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  1. You should make a calendar out of all those colourful pictures of plants you grow , I’d buy one
  2. Everyone’s liking there new shoes so far if your sitting on some c99 seeds from shoeless drop a couple . Looking forward to these making roots to fill the new pots then see them explode.
  3. Na that ain’t crazy you only live once and if you enjoy it what the F ! Guys spend huge money on toys to drive half a dozen times a year or fancy cars to look at , drink up 5/6 hundred a month going out to bars partying . Looking forward to hearing and seeing how they work for you should be a big power saving and heat issue solved . Might need to up your cal mag feeds from what I’ve read on led grows .
  4. Nice set up and even nicer lights hope they out shine your old hps ! Just courious what are they worth they look expensive?
  5. They’ve been a pleasure to grow so far food and light it’s transplant day today so they’ll be happy to have new shoes ! Considering they were bred by a guy that’s against wearing shoes lol
  6. Here’s 3 of shoeless c99 about 24 days from sprout bushy little buggers all are doing good . Think I’ve got 7 more looking the same one on the left is maybe gonna be extra special .
  7. I’ve got 8 c99 about 3 weeks old going there looking excellent needing a uppot soon .Thanks @shoelees looking forward to seeing them mature. Looking good Toker I’m looking forward to some c99 been a bit since I’ve smoked some. Lots of crystals on your pheno.
  8. Maybe cap and him will collaborate on a few things ?
  9. Right I also thought he’d posted some grow pics but haven’t located the post yet .
  10. Thought I’d bring up a old post of Lui ! Got 4 going at present any info would be helpful if you’ve grew it or are currently growing it .
  11. I’m trying to remember what phuuu’s ipa is made of . I’ve got a couple crosses plus straight ipa looked through my notes but having trouble finding where I’d wrote the info down .
  12. Looking good shoeless , just got a dozen c99 soaking hoping to find some tasty girls ! Any suggestions on your favourite pheno of them I should watch for ? Perkins is such a nice strain to grow and smoke I’d have her going again but my jars full more than enough to make it another round before she needs to flower again.
  13. Nice golden toffee you’ve made there . Love the colour of it .
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