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  1. You fellows let me know when your ready for a address and I can message it your way! Thanks shiska
  2. Looking excellent some nice fat leaves on a few of them ! Looks like it’s not your first rodeo looking forward to the monsters.
  3. Who knows web designers can and will surprise you sometimes ! When signing in today I noticed the brighter more vivid screen and a drop down tab that was new up top main page !
  4. Nice selection you chose if that was a single order dam customs guy finding it must of been giggling ! And Sannies a hell of a good guy to bite the bullet resenting as he always makes it right! Cant wait for you to get us up to speed at the month flower stage pics
  5. The web site had a update last night everyone got a upgrade so to speak
  6. Zittles comes to mind a kids treat ,I’m old and hearing that name brings a dribble of spit leaking from the corner of my mouth! Purple candy another mouth watering strain guess that’s why the rooms full of it at present ! I’m a sucker for candy.
  7. That would be excellent (Bill and Teds voices)
  8. Thanks , know they would be cherished and kept in a safe environment ! I’m not your average Jeffry Dalmer seed murderer I have confidence both of the old timers would sprout and produce some excellent flowers ! Has to be all of 3 years since that cross was made but I have faith .
  9. Cat pukes got my name all over it can’t wait to test it see if my prediction is correct in it being full melt ! The rest is ear marked for the brother in law his payment for shingling my sons new house being built, love horse trading !!
  10. I’m such a seed hoarder saving the special gifts , think there are 3 seeds of each left ! Maybe if I talk nice my buddy’s over at NAW they can hook me up with some new improved crosses to add to my time capsule?
  11. Just a quick pic of the drying process ,left top corner is GA’s cat puke ,looking more like a cookie now ! Four piles became three!
  12. Well I went looking this morning for the lemon juice package but I must of re purposed it ! I did find these gems though,remember them? Back in the day when the nerds would hook ya up with some stellar cross’s !
  13. I’d like to try dry ice but a pain to get here ! I was fortunate enough this run to use crystal snow almost ice shards (yes still a bit left in the yard) with a couple handfuls of ice cubes thrown in with decent return ! Lots of work shoulders and back paying the price today ! Lol Mr G I’d say invest in a set of 5 gal bags you won’t regret it !
  14. Great job the buds look solid and fat let us know how she smokes .
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