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  1. Try it with weed instead of tobacco bet it would be excellent.
  2. Looking very nice how long have you vegged them for?
  3. I’ve grew Carmel Candy Kush with good results and taste I’ve got G39 which had good reviews but haven’t dropped any as of yet spiderbite is another I’ve heard was good.
  4. Like the camo tent and the control panel is pro !
  5. Looking good baqualin she sure is frosty
  6. @Mr Goodfellow any plans of making some seeds down the road with them?
  7. @Mr Goodfellow great score from swami should be some tasty treats to be had with those beans .
  8. Looks to be a good quality tent and cheap too ! What brand or a link to check them out always wanted a smaller tent for moms and clones .
  9. @douglasfurtrapper I’d be interested in adding them to the strains I’ve collected and grew from you . Thanks
  10. Looks like 919.00 CDN with a quick google search , wow
  11. Can’t be any worst than where I’m at just north across the border from Montana / North Dakota , some nice county that’s for sure but it’s definitely cold in the winter . just need good winter wear and a well insulated house and it’s only for about 5 months till spring rolls around !
  12. The space needle and the skunk look to be good producers nice job on your grow some healthy looking girls there !
  13. Strange maybe a parting of the ways !
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