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  1. good day you all! A bit late but a last update. The grow ended very well and i'm very satisfied with the quality. The quantity is a bit disapointing with 620 grams all together but i learned a lot this round about high light intensity and ductings. Last weeks i was trying to make some kind of update but every time after i smoked i was to lazy to write. I did quit the smoking for about 3 months but last 3 weeks i'm smoking both strains daily again and they hit hard.. The chocolate rain is realy a top notch smoke with a very nice aroma and a great high. The taste is very difficult to discribe but the way it's written on sannie's site as a bitter fruity chocolate taste i think comes the neariest to discribe the taste. Then the Anesthesia that is a very powerfull smoke and is able to knock you completely out. The stoned and high is really super and a nice aroma. The taste of the leftback and rightfront pheno are a bit like realy good afghan hash and i love that taste. The rightback herijuana pheno has hardly no taste and is realy stoned but brought some serieus weight in the scale with very litlle manicure. Because of her weight she is also being re-vegged.. Some crappy pics of the dry buds but its something.. The overview is from left to right ChocR(lf), Ane(lb), Ane(rb), Ane (rf) Chocolate Rain Left Front Anesthesia Left Back Anesthesia Right Back Anesthesia Right Front The next grow is already three weeks running but i'm also very busy with the outdoor garden and the guerilla preperations. Maybee i'll start a new overall summer grow log but we'll see. Thank you all for all your advices and positive vibes. Nice weekend!
  2. Thanks LD420! Harvest time of the Anesthesia's is getting close. From the Chocolate Rain all the main buds are harvested last week and if i could let you smell her through your display . The plants are today 65 days on 12 hours of light. They still drink every day 10 liters of water. Sorry no pics this time.Maybe tomorrow. Nice evening
  3. Hey JAH, i flowered the choclate rain 60 days. Hey Chupa, i'm excited aswell how the smoke will be but still a litlle patience. Nice evening!
  4. Thanks Wrecks! I'm already preparing the next grow. The strain i'm going to use is still a big question for me, i've got so many beautiful strains. I would prefer to start this time with the seedlings straight in the big pots with the massive sun shining at them. But to start straight in the big pots its much more easy to use fem seeds and i'm also thinking of Sannies Kolossus because i know the strains powerplant and chronic very well wich are some of the ingredients of kolossus. Well we see whats it going to be, lets first finish this round. Does anyone has a recipe for re-use of the soil? I wanna try the Sannie's style again this time. Nice evening!
  5. Thanks ProfessorP and krasi! Autumn has really started. Last night i cut al the main buds of the choc and the smell is fantastic! Nice day.
  6. Hey Whazzup, the smell is so great that i'm tottaly euphoric about it. Hey Kaczykola, Good luck with your grow. Hey Racerboy, That Chocolate rain is not crossed with amnesia. In my situation they certenly doubled in size from the day i putted them on 12/12. Back to the grow subject! All plants are working out great. The Chocolate rain is ready to be harvested, all the pistels are brown and swollen. The Anesthesia's will stand another week or so. Some crapy quality pics: Lf choc Lb ane Rb ane Rf ane Overview So far this update. Nice evening!
  7. Thanks Gonzobot, WalterSobchak and krasi for the positive vibes!! Nice evening!
  8. You ask, we run Gonzobot! The weekly update. We reached week 7 of flowering and the ladys really work out great. The power of the Gavita 1000Watt impressed me sofar very good. Not much to tell.. from today the ladys will be on ration of only water. The chocolate rain is really taking the lead in finishing flowering, i think a week or 2 and they be ready maybe a litlle less. Pics: Overview LF Chocolate rain LB Anesthesia RB Anesthesia RF Anesthesia Nice evening!
  9. Hey Whazzup! Your ladies behave very great! I started with flower nutrients in the third week of flowering. Today they are about 7 weeks in flower. Hey Chupa, Thanks mate! Good luck with your grow aswell! Thanks WS. Good weekend everybody!
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