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  1. the way I see the description, its meant to be a hybrid. Hence it should fly you over the ridge and not push you of the edge.
  2. Thats just the name of the seedbank. Libanon has quality cannabis bro. Nice selection you have there Jahgreenlabel! Any chance on you rereleasing some 1970s seeds? F1, F2, IBL anything would be appreciated. regards, Jazz
  3. they are airpots. They have little wholes in the sides. Once the roots grow through the whole their tips die off. This makes the plant grow new roots coming from the main root stem. This way your roots grow like a submersed christmas tree, instead of making long circles. Nutrients supposedly get transported to the plant a lot faster this way. I havent seen any comparison grows except from people close to Muzakis, who sells them. But I think Ill give them a try next time around. L.U.I stands for Legends Ultimate Indica.
  4. JazzMatazz


    I have a picture of my gf and me here in my profile. It´s not United States all over the world, you know....
  5. I think if you come from a country where there isnt a lot of good hash readily available people tend to see weed as being more precious. But if you have the chance a good earthy maroccan is a good smoke any day. No psychadelic issues, just a nice taste, clean smoke, and a relaxed high. Definitely no more black hash for me though!
  6. Atleast here that should get you a fine at worst. Good luck!
  7. Summary After 4 days of drying I totaled 202 "dry" grammes of Grass. The Oaxacan Flowered for not more than 50 Days, it tastes of pepper and smells of spices. The "high" is an indica stone, which doesnt hit you all too hard. Ice Flowered between 53 and 58 days, the smelll varies from "fruity seasoning herbs" to a defined lemon flavour. The purple tastes "sulphuric" but sweet, leading to a stronger "buzzed" feeling, which makes me a bit paranoid. It did make me laugh too, but the awkward feelings of "Did my Girlfriend say what she meant, or is she infering something" definately overweighed. So, for me it could be a bit more on the laughing side, and a bit less narcotic, but Ill have to see how the "green" coloured Ice smoke themselves.
  8. JazzMatazz

    1.Q 08 - fem Ice & Oaxacan

    400 watts 1m² Plagron Grow Mix, ~3 litres per Plant Plagron Bio Scheme
  9. A few of my Oaxacan had the same kind of "Basilikum" leaf grow. It just grew out of the plant after a few weeks.
  10. thanks for your comment buble. I always harvest when 2/3 of the hairs are red/brownish.I don't want it to be too couch-lockish, so im looking forward to smoking it.
  11. BT 58 Yesterday on BT 58 I finally harvested the other 7 Plants in a 4h marathon with my girlfriend. Fortunately she soon revealed herself as a master on the scissors, showing some real spouse-qualities. Again, thanks a lot for the lovely Plants Buble! - Without you none of this would have been possible. Ill pass on the Grammes in 4 Days. Both the Oaxacan and the Purple Ice gave little over 20 Grammes "dry", so I guess Ill be redoing my 200. But lets wait and see. Pictures
  12. BT 53 Yesterday I decided to cut down the purple Pheno considering most of the hairs were already orange. This one is a lot heavier than the Oaxacan, so Im in good hope that itll bring me some decent wait. Unfortunately the majority of the Ice is very leafy, so I couldnt cut away the leaves very well. But its form my personal, so i dont really care. The top part of the main bud is 30cm long and roughly 10cm in diameter. The Picture says & cm, because its 6 on the pic. Pictures
  13. BT 52 So, I think Ill give them another two to 4 days, and then Ill turn off the lights for 48h. The Purple Ice is already finished imho... But the rest still needs a bit. Pictures Sorry, if they are a bit wobbly at times, but I had to hold back the lamp with one arm. Thumbnails are not available in the boardsoftware. The ones I had before where from an external website.
  14. Is this what you meant? Coz I dont see a "Thumbnail" link in the gallery. To the seeds: I got them from an old man, looking like the mexican Mister Miagi, on a beach, where the next atm was 30 minutes by car. Nevertheless flowering was 50 days, and the leaves are broad... Even though the smell reminds me of skunk (very herbal) ,this is definately not the 90 to 120 days Oaxacan Sativa I read about somewhere... But lets see in 4 days.
  15. very nicely done, your setuo is very neat too. really interested in your harvest.
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