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  1. shiskaberry savior

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Swamp gas and gooey grape have me drooling !
  2. shiskaberry savior

    Trapper's corner

    Not sure what HMU is but if your offering I'm accepting! Thanks shiska
  3. shiskaberry savior

    I think I have a gem! Not sure!

    Would his blueberry1/2/3 package the  BBI project,  that was a prerelease and he never did release them. ? Would that be the strain your talking about? I don’t think I have much Esko strains stashed too bad he has a ton of excellent lines!
  4. shiskaberry savior

    Canadian Orders

    Trump is stepping up shit with Canada ? Banning a bc pot capital venture guy from going to look at a garden in Nevada ! Hopefully nothing comes of it don’t know how they class seed as marijuana? Could there of been crumbs in with the seed that’s really stretching shit !
  5. shiskaberry savior

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans

    Happy thanksgiving glad to see you back!
  6. shiskaberry savior

    Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Just courious for those 9 crates your flooding every 48 hrs what volume of nutrient are you giving and what return to waste ? Wondering how much there drinking ? Thanks Shiska love how quick they grow
  7. shiskaberry savior

    Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

    If all goes well scoutmaster in 2 months ! Smoking a mix of chemo,c99/Santa Maria ,sour jack,Carmel Candy Kush, purple kush and a host of pressed bud and bubble hash !
  8. shiskaberry savior

    Silverfields bubblegum pheno tester

    Dam that sucks big time probably ended up getting charged as well or did they just scold you and take your moms ?
  9. shiskaberry savior

    Short winter grow

    I like the looks of the lemon thai
  10. shiskaberry savior

    Post your hash stash

    Some sour jack ,could change the name to cough alot!
  11. shiskaberry savior

    Smokeshack Photodump

    Smokey that pic of pepper is a bud of sorts I’m sure your kids call him there bud !
  12. shiskaberry savior

    Survived Day 1 Legal Weed

    I was expecting a bit more hoopla but neither store front in our city was open ! Something about construction delays for 1 the other is still in the process of getting licensed so unless you planned ahead and ordered on line or called your guy if you have one I’d imagine things would be pretty thin ! I did see video of line ups at the 7/8 stores that were open but in reality 9 plus dollars upwards of 14.99 a gram the regulars won’t be lining up at those prices ! Read our province is the most expensive excluding Northwest Territories which is the top price per gram ! Every province except Manitoba can grow at home 4 plants 30 gram possession not sure on hand amounts but I’m sure most wont follow the rules !
  13. shiskaberry savior

    Survived Day 1 Legal Weed

    Somewhat uneventful made some bubble hash ,smoked a few reefers watered the plants ,watched the tube ,read updates forums just another day at my house!
  14. shiskaberry savior

    Drying in high humidity...

    What ever it takes ac ,dehumidifier ,basement optimum conditions 60% and 60 degrees f for 14 days then jar , burb accordingly ! Usually by then there almost perfect to store in your favourite container or vacuum seal .
  15. shiskaberry savior

    Need a euro bud

    I agree Santero sent these out along with some other goodies quite a while back! C99 Santa Maria is some tasty bud along with lazy Larry !