in a few days I get full light on them. Dieseldog, how would u go about adding azomite to sick PLANTS? I thought azomit should b premixed in the soil and broken down by bacteria/fungi. It sounds like u water it in? Gona also Chek out tht humboldt stuff
  6. Problem with neighbors making it hard to upgrade room to add more light. Also I now just noticed that perhaps they only just started dying because I watered them and the water is not being used - could be root rot... A real shame because I wanted to search for a good mother plant from this batch of eskos. I will try to buy a fluro fixture but any hps is out the question for now
  7. Hello all Because of unfortunate circumstances some of my plants had to go without direct light, they have been receiving just the light from a distant light. I have noticed now the tops are beginning to die, I want to try and save them, is it worth it now or have I left it too late? Another problem is that the ones under the light are 2 weeks fatter... I feel bad because it's a big waste of eskoseeds F**king nosey neighbours b**stards
  8. I am doing some modding to my current room and now remembered just how HORRIBLE ducting is to work with. it needs support every so many feet because or it will bend, when it bends it can come undone at the conection point, when you measure it it never equals the same once it's up due t kinks.. etc Does anybody know any other options? I have a 10 inch (250mm) fan so ideally want it that size
  9. OK, on closer inspection I think that growth is normal, the difference now is growth appearing on many different budsites compared to to 6 or so so each site fattening slower but more overall
  10. Hey Even though I am new here and don't have many posts, I have been browsing this forum for just over a year, it's now getting to the point where every page I want to load takes 2 minutes or so and in some cases never loads at all. Perhaps the owner/community couldn't care less about me as one user, but soon i will give up completely on coming here and goto another forum that does load... It's a huge waste of time and is better to avoid stressing myself out when I know it's going to b a 5 min job to load one single thread... If the site is being ddosed then get protection, if it's a rubbish host plan then upgrade it, I used to run a gaming community forum 10 years ago and at peak times had 2000 users online at one time, never had this slow speed, and 10 years ago we didn't even have cloud computing or as good tech servers as we do now. If you need help then message me, but you should atleast try to fix it.
  11. Thanks for the post diesel, I'm not fully sure what it is, but I do think growth has slowed/stopped. The tops on vertical stems would grow wider, now the stems are horizontal the tops have changed to face upwards where the light is but they are not getting wider. I did not believe in plant shock so much in the past, but now experiencing this it does seem to me like the plant has gone into maintenance mode. Maybe I should water some more?
  12. Hi all. Thanks for the response, in this case we can rule out any underwatering issues as the medium was very sufficiently watered as it rained the day before transplanting and my soil got a bit too wet. Again today I hate to say it but they look just the same as yesterday...
  13. I had to transplant from 6 liter into 30 liter pots, and as my plants grew very tall I decided to twist and curl the stems downwards into a spiral type shape and tie them down to widen the canopy and also lower it. I done this 3 days ago and the growth seems to have slowed down or maybe stopped completely and isn't picking up. None of the branches were bent or folded over so I didn't think the plant would be too stressed by it Is this slow growth because of 1) stress caused with the twisting and curling 2) downards spiral direction of branches stopping nutrients being delivered to the leafs 3) transplanting into bigger pots 4) all of the above
  14. Hey papalag thanks for your experience! Did you manage to come across the tooty fruity pheno? I think that's what some said it smelt like. I would love to see the pink haired one you mention
  15. Regardless if it's online or offline do not order from Cannazon, you will lose your money and the owner will not refund it or send you seeds. Esko and Sammie do not supply the site owner anylonger.
  16. Hey ganjaman, are they are from seed? Next time you could try some mainlining/topping.
  17. Those buds got really fat, nice growing dude! How many days total from first putting the clones into the bed?
  18. That stem with the screwdriver next to it is HUGE! Wuda thought it could support a lot more on the top though.
  19. Hello everybody I was just transplanting 10 sugar punch into bigger pots after a 5 week veg and I have noticed 2 of them are REALLY sticky yet I have not entered flowering yet... Aside from the very bottom single stem near the soil all parts above are sticky and will leave a resin on your fingers with little touching. I have grown some other strains in the past but don't recall such a big amount of resin to deal with this early... I wondered if this hint's at anything? Is this a good pheno type? Or maybe it just means good plant health? Would be nice to hear your opinions.
  20. As somebody else said. Pictures is honestly the best way. U can document all u like but a picture is worth a thousand words. Atimestamped picture is worth even more
  21. I have worm castings + molasses + coffee grounds inside. Was not in sunlight
  22. I wouldn't re add it each time. When you add it the first time around, it will gradually be eaten by the microbes and then pooped out by them into a usable form by the plant. I have read that you begin to notice the effects of it on the second grow and not the first...
  23. Is my tea still safe to use? I recall reading somewhere that the aerobic bacteria we need can die without oxygen. I did atleast have the bucket opening fully open so I guess some air may have entered. It also doesn't smell bad. What do you think?
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