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  1. Just jogging your memory on those seeds you'd mentioned would be ready in the fall! Thanks Shiska
  2. Congratulations on you new ventures and like the looks of the new packaging you’ve chosen!
  3. Great looking area scenic views and not a huge city to live in perfect location by your description.
  4. @santero I’ll have to look but I believe I have some lemon Thai seeds back a quite few years ago that found there way to me ! Ring any bells for you on a pure lemon Thai strain 5/6 years ago ? It could of been @even also as he had some Lemon Thai also if I remember correct . I remember growing and enjoying it kept a clone for quite a while also had a couple nice males I did nothing with. Hopefully they sold out and they didn’t just forget to re up the web site info on your last shipment .
  5. Thank you I'd definitely be interested in some once you get completed with your harvest ! The bud pic you've posted looks excellent wishing you good luck with your final tally and smoke test !
  6. Wow great privacy hedge your growing another couple weeks and your house will disappear, hope the weather holds out to finish up never know with Canuck climate change were you planning on dark housing them or letting nature take it course?
  7. Big bag of premium bud could be your friend at a event like that and if not at least you'll be high and not give a shit !
  8. By the looks of the pictures those top colas are huge nice job on your grow skills!
  9. I’d say a couple weeks but that’s just a guess I’ve been know to sprout fresh off the bud with success ! Maybe a actual breeder can give a better time frame as to the proper rest period!
  10. Looks to be solid chunky buds , good job on growing her!
  11. What are you planning on crossing ? Great selections I’m having overload creations in your future!
  12. Nice looking garden you’ll harvest some monsters there by looks of things ! That one sure looks pure sativa with her skinny ass leaves are you planning on finishing indoors if need be CDN weather isn’t the greatest come fall ! Just curious what veg time have the big plants had up till now they sure seem to like the outdoors.
  13. I know what u mean got a cheeseberry in a half gal that doesn't listen well , fixed her too with a few pliers squishes and a couple ties
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