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  1. shiskaberry savior

    No name hemp

    @gardenartus not sure what to do with it , maybe cross it to a high thc male , harvest it and mix with a thc strain and see how it smokes ? Compost it if all else fails interested to see if it auto flowers , from the plants I received in the fall they all produced heavy hard buds that actually had crystal and a fruity smell but due to the seed quantity it was impossible to smoke ! I did make a small run of oil with it and the black tar is nasty , that's about the extent of it so far ! I guess I could be a hemp farmer I've got the land and I'm sure enough seed to plant 30/40 acres this spring might get a good enough crop to fix a road or two!
  2. shiskaberry savior

    No name hemp

    This is a in between project just seeing what can be found , most hemp seedlings will live in the beer cups pick the nicest one and clone,transplant maybe flower her out ,that’s about my extent for now ,if it wasn’t for a limit I’d of sprouted 100 instead of 10 ! What I have noticed so far a pile of males and they show extremely fast ! This is my first attempt sprouting this strain and from what I’m seeing a mixture of sativa and indica pheno’s present ,hoping for a short indica female with nice structure,also I’ve noticed the leaf structure is very similar to canatonic Perkins cut seedlings on a couple that still haven’t showed you’d swear I’d got the seeds mixed on how similar they are !
  3. shiskaberry savior

    My dog ate my homework!

    I’m sorry but with a face like that how can you give that sneaky bugger shit? Sorry to hear about the seedlings !
  4. shiskaberry savior

    Green ale

    Greenale on the reveg yes she's that good worth spending some extra time to save her ! Her partner keeping her company is a auto low rider just uppotted today !
  5. shiskaberry savior

    No name hemp

    She has some jagged leaves and a great structure,only one out of 6, turfed 4 males expecting a couple more ! Not sure what will become of this strain looking for some straight up cbd behind her to the left are Perkins cut twins !
  6. shiskaberry savior

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    @hidronesia your description has me wanting that cross! 911 overdose
  7. shiskaberry savior

    Minus 60 this morning

    Well I bit warmer still -50 c you know it’s cold when the vehicles wouldn’t start and were plugged in all night !
  8. shiskaberry savior

    GG X Sativa ?

    Just wondering if anyone recognizes this cross ? I’ve got it along with some GG 2 and Amnisia X GG any of you remember these crosses?
  9. shiskaberry savior

    GG 2

  10. shiskaberry savior

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Sunnyvale what the Purple Hearts story looks like rock hard bud? @santero san fune looking very nice ! @Indicalicious love your rocket ship plants wear a seatbelt prior to smoking!
  11. shiskaberry savior

    seeds and genetics

    A open pollination should include both and spotting different traits once you establish a who's who yes your correct!
  12. shiskaberry savior

    Minus 60 this morning

    Well living where I do things do slow a bit but for the most part it's just another day ! Were supposed to be in the - 50's again this weekend! Dont forget houses , buildings are built with cold weather in mind , better insulation,windows,doors! Yes a person tends to crank the heat a bit more on colder days ,school bus's cancelled if heavy snow or -45 or colder ! Breathing isn't a problem , for most older persons and small children take precautions, they at times recommend to limit out door activities and avoid travels if it gets extreme! I guess to to a non locals perspective of the cold here on the prairie one would have to talk to them. I've heard it described as hell and someone let the fire go out , colder than a witches tit! The older one gets the more they dislike the cold weather plays hell on arthritis, lung problem people find it tough to breath the cold , outdoor pets and farm animals even wild life suffer in extreme cold! Ive spent my whole life here for close to 40 years worked in it at a job which requires you to be out in the most extreme conditions ! (Wrecker operator) if your stuck in the ditch or your vehicle quit on the side of the road you'd be some pissed if the driver said I'll come rescue you when it warms up ! Lol -60/ - 70 especially add in some wind, Things change a bit 2-3 min out skin will freeze extended time out is when you see strange behaviour I've pulled up on a car stuck where the person has removed winter clothing saying they got hot shoveling face and hands showing frost bite , brain freeze I call it! Not like some provinces that have mild winter or no winter the homeless aren't living in a dumpster or cardboard box! here there found frozen in time , happens every year to a few hypothermia sets in and the cold disappears they curl up and have a snow nap, For those not accustomed the stores sell some great winter clothing expensive but a must if your working outside. Ie my boots rated -85 300.00 , pants and jacket 550.00 I can bundle up and handle cold for extended periods standing on the side of the road ! I'd sooner spend the winter in Jamaica come back in the spring if I could afford it! Should of went to school got a real job !
  13. shiskaberry savior

    Minus 60 this morning

    Thanks @ledfoot was enjoyed for the time I was looking at the roses till I looked back outside! Ya Ass
  14. shiskaberry savior

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Three for three Perkins up out of the ground looking good! A few more days to establish roots and stick them into beer cups +dirt got my fingers crossed for at least 1 female but have a feeling I’ll get 2 !
  15. shiskaberry savior

    NAW Test Center

    Reminds me of a drink coaster you get at a high end bar