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  1. Look, one thing that all you guys sucking up to Rev need to realize is that the guy could dramatically benefit from his own advice. His history here is to make condescending and rude comments to other people. He disrespects reputable breeders and other growers and then when people ask him what his problem is he says: "This is the internet. You need to grow a thicker skin". He's done it numerous times and yet now one comment has him showing just how thin his skin actually is. Weak sauce, Rev. Let your work speak for itself.
  2. LaVieEnRose, tsb and Dogs, thanks for the comments. She grew her self, I just kept the electricity on and the dirt wet. @tsb, I hadn't trimmed any of the underside popcorn on that plant or any in that grow but I had started doing that more in subsequent grows. Thanks again guys. Good luck and happy growing.
  3. This BBS girl below responded well to being topped. I will be growing her again soon and plan on topping again. This strain is a pleasure to grow and an even bigger pleasure to smoke. 5 week cure in a jar was the sweet spot for mine.
  4. Growshop Alien which is a sponsor of this site carries Serious Seeds Kali Mist. I got mine there. They're currently closed for the holidays but give them a try in a week or two. I've had positive experiences with them for stuff I can't get from Sannie's shop.
  5. I would just keep an eye on it for a week or two before ditching it. I have had a plant here and there throw a few nanners but then after I plucked them, it never threw any more and all was fine. If I have to do it again 3 - 5 days later I probably whack her. For me it also depends on how promising the girl looks currently. I find that I'm much more patient putting up with a confused girl when she's extremely hot. haha. The other variable that will affect you is how much time/maintenance it takes to examine all of your plants daily to keep them nanner free. With 17 more clones coming from the same mother as the affected plant, I'd be doing some pretty thorough examinations of all the others regularly for the next couple weeks before relaxing on them. Maybe with 17 clean clones, the 1 plant with nanners is expendable to you at this point. Surprising to me though, is this is the first I've read about a hermi trait on a Sugar Punch. I read about one being full male but don't recall reading of a hermi before this post. Good luck. 18 SP clones should be a helluva crop.
  6. I'm smoking on Jackhammer F2 and Kali Mist which are both nice. 2 month cure. Got a bunch of new stuff coming down in a couple weeks. Nice new year ahead and good plans for upcoming grows. Happy Holidays, all.
  7. Love the Shiva pics. I have some of those fems that will be in my next run. Nice to see them, here. Thanks for posting the pics, Bear.
  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone. She's been pretty since day 1 and very low maintenance. I requested these as the Santa Maria freebee and the package of seeds they came in indicated that this is straight SM fem also. But I do see what your comments are saying. I've scratched my head also. I have some Holy Princess (SM x C99) seeds but am not running her at the moment. I'm not complaining, but it is quite a bit different looking than the OP's. Green Angel has one growing that looks just lik mine. Anyway, the bottom line is that the buds are very dense and covered in trichomes. I expect high quality smoke from her.
  9. Here are 3 of my selected girls from the BB project. These are all 3 at 46 days of flowering. BB1: This girl is filling out nicely. Smells great. Plucked 7 nanners off her about 10 days ago and haven't seen another one since. I'm glad I didn't chop her. This plant is 34 inches tall. I have another BB1 that is not a bad plant at all. A bit of a hassle to pull out of the room for a good picture, right now. She had 1 nanner that I plucked and I haven't seen another one on her either. BB2: Pretty happy with this girl also. And she's all girl. No hermi traits yet. 31 inches tall. BB3: Here's one of my 2 BB3 females. The bigger one isn't coming out of the room for a picture unitl she's ready to chop. Too big. She's a bit like a lanky octopus, has been topped. The one below grew single cola style. Looks nice, even with the curled under leaves. Smells great. This plan is 42 inches tall. This is just the top couple feet. All smell really nice and have been very low maintenance. No deficiencies. Have a great holiday season, everyone. Cheers.
  10. BB1's, BB2's, BB3's, Santa Maria fem, Sugar Punch fem, Satori reg, Strawberry Cough fem
  11. I thought I'd post up a couple pics of my Santa Maria fem freebee I have going. It's currently at 45 days of 12/12. I like the plant quite a bit. Great sweet smells and pretty good trichome development. It does seem quite a bit different than the pics that E$ko posted at the beginning of this thread. Different bud structure and it's a short bush as opposed to his pics which looked a bit lanky to me. Regardless, I think it will be an interesting plant to finish and look forward to the smoke. There are a few lower leaves beginning to yellow which I'm not too worried about at this point. I am guessing maybe 2 but probably closer to 3 weeks left before chop.
  12. Beautiful girls, Santero. Hope mine finish equally well. Enjoy the fruits. They look fantastic.
  13. Bro, you need to add more detail and pictures to your updates. lol Just kidding. Nice show, tarantoga. Some of those pics look like you took them in my room. Our plants are very similar except I haven't seen any balls or bananas yet. Crossing fingers, here. Good luck.
  14. Green angel, my santa maria fem is the same as you describe. Very short and bushy. She is very pretty also but much shorter and stockier than I expected. Nice buds forming. I'll post a pic of her soon. She's at 4 1/2 weeks of 12/12.
  15. Sorry Herbgrower. Wasn't trying to imply you or anyone who doesn't want to sign is dumb. Just trying to help alleviate concern. Trying to help the community and help Sannie, that's all. Peace and happy growing, to all.
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