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  1. I was thinking the same thing been a bit since you were here Drip .
  2. I gotta acquire some of that golden goat seed, seem to be quite a good strain. Your plants are looking excellent.
  3. That’s shoeless’s c99 looking good ? Did I read right your chopping at 33 days flower?
  4. That’s crazy someone thinking they can be that crooked to sell seeds . What’s he tell people when the plant looks like ditch hemp and nothing even close to your pictures ,
  5. @santero the 2 I had both had a grape smell kind of a fruity taste.
  6. Happy New Year @santero not sure if you’ve mailed anything my way yet but still nothing as of yet . Thanks Shiska
  7. Wonder what SANta has picked out this year bet it’s fire?
  8. Gotta be on SANta’s list I’ve been for years now always good gifts to be had.
  9. Your green ale looks excellent gonna have grow some more of it in the future such a great smoke .
  10. You can also try the freezer trick for 24 hrs germ in between warm damp paper towel in baggie as bigun suggests . I put them on a warm heat source also.
  11. Maple Leaf Indica is from Sensi Seeds I believe . But don’t recognize that packaging
  12. Sounds like a great line up good luck with the unknowns .
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