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  1. I’m trying to remember what phuuu’s ipa is made of . I’ve got a couple crosses plus straight ipa looked through my notes but having trouble finding where I’d wrote the info down .
  2. Looking good shoeless , just got a dozen c99 soaking hoping to find some tasty girls ! Any suggestions on your favourite pheno of them I should watch for ? Perkins is such a nice strain to grow and smoke I’d have her going again but my jars full more than enough to make it another round before she needs to flower again.
  3. Nice golden toffee you’ve made there . Love the colour of it .
  4. I enjoyed his c 99 when I grew her very vigorous and great terpenoids,Perkins cut still amazes me on how well she works on pain . Thanks again @Shoeless
  5. Purple reed and you say mold and mildew resistant How’s a guy acquire that any seed floating around? With my last 2 grows mildew was a battle and that plant looks like she produces nice grow.
  6. @Stews green thumbJust wondering what your night temps are ? I’ve had similar issues with too much fluctuations in temperature red stems . I corrected that and the red stems went back to green .
  7. My green ale were so good I had to ask for more seeds best strain out of all the plants 3 strains I’d grew and the green ale was the first to get sucked up .
  8. Hey @RAS-T all three sound good but the Rosetta Stone x Green Manalishi I bet are gonna be stellar .
  9. Waiting on the interstellar connection to happen 10 months and counting i give up forget about it !!!
  10. Looking good 3/4 more weeks they should be done .nice job so far .
  11. Impressive plants I’d like to know how everyone gets such huge stocks on there plants! For the life of me if they get the size of fat sharpie at most on my indoor plants.
  12. Ya Santero couldn’t be a more generous person if he tried ,I’ve had the pleasure of growing several of his strains along with several of my grow buddy’s getting in on his creations that I’ve shared . Not sure what’s transpired but I can recommend anything Santero makes is fire at least the last few years creations haven’t had the opportunity to try any of his latest but the ones I’ve grown in the past were excellent still talk about the c99 hippie killer cross he made . Shiska
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