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  1. shiskaberry savior

    My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Twister T4 seems to do a good job haven’t ran those numbers ! fast and basically trouble free doing 6 hrs with 1 cleaning and a single adjustment of the blades ,no complaints does a nice job of wet trimming and minimal shake ! Lots of options,tables ,conveyors,dry trimmer blade ,you can even hook 2 or 3 in series to speed things up,ear plugs optional .lol
  2. shiskaberry savior

    Moon Rock 420

    Looks dangerous! I tried sending you a message about your grape earth post some reason you don't have messages allowed! I was looking for the post but it says not found.
  3. shiskaberry savior

    Barney's Tent

    Nice looking plants Barney ,I've got a couple starting week 6 looking a lot like yours what age are they right now? disregard just spotted your other post stating how old they are !
  4. shiskaberry savior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Caramel candy kush
  5. shiskaberry savior


    Santa Maria/C99 beginning of week 6 . Still fighting a bit of mildew but trying to get it in check !
  6. shiskaberry savior

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Maine blueberry is something I need in my collection , I can just picture a blueberry smell and taste of rock hard buds at week 6-7 smelling up the room ! Nice job indi
  7. shiskaberry savior

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Chemo up close and personal !
  8. shiskaberry savior

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Chemo around 25 days
  9. shiskaberry savior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Chemo about 30 days flowering
  10. shiskaberry savior

    Opengrow is online again

    Looking good easy to navigate
  11. shiskaberry savior

    Natural bug killer product

    Just a quick update : my sample bottle showed up today in the mail the mites at present have vanished with my treatments of end all and avide bug spray over the last couple weeks ! I’m now seeing signs of powdery mildew the next thing to deal with thankfully this new natural bug killer product also deals with that ,I plan on treating the plants tonight before the lights come on as a preventative if the mites return but also to see how this will work with the mildew issue I’m having! I’d like to thank John for shipping me out the sample bottle as well as the detailed instructions to strip the plants of excesss leaf to help with getting things under control! I’ll keep this updated once the spray has had a chance to do its magic hoping for positive results on the mildew issues and as far as the mites I haven’t seen any signs that they are still present so can’t really comment if it actually works for that !
  12. shiskaberry savior

    Anesthesia F2

    Pm sent
  13. shiskaberry savior

    Natural bug killer product

    Just talked with John the owner he seems very knowledgeable about unwanted pests in a grow room ,and explained the proper usage of his product ! He has agreed to send me a bottle and I’ll possibly be rid of these mites organically rather than using a poison! Looking forward to having a positive outcome in the near future ,I’ll update as things progress. Shiska
  14. shiskaberry savior

    Exhaust fan, intake and carbon filter

    Lat45 try drying in 60 deg 60 % humidity for 14 days sealed room no fans ,your garage is close to my set up not sure your light set up but I too am in the sticks ,sealed room with c02 no scrubber or air exchange to the room works well!
  15. shiskaberry savior

    Natural bug killer product

    I sent the company a email since all my recent bug problems I could use a magic potion ! I’ll see what they say and report back if there willing to send a sample! Shiska