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  1. That will be no problem Oxirous..thank you very much
  2. A few things to improve for the next round Chicken..ill be back.. ..thanks
  3. Oké growers the yield is known..It's a total of 567.60gr dry in the bag..524.60gr with the bag (bag is 12gr) and the 55gr i had from the plant that died early..not a yield to write home about, but the quality is realy outstanding..there is a lot of improvements i can make for the next round to be better..so i'm not concerned..and i have a few nice pics for my site.. Gr
  4. Hope it's going over 800gr Chicken..thanks
  5. Cutting is done..2 of the 10 ladies had to litle space and light to grow..some small buds only good for my hashoil that i going to make from the cut waste..1 died last week and gave me 55gr dry already..so there are 7 plants those are going to determine the end weight..Did put the fat ladie on the scale and had to make a photo..made a photo of the peace of finger and Shear hash i did get. Oké thas it..the end weight will follow
  6. Today i did put out the lamps..let them stay this way until saturday and than it's cutting time.. ..so enjoy..day 77 of flowering.. Temp. 25 they get nothing anymore Gr
  7. It's not a 100% haze i'm sure about that now Chaco..but it's a close one.. ..never buy my seeds by nirvana any more.. ..damn you still have a long way to go..but than you have somthing very nice weed to smoke..so you are not the only one how's jealous.. ..the cutting time wil be not as long as the last scrog i had, but i do not care if it lasted that long.. ..thank you very much for reacting
  8. Almost cutting time damian..This weekend ..
  9. Pffff much to hot and nothing i can do.. ..But the cleaving is doing his thing.. Growday 115 and day 71 flowering Temp. 36c. Ph 6.2 100ml Hy-Pro and 25ml Bud-Booster into 20L for the last time Gr
  10. Good to see you here AS Grow..Have made som pics today for comparing..hope you all like it a litle bit.. Gr
  11. Growday 107 and 63 of flowering Ph 6.2 Temp. 26c 125ml Hy-Po and 30ml Bud-Booster One week from cleaving the ladies.. Oké thats it for now..Let me hear what you all think.. Gr
  12. It's getting bigger and bigger..I'm a very happy grower Oxirous..thank you very much
  13. Today it's exactly day 100 of growing and day 56 of flowering Temp. 26c Ph 6.2 125ml Hy-Pro and 25ml Bud-Booster into 20L every two days Thats it for this week..let me hear what you all think of it so far.. Gr
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