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  1. Still nothing as of yet hope there not lost or stolen? Just letting the nerds know what's up , great looking plants as always from you guys looking forward to receiving my gift ! 
  2. You should pick up a gallon and give it a try, least expensive and complete ferts on the market, one gallon makes 256 gallons of ferts.  Dam that’s 2,1/2 watering for me I’d need a 45 gal drum anyone up to smuggling one north for me ?
  3. Maybe a faint smell she has a lot of competition in a room of stinky purple candy!
  4. Hey Beach the suger punch are looking great! Your mutant looks almost like a nitrogen overdose , blue magoo are looking excellent gonna be some great smoke there.
  5. Just like to give a shout out to shoeless for hooking me up ! Perkins cut a couple weeks left I'm thinking .
  6. Purple candy middle of week 8 still kicking it !
  7. Looking forward to your adventure from your list your going to have some interesting crosses if a male sticks his head out!
  8. Dam if only there was smellovision on this screen, you hash ball looks deadly as well as your plants .
  9. Just courious how hard can you push them with Texas tomato food ,I have to find that stuff in Canada if it’s that simple !
  10. Your crystal candy looks great ,I see there’s a auto version as well yours was a photo?
  11. Hey @smilestyle great looking Lemon Thai @ZenShade she looks tasty what lighting are you using ?
  12. Magazine quality great grow , I’m interested in the bubblegum strain not knocking your cookies show stealers ! I’ll be tagging along for the smoke report good luck on the next round might have some monsters on your hands ,sounds like your out growing the veg room ?
  13. Cristalin just to keep you informed nothing has showed as of yet ! Have a great day Shiska.
  14. Purple Candy about 3.5 weeks left hoping for some nice baseball bats ,seems to be stacking up maybe a fish bat ATM!
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