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  1. Let me know how his genetics are ,been eyeing some of his offerings for a while now ? I’m guessing they’ll see some dirt soon golden goat pheno would be nice to find .
  2. Looking all frosted and gooey nice job !
  3. Megafauna is looking really good gonna have to see if I’ve got some in the vault , I’m thinking I don’t have any who originally passed them out?
  4. I never got in on the black lime crosses sounds like some interesting linage . The m 39 is looking great Smokey
  5. Thought I was living in ground hog day waiting for the snow plow to go by.again ,again,again.
  6. Those are looking great is this your first run with the Mac? Just can’t justify the high price there asking for Mac hopefully someone will make some seed so us cheap buggers can get a chance to taste it !
  7. The quietest this place has ever been in my 11 years of being here , hopefully it turns around and gets some life back .
  8. How’s the smoke had a chance to try it yet?
  9. C99 start of week 5 bulking up nicely.
  10. @Phuuu Ad GG2 IPA AK47 at 26 days . beautiful looking plant love her bud structure sorry for the yellow lights
  11. Sloth day 25 starting to pack on the buds
  12. Don’t do sulphur burns later in flower as the plants will take on a sulphur taste , week 2/3 at the latest followed up by a low ph’ed rinse with water . As far as heat and humidity if your able to extract for 15 min every 3 hours that the lights are on this will help to lower heat and humidity .
  13. Got a few of Indicans version of Lui couple weeks into flower now . Very impressive growth trouble free so far ,even found a nice male out of 4 plants gonna try and save some pollen from him .
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