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  1. Disregard must of been a chrome issue downloaded the latest update and solved the problem
  2. Any one else having issues using chrome when signing in? No problem using internet explorer this just started today! with chrome it won’t even allow to send a message to Sannie regarding the issue won’t bring up the key pad to enter message but let’s me put my address and reason for the email but not to add content as to what the problem I’m having getting logged in
  3. Chocolate and Aztec should be a interesting cross .nice looking bud
  4. It’s funny back years ago people didn’t want road kill skunk too stinky , now it’s every ones quest to find it again .
  5. Smelly nelly I grew a few out way back when forgot about that strain I’ll have to look see how many I’ve got left .Good luck with the Dutch skunk with finding a stinky one don’t rule out smelly neither she can stink up a room awful quick.
  6. Looking good for first out of the greenhouse looks like your next few weeks are gonna be busy locked down in trim jail .
  7. Let me know how his genetics are ,been eyeing some of his offerings for a while now ? I’m guessing they’ll see some dirt soon golden goat pheno would be nice to find .
  8. Looking all frosted and gooey nice job !
  9. Megafauna is looking really good gonna have to see if I’ve got some in the vault , I’m thinking I don’t have any who originally passed them out?
  10. I never got in on the black lime crosses sounds like some interesting linage . The m 39 is looking great Smokey
  11. Thought I was living in ground hog day waiting for the snow plow to go by.again ,again,again.
  12. Those are looking great is this your first run with the Mac? Just can’t justify the high price there asking for Mac hopefully someone will make some seed so us cheap buggers can get a chance to taste it !
  13. The quietest this place has ever been in my 11 years of being here , hopefully it turns around and gets some life back .
  14. How’s the smoke had a chance to try it yet?
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